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>tfw old ass rig keeps getting older edition

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Speccy? More like Shitty lmoa

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I've realy been liking HWINFO since someone on here told me to use it, way better for information, speccy is still a really good overview so we can circle-jerk about our PCs.

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Your hard drive is failing

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It has some bad sectors but nothings corrupt and it's still pretty fast, I'm gonna get a WD10EZEX for to replace it soon, $46 on amazon and a 1TB platter is better than my two 500GB platters.

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Free 9900K so not complaining.

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i'd say just keep using it as long as you have backups and ride it until it dies. People tend to freak out at the smallest SMART error without ever doing research and throw out an HDD immediately.

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Even when I get my WD blue i'm get another SATA cable and use it as a backup until it dies

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this is now a hwinfo thread

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Check out my old shit

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Don't make me get my x79 out

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King of poorfags reporting in

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Intel Xeon E5430 @ 2.66GHz (quad core, core2 era)
4GB DDR2 @ 800 MT/s
I'm away from my desktop at the moment.

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Not bad at all. I only recently upgraded to the Xeon, had 8GB of RAM and a GTX 460.
Previously used to have the first gen i7 930, which I'm still trying to sell, but due to motherboards being overpriced or completely unavailable I doubt I'll be able to sell it.
Do you plan on upgrading? Unless you don't play many recent games I wouldn't see a reason to upgrade anything but RAM.

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>All these DDR3 babies

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>Dual 1366 screens
Damn Anon, that FX6100 machine isn't bad, though.

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Wot, can't you clock this thing wayy higher?

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pls r8

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Based X58 bro. I opted for the X5675. I've literally upgraded everything except the mobo

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Thinking about upgrading soon

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That HD 7900 is nice dude , you just need to get a better CPU and bios mod the HD 7900 to a 7970ghz and maybe even do an overclock on it and you're probably better like that than 95% of modern PC builds

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Thanks, my CPU at 4.5 is right on the heels of a 2400g, (ryzen is fucking impressive) and it's not bottlenecking anything, I will mess with overclocking the 7970 because those cards are cheap as fuck to get if I blow it up, which probably won't happen.

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Well, yet another Speccy thread. Being on-topic, I have posted a pucture of a speccy. Now, had you wanted to prevent such pictures, you have started a System Specification Thread. I trust that you, and others, will remember to so, next time.

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Absolutely. But I have shit RAM and a shit mobo. I bet I could easily get to 4.5GHz with this chip. I barely increased voltage to get to 3.8GHz.

>triple channel
Nice. I can't get triple channel because I have a couple dead DIMM slots so I'm limited to dual channel. Fml
I should have went with at least a X5670 as well, but I couldn't find a cheap one on a local store, so I went with the x5650. Only problem is that I'm limited with the 20x multiplier which prevents me from getting a better overclock. Literally anything past 3.8GHz will get me a BSOD, which is a shame since this chip has so much potential to go past 4GHz.
Pretty comfy build otherwise, I'm happy I won't need to upgrade anything but my graphics card in the next 3 years or so.

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Still decent, bought one for my BF. Absolutely amazing how much performance you get out of a 6 year old card for 50 €. I hope it will allow him to play any game for at least 2 more years.

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Literally only thing you need is a SSD

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>That slow

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I love the thing, paid 79.99 for it on ebay last october, it's better than a 1050 non Ti even though the tdp is high.

Nice setup, btw

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It does its job. Screens resolution isn't bothering me as much as I thought it would, honestly.

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This GPU doesn't really keep up anymore

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wtf is that a custom front panel for a Dell?
tell me more

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surprised to see this many 9th gen i9's.

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Build broke $800 with the latest addition of the 3TB external.

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Anyone know if there's something like speccy on linux?

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just use your screenfetch, it's pretty much the same thing, except it won't show your storage, which is really beside the point

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>being a storagelet

It's ok. Since Linux isn't used outside of 768p laptops nobody expects you to have storage anyway.

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Meh, can't complain.

No need for newer parts at the moment.

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And there's an empty hot swap bay in my case too.

