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Gaming headphones that glow in the dark edition

>Requesting purchase advice

>/g/ headphone wiki

>Previous thread >>69097254

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Do you fucking queers even listen to music or do you just shitpost about stax nostax all day? Post what you're listening to and on what headphones.

Pic related on my HD800S

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$4000 SR-009 was rated lower in blind tests than a $200 K701

LOL, Stax headphones are literally audiophool garbage

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Are replacement pads worth it for the L300, or is simply adding padding and sealing them sufficient?

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Who is our friend and resident shitposter, commonly known as "sapphire"? And what does he own? Sapphire (let's call him Nikita) has gone to great lengths to conceal what he actually owns, to the extent of deleting any reddit comments which explicitly reference his gear. As a prolific redditor, nikita obviously has a couple of reddit accounts. The first is his current one, /u/Amazing_Comment. He posts the distortion study quite often. One look at his post history, and you'll see that it's our friend Nikita. His second reddit account, /u/TrueChip1, posted the study once in /r/audiophile, and it's plain to see from the topics of interest that this is him. His oldest account is /u/hohol3000. Again, one look at the post history and there should be no doubt. Let's move on to his gear.

He owns a DT-990:


I've had a DT990 and an Objective 2 amp. [rest omitted]


HD650s are the worst headphones for gaming. DT990s are the best. This is from my experience.


I don't think 770 will be good for jazz. At least I did not like 990 for jazz. High frequency peaks with wind instruments made my ears hurt after some time.


DT990 is the sword of light in a dark forest of tube amps and HD650s
a HD650 or HD6XX:


HD650s are the worst headphones for gaming. DT990s are the best. This is from my experience.
a Komplete KA6:


I own both and in my experience KA6 headphone output has enough power to drive HD650.
and JBL LSR305s + JBL LSR310S.

He is also a proud Ukrainian!

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neutral response BAD

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Stax incels on suicide watch lmao

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Adding padding is sufficient I hear. I do own L700s though and the pads are fucking comfortable as fuck though. So if you find L300 pads uncomfortable then I would recommend going for L700 pads.

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Why isn't she showing us her feet

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what are some good all around headphones with an emphasis on bass for ~$250

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Convince me to buy a stax headphone without using buzzwords.

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As a Stax owner I can confirm that these headphones are absolute garbage and sound like shit

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It'll make Nikita mad as fuck

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>spending that much and listening to this shite
none of you are producers or anything. Even producers don't buy shit like this. You're all just a bunch of audiophools who think they're superior.

Just get some QC35s or MX3s like a normal person who cares about having decent headphones and fuck off.

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fidelio x2

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I can't. I didn't really believe the memes either until I actually tested them myself. It's hard to explain but when the tonality needs to be smooth (ie: guitar chords, for example) it comes off as very fluid, whereas when the tonality needs to be more apparent and sharp it's capable of doing so and making it clear. I don't quite understand how it works but it really was an eye opening experience for me.

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>$33 to read a glorified headphone review
Fuck no

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You know who else glows in the dark?

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>none of you are producers or anything
I produce music though.
>Just get some QC35s or MX3s like a normal person who cares about having decent headphones and fuck off.
Man I get the "don't overspend on audio products" argument (and disagree) but telling me to buy mud instead is just laughable.

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That's some severe case of post-purchase rationalization. Especially since Stax shitphones sound objectively worse than any mid-fi cans.

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>but telling me to buy mud instead is just laughable.
I didn't ask you to buy Sennheiser though.

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It's not a headphone review it's a review of a recording of heavily EQ'd headphones played back on another headphone lol
You'd have to be a complete retard to think this has any real implication about overall sound quality

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Oh I'm sorry, you asked me to buy wet tar instead.

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is this the new gay atustistic pasta thats gonna get spammed in every thtread? you're the same tier of indian diarrhea he is tbf

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right click and 'save link as' on the link to the full paper

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prove you're not Nikita by posting your setup right now

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It's funny because I demoed the L500 before pulling the trigger on my L700. Keep spamming though, it'll get you somewhere.

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What do you guys consider to be the most comfortable earpads you've ever felt? Were they brand specific or third party? I am looking for something good in velour or micro suede.

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Sennheisers velour earpads. Like on the HD 559. All velour even on top headband yum.

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audiophool seethe

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You are just a victim of buyers stockholm syndrome, silly

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Key excerpts
>The second observation is that beyond Headphone D, most listeners had difficulty reliably discriminating among the headphones indicated by the small differences in headphone preference ratings, and the rather large overlapping error bars.
>Other than Headphone D or to a lesser extent C, listeners generally had difficulty hearing audible nonlinear distortions. For Headphone D the effects were described as a noise or buzzing sound, muddy bass with less pitch, and some harshness at around 1-4 kHz. Many listeners contradicted themselves across observations saying that a particular headphone sounded distorted in one trial, but not distorted in another.
>The different headphones were presented virtually to listeners via binaural recordings of the headphones reproduced through a calibrated low-distortion reference headphone, Stax SR-009. This virtual headphone test method minimized headphone leakage effects, and removed the influence of non- auditory biases (brand, price, visual appearance, comfort, etc.) from listeners’ judgment of sound quality.
In other words, there was very little consistent preference in the study, and the study itself is not an accurate representation of actual listener headphone preference, just the distortion preference of a heavily EQ'd headphone played through another headphone.

