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How tf do you use this?

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Just like... make selection and layers!

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You open it up, you create or edit your picture with it, you export it into an image file.
That'll be 900 dollars, thank you.

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how do you draw a circle in GIMP?

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The pen tool and animation package are pretty much the only things I use it for.
I'll use it to crop out transparent stuff then move to Paint.net.

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uninstall and use photoshop

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Patiently. You'll pic related when you get the hang of it.

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I tried to use it the other day because Krita pretty much straight crashes any time I try and insert text vectors into it and I wanted to overlay a little diagram over an image. I straight up gave up. Maybe when you work with it enough you learn all the parts, but the hotkeys and UI flavor controls are absurdly unintuitive.

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make a circle selection and fill it then make a smaller circle selection in the middle and delete it

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Install Photoshop™

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emerge -a gimp

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I strongly advise against the use of this software. The "free" license scheme means any creative works you produce are owned by Linus Torvalds.

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Used it when I used to use Linux a lot. Glad to be on paint.net. This shit has ass startup times

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Damn he's got a lot of hentai and memes under his belt lol

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Use the circle tool, selection to path, stroke path

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I hope you're not retarded enough to actually believe this.

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Use Inkscape instead.

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select the pencil
click and hold
make a circular motion with your mouse

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If its not all ready in single window mode change the setting to that. And then search for tutorials which will teach you basic usage. https://www.gimp.org/tutorials/

I don't actually use it still but I did try if for a little, it works but I don't really need it.

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gimp is for editing photos. Ask yourself why you'd want to draw a circle in it in the first place.
krita is for raster images—mimicking actual drawing and painting
inkscape is for vector images—drawing "mathematically precise" curves and lines and gradients and shit like if you want to make an icon.

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I use it mostly to draw a circle.

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>the hotkeys and UI flavor controls are absurdly unintuitive.

that's how I feel about photoshop

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I think it's easier than Photoshop but it lacks a few of the more powerful tools that photoshop has. There's this function in photoshop that allows you to, say, turn a river into a grassland based on a grassland part of the image. Things like this are possible with Gimp but take about three times as long.

But I sort of like it a bit more over photoshop though. I just use photoshop because I don't like Krita, and if I have Photoshop already why not use it, right?

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gimp is pretty good i think people who don't take shits use gimp

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GIMP is the ultimate brainlet filter. Zoomers start it up for the first time, then start crying and shaking uncontrollably.

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Where the fuck is the webm?

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I use Inkscape

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Just a reminder that nobody in the industry takes gimp seriously. You can't get a job with fucking gimp skills

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who hired you? disney?

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>implying gimp skills and photoshop skills don't overlap
>implying people only use programs to get hireable skills and never to just get things done

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Pick tool
Use tool to edit picture

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just learn countless keyboard shortcuts to do things photoshop has max 3 clicks away in a sensibly arranged ui, when people prefer going through the hoops to find a working crack or even pay for an alternative rather than using a free option you know it's shit

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but gimp is not aimed at the industry like 99% of linux software, that's why everybody with a job is on windows

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Making meme.

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Ummm... You don't??????????

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Fucking dont.

Use Photoshop.

Or at least paint.net, Krita, or pixlr (web based image editors are better than gimp even).

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Just use imagemagick like a fucking man.

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i used it. it was alright. but the toolbox should be a little more organized.

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