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Is there actually a comfier language than Java when it comes to cross-platform, comfy frameworks and comfy libraries?

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this comfy meme needs to die

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No, you need to provide an insightful answer instead of your girly bitching.

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Please write a short program that iterates through a list of words without chaining thousands of readers and writers. Java is the opposite of comfy.

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>Please write a short program that
not possible in java, even hello world is like three times as long as it needs to be

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for (String word: words) {


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if you replace every adjective in your vocabulary with comfy everyone will begin to realise how retarded you are

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>babies complaining about their hello world

Maybe program something that isn't just output to the console?

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Kotlin and Scala (a little quirky)

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Kotlin is almost perfect, except for the fact that Java interop is ugly (and necessary), not only because you need to be extra careful with the null safety, but because Java idioms are quite apparent in Kotlin code. And no, turning getters/setters into properties is nice, but not enough.

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what do you have against simple examples, pajeet?

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Are you retarded? Do you think sun/oracle would design their language around simple examples? Do you think devs sit around writing simple examples all day long? Java is made in a way that makes large scale projects with lots of developers leaving/joining seamless.

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Golang is comfy asf.

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Name one modern language Java scales better than

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I prefer Kotlin, idk why but it really does feel comfy when doing Android dev

I searchable function for a recyclerview it's like 4 lines long

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C# or Erlang/elixir is pretty comfy

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I don't know Java really but it looks comfy. I'd say python, not the best choice but its all I know well enough to recommend. That's why its comfy to me.

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Yes, Scala. Its so good you can even just write in Java when using scala

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But comfy is the best way to describe it, it's just fucking comfy as all hell. Even if it is verbose, you get use to the verbosity.

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How is Java fucking /comfy/? Java is a soulless corporate derevative that is meant for code monkeys to push out from their cubicles. Java is fucking ugly, soulless, and honestly cold. Java feels like a typical example of corporate bueroacy being in the use of over verboseness and just general sluggish that removes any comfy feeling.

Fuck Java

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