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>seethe seethe triggered triggered mad mad
The most brainless posting anyone could possibly come up with.

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Nikita is beyond reasoning with, he will simply lie and shitpost because he's been bullied too much by meanie stax owners.

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Not posting this for Nikita, posting this for anyone who has even a sliver of a chance of believing his nonsense study.

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And a K701 recording played through SR-009 sounded better than SR-009 itself lmao
Just accept the fact that Stax shitphones can't compete even with cheap mid-fi cans

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>just insult the thing rather than actually proposing substitutes or explaining reasons for that belief, like a leftist.
The most brainless posting anyone could possibly come up with.

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Been thinking of making a debunk pasta to post every thread, what you have is solid so far.

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Stop samefagging Sapphire, you already got caught in the previous thread doing it the same way

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This post is Nikita spreading FUD. For more info, see >>69103040

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Correction: A heavily EQ'd K701 recording played through a SR-009 was within margin of error (0.2) rated by an extremely small pool of subjects with largely similar taste in sound signature (8 Harman employees) to be on average, extremely extremely extremely slightly less distorted than the SR-009 itself.

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I always knew that Stax is a shitty audiophool meme

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Custom One Pro Plus, amazing headphones. burn them in for 1-2 days(play whatever on medium-low volume) and keep ports on 1.5 holes
they're just great

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What do you want me to do, write a ten page thesis debunking the words "audiophool seethe"? Get a fucking head of yourself dude.

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*the recording of a heavily EQ'd SR009 itself

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What were the EQ adjustments? Would a similar eq work with k712?

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Fact: SR-009 was rated lower than K701 in sound quality blind tests
Logically-correct assumption: worse Stax models sound even worse

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Yes, enjoy your better-than-stax headphones

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No, measurement based EQ does not account for your personal HRTF and unique interactions between the headphone and your face geometry. That's why they had to simulate headphones through a known measuring rig and the 009 which served as the low distortion reference, instead of using the headphones directly.

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That's the kicker, the study doesn't state the EQ adjustments. It could be EQ'd to be niggerbass or to look like a metal guitarist's Boss distortion pedal for all we know.
Except these aren't sound quality blind tests, they're audible distortion tests, and calling this a SR-009 vs K701 comparison is like sprinkling salt all over a Michelin star restaurant dish and some streetside trash food and asking someone to compare the taste.

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harman sounds like shit tho

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lol didn't harman use the dt990 as the low anchor for their study? must sound like shit lmao

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Yet still SR-009 were rated lower than K701 because it even with lower distortion level SR-009 sound worse than K701. $4000 Stax sound worse than a $200 AKGs. Imagine how bad a $1000 Stax sound, kek.

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also why would i shit on my own post dumb nigger

>> No.69103483

>t. triggered stax incel

>> No.69103486

No they were rated higher are you reading the actual study and not the edit?

>> No.69103505

No they were rated lower are you reading the actual study and not the edit?

>> No.69103508

imagine not owning stax and being a retarded slav kek

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>harman curve is the objective goal for all headphones

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>Yet still SR-009 were rated lower than K701
In terms of audible distortion, a heavily EQ'd SR-009 was rated lower by a margin of 0.2 (you may not know but in scientific studies we have this thing called margin of error, it's generally greater than or equal to 1. I don't expect russian shithole school to teach you this though.) than a heavily EQ'd K701 played through a SR-009 that funnily enough was EQ'd once again, see below:
>All recorded tracks were then equalized to a flat response on the Stax SR-009 headphones. This was necessary because the headphone/pinna/ear canal response had already been included in the recording, and simply using the Stax headphone for playback would result in the inclusion of a second headphone/pinna/ear canal transfer function.
So by the time the AKG recording reaches the listener's ears, it's already been EQ'd twice. Pretty embarrassing excuse for a preference comparison if you ask me.
>Imagine how bad a $1000 Stax sound, kek.
So price determines the quality of a product now? Does this mean that $2000 DACs are worth it?

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Stax confirmed being dumb nigger headphones

>> No.69103541

it is though
this angers the beyerfags

>> No.69103542

>it's generally plus or minus 1
Fixed, sorry.

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Read the study, SR-009 was rated lower than K701 in blind tests. Stax are objectively garbage, it's a fact.

>> No.69103555

I did. I'm quoting excerpts from it and I'm pointing out how flawed it is as a general listener preference study. All you're doing is repeating yourself like a broken record.

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File: 716 KB, 962x724, ac7a5b1adcf300e850a048e040555f91a063749a3617a513acab2c473722f3f0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nikita is shitting up the thread because it's his way of throwing a tantrum when the mainstream narrative doesn't fit his. He did this for Schiit as well but unlike now his assumptions about Schiit turned out to be correct. He is angry that he can't dictate the narrative so he continuously shits up the thread to try and turn it back his way. The problem with that is it will never work because many anons bought stax already and there are plenty more that will.

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What Dac to get? Under 150€. If possible not from china or express delivery available. Just got my SMSL Sanskrit pha and for some fucking reason I forgot to order the DAC also but I dont want to wait another month for it.

