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Let's be brutally honest.
You Linux faggots only use Linux for the sake of not being a Windows normie.
You would be better off using Win10.

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I only use windows for compatibility reasons
Also, if something goes wrong in windows, I’m more likely to know how to fix it

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Good choice. Quality of life is something not known in the Linux world. Having a fancy gui installer isnt particularly QoL you nerds

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I just wanna get into Linux because I am curious and every fatass at my school is claiming it as the second coming of jesus but when I ask them which distro I should poke around in they get all elitist and shit on any distro I was thinking of using till my interest wans and eventually kicks in again a month later.

Linux has the most elitist users of any OS, change my mind.

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Just stay with Windows unless you want to become a shut-in and gain 200lbs.

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I've used Linux quite a bit, played with Debian, Slackware, etc - got into it pretty heavily. I got sick of having to always concern myself with fixing things and worrying about what next could go wrong, so now I'm on Windows 10. Obviously, it has its software and update problems, but they're rare and easily fixable. I know it's a meme, but it just werks

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See, those lard ass nerds just need something to make them feel "superior". Obviously they can't shine with their appearances so they pick Linux instead.

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Mac users are pretty bad.
My step-dad is always criticizing Windows (because he is a boomer who always loaded his old Windows PC full of bloat and wondered why it turned slow), and always talks about how great everything on Mac is. He's trying to convert the rest of the family to Mac, saying how fast Mac is and how great the software is, etc. The cult of Apple and their Fanboys can actually be quite obnoxious.

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maybe true for civvies

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windows is a pain to use

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Maybe. But I don't like being spied on.

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I would be better off if I had the money to buy a nice Macbook. Windows blows hard.

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no, i'm not gay man or adobe shill i literally have 0 reason to use windows because linux already have what i just needed and it's free

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Why even make this thread. I don't use windows because it doesn't offer me what I want. It's that simple. You seem like you don't know how to use linux so you expect everyone to use what you like.
>but I don't want to fix anything
But it's so easy to fix things. And once you do it just works (tm). It won't do anything you don't tell it to do. If it's broken, you fucked it up. Racecar analogy

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>Linux has the most elitist users of any OS
mac users hands down with the "it just works" shit
it works but you can't upgrade them and linux/windows is great if you don't buy garbage hardware then disable the wrong shit

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Write a script that randomly generates large empty files to fill his drive up.

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I probably can't change your mind about Linux users being elitist. A lot of dorks let their computer skills go to their heads because it's all they have going for them in life. Honestly, you could choose any distro with a large user base and be fine. I would recommend Debian (what I use) or Ubuntu, mostly because they have huge community support and the apt package manager solves package dependencies automatically, but that's just me.

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Linux is not even an OS at this point. People swap out parts for the sake of swapping out parts. Only thing in common is the kernel.

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This was true 10 years ago, now Windows is just distracting, unusable autism.

Linux is much more productive for me.

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I genuinely wish I could go back to windows. I still keep it in a 50GB partition on my hdd just in case I ever need it. Just every time I boot it up I'm reminded why I don't use it.
>want to reboot?
>nah need to update first
>want to use cpu power for a VM?
>nah need at least 2 cores to index your file system, or scan for viruses, or run onedrive_setup.exe
>want to install something?
>need to run an installer and read every line to make sure it doesn't install adware
>oh and no software repos to tell you when it's out of date so the next time you open it you'll have to update first
>not a fan of windows file manager?
>too fucking bad no alternatives
>want to tile?
>you'll have to use a mouse, good fucking luck snapping windows with a trackpoint
>want to uninstall something?
>you need a 3rd party program to do it properly
>want vim?
>you'll want this gui as well

and to top it all off, better reinstall your OS once a year if you want it running at max performance. It's the definition of an awful, awful operating system that just gets in your way everytime you don't want it to. At this point if I had to choose a normie OS i'd get a used MBP.

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>faster than windows
>install things without shitty bloat to avoid
>can update everything with a short command (or through a gui)

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>Reboots your computer suddenly
>Installs updates for 3 hours
>Fails to boot
>Does a system recovery
>Uninstalls updates for 1 hour
>Boots normally
No reason to use Linux...heh heh

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After moving pretty much all of my workflow over to Nextcloud, emacs, i3, suckless tools, etc. it would be difficult for me to even feel comfortable to use windows 10, let alone get half of the shit working smoothly just to please some obnoxious contrarian on 4chan (OP).

If I needed something from windows, I'll just boot LTSB on a virtual machine and be done with it.

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Does Windows have a fully functional bash shell? Does it have a normal directory structure? No? Well then fuck off.

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watch any distro review on youtube. people just casually mentioning how they managed to lock up their system or fubar something. Last time Windows even crashed on me was back in Vista.

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Couldn't have said it better myself.

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I dont use GNU/Linux, I use BSD

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No. I just enjoy GNU/Linux for my home PC more responsive and less bloat compared to Windows. I use Windows 10 at work though so there's that.

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>Does it have a normal directory structure
FHS is garbage. Year of the linux desktop will come when they drop it like the sack of turds that it is.

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I use AmigaOS

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Imagine being so pathetic and loyal to a company that you will shill for free. Proof that windows users are pathetic virgins. They got nothing else to do on New Years

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You're forgetting:
>every time you install it, the bootloader is placed on a random partition rather than the same one you're installing windows to (why even install on an SSD if you need to wait 15 seconds to boot into the bootloader before you can be redirected to the actual OS on a different drive).
>Updates attempt to partition the bootloader section of your hard drive. If your partitioning scheme (the default windows one) is at capacity, it will just leave you in an unbootable state
>99% sure they still haven't fixed the mixed signal interrupt bug if you have SSDs and hard drives
boy I sure do hate niggers kikes and especially jannies

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I use both, I've gotten to a point where the OS is just a means to an end

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In ancient times of the 1990's and 1980's there were home computers that weren't windows or linux based. Just because I don't like Linux doesn't mean I wouldn't prefer another OS.

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will never happen again unless it's something like what google did. only a corporation can afford to create an os

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Ok Rajesh. Go do the needful and continue to shit up /g/ with your shill threads

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hows the market share? do you think 2019 will be the year of the linux desktop?

