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>no longer reporting unit sales figures as of December
>No relevant product launches since the failed watch
>Stock nearly halved in 3 months
>OS X is basically a deprecated platform now, the unix core is now 10 years out of date in some components (lol Opengl 3.2)
>iOS is still basically the same as 5 years ago, while android has surged ahead with new features and performance improvements

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You simply can't sell slightly different $1000 phones every year

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They might try something different now. Or they might just be killed off.

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>killed off
Pls Santa.I've been good this year...

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There entire global economy is dependent on iphones. Apple can single handedly trigger a global recession with one bad quarter

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please let it happen

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They've been doing it for a while now

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Hardly. iPhones are PURE discretionary spending. They may be a big fish, but they're a big fish in a medium-sized industry that people only care about for purposes other than investment and reading market signals. If Apple disappeared tomorrow the only people who would care are the end consumers and its competitors.

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Absolute bullshit. Demand would not disappear if apple did, there are alternatives and they would quickly fill the gap. People may not like being forced to change but it would happen.

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that's where you are wrong fucko just watch

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As much as I hate to say it, they need a new marketer-in-chief like Steve Jobs.
The iPod saved Apple in the early 2000s; they need something like that now.

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>miss me yet?

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zoomers aint buying 1500 dollar i phones every 12-18 months or 3000-4000 dollar mac book pros every 2-3 years.

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>failed watch
Stopped reading there

Losers like you have been predicting the end of apple since 2005

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>when your social symbol loses value

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>it will happen I know it!!

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fuck apple but also cringe and retard pilled

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Apple's big fuckup was making cheap versions of the iPhone

The entire selling point of the iPhone was that it was the rich man's phone. Now with 100 million poors running around with one they've ruined their brand, all for a brief surge in profits

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I had no idea anyone even disputed that the apple watch was a failure. Google, Amazon and Ebay all pulled their app support from it well over a year ago.

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Apple has over 200B in cash. They could operate for 5-6 YEARS without making an expense cut and making ZERO dollars of income. They could lose 50% of their revenue and still be profitable. If anything were to happen, they'd become like IBM and tread water for 30+ years. If you think they're going anywhere, you're a literal retard. They may make mediocre products, but they're the kings of marketing and run their business very well.

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Used to work selling phones. The shift was very noticable. When they launched, it was only richfags who bought them and they even had special credit checks to keep the poorfags out. When I left a year ago, it was mainly poorfags trying to buy them, and the richfags coming in pissed off that the new iOS update had fucked their phone's performance, buying HTCs, Samsungs, Sonys, Huaweis, etc.

The other thing I always used to hear was how much they wished Blackberry was still around. The only reason they bought iPhones in the first place was that Blackberry fell behind the game.

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You checked on IBM lately? They just blew their wad buying Red Hat, and their share price is down massively because of it.

IBM also survived because they have a huge market of business customers who are locked into their offerings by contracts and the cost of switching. Personal consumers are far more fickle and it's much easier for them to abandon a company.

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This. Nokia also depended purely on the consumer market.

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I can't believe zoomers would just go and kill Apple like that after everything they've done for them

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Jesus, you're missing the point. IBM is still around even though it's been mismanaged to hell. It's straddled with debt with the RedHat acquisition and I could go on about 10 other things but again it's not the point.

Nokia, same thing, mismanaged, lack of vision, poor marketing and positioning. Never even half as big as Apple. It's irrelevant.

Apple is ran MUCH better. Better marketing and money management.. Even if it were to shit the bed. It would be just like IBM of the 80s and we will be talking about Apple in 2048 because they'll still be around.

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A slow decline is still a decline. Also, are you fucking serious? Well run? Have you even seen the garbage they've come out with since Jobs died? Every single pre-existing product has gotten worse, and every single new product is absolute trash.

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Apple products have always been trash. SOME of the earlier ones like user-serviceable Macs were slightly less trash, but still trash. It's always been about marketing to gullible morons, and that part they're still good at.

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I'm well aware of that, however I don't think the glowing veneer is really there anymore. Remember when they released the iPhone 7 and all the news media went to film the "crowds" queuing up, and nobody showed up at all? Then they all said "Well, they're just waiting for the iPhone X" and then the same thing happened?

The conditioning is broken, Apple are done as a major player.

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>"End of Year Selloff"
>"The January Affect"
Why are none of you idiots talking about these perennial market trends?

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>37% loss in 3 months
>market trends

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based and redpilled

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>apple gets $200,000,000,000 loan
>uses it to buy back stock to limit supply, inflate stock price, and generate fake growth to keep investors happy
>applel stock crashes
>apple still owes $200,000,000,000 on that debt but all that stock they bought with it is worth less than toilet paper
Where were you when Applel BTFO themselves?