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>best stax were rated lower than some mid-fi cans in a scientific research

>> No.69103598

You don't even know how to read scientific papers. You're in no position to call me anti-science or anti-intellectual.

>> No.69103609

Whatever loser, continue to rationalize your poor life choices

>> No.69103640

Calling me the loser when you literally spend 24 hours a day, day and night, spamming this garbage in the most disingenuous and obnoxious way possible. Do you even have a job? Do you know that everyone in this thread can tell that you wake up at 1PM GMT?

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Looking for some cheapish comfy headphones that I can leave on for most of the day. Would much prefer wired to wireless

> <$100 if possible, cheaper the better
>Will be a standard laptop (not using my external dacs)
>Full size over ear
>Willing to compromise comfort over sound quality
>Grado SR80E, FIIO F9 Pro IEMs

ANC would be good but not necessary

Both my Fiio IEMs and Grado are very good but not the most comfortable if wearing all day.


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>t. triggered stax incel

>> No.69103746

no, dumb nigger, I'm gonna get stax after I get a 1990 and those are gonna be my 3 headphobes, unless I also get planars

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And there it is. The cries of a broken man.

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skip the 1990 and get stax.

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El Barto is the most alpha mfker in that class.
You are El Homo.

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Objectively garbage. They sound worse than dynamic mid-fi cans.

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Who what? I don't watch dead unfunny millennial shows like the Simpsons. I'm just posting a relevant meme.

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Washington State/US
>Type of headphone
>Open or closed
>Comfort level
Comfort is preferable to Quality
>Sound signature
Don't care
>Past headphones
ATH-AD700X, comfortable but too open/too much sound leakage. Workstation is in a crowded room with other workstations and a server rack so good ANC would be a necessity. Often wear for 6-8 hours at a time, so long term comfort is also a high priority.

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When will you learn, Nikita, that spamming /hpg/ about stax being whatever you think it is is no different from an atheist preaching to christians that god is fake? You're not gonna convince anyone ever no matter how right you think you are.

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Stax incels still can't accept the fact that their headphones are inferior to cheapo AKGs, lmao

>> No.69103873

I love my akg k7xx's

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stax sodomites on therapy

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Leonard Bernstein use FM Acoustic system for critical listening

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Nice, your Staxx arrived the same day as mine! Let us know how it sounds.

>> No.69103914

>they fell for the meme

>> No.69103921

Stop spamming Nikita. You're boring.

>> No.69103933

stax truck killed his boyfriend

>> No.69103949

>t. triggered stax incel

>> No.69103952

it's okay he reincarnated as a hot spring
don't be mad nikita he's in a better place now

>> No.69103996

will stax work well with my iphone x

>> No.69104000

Isn´t that amp meant for speakers more than headphones?

>> No.69104003

Stax can't work well, they are objectively garbage.

>> No.69104016

yes just get a USB dac and hook up the rcas to the stax amp and the USB to your iphone

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Is it great choice in low budget? 75% time music played is hip hop.

>> No.69104052

>literal nigbass

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File: 53 KB, 1274x716, beyer macht frei.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>hip hop
just steal some beats, tyrone

>> No.69104072

>ukranian slavshit headphones

>> No.69104083

Any 990 owners still around? The 1990 is a pure upgrade, if you're not a poorfag you should've pressed that buy button yesterday.

>> No.69104131

ukraine is a non-country and rightful russian + polish clay though
nikita on suicide watch lmao

>> No.69104142

>ukraine is a non-country and rightful russian + polish clay though
based and redpilled

>> No.69104157

I upgraded from HD600 and DT1900 is just better.

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1. Stax incels circlejerk itt
2. The news come that Stax are objectively garbage
3. Stax incels: You are lying! My Stax are the best! (buyers Stockholm syndrome kicks in)
4. Stax incels: Everyone please report posts about Stax being objectively garbage!!
5. Depression begins
6. Stax incels: The research is flawed!!! --- we are here now
And the next step is...

>> No.69104196

>russian bot is still spamming

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Can this work with American power?

>> No.69104213

The only problem I have with Custom One Pros is that the vocals seem a bit muddied.
Any recommendations for my next pair of headphones? Don't really mind if it's open or closed this time, but I'd still prefer a bit of bass.

>> No.69104220

American power is the best power, so of course it can.

>> No.69104223

>made in china
you can't make this shit up lmao

>> No.69104231

It says right there 100V. Do American wall sockets run on 100V?

>> No.69104232

You will be lucky if this chink made garbage won't start fire

>> No.69104233

No, you need to get a 120->100v step down or rewire a normal 12v power plug

>> No.69104247

No. Earphones are pretty bad when it comes to hiphop, rap, rnb, etc..
Custom One Pros are literally perfect for this type of genre.

>> No.69104248

Please tell me you weren't dumb enough to order it and get the wrong voltage.

>> No.69104270

Gotcha. I have another 120V to 12V .5A transformer. I just wanted to make sure

>> No.69104285

You have to reverse the polarity of the dc barrel plug. You're good to go otherwise.

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>implying that an owner of stax memephones can be not dumb

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Mine was a grey market import. I have this, plus a polarity inverter

>> No.69104306

Don't kill your stax m8.

