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Terry normalfaggotry about to hit an all time high

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Normalfags have known terry since that mister metokur video and even a little bit before that they were somewhat aware of terry.

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Normies don't watch alt meme videos like metokuk

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4channel is a normalfag imageboard.

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>Terry normalfaggotry about to hit an all time high
Terry awareness was normalfag as fuck for the last few years of his life.

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You are part of the problem.

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damn i was waiting for an hour and half doc on an esoteric topic i knew nothing about

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Did terry ever come to /g?

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he was in a thread once on video don't know if he posted

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If he has a subreddit, he's watched by normalfags

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Goddamn it I was hoping he was making an hour video on some interesting shit I didn't know about.

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Damn, I wanted to see terry shitpost here

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I actually like this guys videos, too bad he didn't make an hour video on some interesting shit I didn't know about.

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nobody cares

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Mister Redditurd already made Terry normie-tier a couple years ago, fag. Stop spamming your shitty channel.

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reported for bullying a recently suicided mentally ill man

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>4chan has a subreddit

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Still no proof that terry is dead rather than just gone into hiding in recent months.

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He would stumble upon the becky archive a lot searching for temple os

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I really like Knudson's videos. They're well researched, niche, thorough, and do an excellent job of gently setting a tone without coming off as overly pretentious or judgemental. He casts as wide a net as he can when it comes to formative research and he enters into the position of informing others humbly. I think this video cuts a good corollary to Jim's Internet Insanity entry. Where Jim wanted to tell the TAD story through the lens of "can you separate the achievement from the man?" Knudson approached it with the intent of letting his viewers reach their own conclusions.

Terry was already pretty public knowledge for the average lurker, as the DtRH video correctly points out, before /g/ really moved into the picture. Jim's video brought him up another level, and this video might bring him a little more attention, but given the overall overlap in audiences, I doubt it'll be much. Jim wanted to make a video on him, but we know that Jim also had a soft spot for Terry. He intentionally left out the harassment that Terry faced at the hands of the small cell of morons because he didn't want to give anyone else the idea to join in with it.

Plus, either dead or in hiding, Terry is gone. He is a fascinating piece of internet mythology, and it doesn't hurt him or anybody else to tell his story. If anything, Terry is a case for better handling and understanding of the mentally ill.

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if you're curious but don't want to give it views

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Video made it sound like he was completely unintelligibly mumbling at the end. You can watch his videos right before he died, he didn't decline to that point.


And a lot of youtubefags inevitably saying why he didn't get help, video didn't mention either that he would rather live that way than be castrated with pills.

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oh no no no

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So basically, if a company develops a system that's the complete opposite of SparrowOS they'll have created a perfect OS?

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but normalfaggots do however

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and 4chin is filled with normalfags

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The only thing that would make TempleOS "better" is if it supported modern resolutions for you retarded faggots.

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Yeah. You could tell because sometimes he would obliquely respond/mention something in chat that was posted on /g/

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Actually, it does not. Reddit has a 4chan subreddit.

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What does that have to do with 4channel dumbass

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Good night sweet prince

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The one lingering question I have is why did Terry stop getting disability checks after he was kicked out?

He could have gotten himself a room or something using that money

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I think it requires a permanent residence. Plus it's hard to mail a check to someone if they have no mail box and live in a van. ;^)

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So the parents just took the money without anyway to transfer it to Terry?

What a bunch of cunts
No wonder he beat the shit out of his old man

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> Make thread on video
> No replies
> Asshole doesn't search catalog an hour later
> 34 replies
> mfw

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Terry had plenty of money, he just chose to not spend it and live in a van down by the river he talked about this many times. As for why he was kicked out, he liked to routinely go upstairs and make pronouncements that CIA niggers are the problem in very screaming loud fashion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cu8e3nikyQk

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Post your best Terrys

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This image is very thread relevant. Oh, and the video OP posted is already at 45,000 views. Asshole normalfags.