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Based Rossman singlehandedly destroyed Apple with his YouTube shitposting.

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While that's above average, it's not unheard of at this time of year.
Most investors reevaluate their holdings at the end of the year to avoid tax hits for the next year.
It will level out in late January. APL may still be down, but not that much.
TL;DR: /biz/ is trolling you guys.

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It's funny because the stock price doesn't even truly reflect investor behavior.
Apple's debt and assets have remained static through this entire course of events, only investor money has been moving around. They tanked from 1.1T to 700B, and have only 100B in equity left. That's 400B or 80% from investors that have pulled out.

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They've also had to cut down on those and not only those:

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>b-but fruit logo bad!!

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>mfw Apple reports quarterly results and they break all records again
Come on /g/ you know the drill, it's been years

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If a company's market capitalization drops from $1.1T to $700bn that does not mean $400bn of investor money has pulled out.

That's not what market capitalization means at all

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Apple watch is just an expensive Fitbit now.

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All stocks are being adjusted now. Expect things decaying by half next year. We are on the verge of a global recession. A violent one.

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And it's selling like hotcakes, turning Apple into the largest watch company in the world

Anyone who claims the Apple Watch is a failure has no connection to reality

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Apple Watch is -literally- the only good smartwatch on the market.

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This Tweet is now 7 years old.

/g/ still as clueless as usual

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based and sataniapilled

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Short term profit business model says you must.

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Smartwatch? No the pebble still is.
For fitness tracker its not bad, but really not much better than the mi band 2/3. It survives on the paranoia of boomers who think their hearts are exploding.

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Heyy i owned that phone

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Apple is eroding its own brand image.

The earphones are a bust. The iPad pen was wonky. The expensive flexible iPad is a joke. The Mac Pro has a supremely last century feel. Their wastebin workstation is self-limiting. The iMac is for old people. The watch is a giant load of who-cares?

Samsung and Lenovo actually have more interesting product ideas. Even Microsoft.

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Good joke.

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we're watching alright.. we've watched how they've pulled a fast one on investors by not revealing sales numbers any more and we're watching how every other OEM is slapping them around like a cheap whore in terms of technological advancement. oh yes, that always impresses shareholders.. especially hiding figures and not coming up with one original or new idea in over a decade. yes, sure is going really well for apple. my fucking sides.

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> global economy
> depends on apple making phones

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You'll be surprised to know Samsung is considered an extreme joke of a brand by any Apple user. Buying Samsung is the equivalent of willingly buying knockoff products.

Apple users are lamenting about
1) Apple not updating hardware frequently enough (Mac Pros, Mac Mini etc)
2) Inconsistency between the same software on different devices (iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro)
3) Macbook Pro keyboards (huge flaw here, rare for Apple to make a hardware mistake)

The AirPods have been extremely well received (and appear to be selling faster than Apple can manufacture them) and the Watch has consistently been the best product on the market (which is why Apple is now the #1 watch maker in the world).

I think the problem with non-Apple users is they are completely out of touch with what Apple's fans are actually interested in, like your post.
At no point do competing products come into the equation - nothing is even comparable or comes close. It's not even a thought, there's a reason Apple has the highest user loyalty in the world.

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>Remember when they released the iPhone 7 and all the news media went to film the "crowds" queuing up, and nobody showed up at all?
I remember. it was hilarious.
>The conditioning is broken, Apple are done as a major player.
they've been done for some time. only applefaggots don't realise they're dead yet.
yes, there was the sticky issue of bringing back in their own cash from overseas to pay off investors, because it would be hit with tax. it's awesome watching them dig their own grave even deeper as the years roll by. brings me much joy.

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You mean the iPhone 7 when Apple geared towards online pre-orders and it broke sales records?

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You'll be surprised to know Apple is considered an extreme joke of a brand by anyone that isn't a brain dead troglodyte. Buying Apple is the equivalent of willingly buying knockoff products.

Even Apple users are lamenting about
1) Apple not updating hardware frequently enough (Mac Pros, Mac Mini etc)
2) Inconsistency between the same software on different devices (iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro)
3) Macbook Pro keyboards (huge flaw here, common for Apple to make a hardware mistake)
4) All Apple iProducts being bendy fragile garbage
5) All Apple products in general spontaneously exploding and causing serious third degree burns and deaths

The AirPods are a complete joke in the audio community and iToddlers look like complete morons with toothbrush heads sticking out of their ears.

