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Basado y rojoenpastillado

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>even applel employees dont want their own defective shit


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>Update Dec 27, 2018 1:30 am Sometime after our report was posted, the tweet from Gartenberg was removed from his site, even though our embedded link still works It's unknown at this time if a legal issue with Apple was the cause for its removal.

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Based as fuck

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I guess the death of the snake oil salesman is staring to take effect. Their iDiots are finally realizing the true nature and magnitude of the sting they feel for.
It is somewhat amusing to see all those Apple's asshole lickers sites that contributed in the mass deception turn against their bread maker.
I never quite understood of Apple peddled their shit so efficiently when even the iPhone 1 was barely a functional phone. It fucking dropped 4 out of 5 telephone calls.

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Apple's whole success hinged on their con man.

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based and desupilled

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Never hire a gay man from Alabama to do a California faggot's job.

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And so begins the true age of enlightenment.

>About damn time

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basierend und rotpilled

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dude, they a bad product. it's not like everyone rushed out to buy it, they've been making stupid shit for years now. their macbook pro with retina display 2013 is still the best laptop money can buy, i have 2 and they still run like new with zero hardware issues

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First the fruitfags mock us for buying 5 year old ThinkPads, now they shill 5 year old laptops themselves.

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Here your replace bro

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Based debiru

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>still rocking a T61p from 2009 that I got years ago for $200
>does everything I need it to do
>zero problems

Convince me why I need a new computer.

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>everyone is BTFO appletoddlers
>even apple

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imagine if she didn't wear panties and you were standing under her haha

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Read GIGANT Hiroya Oku.

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Baseado e vermelhopílulado.

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>have X201 and 1st gen X1 Carbon
>want to get new laptop that I can play some games on now that I have a new job where I travel a lot
>having a really hard time spending $1k or more on a new laptop just so I can play some semi-modern computer games

Maybe I'll just buy a Nintendo Switch to play the occasional video game while I'm on the road and keep using my old thinkpads for all my general pc needs. That would be a much cheaper solution.

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I just tought something
What if I buy iPad Pro's bend them a bit and then return them?

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Mr. Shiller literally meant "Buy our overpriced laptops every year, faggot, i need your money, you makes me sad".

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i do this with macbooks and metal shavings just because

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no, you don't

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With the many choices you can now have in laptops its pretty much a none issue. Though if you do play older games on your laptop then you really only need to either downscale your resolution (without scaling it of course) and/or turn down some settings. I managed to get far cry primal working on a inspiron 7559 just by turning down the resolution to 720p

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It also helps that a lot of the "better" games tend to be more optimized or at least better in performance, compared to the typical AAA-grade trash these days.

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Foreal tho how the fuck do you break something that soon after getting it? Those iPads just got released so he clearly didn’t have it very long. iToddlers need to learn to not treat their fucking technology like fucking gorillas. Anyway, that replacement is fucking unacceptable. iToddlers BTFO.

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I bought iPad Pro 2017 12.9 last year. It's good, but I should have bought some other tablet if only things I do on it are reading and sometimes watching cartoons/movies.

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You spent at least $800 on a tablet just to do shit you could just do on your phone. Or on the lowest quality chink tablet. You are a fucking idiot. Excessive consumerism is degenerate.

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$250 actually, but yeah I should have ordered Chinese one.
Also it was my first apple product ever.

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Oh okay I thought you got it brand new. Disregard what I said.

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No, it was brand new. I've just got 70% discount on it, because I bought some parts for my PC, TV and mini PC for my grandpa over a year.

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how long until shit like this actually kills apple? It doesn't matter how good your marketing is or how much reputation your brand has. If you pump out garbage, you are garbage. Even normies are starting to catch on.


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Does it play Skyrim

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>being literally named shiller
We’re hitting levels of Judaism never before seen.

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For games?

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absolutely based

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székhelyű és pirospirulázott

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So is this image true or fake after all?
After all these years it still intrigues me

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Baseado e vermelhocomprimidado

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>Microsoft uses aluminum for Surface tablets
Wrong. Only Surface Laptop and Studio uses aluminum, all Surface tablets uses magnesium alloy.

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>t. itoddler

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Imagine if she picked you up and inserted you whole inside her pussy haha

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Sure, whatever you said. But brand new iPad for $250 is ok with me.

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Basato e rossopillato.

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They are both dick munchers, what's the difference?

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how could Apple double down on this? Holy shit.
I dare say this is the worst apple scandal ever, even worse than iPhone 6's bend gate or 4S's antennagate.

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real, from Brazil.

dude is living the dream.

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Buy a Surface™

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As long as it works I'm fine with it.

I see poorfags with cracked screens on their android phones all the time anyway.

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>buying poople products

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He's been in every Apple keynote since 1999, is this seriously the first time you heard of him?

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red and basedpilled

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Apple decided that actual truth is inferior to their new truths so, flat isn't actually flat, but it can be flat enough per spec.

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flat is justice

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Here it is
The best time of the day

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came here for this post

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Found your problem.

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Sorry, we only buy MacBooks that adhere to Steve Jobs' original vision, just as you only buy big black Thinkpads that adhere to the vision of nameless corporate suits

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>how the fuck do you break something that soon after getting it?

Because ipads have shit-tier build quality.

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How about when an iPad exploded in an airplane resulting in 50 deaths?

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Waifu material

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Isn't this just a feature? The bend makes it easier to hold and use.

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how much longer are normalfags going to put up with this

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You know that this won't change a damn thing. Itoddlers gobbled up the no-headphone-jack meme, they gobbled up the keyboard-that-breaks-due-to-dust-meme and they will gobble this up to because they low to be shat on.

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