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Here are the exact reasons I use Linux desktop editions.
Better able to configure network properties
wider array of configurations for both private network and wide area network.
Cinnamon is a far superior interface to the windows 10 interface.
Never had a crash with linux ever
never picked up a virus with linux that I know of
better backup facilities with Linux
Better encryption
windows devices, generally speaking, cant read my disks so they cant infect my computer across the network
All my software is free on Linux
I dont have to hunt all over the internet for my software
Better methods of installing and removing software than windows

Damn I could spend hours making this list. I hadnt realised just how little I like windows anymore
I fix linux servers and windows desktops for businesses. I dont know any business that runs its own servers that actually use windows servers anymore .
I primarily use Linux desktop at home but am forced to use windows at work

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>Mac Humpers
Probably a total liberal. I bet he drives a Subaru and your family has a dog he takes fucking EVERYWHERE.

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i use linux because it doesn't ask for my phone number and email when installing it. also, because it doesn't make me agree to a gay TOS.
also, because it's free, as in beer, and when i want to change something it's not a big deal because all the source is there.

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I can automate things with linux bash that I don't even know how to do with Windows 10

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w10 is fucking shit so I use w7, fight me brainlet

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Being a network engineer, I prefer Linux not because I don't want to be a "Windows normie", but because there are a couple of network monitoring tools that just don't work on Windows that are pretty much exclusive to Linux. Now I'm not full-on spurglord and try to cram it down their throats like a bunch of Mormons on blow, if people ask me I educate them and if they're interested in it and want to experiment with it I help them install it on a VM for them. I use Windows outside of work because honestly, games are going to run better on Windows at the moment. Every once in a while I dabble with MacOS just to familiarize my self with the latest release. If everything I used ran on Linux I'd honestly have no use for Windows. Sadly I'll most likely be dead by the time there is full Linux compatibility.

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Windows Subsystem for Linux does have networking support. Not sure the exact details about what doesn't work.

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Last I remember applications with a UI won't run. I've grown to love Etherape for my work, and jnettop. WSL could run jnettop, but sadly wouldn't be able to run etherape. I miss the old days of "Ubuntu on Windows" or whatever it was called which was a fun little version of Ubuntu that allowed you to run Linux UI applications on top of windows from a USB drive. Etherape for Windows would be nice, and possibly for me be a game changer in my OS of choice.

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I'm not shilling, just reflecting on my experiences.

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I use Loonix because of dwm and terminal workflow ease of use.

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He's actually a 2deep4u lolbertarian who thinks Joe Rogan is a smart guy and that climate change is a hoax

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Linux is a piece of shit.
If you enjoy troubleshooting and browsing various wiki for literally anything that's not working out of the box (which is A LOT) you clearly have too much free time.

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Joe Rogan drowns in money and pussy. Can't be too much of a brainlet.

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No, I use it because it is easier.

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W10 have dwm too. It's in the task manager.

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>W10 have dwm too. It's in the task manager.
You are gonna have a pretty bad time if you want to switch out the default Windows Windowmanager, that has nothing to do with the task manager.

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ok i use linux because it super fast stable full of software highly customizable system without hidden updates.
any fuckin questions faggots?

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>stable full of software

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Retard detected

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The impotent rage, insecurity, and victim complex absolutely oozes from ever single word of this post. This sort of mindset disgusts me: my mother was also of the opinion that everything she didn't like was a directly-targeted conspiracy against her. Thank God that psychobitch is dead.

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List of devices in my laptop that won't work on windows 10
-Brightness shortcuts
-Brightness adjustments (modding obscure regedit entries can get 4 brightness levels)
-Display selection shortcuts
-Trackpad Gestures
-Fingerprint Sensor
-Battery life LED (Which on Linux, works great, in a way not even the OEM thought of using it)

To top it off, nearly doubled battery life on Linux than on Windows LTSC with all the garbage disabled

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No, that's actually the opposite.
I use Linux precisely to avoid Windows 10.
I don't give a shit about muh freedom or muh privacy, but Windows 10 has gotten so shit that it's pretty much unusable as a daily driver. Linux at least doesn't treat me like a dumb kid with messages like "uh oh! i can't open this APP".
I'll use whatever I have to use when working, but I don't want Windows anywhere near my machines anymore.
>inb4 no photoshop no x no y
99% of the population uses computers just to browse the internet, write a couple documents and check email. A good Linux system would unironically be better for them as well.

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>nearly doubled battery life
You nearly had me convinced that you might be telling the truth, until you dropped this clanger.

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in windows you are forced to use apps that require more CPU/RAM consumption, not to mention that browsing the internet with any browser eats far more RAM than in Linux , so yeah, that might not be the situation in idle, but it sure is under heavy workload

>> No.69153556

I have absolutely no doubt that my Edge with 100 tabs open has lower RAM usage than any Linux browser (except Lynx - MAYBE) in a similar situation. So I'll chalk this one up to subjective experiences, and leave it at that.

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No I use it just to stay away from Windows 10. The updates that completely shit the system so bad the is needs to be reinstalled...yeah that shit got old quick.

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Nice larp. Or you are literally retarded.

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The seething winjeets ITT

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Linux is for programming

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Why does FOSSdom have such sickeningly cringey names for their stuff? Seriously, most of these "words" are, at best, like weird baby noises when said out loud.

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It's almost as if Linux were a kernel...

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He forgot to put in commas. Don't be hard on him, people on the autism spectrum often struggle with language and communication skills. It's probably also why so many autists use Linux too.

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if only mac and windows is in your scope of options then mac is a big improvement over windows

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I know this is bait but 10 is the worst version of Windows since ME (vista was alright, suck my dick), I moved away for the first time after trying 10.

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I literally use it because it's easier to do majority of tasks.

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>You would be better off using Win10.
no. if windows was good I would use it, but it's not. they aren't trying to appeal to people who are experienced with computers anymore, all the automation it tries to do just becomes an inconvenience to anyone who wants to do their own things with their computer, simple shit like setting up PATH is hidden behind layers of UI. it's just frustrating to do things in windows.