>> No.69104310

Post a pic of the inverter, you should be good to go.

>> No.69104311

Are the 20€ DACs on amazon better than onboard audio?

>> No.69104330

Even a 200000€ DAC won't sound better if your onboard audio works like it should

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File: 2.76 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20181228_134520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I checked it with a multimeter, the center pin is negative with this

>> No.69104338

unironically made in china is better than made in usa

>> No.69104349

If my transformer converts to 110V will it blow my Stax (100V)?

>> No.69104410 [DELETED] 
File: 58 KB, 1020x1020, 0084425_01_b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

HD600 dream of being SRH1540.

>> No.69104422

Well it makes shit crackle.

>> No.69104424
File: 58 KB, 1020x1020, 0084425_01_b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

HD600 dream of being SRH1840.

>> No.69104446

good post

>> No.69104454

Is the LED on the energizer supposed to blink? I cut the power to it right away

>> No.69104482

Sorry mate, I fucked up.

>> No.69104493


>> No.69104526


Whats the differences on DACs anyways? A friend memed me into buying a dedicated amp but ofcourse I didnt check if I can connect it to my PC so I need something to go between and atm a cheap DAC with an optical connection sounds easiest right now.

>> No.69104535

Definitely not.

>> No.69104568
File: 157 KB, 885x354, Chinks screw over another anon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dx3 Pro in action once again.

>> No.69104592

>another anon
the correct term is plebbitor

>> No.69104605

some people always have problems with everything

>> No.69104617

topping more like popping

>> No.69104654
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>tfw you bought dx3 instead of atom plus another dac

>> No.69104728
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>"I am now 0 for 2 with "Chi-Fi" products (if HiFiMan counts) after having a HE-560 with broken yokes and now a Topping dac/amp failing, in both cases within less than a month of use."

>> No.69104738

hmm it works fine on the one it comes with

>> No.69104778

this means two whole people have had problems, topping is surely doomed

>> No.69104783
File: 51 KB, 500x500, AF6E64B5-FAA9-4D38-B91B-924710FEB376.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just buy sbooster

>> No.69104792

Looking to drop around $1,500 on a solid pair for listening at home. Any opinions on sennheiser HD800 vs Focal Clear?

>> No.69104795

I think your adapter might be bad, get a step down or try another. The default one might work but you're definitely at risk if you use it for any extended amount of time.

>> No.69104809

Are there any step downs you can recommend?

>> No.69104819


>> No.69104834

Not him but is it safe to use 110V on a 100V input stax? Or is it also risky over a long term?

>> No.69104842

Should I start with a portable DAC/Amp for my phone or should I put it off until I get headphones that aren't open
I would feel like an autist blasting Justice walking to class with everyone else being able to hear

>> No.69104848

Just stay away from Stax shitphones, they are confirmed to be absolute garbage regardless of their price >>69103031

>> No.69104863

L700 + 323S
I use a battery pack to power mine so I'm not sure. I know the 12V adapters that ship with the talentcell 12v batteries work with the 252s once the polarity Ed are switched. I think the one anon with a 006ts and lambda pro bought a nice one, I think it's in the archives.
I wouldn't risk it

>> No.69104871

I listened to a pair of focal clear and didn’t hear any crackle. Is that a sound profile thing for you, or something that shows up after long term use?

>> No.69104873

Alright, I’ll go get my transformer changed then.

>> No.69105056

These stax sound great but the pads are awful. Where can I buy better ones?

>> No.69105069

Stax’s website.

>> No.69105086

L700 pads off of stax's website. I know they are $120 but they make the stax actually comfortable and will give you the seal you need.

>> No.69105096

Do they still need the double sided tape?

>> No.69105098

>stax sound great

>> No.69105107

eat shit I'm wearing them right now faggot

>> No.69105131

Does not matter.

>> No.69105133


>> No.69105147

Did it work?

>> No.69105186

ZMF Aeolus if you can bear the waiting time of ??? months probably.

>> No.69105194

>wooden beats

>> No.69105233

>beat my wood

>> No.69105242

Mine don't I got a good seal just from putting the pads on. You have to make sure all of the pegs are in though, its a tight fit and you have to push on them way harder than you ever want to push on your new shiny estats but you wont hurt anything. If your sure the pads are properly installed and you still dont have a seal then you can try the tape, everyone's heads are shaped a little different so I can't tell you 100% if the pad swap will do the trick

>> No.69105250

Lol, this nigga doesn’t even know what he said. Sounds like you’re playing with yourself, homie! Ha ha ha ha ha.

>> No.69105297

Thanks. For now I'll make do with the stuffed pads

>> No.69105299

actually it can but your unit will get warm just make sure you get the correct adapter (with reverse polarity) for US outlets so your amp lasts longer
no. you don't need to use a transformer for this, that would be dumb. just get a $5 12v 0.5A adapter and use a $5 polarity adapter or do it yourself and swap the wires. you can even buy inverted 12v adapters on amazon or ebay for $10 don't go spending $50 for a transformer

>> No.69105300

Why harman is allowed to sponsor a study where headphones they produce are tested?