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Are you using the stock fucking cooler? That should not be idling that high.

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About to replace this with a new workstation.

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>32gb ddr3
wtf u doing with that?

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My father's slow ass computer, he's getting an upgrade this month if ryzen 3000 comes out.

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Old? This is old.

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... and here I thought my 955BE in an M5A99FX PRO R2.0 was obsolete.

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i am but that number doesnt represent my actual cpu temperature
it stays around 30°C when idle

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>32gb ddr3

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old shit too

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At the time DDR3 was dirt cheap. Plus I knew that ram would never be an issue ever again. Combined w/SSD this baby runs smooth as babies ass.

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heres mine
dont judge that im using win server on my gaming pc

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what os

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Windows. He's Linux LARPing with BBlean.

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oh lol

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Wrong assumption bud.

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I did that in the XP/Vista era. I didn't think it was as feasible now.

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then what os is it

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How is that setup for gaming these days? How much bottleneck do you see?

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Wouldn't know, I don't really play anything anymore besides shitty paradox games and russian pay2win cancer

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>pay2win cancer
What cancer? I wanna play.

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2013 rig starting to feel old, one of the sticks of RAM died so now it's in single channel and wireless card is only 802.11n and if I plug a second monitor via hdmi in my main screen will only operate at 1920x1440 for some reason

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it seems to work well so far, just had to do a little driver magic to get everythign to work. even my vr headset works fine

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its kinda similar to mine: >>69160665

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why are you running education?

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Is something wrong with it? I got a license from Microsoft Imagine. I have a license for Server 2013 too but I'm using a different computer for server type stuff (except Spiceworks is running on this rig)

Basically is Education any worse than Home, which I also have a license for

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lmao i got win server 2019 from imagine as well

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also yea that makes sense

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ye maybe it's 2019

EDIT: just looked and it was 2016 Datacenter but 2019 is available, might pick it up next time I need to do an install. Currently using LTSC on my "server" which is an Alienware laptop I keep next to my bed lol

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lmao i do the same thing but witha hp laptop from 2009 and its mounted to the rafters in my basement

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Just found the oc bios for my mobo so the i5 is at 4.2GHz cooled with a coolermaster v8 gts i got new for 25 bucks local

have a r9 290x sapphire 4gb and a second one in the mail (won a bit for 60$ on ebay) oc to 1200 core 6000 mem

does 2k in high most of the time

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>coolermaster v8 gts
That's an awesome cooler for $25, huge af but you can fit large ram. 290X is still a beast AMD's GCN was really good, 2GB kepler cards are pretty much dead.

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im happy with it until i know whats coming out soon

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Shame it's dying, I'm assuming that's an XPS 8700, nice machine, it's neck and neck with my overclocked 4.5GHz AMD.

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it is an xps 8700, was a very good buy imo. really like this rig

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*snaps picture*

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>you're jealous that I got all this for $1000 from a guy on craigslist

I'm in the market for a monitor, has anyone done the autism to make a recommendation?

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Why do you not have an SSD, jesus christ.

>> No.69164170

What's wrong with your current monitor?
>you reply with what you don't like about it
>we tell you to find a monitor without those problems

the fuck kind of retard question is this

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>computer with TIM paste Intel CPU
Gross, Give my a Ryzen 2400G overclocked for less money.

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i need a new GPU but with the current state of the 20xx series and the 11xx rumors and AMD potentially releasing something idk what to do.

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Overclock the fuck out of that shitflap and wait for navi. Though you really should have bought a 580 on sale before the holidays.

Other than waiting you could pick up something used, 1070s you can get for less than 250 on ebay, which is a p good deal.

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i have this bitch cranked, believe me but being that its a 1050 ti theres a cap on how high you can overclock it unlike anything higher end

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Ease up there champ.

I want to get a 2nd monitor, the one I have now is fine. I asked because I know people on this forum do hours upon hours of autistic research before buying anything and I'm sure someone has a gem to recommend.

Tbh I know nothing about AMD processors, but I didn't build the machine. I might look into it when this thing gets dated.

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