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Linux is a kernel. It's installed in operating systems, just like NT in Windows.

>> No.69155512

>simple shit like applying leeches to your demonically-possessed mother is hidden behind layers of modern medicine. it's just frustrating to do things in the 21st century
With this small modification to what you said, it's easy to understand why.

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are you implying PATH is some backwards and obsolete idea?
windows doesn't use it enough
have you ever opened run and entered "regedit" to open regedit? it's nice, right? why can't i enter "gimp" or "firefox" there? because it's not part of windows? nope, it's because installed programs aren't placed in PATH, that's the only reason. regedit is in "c:\windows", which is included in PATH by default

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literally only reason to use windows is gaming, andnow there is gpu passthrough
if you want ez baby shit, mac is better, everything else but fucking word is better on linux

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>are you implying PATH is some backwards and obsolete idea?
>windows doesn't use it enough
On the contrary.
>have you ever opened run and entered "regedit" to open regedit? it's nice, right?
>why can't i enter "gimp" or "firefox" there? because it's not part of windows? nope, it's blahblahblah…
C:\Windows>echo @"%ProgramFiles%\7-Zip\7ZFM.EXE" %* > 7zip.cmd
C:\Windows>cd /d S:\OmewhereElse
S:\OmewhereElse>7zip archive.7z

>> No.69155863

>C:\Windows>echo @"%ProgramFiles%\7-Zip\7ZFM.EXE" %* > 7zip.cmd
at least use a symlink
check out http://schinagl.priv.at/nt/hardlinkshellext/hardlinkshellext.html

>> No.69155892

>provide url describing a third-party program (no less) for hardlinks
I knew it would be pearls before swine. Usual commentary about absolute state, etc.

>> No.69155913

>at least use a symlink
Could not find external library "7zip.dll". Please reinstall the application.

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I would switch to Linux right now if they made a compositor with GPU acceleration. I'm not using 90% of my CPU to watch a video in a browser because of some lazy incompetent assholes who are to autistic to cooperate for basic shit like this.

>> No.69155924

you can make symlinks with the built-in mklink cli program, but it's not as convenient, especially on windows, compared to an explorer context menu item
also, that extension is not limited to hardlinks, it's only called that because it predates windows' support for symlinks

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No stability, bugs, regressions, regressions and regressions: There's an incredible number of regressions (both in the kernel and in user space applications) when things which used to work break inexplicably; some of the regressions can even lead to data loss. Basically there is no quality control (QA/QC) nor regression testing in most Open Source projects (including the kernel) - Microsoft, for instance, reports that Windows 8 received 1,240,000,000 hours of testing whereas new kernel releases get, I guess, under 10,000 hours of testing - and every Linux kernel release is comparable to a new Windows version. Serious bugs which impede normal workflow can take years to be resolved. A lot of crucial hardware (e.g. GPUs, Wi-Fi cards) isn't properly supported. Both Linux 4.1.9/4.1.10, which are considered "stable" (moreover this kernel series is also LTS(!)), crash under any network load. WTF??

>> No.69156023

haha, oh yea
non-shared shared libraries.
sasuga, windows.
that dll also isn't in path

>> No.69156024

ram consuming botnet os good only for games and adobe softwares
if GUI point and click and desktop environment
are the only things that interest you op
dont say later that you know something about computers..

>> No.69156032

C:\Windows>mklink vboxmanage.exe "C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe"
symbolic link created for vboxmanage.exe <<===>> C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe


VBoxManage.exe - System Error
The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCR100.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix the problem.

VBoxManage.exe - System Error
The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCP100.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix the problem.

VBoxManage.exe - System Error
The code execution cannot proceed because VBoxRT.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix the problem.

VBoxManage.exe - System Error
The code execution cannot proceed because VBoxDDU.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix the problem.


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>sasuga, windows
Yeah. It's not Unix.

>> No.69156074

>, people on the autism spectrum often struggle with language and communication skills.
Says the guy with the point and click OS.

>> No.69156080

which is why you should just add "C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox" to your PATH
symlinking a program into c:\windows will only work if you also symlink everything it needs (or those things are otherwise in PATH), which could well be everything in it's program files folder
yea, you could make a shell script and put that in c:\windows, but then you're just making windows take the extra step of running the shell script when it finds your program in path, rather than just finding and directly running your program using path

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The reason most loonix fags name Windows as a reason is because they hate Windows and not because it is bad.
Loonixers are autists.

>> No.69156113

>I probably can't change your mind about Linux users being elitist. A lot of dorks let their computer skills go to their heads because it's all they have going for them in life.
THIS!!!!! pure loonix autism.

>> No.69156114

>add ANOTHER directory to your PATH that has to be searched every time you press Enter
>possibly open yourself to interesting same-DLL-is-at-an-earlier-point-in-PATH trip-ups, too
Or, >>69155787.

>> No.69156146

hmm, i guess you're right, windows' filesystem layout just isn't suited for easy program launching

>> No.69156147

Not true but alright

>> No.69156174 [DELETED] 

>program loads DLL(s) by RELATIVE path
>(can't be done via import table, but easily done with LoadLibraryA/W())
program.exe - System Error
The code execution cannot proceed because subdir\my.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix the problem.

>just isn't suited for easy program launching
It is, but it isn't a Unix.

>> No.69156182

True anon, very true

>> No.69156192 [DELETED] 

>program loads DLL(s) by RELATIVE path
>(can't be done via import table, but easily done with LoadLibraryA/W())
program.exe - System Error
The code execution cannot proceed because C:\CurrentDir\subdir\my.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix the problem.

>just isn't suited for easy program launching
It is, but it isn't a Unix.

>> No.69156270

>program loads DLL(s) by RELATIVE path
>(can't be done via import table (i think?), but easily done with LoadLibraryA/W())
program.exe - System Error
The code execution cannot proceed because C:\CurrentDir\subdir\my.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix the problem.

>just isn't suited for easy program launching
It is, but it isn't a Unix.

>> No.69156342

How many times are you going to post and delete this?