>> No.69105323

>no. you don't need to use a transformer for this, that would be dumb. just get a $5 12v 0.5A adapter and use a $5 polarity adapter or do it yourself and swap the wires. you can even buy inverted 12v adapters on amazon or ebay for $10 don't go spending $50 for a transformer
I did this initially and it led to the blinking issue. My guess is the power adapter was just shitty.

>> No.69105344

It will run hotter and reduce it's working life, either buy a voltage adapter or get the proper stax amp for your country

>> No.69105362


>> No.69105384

Yeah I’m gonna go out and get my voltage adapter replaced tomorrow. My country’s actual power runs at 230 so I gotta look for one that goes from 220-240 to 100.

>> No.69105390

Oh yeah a while back one of you said I would prefer STAX over my LCD2C. You were right.

>> No.69105401

Do you know if zmf declares the full price of the headphones for international orders?
I want to get a pair but customs would kill me

>> No.69105403


>> No.69105415

>My guess is the power adapter was just shitty.
probably. you should be able to use any dc 12v .5A adapter and swap the wires for use with it. not sure why it's blinking, you checked with the multimeter for 12v?

if you don't have a soldering iron you can just strip the wires and connect them to a dc connector like this

>> No.69105417

Pretty funny since Stax sound worse than mid-fi headphones.

>> No.69105421

I'm glad I was wrong

>> No.69105434

Post-purchase rationalization is on your side ;)

>> No.69105436

Yeah I checked it and it did give 12V. Maybe I should try it again

>> No.69105438

Nikita absolutely BTFO

>> No.69105447

Might as well get a dt1990 then.


>> No.69105454

lmao ok I have zero emotional investment in these.

>> No.69105461

That's elex though

>> No.69105505

Yes, it's called anosognosia.

>> No.69105557

Big word for a third worlder slavshit.

>> No.69105578
File: 29 KB, 399x385, 1529683921315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>stax owners also have planars, mid-fi, HD800s, AKGs, everything from the ultra high end to KSC75s
>nikita has a DT990 and mountains of butthurt

>> No.69105583

>t. triggered stax incel

>> No.69105592
File: 260 KB, 1000x1040, 1545811261322.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


oh nonononoono sapphire-kun they are shilling stax go get them!

>> No.69105611

Nikita has DT990 and HD650 which he hates with a passion lol.
He has headphones that he himself cannot stand, imagine how angry that must make him, importing those fancy german cans only to hate them. Then he puts on his DT990s and tries to listen to flutes but can’t because the treble rapes his earpussies. It is no surprised he snapped and went insane.

>> No.69105619

Stax incels on suicide watch

>> No.69105629


>> No.69105644
File: 1.75 MB, 500x284, 1544033971592.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69105656

>sapphire is now spamming the living shit out of /v/
Look at how well he fits in his new home. I hope he enjoys it.

>> No.69105663
File: 37 KB, 613x106, about time.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69105669

I'm also from a 230v country, luckily i manage to find a place that sold stax with the proper voltage at an acceptable price

>> No.69105679

why are you throating your headphones though

>> No.69105683

>buy sennheisers
>buy beyers
>treble rape
>buy focal
>literally die
why haven’t you taken the focalpill yet /hpg/?

>> No.69105684
File: 1 KB, 198x44, stax.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69105699

I bought mine for half of MSRP off of YAJ so I can’t really complain. I don’t think finding a transformer will be too hard. I hope at least.

>> No.69105702

don't worry nikita has 2/3 down im sure he'll cover #3 soon enough

>> No.69105710

>you can buy 15$ chink beryllium iems off aliexpress
>sweet release of death on budget
focal btfo

>> No.69105716
File: 6 KB, 200x211, 119.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I invest several thousand dollars into a decent fucking car audio system or just wear headphones and risk the ticket

>> No.69105725
File: 8 KB, 171x169, 99153C17-56E8-480B-A7F4-6E022CCDBA40.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based as fuck

>> No.69105729

No do car audio you'll scare all the snapheiser and larperdynamic incels with your thumping nigbass

>> No.69105741

>saving money when killing yourself

>> No.69105746

Calm down Nikita

>> No.69105753

>you can buy beryllium for $7 on ebay
all headphones btfo

>> No.69105764

don't you have a /v/ thread to shit up

>> No.69105771

Someone give me more info on this person.

>> No.69105782

It's the dude who shills Stax shitphones itt

>> No.69105796


>> No.69105806
File: 51 KB, 780x780, Bose QC25.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just bought this. How did I do? I know this brand is not well-received here, but I tried it in person and it floored me.

>> No.69105817

He also said he wears mom's panties while doing it lmao

>> No.69105818

You did awfully and you should stick to /r/headphones.

>> No.69105835

Bose a shit but it competes with lower mid fi like dt990s or hd650

>> No.69105841

volume dependent and each headphone has a different limit. one user had his occur at only.60dB. did you try a subbass song? do you listen loudly? do you EQ?

>> No.69105854
File: 247 KB, 1224x1445, sLe13h3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>3.5mm 4 band

>> No.69105863
File: 41 KB, 367x446, 1527040701541.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never going to own Stax not because I'm partial in the memewars, but simply because I have the entitlement to run any headphones I want with any amp I want, and don't want to keep a seperate amp brick around just to power a certain type of headphones. Energizers can fuck right off, and consequentially electrostatic headphones with them.

