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>apple so desperate to get people to watch those atrociously bad shows it produced like planet of the apps, it's now spamming itoddlers with notifications to get views


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Apple is officially dead

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beard and reindeer

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Apple died with Steve Jobs.

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cringe desu

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>t. itoddler

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Here it is the best time of the day

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>I buy iPhones because they dont have ads in the operating syst...

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I haven't gotten one? Maybe you have to be an apple music subscriber to get the notification?

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Based famalam

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It's almost as if those 1000 dollar iPhones and 10,000 dollar iMacs did the exact opposite of what they were wanting.

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who actually received these? does the new update have some type of streaming service built in or what? I didn't get this notification.

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Silly developers, if you think apple adhered to their own developer guidelines, why do you think Apple is the only one who is able to use private APIs and sign their apps with entitlements that allow creating actual background services etc.?

On iOS, everyone but Apple's developers are massively crippled unless the app they want to create is basically just a web app with push notifications (which web apps could actually do thanks to web push, if iOS supported it).

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I'll bet you didn't get that U2 album either, you lucky bastard

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Lol itoddlers can't even block push notifications

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Unbend my iPad Pro NOW

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Just like /g/.
>>>/lgbt/ faggot

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Its very festive. They're just in the holiday mood.

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What goes up, must come down, aple took coming down to an extreme and dropped lower than it was at the end of 2017. They could recover some of their loss until the middle of January 2019 and it wouldn't be surprising to see them climb back up close to where they started this year, however aple will probably fall some more around February 2019 as they did around February 2018, aple usually doesn't offer promotions directly to the public, so don't try to use the sales season argument. Time will tell, but from what it has told us already, aple might just drop some more before stabilising. Their current market cap is 714B, trillion dollar company? My ass.

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To add to my previous reply, aple artificially inflated their stock valuation with buybacks, trillion dollar sham should be the title they were awarded for reaching a market cap of '1 trillion us dollars'.

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>all that stock they bought back is now worthless
>and they took on massive $200B in debt to buy that stock and have to pay it all back

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the best christmas present

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At least the jews dumped their bags at the top.

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you got a few hundred billion in the bank. Wut do?
(a) Run out and pay $3b for a shitty pair of headphones ?
(b) Run out and pay ??? for the shittiest 'viral' TV sketch 'comedy' you can find upon Gods entire earth ?
(c) ???
srsly, why are they such fuckups. Utter plan and idealess fucking trash. What happened to their car ?

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>Apple Music is a music and video streaming
>video streaming
what did they mean by this

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>Buy a $200 US Motorola
>Get a higher res screen, bigger battery and more ram than the XR
>Get raw Android with a few actually useful features
>Get software updates faster than most flagships
>Don't get fucking ads in my OS
>Get a headphone jack
I've used Motorola as my example here but there's a shitload of companies now offering an almost universally better experience than the brands and models asking a thousand dollars for entry. There's literally no excuse for some of the shit that Apple keeps pulling.

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>Buy a 200$ used iPhone
>better os, smaller display
>non autistic resolution so small battery is enough for a day
>worse hardware, still faster than android
>jack port
>good for an other 3 years, even though it 3 years old

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And it's still worse than the $200 motorola. And everyone still thinks you're poor because you have an old iphone.

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They all look the same

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They're literally designed so you can tell from the back if someone's using an older model or not.

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Feeling comfy with my OP6T.

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>cover back with a case
Boom, that was hard

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Seething andjeets. Cannot refute the hard evidence that you own a phone, like a smelly... poopy... pajeet. Undeniably indisputable.... the hard evidence.

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>Having to actively disguise your phone because you're afraid of what people will think

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Hahah itodlers btfo amiright

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