>> No.69156367

I'm done fixing it now, yes. I missed a couple of pertinent details - twice.

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How's the tinkering and troubleshooting going pengubabbies?

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Ain't got no time to fiddle around with a ridiculous mess of an OS made by sad virgins.

Pic related, Linux nerd in the back

>> No.69156827

Is this the new Windows cope thread?

>> No.69156843

>Ain't got no time to fiddle around with a ridiculous mess of an OS made by sad virgins.
exactly, which is why i dropped windows years back

>> No.69156872

So you are a Mac user now?

>> No.69157012

>Does it have a normal directory structure?
I never believed in Stockholm syndrome until now.

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Brutally honest? Okay..

- No telemetry.
- So customizable that I can adapt the system to my whole workflow and turn it into a very stable and productive platform.
- No updates in the worst times ever.
- It can work for years rocksolid and If something breaks you can fix it without have to reinstall the whole fucking system.
- Doesn't erase your files or mess with your shit due to buggy updates.
- No Microsoft privacy policies or lots of retarded business decision making.
- No arbitrary product killing.
- Anything is better than pajeendows 10, even FreeBSD and their anti-hug comunity is better.

If microsoft resurrect windows 7 after it's death I can consider use it again, except from that I'd rather die of cancer or keep using Linux, FreeBSD or even BeOS for the rest of my life.

>> No.69157223

This attitude is just to keep faggots like you away from Linux.
If you need someone to hold your hand all day, and tell you how great you are for using Linux, then fuck off and get a Mac.
If your choice of an OS depends on the people who are using it, then fuck off and get Windows.
Linux is for people who want to try something different and judge for themselves if it is worth it or not and not depend on others validation.

>> No.69157406

Why did I read this in an iToddler voice?

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Unironically this. Loonix desktop is a fucking abortion of a joke. As a stripped down bare single service server, they're great since they're so lightweight and easy to troubleshoot, and that's the only reason anyone should ever use linux. Even then, MS has Windows Core now which is essentially the same thing and integrates much more easily with an existing Windows network.

>t. F500 IT monkey

>> No.69157494

Did Microsoft up their shill budget for 2019?

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For a "multitasking operating system", they really do shine as a headless box in the corner doing one thing. Maybe it's Unix philosophy taken to its logical conclusion? But yes, as an interactive desktop machine, they're a never-ending comic tragedy - you don't know whether to mock or pity.

>> No.69157574

Linux is better for software development, hacking, or people who make their own scripts.

If you just run proprietary programs then just use windows or mac.

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Probably. The seem to look at the influx of newfags running Windows as "winning".

>> No.69157632

It's very easy to develop on Linux. You just have to install some libraries using your distro's package manager, change a couple of flags in the Makefile and you're set. In Windows I have to download a 2GB botnet, just to compile a simple "Hello World" program. If I want to work with third party libraries, I have to manually download and install the libraries, find the submenu of the suboptions of Visual Studio's or whatever IDE's options that change the compiler's settings to find the libraries, only for this to not work and then have to search the Internet for half an hour to find out why it doesn't work like it was supposed to. In a Linux distro this procedure would have taken me 2 commands.

>> No.69157678
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Linux is best for normies who just use a computer to look at their email, their taxes, and their facebook.
Linux and Windows are interchangeable for programmers.
Windows is better for people who actually want to get shit done. And yes, that includes Windows Server.

>> No.69157699

>Linux and Windows are interchangeable for programmers.
Sure. >>69157632

>> No.69157700


>> No.69157737
File: 13 KB, 200x371, mac_pc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Linux is best for normies
I agree. Hell, the OS doesn't matter at all in this case - you could use OS/2 for this sort of Chromebook workload. But... why doesn't it get any traction there?

>> No.69157741

Should be obvious it's just shills with their unmistakable style of writing, or people roleplaying as shills for cheap (You)s. Either way, end result is the same.

>> No.69157748
File: 29 KB, 469x463, downloadfile-4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sry dawg no time for your story, I need to fix my fucking fans on my Fedora rig

>> No.69157762

It's the support - drivers, someone actually answering the phone when there's a cry for help, etc. Despite the echo-chamber, Linux drives are pretty poor, and after 25 years, tech support still pretty much boils down to "your fault (core dumped)".

>> No.69157786
File: 799 KB, 280x280, 1544753346223.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just use a fucking tablet for that kind of shit

>> No.69157815

Real keyboard/mouse/screen, performance, sane UI, the option to actually do real work if you need to...
Hey, I just answered >>69157737.

>> No.69157859

>Linux has the most elitist users of any OS, change my mind.
You clearly have never spoken to a *BSD evangelist.

>> No.69157902
File: 866 KB, 500x232, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69157931

You should be so lucky to have never encountered one.

>> No.69157932
File: 48 KB, 800x729, 15253627776480.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You would be better off using Win10
No. If I be honest, I use Linux just becouse it's not windows. Free or not, lite or not - doesn't matter. Win is bullshit, any platform is better.

>> No.69157944

in all honesty i found no use for linux other than feeling cool and superior the command line is a fucking nightmare

>> No.69157976

Just ignore faggots like >>69157223, they won't offer any advice worth listening to anyway.

If you want to get into Linux, just install a noob-friendly distro like Ubuntu, preferably on a VM so that you don't mess with your hard drive, and see if you like it. Try to find your way around, what possibilities it offers, what it lacks, etc., and decide for yourself.
But seriously don't bother with spergs. People on IRC are usually helpful, but make sure you search on the internet for a solution before asking for help.

>> No.69157991

>in all honesty i found no use for linux other than feeling cool and superior the command line is a fucking nightmare

>> No.69157998

>>69157944 (Checked)
Yeah, there's a reason we left CLIs behind in the 80s - just like hand-cranked engine starters, unsliced bread and slavery, there just aren't enough situations where it's actually better than more recent developments to be worth the trouble.

>> No.69158053

Automation, simplicity and efficiency. It is also easy to make a simple tool invoked by the command line instead of making a full blown GUI that will have 10 times more lines of code than the actual working part of the program. I can use a bloated website or GUI program to download from mega, or I can press alt+space, type in megadl and paste the link, hit enter and forget about it.