>> No.69105876

Stax also sound like shit

>> No.69105883
File: 28 KB, 437x431, 1536320435626.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>In $30 JBL hell
Somebody hold me please

>> No.69105884


>> No.69105887

okay for airplane and bus but otherwise not that usefully (like office cause you can still hear voices and high pitch voice)

>> No.69105897

yes anon we absolutely care

>> No.69105912

This is like settling for a 5/10 wife

>> No.69105917

Honestly stax would suit you, a special snowflake amp for a special snowflake anon

>> No.69105918

>t. triggered stax incel

>> No.69105931

damn you typed that in 15 seconds between >>>/v/444587864 and this post? not bad sapphy boy.

>> No.69105959
File: 70 KB, 200x172, 1542581246772.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon..... What if I told you that you can own an energizer and an amp? Sounds like you're just trying to justify being poor.

>> No.69105960
File: 3.53 MB, 2988x5312, IMG_20181228_120710_DRO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>STAX are inconvenient and aren't porta-.....

>> No.69105974

LMFAO even /v/ is shitting on him. The absolute state.

>> No.69105976

baste. if zoomers can carry around gay little battery packs for their iphones anyone can carry this around easily.

>> No.69105997

funniest post I’ve seen all day

>> No.69106010

The point is I don't WANT to have to own an amp for one sort of headphones and another amp for another sort of headphones. I expect things to be interchangable and compatible.

>> No.69106020

an energizer is literally just a specialized amp for electrostats. there is no difference aside from that.

>> No.69106021

I have a beyerdynamic DT 990 32 Ohm and a schiit fulla. What should I upgrade first, my headphones or my DAC/Amp?

>> No.69106026


>> No.69106035

it works as a battery pack too. The earstudio es100 is fucking amazing though, also they emailed me saying es200 to be released q2 2019. You can pair both your phone and computer at the same time and hear audio mixed from both. You can use as a usb DAC and then disconnect it to auto switch over to Bluetooth. Incredible device.

>> No.69106043

Are they specialized to sound like shit? Because that's what Stax do lmao.

>> No.69106048

You need a snowflake amp for planars anyways because they are inefficient

>> No.69106050
File: 1.22 MB, 540x304, 362eafb6287e06cd2d3405ef52cb858ceb30fdd4e2487d26feb0d4281f5d65c5.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Closed electrostats?

>> No.69106063
File: 145 KB, 670x424, 1469216416315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ES200 to be release q2 2019

>> No.69106065

stax 4070

>> No.69106066

>not splurging for an amp with half a dozen different gain settings while you're at it

>> No.69106070

How do you seal STAX?

>> No.69106082

what electrostat amp is that?

>> No.69106095

Kingsound m-03. buyer beware no bleed resistor on bias output I'll likely go in and fix it even though I'm not too worried about it

>> No.69106146
File: 1.42 MB, 2000x1500, 1528611647544.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69106209

How much voltage can it out? The D10 only does 200V rms

>> No.69106235

I thought the d10 was a pathetic 150? SRM-252 is 250, this is 300vrms

>> No.69106305
File: 3.01 MB, 4032x1960, 20181228_140110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The new duo

>> No.69106307

No, no, and no. Not into EDM or rap

>> No.69106326

>in order to seal the stax you need to get crinking noise

ummm what the fuck? might as well buy a L700

>> No.69106334

How do they compare? Also, what's the amp?

>> No.69106337

>treblerape beyer,
>tranny akg
>zoomer gaymer keyboard
truly disgusting

>> No.69106338

that's called a stax fart and it only happens when you press on the cup when you have it on

>> No.69106349

All stax have the fart except the ported 007 and L300. Audezes fart too

>> No.69106366


>> No.69106374

Since /hpg/ is just a meme parade, what’s a good site hat has actual reviews and reliable opinions on headphones?

>> No.69106377

The keyboard does look cheapo but if it's mechanical it's fine.

>> No.69106383


>> No.69106386

bad guy good audio reviews on youtube

>> No.69106390

why, SBAF of course

>> No.69106396

Stax themselves sound like fart machines, their sound quality is awful

>> No.69106406

don't you mean your beyers lololol owned

>> No.69106414

By reliable opinion I mean some that doesn’t just review headphones with meme pointers

>> No.69106418

>t. triggered stax incel

>> No.69106425

anon senpai this hobby is a meme itself you better embrace it or quickly leave

>> No.69106436

lol nikki got owned lol

>> No.69106484

how did we make the jump from sapphire to hohol? I know that account name I just assumed they were different people. I already knew about him owning the hd650/dt880 not the hd600 I just forgot that detail. he used to always be like
>I actually don't even own the hd600
and say people would be surprised to find out he doesn't own them

>> No.69106489
File: 3.67 MB, 1940x3737, 20181228_141950.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually trio, but I don't use the AD700's anymore.
The 702's are much brighter and has less bass but crazy soundstage compared to the 990's.
The DT990's feel warm and right at home with music.
The amp is the old Fiio E10
I'm actually not sure what the treble meme is about after listening to both. If anything it's the other way around. The AKG's hurt my ears for a while, either until they broke in or I got use to them. The Beyer's feel and sound amazing out of the box but don't even come close to the soundstage and imaging of the AKG 702's.