I think the problem with Apple users is they are completely out of touch with what humans are actually interested in, like your post.
At no point do competing products come into the equation - nothing is even comparable or comes close. It's not even a thought, there's a reason iToddlers are considered sheep or subhuman troglodytes.

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> being a loyal corporate cock sucking faggot
> = who cares about the technology!
> it's all about the brand and loyalty!
> please keep gluing in my batteries i can't replace on my own!
> yes, keep soldering the RAM and SSDs to motherboards! so useful!
fuck off and die, you pathetic corporate cock sucking shill. I just love how their fans are so "loyal" yet they treat them like fucking idiots. and you know why apple treat them like fucking idiots and ship poorly made equipment? because they know they can get away with it as long as their apologists/cock suckers like you in this universe.

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>the audio community
Oh no, not the audiophiles.
How can Apple ever recover?

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>buy audio listening device
>it's complete fucking shit at it
>it costs 500% more than products with identical performance
>appletoddler untermensch wonder why they are the laughingstock of every community they try to shoehorn their garbage chinktoys into

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> apple runs cubase
> crashes
> apple runs logic pro
> crashes
> running vst plugins that take too much cpu power..
> crashes
this is what i commonly see from producers having to use macs. this is nearly a daily occurrence. they've seen apple as fucking cancer for quite a few years now.

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Apple users don't even think about other brands.

Do you think the average iPhone user understands that iOS is a serious, well-made OS that has been GPU-accelerated from day one, while Android is a bloated mess that can't even get 60-fps smoothness due to memory overhead issues with GPU acceleration?
Of course not, all an Apple user knows is the iPhone is smooth and all the other phones are laggy. That's all they need to know.

Do you think the average iPhone user even knows that Apple's A12 now beats Intel Xeons in CPU performance on industry-standard SPECfp benchmarks? Or that the Galaxy S9+ is only now barely reaching iPhone 7 levels of CPU performance (2 year old device)?
Of course not, all an Apple user knows is the iPhone is fast and everything else is slow. That's all.

Apple is the only company that makes products for people who care about technology, that hasn't changed in the last 20 years.

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>rare for apple to make a hardware mistake

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And this time Steve isn't coming back to save it.

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Seriously, is this /g/ I'm posting on? I thought we knew better...

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rly tho, at this point, they have more defective by design products than stuff which actually works.

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nothing is going to save it if they refuse to innovate. all they'll have left in the end is an operating system, an SoC and an app/music store. i do see a future where apple stops making anything and becomes a service provider that licenses out their abysmal technology and brand. but by then, the brand itself will be pretty worthless. the real value being in the technology.

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I never understood why /g/ has such a hardon for magsafe failures.
The magsafe was a key selling point of early nu-Apple Macbooks, everyone loved them.
Out of all the things non-Apple people liked about Macbooks, the magsafe was probably top of the list.

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what an awesome design. for fucks sake. did the person that design this some drunk they picked up in a bar that just happened to say FUCK APPLE in a drunken rant but was misheard as "I'm a hardware engineer"?

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>>Stock nearly halved in 3 months
What the absolute fuck, you are not lying. Looks like the first trillionaire company bubble bursted hard. I hope it crashes and burns even harder.

>> No.69056528

>the magsafe was probably top of the list.
absolute fucking nonsense.

>> No.69056533

>why are people mad our chargers keep catching fire and melting

but muh magnets...

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First of all nice trips.

Secondly, perhaps Steve's greatest creation wasn't making the mouse popular, or capacitive touch screen phones, or even NeXT (arguably his most influential thing) but Apple itself.

He probably would have seethed at a camera bump and probably the notch too, but otherwise they've kept going the way he intended them to.

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It's not /g/, it's just that one autist who posts incessantly from his grandma's house.

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only way is down for these over valued fucks.

>> No.69056623

If Apple is doomed, how did they get to be a $1T company?

>> No.69056674

>Sony Ericsson
Good shit

>> No.69056709

over valued stock price and market manipulation. they're paying for it now.

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RIP in peace USA

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First company to have 1 trillion valuation. More cash on hand than any other company. The company has grown YoY since Jobs death. Their products have never been great but acting like the company isn't ran well is just hilariously wrong.

You can have a mediocre product if execution of marketing is godlike which Apple is the best at. Otherwise, explain Apple's success if it's not.

Again, as a business their primary objective is to make money and they do it well.

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It's run like a joke. LITERALLY the only thing they've done well is marketing.

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They are in massive debt in the US. $170b at the moment. Apple doesn't not have enough liquid cash to pay it back if they bring it back to US soil thanks to taxes.