The absurd recoil that I see people have for CLI is staggering. You don't need to do shit in the terminal anyway if you're using a decent DE. They're excuses, nothing more.

>> No.69158101

>preferably on a VM
Another thing I don't get: why does every fucking Linux distro insist on totally rearranging all your hard drives in their installers? It absolutely flies in the face of the one thing that Linux boot environments get right: they had loopback file systems down-pat while those of us in Windowsland could only dream of native VHD(X) booting, and had to resort to all sorts of nasty boot-land hacks to even get close.

>> No.69158135

Command line is still the best when you need to do something all the time. GUI is the choice when it is something you do rarely. The task might be the same, what matters is how often that happens.
As example, GUI is better for a "home" user that setups graphics/mouse/etc settings for a single PC once in a year. For a system administrator that needs to do that for a lot of users every day CLI will be better.

>> No.69158214

>For a system administrator that needs to do that for a lot of users every day
...a GUI interface for a CLI tool will be better.

>> No.69158237
File: 115 KB, 1069x639, 1544925946239.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Linux and Windows are interchangeable for programmers
FOSS development is like watching silent movies compared to Visual Studio.

>> No.69158244
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CLI in current year is just the result of lazy ass faggots who never finish anything they start.

>> No.69158254

>linux dev tools = cave paintings
>windows dev tools = a fucking holodeck
FTFY. You're welcome.

>> No.69158266

Never had an issue where Ubuntu didn't install on a computer with all the necessary drivers right out of the box.

>> No.69158274
File: 20 KB, 249x413, 272693.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holodeck master race

>> No.69158283

This. It's another one of the "sour grapes"-driven arguments freetards make. It actually takes some skill and an eye for design to come up with decent GUIs - something they singularly lack, explaining their hard-ons for CLIs, and they utterly dreadful GUIs they do come up with. All served with a healthy dose of "you don't need that".


>> No.69158312
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>i want to reorganize this folder of 5000 backed up documents, should i:

>A) open up manpages and relearn the rename command all over again, all the flags to get it to do what i want, and then trial and error for hours to get what i want, probably fucking up half my documents, undoing it, and ultimately losing a bunch of documents and wanting to kill myself
>B) open up Bulk Rename Utility, type my changes, see all proposed changes in real time, then execute the command in one click and finish up the entire task in 2 minutes

>> No.69158319
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I use linux, because my network setup don't work with windows since 8. Fuck them.

>> No.69158323

But Windows is terrible. Most people hate their Windows experience but they don't know any better. The only faggots who actually like Windows are gaymers and even those hate Windows too.

>> No.69158325
File: 57 KB, 564x700, 84011879cfd2cf388b5811baff21f4c0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is why windows sucks:

product key expiration
forced updates
spy features
adware(windows 10 comes with adware. you have to install an application to get rid of it)

currently i think you have to pay to use windows 10. fuck that

>> No.69158347

BRU straddles the line. It has more in common with a visual programming language than a properly-designed GUI. But yeah, the instant feedback is a Godsend: "-whatif"-type switches in PS are piss-poor pretenders at absolute best.

>> No.69158356

adware = software that is just an ad to make money

that's basically all of the pre-installed software that is on windows 10. windows 10 is just one giant ad to sell shit

>> No.69158359

Holy shit...

>> No.69158367

It would depend on a task and how well shortcuts are implemented imo.

>> No.69158374

VS is going downhill fast though. I work at a big AAA game studio and every once in a while the latest XDK requires upgrading to the latest VS. At least that is what I'm told, maybe the build people are just fucking with us. Anyway, every time I have to upgrade it's a kick in the balls. It's just getting slower and more unstable for every version. VS 2008 was the high point.

>> No.69158414

On linux, I can do basically anything I want in cli. However, the shell on windows is a joke which is why I can never seriously use it.

>> No.69158428

Linux is a troll. "le Freedom", but when you get it you get lots of nonfree software and shit in it. Look up binary blobs. It's a waste. Also Linux is owned by the worst companies such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft. Microsoft employees sit at the board of directors at the Linux Foundation and lead the way, even have keynotes om Linux cons and put Windows support bloat into Linux.

Linux sucks. It's better than Windows, but it's not difficult to be better than literal malware.

>> No.69158433

What you can do in shell on linux and can't do in powershell?

>> No.69158434

Just use Ubuntu. Maybe Linux mint cinnamon if you’re looking for a desktop similar to what you have

>> No.69158446

How can you automate a GUI easily? For a CLI program, you write a few lines of script.
You make a program for a use case that does its thing and it does it well. Making a program 5 times bigger than it must be because some people are to lazy to do the reading they will have to anyway is a stupid design choice and those that absolutely need a GUI were a retarded design choice.

>> No.69158450

Use a decent package manager.

>> No.69158460





>> No.69158477
File: 171 KB, 1148x798, 1528716912575.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

GUI master race

>> No.69158478





>> No.69158484

fucking CIA niggers

>> No.69158487

>>69158477 (Checked)
I spend way too much time on /b/ - I had an automatic negative reaction to [CoalGirls].

>> No.69158553
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By making a simple GUI that executes editable scripts, or just forgo it and use scripts exclusively.
At least Microsoft got the CLI concept right with PowerShell.
Write once in clear legible English, edit and reuse forever.

>> No.69158601

AutoHotKey and VBScript's SendKeys method appear right off the top of my head. But the proper way to do it is something like AppleScript - probably requires too much dev co-operation to work on Windows, though.

>> No.69158749

>Let's be brutally honest.
alright, I will. I've been using GNU/Linux since Windows 98 was popular. I haven't actually had Windows installed on any of my computers since then.

Every single time I've had to use a Windows computer since then it's been .. painful. A lot of the basics are just missing. But that's not the entire story, I am guessing that a big part of it is that I just don't know how to do the things I want to the way I want to in Windows. I'm also not entirely sure it's possible. As an example, I'm used to having my stereo connected to a small NAS running pulseaudio. I get surround sound when I play something on my laptop or my desktop and I can play stuff on both at the same time just fine. It seems like that kind of thing either isn't possible on Windows or the Windows people I know don't know how.