Also the keyboard is about 6 or 7 year's old. I just setup my computer again after 4 years.

>> No.69106526

hohol aka nikki is the guy who posts the stax study, sapphire is the one who shills hd600
regardless we know his real name now, no reason to use his reddit alias

>> No.69106559

okay, so you're saying nikki is the second NHA? that's making more sense to me.

>> No.69106587

He owns Stax, DT990 and some AKGs.

>> No.69106601

Or was it Sapphire?

>> No.69106606

Yeah that is correct, he seems adamant on pushing his name on the lambda pro boomer, dunno why that particular poster set him off so much.

>> No.69106610

That sounds like disinfo bullshit

>> No.69106631

He also wrote that he shills Stax in mom's panties lmao
Is it Sapphire or Nikita?

>> No.69106633

just bought a lightly used/near mint X2HR on ebay using the coupon for $170

>> No.69106635

Pretty sure he hates avatar/trip fags with a passion

>> No.69106645

He hates everything that isn't poorfag beyers with a passion

>> No.69106654

Nikita the Stax Incel

>> No.69106655

Yeah but remember the anon that would tell people like idol t to trip up so he could filter them?

>> No.69106670

Hmm maybe, his autistic posting style is basically an avatarfag so I don't know why he'd be pissed.

>> No.69106680

Projection maybe?

>> No.69106691

projection would explain a lot desu

>> No.69106693

You have to remember these people are so stupid that they shit up 4chan threads until they get their names doxed

>> No.69106694
File: 78 KB, 1000x1000, 1518627672335.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trying to get a Bluetooth adapter for my desktop (Windows 10) so I can use Bluetooth headphones and/or a speaker with it. Need low latency for gaming and chat functions so I can use the mic on my headphones. The longer the range the better but I can't imagine I'll need more than 20 feet.
Any recommendations?

>> No.69106705


>> No.69106709

what's funny is he meticoulously deleted any mention of what he owns yet his username on reddit is the same as his vk username
this is brainlet tier opsec

>> No.69106714

What even are those

>> No.69106715

We already know that Stax shill's name is Nikita.

>> No.69106728

What amp should I get for the 250 ohm 990's. This E10k doesn't feel like it's enough.

>> No.69106733

The thing on the top is the earstudio es100 it's a Bluetooth adapter

>> No.69106743

It's sapphire who shills stax idiot

>> No.69106744

Komplete KA6 ;)

>> No.69106750

There’s more meta-drama in /hpg/ than the VR generals in /vg/. You all post like women.

>> No.69106759

JDS atom-chan

>> No.69106766

>100 shekels
Anything cheaper?

>> No.69106768

there wouldn't be if a certain studyposter would stop ruining threads

>> No.69106778

>t. triggered stax incel

>> No.69106779

This is problematic. It’s this kind of exclusionary and misogynistic language that keeps women out of tech. You aren’t welcome here.

>> No.69106780
File: 138 KB, 704x904, c69.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I just wanted to talk about headphones

>> No.69106781

bros is there a reason to upgrade from essence stx? it drives all my shit super loud and i hear no distrorsion or noise or anything like that, i also changed the opamps to something supposedly better but it sounds the same

>> No.69106786


>> No.69106801

Oh you need a Bluetooth dongle not adapter right. Didn't really read your post. Just get whatever 4.0 $5-10 thing on amazon

>> No.69106852

The STX one I guess not. The STX II crashes Windows 10.

>> No.69106878

it's the first one and there are zero issues, i wonder at which price point i would get an actual upgrade instead of snake oil

>> No.69106898

I mean, I'm only getting an amp cause of IO reasons, not so much because I need it. And I'll still be using my STXII.

>> No.69106911
File: 1.33 MB, 1960x4032, 20181228_145321.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The fiio E10 is all I know.
I haven't tried the EK10 though. My friend is getting one so i'll try his and compare the two and see if there's a difference.

I would like to get into the tube amp meme though.

>> No.69106912

Will someone make a new thread? Or I will do it and without anime women.

>> No.69106921

Please do Monsieur Boomer

>> No.69106923

all this atom and topping shilling is getting at me but i wonder if it would be an actual upgrade or just more shit that makes zero audible difference

>> No.69106927

>No anime
Yes, please.

>> No.69106928

Amplifiers amplify. They are useful for EQ mostly, that's it.

>> No.69106952

actual upgrade? save up for stax

>> No.69106956

>or just more shit that makes zero audible difference
This. Unless you need an amp to drive something.

>> No.69106960

There's no higher end ones for longer range? Reviews are iffy

>> No.69106978

Objectively garbage

>> No.69106992


>> No.69106999

if anything i'd try sr-009 one day, can't stand looking at those lambdas which look like torture devices
the card's amp seems to handle up to 300 ohm very well and drives my mudheiser 600, nazitreble 1990 and sissykg 712 just fine

>> No.69107016

Or the 007. Lambdas look ugly but they're quite comfortable apart from the L300 which needs a pad mod.