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itoddlers will defend this

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>too poor to afford an iPhone
Lol, stick to your slow ass android.

>> No.69059187

enjoy being a paypig

>> No.69059238

>enjoy being able to afford premium goods
Thanks, I will.

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truly based

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iPajeets out in full force.

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>too poor to afford an iPhone
>Lol, stick to your slow ass android.
You're not even trying. Can't even manage to be faster than a $300 Android device. How premium is that?

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>Entire stock market is going down
>"Is this the end of [NASDAQ listed tech company]?"

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>if it worked in the past it will continue to work forever

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itoddlers GASSED lmao

>> No.69060714

The KEY2 is a great device.

>> No.69060741

Still, smartwatches are barley used and don't have the same investment appeal like high price watches like a Rolex. In 20yrs no one will put on a first gen apple watch because it would probably even work right anymore. Apple aimed for that market and missed the point. Make it 200 bucks as the iPhone accessorize it is and it would be a flying success.

>> No.69060758

> it would probably even work right anymore
An OLED screen and unremovable battery render these shits worthless in 2 years.

>> No.69060877

Aside from this, yeah. I don't know what a apple watch does when it's not connected to an iPhone, but whatever it is, it's what future users would have to deal with. Every mechanical watch made in Soviet Russia works like the day it was sold after 30yrs in a drawer.

>> No.69060973

you'll, eh, need to point to me which other listed cos. have been SHEDDING market cap. at an average of OVER 100 (ONE HUNDRED) BILLION DOLLARS per MONTH for the last three months. Because, I can't see any ? Thanks

>> No.69060986

They were making cars a year or two ago

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This dickhead got millions of morons posting their retardation all over the internet. Fuck that cunt. Nice digits tho fren, merry christmas.

>> No.69061278

>boomers hearts exploding

Have you seen how boomers eat?

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>> No.69062049

Share holders don't care about that.
As long as Apple can pay them their dividends they'll be happy.

>run their business very well
Used to*

>> No.69062154

To be fair, Apple has had engineers assigned to improving the MobileSafari score on Speedometer 2.0. Google could definitely improve there if they actually tried.

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>Can't even manage to be faster than a $300 Android device.
Not counting the software, it is.

>> No.69062580

Cept this time no jobs or neXt to save them.
Good hope they fucking die.

>> No.69062615

baserat och rödpillrat

>> No.69062617

What even is this? And yeah, only not counting the thing in which it isn't faster.

>> No.69062753

It's the A12's SPECint scores, to the right. The left bars are efficiency figures.

>> No.69062756


Apple used to be the go-to for audio. If you wanted to produce music, you used Protools on a Mac and if you wanted to listen to it on the go, you used an iPod because it sounded 95% as good as some super expensive device for 20% of the price (and it didn't look like other MP3 players of the time).

Apple has disregarded the creative professional market for a few years now though.

>> No.69062774 [DELETED] 

Computer and cell phone markets are saturated, so to increase profits Apple has to increase margins, and it's getting harder to give people less while charging more.

>> No.69062784


Not even close to the first. Dutch East India Co. hit $8.2T value in 2018 dollars back in the 1600's. PetroChina broke $1T back in 2002 ($1.7T in 2018) and Saudi Armaco was at $1.5T back in early August


>> No.69063290

>it's getting harder to give people less while charging more.
Their first $1000 phone was the best selling smartphone to date.

>> No.69063308

>>no longer reporting unit sales figures as of December
Activision will buy them and save them like Blizzard

>> No.69063337

There's been threads like this for nVidia, AMD, and Microsoft etc.
The entire market has hit a brick wall, the likes of which has not been seen since the 1930s.

>> No.69063532 [DELETED] 

hate niggers
hate pajeets
hate pakis
hate apple
simple as

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Only iHomos wouldn't bang Satania

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>Demand would not disappear if apple did
you fail to consider what a real recession looks like and the consequences of one. If Apple dies because of a lack of demand for their luxury products it's because people no longer have the surplus to spend on such items in general. You aren't going to buy a new iPhone or any other phone for that matter if your primary concern is how to provide enough food for your family so they don't starve.

>Apple has over 200B in cash
It's true that they have some money to get them through tough times but it's nowhere near 200B. You can borrow $1000 and have $1000 in your pocket but that doesn't mean you should spend if it if you have no means of paying it back.

>We are on the verge of a global recession. A violent one.
I expect it to be really bad and literally violent because so many people have no idea what a real recession looks like.

>> No.69064556

This "analysis" made me cringe hard.

Do you even stock market?