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You can easily get these sent to churches and homeless shelters, or change it so it auto deposits to your bank instead of mailing a cheque. Remember he refused lot's of offers for housing and instead decided to walk railroad tracks across America to escape the loony bin https://pastebin.com/MtswwMSB

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Don't worry, this isn't reddit so you didn't miss out on any internet points from this mishap.

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I'm pissed that newfags don't know how the catalog works. Duplicate threads = dead threads

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Posting and browsing via the index is the old school way to use 4chan. All the catalog did was make this place stale and repetitive and gave way for generals.

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Does 4chan have a Reddit subchan?

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Her arms must be freezing to death.

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Who the f*ck is jim?

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That's /r9k/. Redditors go there to make shitty threads just to screenshot them and to post them back on r/greentext or r/4chan for karma. The board is a karma farm essentially.

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leddit here
you are all edgy pieces of shit assholes for using mentally ill people as circus displays like people did with this guy pushing him further into the abyss

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Of course a redditor would assume this outcome.The reality is he chose to go on the road himself and pull an El Duce, getting hit by a train, nobody used him as a 'circus display' but you wouldn't know that, because you're reddit tier so project your ideology on everything, without experiencing it yourself.

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How come only the word "nigger" is censored yet other kinds of profanity aren't?
Really makes you think.

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We need to spread this.

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>rip his collarbone

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Thanks for the thoughtful response faggot. Let me return the (you)

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I've always known of Terry, but never heard him. Hearing him is actually quite upsetting.
I hope I'm never affected by schizophrenia or know anyone that will be. It seems awful.

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You can hear the instability in his voice. That's what drives it home for me. I can hear the struggle.

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It must be the CIA niggers

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I feel like I'll die in a pathetic way.

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it's strange that people who had a following could also be so hopelessly lonely. I wonder how you're supposed to measure loneliness.

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Questions can measure?

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terry had a sense of humor

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anyone watch the video? is it worth watching?

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I watched it this morning. The first 45 minutes was entertaining since it was info about early TempleOS history that I didn't know. I stopped paying attention during the last 45 minutes since I knew it already.

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He didn't mention his posting on /prog/

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obviously yes, /g/ sent him a drumkit and got him killed indirectly (parents kicked him out of the house for making too much noise with the drums)

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He really does his research and makes quality videos on fascinating topics. What more could you want from a youtuber? IMO he's amongst the best on the website.

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When was /prog/ a thing?

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God damn. Fuck schizophrenia.

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This video was the first instance of me hearing him as well. I dearly hope that I go out before any mental ailment affects me. I never want to be diagnosed with schizophrenia, dimentia, alzheimers, etc. I would rather just off myself as the man I am.

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When we had text boards.


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If you're over the age of 21, and you're a man, you don't have to worry about schizophrenia. It's highly unlikely you'll develop it. Herpes has been linked to dementia. Alzheimer's is mostly congenital, I believe.

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Text boards were kino comfy and I miss them

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ok Daniel

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Modern youtube is just bunch of story tellers (c) and onions boys who retelling you news or tv series their watched

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anything under 100,000 is considered obscure on modern youtube

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It was posted today, and it's over 121,000 as of now.

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>As the months went by, Terry was spoken of less and less until he back into obscurity.
Wow, fuck this guy.

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>try to make him happy by getting him a drum kit
>ends up killing him
god fucking dammit

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Look at his channel, plenty of videos with 500k+ views

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Probably trying to not get shoahed by YT

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Terry is on the /g/ sticky, he's immortal. Basic men wish they could live past death as Terry does.

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this vid was much better than the mister meteor one or whoever

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Well yeah, this one had effort put in it and is not just a " hehe le mentally ill man said nigger hehehe" low effort cashgrab

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How many people have we killed at this point?

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For some reason I hadn't seen that McDonald's interview.
Hurts a little bit.

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Oh god oh fuck
This was fucking terrifying

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I talked to Terry a week before he died on rizon.net
RIP :/

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>he died on rizon.net
What? How is that possible?

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I fucking miss Terry still. I was laughing so hard with him when he was reading copyright info from the Oracle.

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its ok, its the day reddit visited him

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