>> No.69158768




>> No.69159142
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>write code
>use code
>edit and reuse code

>write code
>delete code

Prove me wrong.
PROTIP: You can't.

>> No.69159185

>write code
>test code
>sell code if its good enough

>write code
>rewrite code
>release code without testing
>rewrite code
>rewrite code
>rewrite code
>release code without testing
>rewrite code
>rewrite code
>rewrite code
>release code without testing
Consider yourself proven wrong.

>> No.69159246

>"0.1 rupees have been deposited to your Microsoft account"

>> No.69159247

>>write code
>>use code
>>edit and reuse code
>>write code
>>delete code
>>rewrite the exact same code 50,000 times over your entire life

>> No.69159387

What are rupees anyway?

>> No.69159392

By the context, freetard "I've lost the argument" tokens.

>> No.69159414

Man I want to fuck Sakura

>> No.69159602 [DELETED] 
File: 961 KB, 1461x1020, 1520929616703.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

S A K U R A ' S


>> No.69159648
File: 1.53 MB, 582x540, 1527249758094.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69159657


>> No.69159685
File: 68 KB, 900x900, cirnoaniki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Syaoran's fantasies are going to get you banned. This is the path you chose.

>> No.69159735

>using eloi os

>> No.69160039

I don't give much of a shit about botnet memes or free software, I just want my computer to work. Window 10 kept shitting the bed with blue screens, boot loops, and other oddities after every major update, and I just got tired of it (and this is coming from someone who defended Vista). Linux has its own quirks, and the lack of software sucks, but for the most part it just works.

>> No.69160755

Considering that Windows pretty much uses users as beta testers via closed source forced updates we can't even audit, you proved yourself wrong.

>> No.69161023

god i wish that were me

>> No.69162290
File: 113 KB, 219x281, 1438733766574.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is actually a pretty good thread. Shows what can be done when you (generally) ignore freetards' shitposting and derail attempts.

>> No.69162441
File: 523 KB, 367x219, 1449516142517.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69163634


>> No.69163682

Erm… some of it, anyway.

>> No.69164371

>>not a fan of windows file manager?
>>too fucking bad no alternatives
You do know there's a lot more software for Windows, including file managers? Even ranger is no Directory Opus.

>> No.69164419

Unironically, no. I use shitty Linux, because it is less shitty than Windows, which is less shitty than shit that comes with shitty computers from shitty fruit company.

>> No.69164511
File: 609 KB, 1015x1119, 1544838476602.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hitting every single bs meme you've screencapped on /g/
>expecting not to be laughed at by those who aren't incompetent

Freetards really believe if it isn't in their walled gard… erm, "software repository", it doesn't exist. Windows doesn't really have one of those - so by their warped logic, software doesn't exist for it. Considering their (lack of) ability to download, deploy and manage software without their hand being held the entire time, it's an easy mistake for them to make.

>> No.69164675

just why

>> No.69164732

I was using linux since ubuntu 7.04 (dualboot)
then, when I got a laptop (around two years later) I've started using linux only, no dualbooting
Currently, past 3 months I'm using windows 10 enterprise 1803 build
I've mentioned here several annoying things I hate about windows 10
can't wait for next ryzen CPUs to come out, so I can upgrade my defective 1700 and get rid of windows again

tl;dr linux is much more comfortable compared to windows (unless you're gaymer)

>> No.69164923

Gaming is life. That's the whole point in owning a PC.

>> No.69165900

>I can't make a valid argument so I have to try and insult the software
If it looks stupid but works it isn't stupid, thus if it sounds stupid, but works it isn't stupid.
Network monitoring tools aren't designed with a name to aesthetically please your peabrain, as long as my software works as I need it to, I could give a shit less if it was called gookmoot5001.

>> No.69165923

also check

>> No.69165970

yeah, do you know how to use commas?

>> No.69166020
File: 466 KB, 1914x696, linvswin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love how people go apeshit when there is the smallest mishap with Windows update yet these kind of problems are common when you use Linux.

Linux could take notes from Windows regarding :
- Working out of the box
- being stable
- not needing to type low levels commands to get something to work.

I love to go under the hood and use Linux on servers but man sometimes I just want a desktop machine that works without fiddling.

>> No.69166072

in the right pic, he probably ran out of space in /boot and it didn't properly make the new initramfs images

>> No.69166088

Hypocrisy is common in the victim classes (people who only exist by crying to others to fund them) - of which freetards are a type. See also feminists, African-Americans, etc.

>> No.69166096

oh, and ps. calling out linux for not "working out of the box" or "needing low level commands" is a bit unfair when you're using arch as an example, which is very obviously meant to be a diy/non-handholding distro
you don't shit on a cake mix for tasting shit ootb compared to a premade cake

>> No.69166165

jellymad cant use linux

>> No.69166180

I use Linux because I've found it to have better software and I like the idea of package managers and everything being so integrated and easy to use. That was what got me into Linux at first. I don't understand people who say "Linux is too hard to use", it's easy to identify problems within the system because everything is just neatly organised.

>> No.69166204
File: 170 KB, 360x346, 1544081461341.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>linux is harder than windows
>linux is easier than windows

>> No.69166231

People have different brains and find different things easier/harder. I could do biology back in high school easily, but chemistry always obliterated me even though other people found it super easy. I don't know man, Linux to me just feels simple and streamlined.

>> No.69166280

ladies and gentlemen, the most retarded post on this board right now

>> No.69166301
File: 127 KB, 828x740, mbplin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I screengrabbed literally the first thing I found on google. Here is another example of Ubuntu on a Macbook pro. Not exactly exotic.

Look at the advice given. It practically sound like a linux meme joke :
>Use less -N Makefile and see what line 34 references. Execute sudo lshw (read man lshw) to see what the system thinks your camera is. BTW, Your sudo install line is probably incorrect.

>> No.69166373

He made a mistake of going out of the walled garden, i mean Ubuntu repository. Fuckups are to be expected.

Also I would not mind a better DEs for linux, all of them are just worse than win10 imo.