>> No.69064635

>Only Poor,uneducate,unemployers,Neckbeards hate Apple.
>Wall street(Rich,high Harvard,NYU,Ivy League and employer in finance firms) hates Apple
Apple follows logic

>> No.69064953

>rare for Apple to make a hardware mistake

Bull-fucking-shit, you do know how many repair extension programs they've had to issue in recent times right? iPhone 6 Touch ICs? iPhone 7 Audio IC and No Service issues? iPhone 8 Logic Board issues? iPhone X Touch Issues? MacBook Pro (2011-2013) Graphics Issues (many not GPU related, but GPU buck converter soldering issues)? iMac 2012+ mechanism failures? AC Wall Adapter safety issues?

And that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface.

Apple has some serious hardware issues. Many never go acknowledged, always to the detriment of the customer. The biggest misconception in the industry is that Apple products are built to a higher quality than other products, and that perception of Apple products seriously needs to be let go. They have aluminium enclosures sure, but the electronics and mechanical components are extremely poorly engineered and prone to failure time and time again.

It's no wonder that long term technicians in Apple service providers are leaving. You're just bodging together faults to make the machines last that tiny bit longer until the next major failure occurs. The products aren't worth supporting anymore.

>> No.69065377
File: 121 KB, 364x453, isis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they all aren't falling as fast as they should be

>> No.69065677

>poor, uneducated
I thought they were the ones taking those 12 month payment plans to get the latest annual iPhone to use as a status symbol.

>> No.69066003

based and modsarefagspilled

>> No.69066077

Stop drawing Satanichia with giant tits

>> No.69066118

i want to nakadashi satania

>> No.69066388
File: 3.23 MB, 1380x2048, 1522453613704.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only after I've done so first!


>> No.69066642


>> No.69066763

Sure and? None of that translates to battery performance.

>> No.69067029
File: 67 KB, 1000x1000, graph.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69067091

Look at Amazon’s share price over the last 3 months, or any tech company. They were overpriced and now they’ll end up at their proper value. Apple isn’t gonna go bust

>> No.69067163

>They have aluminium enclosures
I don't know why you would list this a a feature. Aluminum is probably the worst material to make a laptop out of. It's the one metal that is weaker than plastic.

>> No.69067406

We were talking about speed, not battery performance. That being said, the efficiency figures imply that it has the best of that as well. If the iPhone doesn't perform as well as other phones battery-wise in practice, then that would imply that it's not the CPU core's fault.

>> No.69067435

Does make me wonder what McDonald's aggregate potatoes/ms score would actually be.

>> No.69067461
File: 114 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Satania is actually pretty well-endowed canonically, so that's not totally unreasonable to do.

>> No.69067858


>> No.69067995

>mod fags delete based satania
>do fucking nothing about ishit spammer

>> No.69068099

>iOS is still basically the same as 5 years ago, while android has surged ahead with new features and performance improvements

And they are both still nowhere near as use intuitive as Windows Phone used to be.

>> No.69068436

Nothing changed with Apple, the only difference is that they created a platform where normies can talk openly and publicly. People can now post on Twatter and Instagram and FAcebook from their phone with a tap on the screen. Which means it is SO MUCH easier to share on the internet whenever something apple related breaks, and they are collected behind hashtags. You no longer have to sit down at a desktop computer to log on to mac-only phpbb boards and shit.

Apple products sucked the same amount 15 years ago, but back then it wasn't so easy to expose any such news to the public. Today it is. And you have Apple to thank for that paradigm shift.

>> No.69068551

>The only reason they bought iPhones in the first place was that Blackberry fell behind the game

This is basically the only reason I got an iPhone. I loved my Q10 but the lack of software support was really grating on me. My iPhone 6s is alright, can't say I've had a software update issue, but I don't really like the new ones at all in terms of hardware. I hate Android with a passion but it looks like I'll eventually be forced into it.

>> No.69069038
File: 14 KB, 273x183, JonnyJusted.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The question one really has to ask with current year Apple product line-up being, of course:
>Would Steve have approved this fucking trash?

>> No.69069713
File: 281 KB, 800x765, 1539695972508.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She has B85 tits.

>> No.69069744

Why do you need Amazon and Ebay on your watch?

>> No.69070033


>> No.69070789

truly the best timeline

>> No.69071435

god i want to motorboat satania's tits

>> No.69072096
File: 8 KB, 257x196, a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The other thing I always used to hear was how much they wished Blackberry was still around.
If they wished for BB to still be around so much, they would've went out to buy the Passport or Classic, then maybe the BB10 team wouldn't be shredded to pieces, and Blackberry won't have to resort to making Android phones. Fucking hypocrites.

