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>Green Is My Pepper
Why would anyone use this over any other graphics program.

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I'm allergic to peppers

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sheer inertia at this point since I already know how to use GIMP even though it sucks
loads of shit that's blatantly unintuitive, I already know the key shortcuts and commands and whatever to do them in less than a second, so loads of dumb UI things don't trip me up anymore

but, I still want my fucking adjustment layers (so I can change my mind about what adjustments I do later on after I've started really editing pixel data), god I miss that shit from PS
or a shape tool system (shit, a convenient set of pre-defined paths with common shapes would be amazing, you just drag over the area on the screen and your given path (containing maybe, a circle or something? I dunno, I can circle select->path on my own, but what about other common shapes?) appears, and you can stroke and fill it easily in one step) -- brushes work for filled shapes, but that's it
being able to select multiple layers at once and drag them around would be a real boon
and like everything about the text tool blows chunks
everything about layer groups sucks and if your GIMP project is large enough to need layer groups, it's genuinely too big for GIMP and I might as well use something, anything else
and I'm increasingly convinced that the people who wrote GIMP haven't ever needed to do any image editing in their lives to be honest, because a lot of these are just things you'd start working on just to make your own life easier

multi-page PDF export would be really nice too, but that's a bit out of scope (still, PDF import let me bring in the document as a stack of layers, why the shit can't I get it out like that)
or even export to layers so I could tell other utilities to do that (this one's a bit dumb -- the easiest way currently is to export to .ora and then extract it as a zip; the underlying code to export as a series of PNGs is there, but it's buried in other code to service the .ora format)

this shit fucking blows but I still use it every day

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yea this basically, I moved from all proprietary solutions a few years ago and even though Krita and Inkscape can be well regarded somewhat, GIMP just blows in most departments and has very little cool plugins that I think are better than the competition, but in the end I'm so used to it that the inertia keeps it usable for me as you said

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GIMP is the ultimate brainlet filter

It's much better using it than downloading Photobloat with the ridiculous amount of DRM and bloat it comes with. For image manipulation, they are equal. Throw in Krita and Inkscape and you don't need Photobloat.

The only excuse would be is if you're a pro and your company requires Photobloat.

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I don't want to purchase Photoshop for my home computer since I rarely need an image manipulation program. I also tried Krita briefly but couldn't figure out where everything is since I was already used to GIMP. If there is some feature GIMP is missing it doesn't bother me since I don't even use half of its features anyway. Why shouldn't I use GIMP and what should I be using instead?

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Just use an older version of Photoshop.
I still use PS7.0 and there are very few things that I can't do with it. It barely has DRMs.

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hey mr copypasta, read this
>the people who wrote GIMP haven't ever needed to do any image editing in their lives to be honest, because a lot of these are just things you'd start working on just to make your own life easier
this is you

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Too dumb to pirate and or too poor

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