>> No.69107017

Actually SR-009 sounds worse than cheap dynamic cans. >>69103031

>> No.69107018

stop discriminating against lambdas based on their appearance!!! they are comfy

>> No.69107058

>sissykg 712
I hate this meme.

>> No.69107134

any advice for dealing with the obscenely long cable stax come with?

>> No.69107145

Can't some audiokike order all the top end models to compare and post results with timestamp so we stop arguing?

>> No.69107149

Get normal headphones instead Stax which sound bad too

>> No.69107155

Shirt clip

>> No.69107156

I might when I have money.

>> No.69107168

Roll it up and use two twist ties on both ends and a third on the middle of the loop to keep it tidy

>> No.69107184

i have a bunch of top end models but nobody ever listens to me

>> No.69107199

I imagine you would end up coping with the fact that 400$ speakers sound better than 4000$+ headphones.
Share you wisdom then, audioboomer.

>> No.69107230
File: 1.43 MB, 3200x2400, IMG_20181214_074333534.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the answer is stax
also my saying x speakers are "better" than y headphones is retarded, they are too different to compare. I enjoy both

>> No.69107270

>also my saying x speakers are "better" than y headphones is retarded, they are too different to compare. I enjoy both
Give us your opinion on what you own anyway, please.
I prefer headphones cause I can just listen to them whenever I want to without people getting mad at me.

>> No.69107286

Stax are garbage tho, they sound worse than mid-fi

>> No.69107340

L700 >= 007 > HD800S == L300 > MA900 > LCD2 > DT1990 > HD600 > HE500 > Elear > HE500 == KSC75 > K701 > PortaPro > DT990 > Chink Grado Clones

>> No.69107354
File: 131 KB, 1183x2416, sony.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Want some good over the ear headphones with noise cancellation ability. Sony MX1000 mk3 or surface headphones?

>> No.69107380

z has spoken, spend 15 dollars on headphones like a good goy

>> No.69107390

> HE500 > Elear > HE500

>> No.69107404

I fugged up the second he500 was supposed to be dt880

>> No.69107405

I agree with this anon

>> No.69107421

Er actually the first I can't stop fugging up today

>> No.69107424

You should check you ears, there is a big possibility of serious hearing damage. Stax headphones sound worse than any mid-fi cans, it's impossible to prefer them over other cans on your list. It's a fact. >>69103031

>> No.69107441

it's okay i only listened to the dt990 for a little bit don't worry im fine
thanks for the concern tho

>> No.69107446

It's just Nikolai trolling, don't feed him.

>> No.69107451

Are used he500 good at €250?

>> No.69107458

>t. Nikolai the Triggered Stax Incel

>> No.69107470

Damn, so the DT880 are that much better than the K701?

>> No.69107477

He's trolling you

>> No.69107484

Why do you think that?

>> No.69107504

Considering I'm not a boomer and my best from your list is 1990, should I jump to L300 and call it a day?

>> No.69107511

hes been trolling for the past few days.
srsly dont bother.
im not even previous anon

>> No.69107514

He does this all the time. It's some slav poorfag Nikolai from Ukraine.

>> No.69107540

Yeah, I dont own either anymore but the K701 were shrill and the 880s were way more smooth
yeah that would be pretty good

>> No.69107572

Hm. Ever had the K712? Apparently they fixed the bass and the treble.

>> No.69107581

Read this paper and forget about Stax, they are an audiophool meme and sound worse than your current headphones >>69103185

>> No.69107607

No I haven't, been meaning to buy a 7xx though. That all black looks so nice. Reminds me of stax.

>> No.69107617

This is a lie. I just got my L300

>> No.69107626

No one cares about your choice-supportive opinion

>> No.69107642

but every opinion you post is a choice supportive opinion lmao

>> No.69107666

I don't know if those sound more like the K712 or the 702, will look it up later. Also, are the HD800S really on the same level as Stax? I know it's the L300 but still, that's quite impressive for dynamic headphones.

>> No.69107681

I did not post my opinion, I linked a scientific data which shows that Stax headphones are objectively garbage

>> No.69107748

They're the K702 annies which I think is a cross between stock K702 and K712,hopefully an AKG expert can correct me if I'm wrong.
800S are the best open dynamics I've tried so far. They don't have any major flaws and a wide soundstage. The FR issues can be corrected with EQ, but it still doesn't have stat levels of detail or flexibility with EQ. I have the treble brought down lower than neutral so it sounds big and wide and comfy.

>> No.69107763

guys why didnt u buy the new koss thingies yet
portaproniggers on suicide watch

>> No.69107769

sounds like an opinion to me, and a smelly one at that

>> No.69107775

Even SR-009 are worse than mid-fi dynamic cans, L300 should be total garbage lmao

>> No.69107794

mate ur getting trolled, stfu

>> No.69107795

those have been out for years and are the best value in audio

>> No.69107796

>t. triggered stax incel

>> No.69107813

i'll bake give me a sec

>> No.69107826

why didnt anyone tell me ;-;
i just ordered a pair and i hope theyre based and redpilled af, destroy my ears with FACTS and LOGIC

>> No.69107828

new thread


>> No.69108213

I've been gone for a week and there's a new boogeyman. Who is Nikita now and what happened to sapphire?

>> No.69108228


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