>> No.69072545

>not faster in app loading speed tests
>not better in RAM management
>not even near topping the battery test charts
>better in random obscure benchmarks which almost every manufacturer has been able to cheat

>> No.69073415


>> No.69073581

>Apple has over 200B in cash
whatever amount of cash they have is not in America, it's stuck in tax havens. bringing that cash back into the country carries a tax. they have to take out multi-billion dollar LOANS out just to pay investors because otherwise apple will get taxed to death they're never going to be like IBM. IBM has forever made better computers and software, compared to Apple anyway. Apple's future is an app store, its operating system and brand licensing. As an OEM, their days are coming to an end.

>> No.69073873

based and MinistryofTruthpilled

>> No.69073874

Phones were so much more exciting 8-10 years ago...

In 2009 it was already clear that BB had no. Future.

Why did you leave me Nokia ?

>> No.69074351

Because Nokia made beyond retarded business decisions.

>> No.69074403

Then why they had to scale down orders to the tsmc?

>> No.69074420

>unix components

>> No.69074439

More like Microsoft fucked them from the inside.
The whole Elop era was sabotage.

They're doing pretty well now, making Android phones sans Google Play.

>> No.69074514

Elop and Microsoft only came along after they had fucked up in a major way and needed a miracle. They went the way of every single tech company that grew too big, became a marketing company, and stopped innovating and focusing on what really made them successful.

Also Nokia isn't making phones, they've just licensed their brand for HMD Global to make phones with. Nokia makes networking equipment.

>> No.69074725

this, my chifi zte does 90% of what the iphone does at 1/8 of the price.
get rekt, jews

>> No.69075124

Every stock is tanking and Israel and Syria are firing literal ICBMs at each other go watch a stream or the news or some thing they finally going to war while america is out of cash so they don't intervene

>> No.69075253

>"random obscure benchmarks"
It's made for benchmarking pure CPU performance, and (except perhaps the libquantum subtest) the current suite isn't known to be broken in any significant manner.

It does of course not test everything, and the iPhone is definitely held back by other factors like system software and system integration, but the A12's CPU cores are pretty gud.

>> No.69076381

Applel is shit. Has been ever since Jobs died. They're basically an elephant that has been shot with a .22. They're mortally wounded, but will take forever to bleed out on account of how many shekels they have. And moronic fags will continue to buy their overpriced dogshit for a while longer, thus prolonging their death, but trust me, they ARE dead. And nothing of value was lost. Seriously, fuck Apple. And Microsoft, and Google, and Faceberg and all the rest. They are all nothing but a cancerous blight on society.

>> No.69076397

>android has surged ahead with new features and performance improvements


>> No.69076800
File: 324 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181226-182623.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69077270
File: 284 KB, 800x800, deceasedKITTYbounce.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69077290

>Look mom, I defended my purchase from strangers on the Internet!
Not that guy, but you're a fucking loser, lmao.

>> No.69077312
File: 160 KB, 742x768, Jaeger-Lecoultre Gyrotourbillon One.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>which is why Apple is now the #1 watch maker in the world

iPhags ruin everything.

>> No.69077355
File: 35 KB, 490x447, dc966a0794063cfb294ab26ab49666164cd032d0e21582247df8b5a4f94681dd_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.69077825

Great argument.

>> No.69078345


>> No.69078539

turns out brand totemism/fetishism isn't that powerful a spell

>> No.69079767

Kinda. I can't stand Steve Jobs but this is depressing.

>> No.69079893

no, poor iphone sales would probably be an indicator of a recession (if they hadn't increased the price so much)

>> No.69080616

itoddlers will defend this

>> No.69080663

Good. They will have to innovate to remain relevant. Huaiwei truly is /ourguy/

>> No.69080734

>banned from 5G networks like it's the plague
Yep, sounds like us.

>> No.69081147


>> No.69081394
File: 52 KB, 640x480, vintage-mcdonalds-employee-handbook_1_0b6aa3f05706a9a5d94dffd30a57e225[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>we'll, eh, just ZOOM this out to show the last 40 years..
lol - HODL! - to the seabed with you anon

>> No.69081564

Nigger, how many layers of irony are you in?

>> No.69081633

Which is LITERALLY the only thing that matters in the MARKET.

>> No.69082057

based and redpilled

>> No.69082671

how will applel ever recover?

>> No.69083435

You mean exhilarating.

>> No.69083459

>while android has surged ahead with new features and performance improvements
Still not actively patched. Into the trash it goes.

>> No.69083731

Apple's the only company making any money on phones. Samsung makes like $4 on their phones, Apple makes hundreds of dollars in profit per device.