>> No.69166397

and this is worse than "nevermind i just reinstalled windows" how?
guis aren't suited for highly specific intructions, of course a lot of problems will be tackled using written commands, that's only natural

nobody is saying linux never has problems, either
personally i run into fewer problems in linux, and they're much easier to fix, because you're given detailed information, and have plenty of tools to use

>> No.69166409

You know, some things are easier on windows then on Linux, and backward. It depend based of things you want to do

>> No.69166479

>Linux has the most elitist users of any OS, change my mind.
No. Because you're right.

t. GNU/Linux user

>> No.69166597

You nerds actually made me curious so I went ahead and installed Fedora on my Thinkpad.
The out of the box experience was okay. Actually better than the out of the box Win10 experience.
However, on windows I just download Lenovo Vantage and update absolutely everything including the bios with 1 click.
That turns the thinkpad into a literal dream.
I can't seem to get Fedora on that level of polishness.
I'll continue using it tho because I'm still curious and I like how free and detached I feel on Linux.

>> No.69166666

I recently stopped using Windows recently. I use Linux on my desktop and have a Macbook. I stopped using windows for reasons largely summed up in this post >>69152316. I had to use it for a while because I needed a system that could run photoshop. After I got my laptop, I could ditch my windows install and use linux full time. I'm running a basic bitch ubuntu install and I've never had an issue with "things breaking" when shit would stop working all the time on windows. Linux has been much more stable than windows ever had been for me.

>> No.69166794

>You Linux faggots only use Linux for the sake of not being a Windows normie.
I use Linux because I enjoy mucking about with computers and learning about how they work.

>> No.69166810

Nice digits.

>> No.69166924

>software teaches you how computers work
That's like saying driving lessons teach you to be an auto mechanic.

>> No.69168297

>Windows, which is less shitty than shit that comes with shitty computers from shitty fruit company.


>> No.69168313
File: 408 KB, 796x1060, 7980_0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm trying to program in C. To compile C code on Windows you need to follow like a billion steps. Linux just werks

>> No.69168338

Pajeet os has gone down in quality since 8. I'm trying to get it to install on a laptop I'm going to give away and even this fucking piece of shit media creation tool doesn't work right.

>> No.69168359
File: 51 KB, 526x415, thunar_bulk-renamer-example.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

joke is on you

>> No.69168850

Use Ubuntu or mint. Any other distro is incel-tier.

>> No.69168887
File: 1003 KB, 349x188, 1538963051595.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>recommending the ubuntu botnet

>> No.69168904


>> No.69170388

I have Windows on my PC and Linux on my laptop so I don't have to deal with Windows bullshit when I'm doing actual work. most Linux users (not me ;-)) are idiots because they think the ability to deal with the bullshit their system gives them makes them an ux guru

>> No.69170421
File: 31 KB, 552x414, you don't need to be edgy to have fun on the internet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69170445

Works on my computer

>> No.69170457

No. I use it because I ain't paying for Windows

>> No.69172026
File: 1.94 MB, 240x180, 1525332978765.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69173215

Neck yourself windows cock sucker

>> No.69173318

No I just hate microsoft. Not even fully against proprietary software, I just hate when companies take advantage of their userbase so aggressively

>> No.69173540

OK Sanjay you've convinced me, installing win10 on all my devices

>> No.69174378

Hell yes I do. Windows 10 is literal autism at this point, there are so many annoyances that I don't have to deal with in linux. Also I like to tinker and try stuff.

>> No.69174544

Just alias the code or command retard.

>> No.69175379

Depending on the system distribution you choose you can have all of those things. If you want a full-blown and stable system with automatic updates and driver installation, distributions like Linux Mint are right up your alley. You can have a full-blown graphical desktop environment like Gnome, or something lightweight and fast while reminiscent of earlier UI designs like XFCE, or just a straight up hotkey controlled Window Manager like bspwm.

The beautiful thing about Linux is that it offers the user freedom—freedom like the ability to customize their environment to their will without restraint. Windows on the other hand does not do that, it offers a predefined environment and any changes to it are done painstakingly through the editing of core system files and libraries along with the registry. Something you are clearly not meant to do as an end-user. Even with greater knowledge of the Windows UI many changes that one may want to make are impossible due to limitations with Explorer itself and the incredibly poor way it has been rigidly built and designed. As someone who was been creating custom themes and editing the Windows UI since the days of XP, I can straight up tell you that the Windows UI is a complete clusterfuck to work with at this point. Any system update you download could potentially break a custom theme you've made, and they will certainly not be forwards compatible after a major system update. Microsoft could easily fix this by making minor adjustments to files like ExplorerFrame, or using a new file for their Windows 10 frames, but instead they are replacing UI elements across existing files, even replacing icons in legacy files from Windows 98 and referencing them.

I could rant about shit like this for days, like how fucking deplorable the audio stack is, but I won't, I'll stick to my particular point here: Windows sucks as an OS if you like to customize, period.

>> No.69175844

>The beautiful thing about Linux is that it offers the user freedom
But does it deliver?
How do you know your Linux doobie isn't selling you out bigtime?

>> No.69176009

got any green text?

>> No.69176053

Just use whatever distro. Watch Luke Smith on YouTube. Fuck those dudes.