Sure they're a shitty company that no longer innovates and are fundamentally anti-American and stridently anti-White, but they are profitable.

>> No.69083745

>android has surged ahead with new features and performance improvements
>No relevant product launches since the failed watch
you mean the only successful wearable and the only successful wireless headphones. got it
>Stock nearly halved in 3 months
only relevant point

>> No.69083751

Because without them it's just an expensive fitbit.

>> No.69083816

>t. itoddler

>> No.69084777

>no longer reporting unit sales figures as of December
Apple Has Declared That Unit Sales Are No Longer Relevant, anon. Do You Have Some Kind Of Difficulty Understanding This, Straightforward And Simple Business Concept ? Its Like When Number Is Very Big It's Very Relevant. And Otherwise lookitsitsjustnotok ? OK ?
>t. Tims Cock

>> No.69085885


>> No.69085986
File: 499 KB, 1600x996, 1 WMcCWDtizVrVJ-o-cgaa_Q.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Apple will always succeed because their success is based not on quality of the product, but brand loyalty. They are kept afloat by normies who can (or can't) afford their products, who purchase them exclusively for the brand.

Apple has always presented itself as "upmarket". Don't be like those proles who purchase PCs and Android phones. Those are dirty and filled with viruses. Get a clean, safe, beautiful product - get an iPhone and a Macbook.
Not so applicable nowadays, when even Windows is arguably more secure than MacOS, and a Surface is almost certainly a better investment than a Macbook, but do you think Cassandra the psychology student gives a shit? Does she even understand what an operating system is? No. She purchased a Macbook because all her friends have Macbooks and she doesn't want to look ridiculous by having a cheap knockoff like a Dell laptop, or, god forbid, a Thinkpad.

Apple products are less technology, and more jewelry.
You'll never ever see a non tech-savvy person using anything else than a Mac if she can help it.

>> No.69086739

itoddlers will defend this

>> No.69087673

Rare for them to make a hardware mistake? This must be bait. Remember the phone that if you “held it wrong” wouldn’t work? Or the first “unibody” laptops that were held together with literal glue? And then they had the bright idea of pointing the fans directly at that glue causing it to melt? Apple does many things well, like making shit simple for the retarded masses and pretty, but hardware is the number one thing they fuck up on almost every single product, everything they release is overpriced chinkshit in a pretty package

>> No.69087795

Poor people love Apple. It makes them feel not poor. Having spent much time around people from poor backgrounds in the military, they were always the very first to buy dumb consumer level shit like car stereo systems, MacBooks, and iPhones. Do you think they came up with financing for fucking phones because rich people can’t pay? Hell no, it’s because niggers will whore out their fucking mothers for the next trendy accessory. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sick

>> No.69087846

Based iPhone 6 bro. I’m in the same spot, I don’t really mind my 6, I know androids are better these days and I will never fucking buy a phone without a headphone jack but I’m 20gb of music deep in the Apple store and don’t know how to dig out bros

>> No.69088690
File: 76 KB, 640x480, 550DA291-48BC-4FE3-B2F5-57C3F9B69035.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


> don’t know how to dig out bros


>> No.69089266

>huge flaw here, rare for Apple to make a hardware mistake


>> No.69090952

based and banishpilled

>> No.69092404
File: 15 KB, 299x293, 558929160.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What in the fuck are you talking about?
You know these things are just slightly more important than toys right?
Fucking zoomers

>> No.69092766


>> No.69093987


>end of apple
>company worth a trillion dollars
>with several hundred billion in cash in overseas bank accounts ala tax havens

It would take a catastrophic fuckup, say a bug that exists in every iphone to date where if correctly exploited would through a single command piggybacking on an OTA or through a text message would be able to brick several billion of devices instantly.

Something that would cost them close to a hundred billion in damages. THAT, would bankrupt them, probably. But short of something that catastrophic, they'll recover and keep going. As a company and brand, they're secure for the next 50-75 years easily.

>> No.69094012


Technically, they have a 2 year window to bribe the current POTUS to write laws that basically absolves them from paying any taxes on that money. It's not like he's particularly a stickler for ethics or laws.

>> No.69094025

Apple won't fail, Microsoft can't let them fail. If they fail, the monopoly worries Microsoft dealt with in the 90's comes right back.