>> No.69176300

You're right that I use Linux just for the sake of not using Windows, but "muh normies" has nothing to do with it. It's more a matter of the following issues:
1) I don't respect the common business model of intellectual and digital property, and strongly believe I should only have to pay for software once, and should be able to do whatever I want with it after that. Information is neither matter nor energy, and, unlike either, it is freely reproducible ex nihilo once it first exists; and therefore, software, a kind of information, should be considered neither a good (a kind of matter) nor a service (a kind of energy). Software DEVELOPMENT is a service, as someone must expend extra energy to encode the storage medium with valid and useful information, compared to how much energy they would need to just encode the storage medium with arbitrary useless information / noise; but, in contrast, software ITSELF is not a good or a service, as, once it has been developed, no one needs to expend matter or energy to reproduce it -- at least no more than would be expended by encoding the matter in question with pure noise.
2) I don't respect Microsoft's disgusting, abhorrent business practice of using unfair licensing terms to coerce manufacturers into exclusively selling Windows machines. This business practice, and not any virtue of Windows itself, is the sole reason that "Windows normies" is a phrase that makes sense; that is to say, Microsoft legally cheated their way to world domination. This isn't just a personal specific vendetta against Microsoft, either, it really is specifically about the business practice; if Linux, too, were a proprietary OS developed by a corporate entity that kept close guard over it and refused to sell OEMs any number of licenses other than exactly the expected number of machine sales, then obviously I would not use Linux either.
3) fuck cortana fuck minecraft fuck xbox fuck candy crush fuck fuck fuclk

>> No.69176590

>all those (You)s
nice bait

>> No.69176793

Neck yourself tranny coc sucker

>> No.69176876

>want to reboot? nah need to update first
If have updates ready, and didn't schedule. Rarely ever having the system on would make it worse, everytime maybe.
>want to use cpu power for a VM?
Learn to configure windows.

>want to install something? need to run an installer and read every line to make sure it doesn't install adware
Or stop downloading sketchy stuff from sketchy places.
>oh and no software repos to tell you when it's out of date so the next time you open it you'll have to update first
Not a argument.
>not a fan of windows file manager?
Are you incapable of using a search engine?
>want to tile?
Default shortcut keys.
>want to uninstall something? You'll need a third party...
Lol, you run defrag programs too, don't you. You're talking about XP aren't you.
>want vim?
No, I'm happy not being a virgin. Can't really go back.
>better reinstall your OS once a year
You're incompetent. Have you ever actually used windows for more than ten minutes?

>> No.69176924

>>want vim?
>No, I'm happy not being a virgin.
Can confirm the veracity of this correlation, I have only ever been fucked by my dad against my will (aka half virgin) and exclusively use nano for text editing (halfway between Windows normie and vim enthusiast).

>> No.69176940

>If have updates ready, and didn't schedule. Rarely ever having the system on would make it worse, everytime maybe.
Learn English before you shill for Microsoft Rakesh.

>> No.69177052

Fucking based

>> No.69177508
File: 567 KB, 4000x1500, lovelyz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


not having ads with everything you install is nice

mostly all software that is free of charge that you download with windows is adware

>> No.69177716

Would you trust a mechanic that couldn't drive?

>> No.69177740

Like what?

>> No.69178166
File: 50 KB, 524x700, Comfy Cat – 1Funny.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stay comfy, anon.

>> No.69178189

>mostly all software that is free of charge that you download with windows is adware
oh look it's the double reverse troll
you're just as bad as op

>> No.69178537

I dual boot debian and windows. They both have their uses. I use windows when I want to play games. I use linux when I want to do productive stuff whether that be programming, school papers, what ever. Thats not to say that you cant be productive on windows its just not productive for me. I dont like windows for development because its just too rigid and I feel like I have to break my neck if I want to use my own tooling. I will say that if youre any sort of digital artist you would be shooting yourself in the foot not using windows/mac simply because the software is so mature and workflows so established. The FOSS alternatives are getting better with out a doubt but they are still lagging behind a bit (well blender is sort of an exception).

>> No.69178906

Using nonfree software is not acceptable, even for entertainment purposes. Artists should also not be forced to use proprietary software in order to get their jobs done. To rectify that situation, it is suggested that instead of paying for the privilege of being abused by proprietary software, save your hard-earned cash to fund free software tools.

>> No.69179128

I use whatever I like, based on whether it works for me. I'm not sorry if this goes against your autistic pseudoreligious nuttery - in fact, it's good for the lulz.

>> No.69179171

I was annoyed by this too but they eventually got to me and I bought a mac and realized they were right.

>> No.69179183

Thank you.
This is the proper name.

>> No.69179630

Proprietary software does not work for you, it works for its copyright holder. You can do whatever you want "for the lulz" but at the end of the day it's your freedom to lose.

>> No.69179687

>Proprietary software does not work for you
Yes, it does. How fucking autistic are you?

>> No.69179733

He resents that you actually paid for something, while his Sourceforge shitware languishes with zero downloads since 2016.
This is pretty much the central argument of all these sorts of FOSS proponents; think of it as the freetard equivalent of Sailer's Law of Female Journalism.

>> No.69179772

Most of the stuff I use is freeware though.
>equivalent of Sailer's Law of Female Journalism
It suddenly makes sense, thanks anon.

>> No.69179863
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but I use windows and I'm a 200 lbs shut-in

>> No.69179951

That doesn't matter to this kind of FOSS proponent. It can - in fact, they always insist it does - contain some huge, Skynet-like botnet that's selling your freedumbs. Never mind that some 30KB EXE hasn't got room for that, or that your firewall doesn't trigger, or that you can look inside the EXE and find anything nasty. No, it's all just goalpost-shuffling to get your source code, so they can rule the world when their Open Source revolution comes, which is the germ of the "freetards are commies" position.

>> No.69180276

i hate open source now

>> No.69180340
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They're getting pretty desperate at this point
Hows that MS linux distro going?

>> No.69180351

Free as in freedom, not free as in price. If you want good free software, you should pay for it.
>Sailer's Law of Female Journalism
Not relevant.

Nobody wants your source code nor will there be a revolution.

I do too, free software is more important.

>> No.69180409
File: 219 KB, 664x520, 1542311720787.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So you're basically saying that Winfags are just less honest Applefags that have no idea how a computer works?

>> No.69181427

>exactly describes how you think and behave
>not relevant
Kek. Reminds me of all those Simpson episodes where Bart says "I didn't do it"! Anyway, you've destroyed any credibility you might have.

>> No.69181450


>> No.69181595

He may not be lying (for once) though, anon. Turboautistic faggots like him tend to respond more violently when confronted with the truth than that.

>> No.69181743

How can someone be better off using 10? You could use a stick with a rock attatched and still be better off.

>> No.69181771
File: 32 KB, 572x303, 1546398983310.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That... is actually plausible on /g/.

>> No.69181813

Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

This is a Microsoft shilling thread, there is no truth or untruth here, just stale marketing memes and throwing out vague accusations of "communism"

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