>> No.69094042

No you underage nigger the entire market is way down ans you would know this if you werent underage and have investments

>> No.69094129


>supply chain genius takes over as CEO of a company where you need a visionary to lead instead
>proceeds the next 7 years in taking what he does best, supply chain management, and expand the company along those exact lines by massively increasing the feature-set of existing product lines by adding more modules that can be marked up in price while only marginally increasing cost
>go from a $500Bn company to a $1.1T company in that time

The consequence of this behavior is that you basically get market saturation, and then the industry crashes. THIS EXACT FUCKING THING HAPPENED TO VIDEO GAMES IN 1980. Where all the players flooded the market with homogenized products, a fuckton of addons, and all at cost that the market could not afford to keep up with. Then, literally the next day, the bottom fell out and the market imploded.

Key difference here is that Apple has stupid amounts of money in the bank which they can use to keep themselves afloat, but its very clear that the vision and long-term goals the company had died with their CEO, Jobs, who helped them ascend. Tim Cook understands logistics and engineering extremely well, and together, can optimize and drive profit growths equally well--but he lacks imagination and further, lacks the capability to wow the market. He's Jobs' shadow, except unlike Bean who eventually escaped Ender's shadow and became his own person, Cook has failed to do this.

In seven years, he had an opportunity to take the company in a new direction, and learn how to be a visionary, take risks and try out new things. Instead, he doubled down and continued the plans laid out by Jobs up to his death, which arguably have a 10 year (at most) shelf life. Most of what Apple has done in the last 7 years, the plans for it were drawn out when Jobs was still alive, the rest is just optimization and performance gains from various dependency advancements. They've got till ~2020 to out the next WOW product, else rip ever owning the crown again.

>> No.69094194

>As a company and brand, they're secure for the next 50-75 years easily.
anon, they've been shrinking at 10% per fucking MONTH for the last quarter. At that rate, they wouldn't see 2020, never mind 2100. A tech company is particularly reliant on new products and new ideas. I dont see either here

>> No.69094248


Not really dude. Linux exists in the market and has an adoption rate in desktop, enterprise, and embedded markets. I know the OS with a gorillion distros is the butt of the joke more often than not. But there's a significant amount of enterprise areas in the market where Linux is a better option than Windows products, ESPECIALLY, in cases like embedded services. If Apple fails, Microsoft won't need to bail them out (like they did in the past), because the market has diversified and divested enough that they won't be a monopoly.

Don't forget, a company of Apple's size can't disappear overnight; it'd be a slow death into insolvency, something that would take a decade or more short of a complete economic crash with bank runs and all. But excluding that, you also have to remember that there are other players in the market aiming for Microsoft's OS space. Samsung is working on their Dex platform, which allows you to with a small dock convert your phone into a mobile desktop environment--all you'd need is a wireless keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Phone SoCs are getting powerful enough to equal laptop performance for general purpose usage.

The Note 10 is expected to be an Octacore ARM core + powerful GPU & 12GB of LPDDR4. That's can't game as well as an actual laptop would a discreet GPU would be able to, but for being a laptop functionally in 99% of all other use cases? It's perfect. Once Samsung's Dex platform takes off, Microsoft will do similarly, Google will do similarly with their phones, and other big name Phone makers will attempt to do similarly as well. By time which, the market will be ripe with competition for devices that can be hybrids as phones and mobile Desktop Experiences. Thereby making the conditions such that Microsoft is no longer a monopoly in consumer market. Enterprise is different altogether, and Apple has basically fuckall presence there--so their relevance is pointless.


Right: >>69094194, 2020 is the final window of opp

>> No.69094259


Fuck, I meant the other post: >>69094129. Sorry.

>> No.69094296

>Richest company in the world
>Not doing well

Only on /g/ man

>> No.69095803


>> No.69096248

they are worth 700b in stock market but thats not the money they have. not the same thing

>> No.69096299

Yeah, Applel has only 350B actual assets, and 250B in debt, so all they're really worth is 100B.

>> No.69097124


>> No.69097312

That's assuming they can rid of their non-cash assets at market price.
It's a looot lower than $100b.

>> No.69097661

based and redpilled

>> No.69098197

damn - based looks like that?

>> No.69098780

>t. itoddler

>> No.69098946
File: 239 KB, 1630x682, Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 10.34.52.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

aahaahahh linux and winfags BTFO. AAPL is going to the moon. you missed your chance to buy the dip faggots ahahahahahahhahaha POOR PEOPLE WILL STAY POOR BECAUSE THEY DO THINGS POOR PEOPLE DO

>> No.69099317

itoddlers BTFO

>> No.69100012

Moonshot, Bro!
tbf, not dropping 30 billion per diem must be seen as progress for this particular corporate corpse

>> No.69100129


>> No.69100374
File: 241 KB, 600x800, smug reptilian.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based as fuck.

>> No.69101455

Android Pie is the biggest pile of shit in the history of Android tho

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