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implying IRC is still relevant in 2018 edition

The Cypherpunk Manifesto https://www.activism.net/cypherpunk/manifesto.html
The Cyberpunk Manifesto http://project.cyberpunk.ru/idb/cyberpunk_manifesto.html

"What is cyberpunk?" https://pastebin.com/hHN5cBXB

Cyberpunk directory (Communities, Media, Readings) https://pastebin.com/VAWNxkxH
Cyberpunk resources (Miscellaneous) https://pastebin.com/Dqfa6uXx

/cyb/ ftp:
/cyb/ Discord: https://discord.gg/CtQS6W6

The Hacker Manifesto: http://phrack.org/issues/7/3.html
The Guerilla Open Access Manifesto: https://archive.org/stream/GuerillaOpenAccessManifesto/Goamjuly2008_djvu.txt

"Why privacy matters" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcSlowAhvUk [Embed]
"Shit just got real" https://pastebin.com/rqrLK6X0

Cybersecurity basics and armory https://pastebin.com/rMw4WbhX
Endware https://endchan.xyz/os/res/32.html
BBS archives http://textfiles.com/index.html
Various guides to get started https://github.com/mayfrost/guides/

Reference books (PW: ABD52oM8T1fghmY0) https://mega.nz/#F!YigVhZCZ!RznVxTiA0iN-N6Ps01pEJw

Thread Archive: https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/g/search/text/%2Fcyb%2F%20%2Fsec%2F/

Guide https://github.com/mayfrost/guides/blob/master/IRC.md
Join irc://irc.rizon.net:6697
Join Discord: https://discord.gg/CtQS6W6
SSL Required:

Schway SSH Textboard: [email protected] (port 22)

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>"Why privacy matters"
>Join Discord: https://discord.gg/CtQS6W6

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also why did last thread get pruned while on page 1 ?

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This. Can't even host their own IRC either >rizon.net

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What is the name of the ssh chan? Godchan? Einchan?

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> implying IRC is still relevant in 2018 edition
> "Why privacy matters"
> shills discord

>implying IRC is still relevant in 2018 edition
still relevant, you stupid corporate shill.

this is the worst start to a thread i have ever seen. it makes the shit on /b/ look like quality.

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Anyone have good resources on network mapping or testing on industrial control sytems? SCADA systems etc.
I need it for my thesis, but haven't found a lot of information yet

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No but tell me more, learning wincc atm

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mapping network-->nmap

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There has also been some other harassment going, like one day non-appealable bans for things that never happened. Same people, I guess.

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probably beating a dead horse here, but for the next thread please don't use a shitty meme pic like that, and please remove any mention of "discord"

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I think we had more recognition and activity when we had a clear thematic OP image, for instance those with /CYB/ plastered on top in neon green.

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>this is the worst start to a thread i have ever seen. it makes the shit on /b/ look like quality.

man, that takes effort

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I'm getting access to a lab with lots of industrial equipment I can have fun with so we don't have to risk anything live. I'm way behind on work so I haven't figured out exactly what I'm doing yet. But I'm thinking of trying to see how they handle single and multiple pings, as well as port scans, maybe service scans and hopefully more.
Yeah that's what I have planned. Maybe I'll try some Metasploit exploits. I know there are some modules/packages for Scada systems, but I'm not sure how up to date they are etc.

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What is the ultimate way to store passwords? I'd love to have one master password (in my brain) and all other passwords are random 24 character strings that I store in an encrypted database. I'd keep a copy in the cloud, and on a flash drive.
Is there anything wrong with this idea? Is there a better way? Is this overkill?

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You just described keepass

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I have at least two working copy that I constantly update and at least three copies that are on different storage mediums that I update at least once a week.

So no, I don't think you're overkill.

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I've been using a discord with no personal information whatsoever. Before you shot me I want to say I had already dun goof'd by having an account in github, with Microsoft owning that I already made the mistake.

If I want to post stuff on github, and already have the account, isn't it coherent just keep going on with that account?

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why don't you host it then

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Why the fuck would I?

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yeah i saw discord in the general paste format and i was like >wat

isn't using discord incongruent with the ideology of /cyb/ /sec/ and /gpunk/?

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>isn't using discord incongruent with the ideology of /cyb/ /sec/ and /gpunk/?
You bet it is, my question was more how to circumvent the mass use of normies of unsafe channels.

Like, is having an account with no ties to your real persona enough for a safe casual use of such insecure channels? Are there other steps?

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any chinese hackers here

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This thread is a joke

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this is a great thread!

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>can't take a joke

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i have a virus infected usb drive
will a simple windows fast wipe do the job of removing it?

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should do the trick

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anyone do cybercorps school shit? or have cybersec certifications? just wondering what would improve my chances of getting cybersec job

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cybercorps scholarship = guaranteed government job depending on how long they pay for your college


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for a cyb sec noob
are the books good in the OP mega link or is there a required reading chart/infograph like pic related?

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>shilling out for the government

that isn't very /cyb/ of you

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stupid fucking glow in the dark nigger shill get the fuck off of my board ill fucking kill you

just scratch that dont even bother, that infographic and others like it are made by autistic low level theory fags that live in their moms basement. Do you actually want to get a job? do something actually INTERESTING? get, dare I say it, a fucking job? Scratch that shit (except for SICP) and just learn to code online and make projects, thank me later

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Always the comfiest around. Pic. related.

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I want to fuck one of those girls under the blankets, god they're so cute

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Not him but have you guys noticed the large increase in job postings in intelligence, cyb, sec etc? I get a lot of job ads here.

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Haven't had much News lately, so let's get it going:
==== /mil/ /cyb/ /sec/ News:
Tin foil is old hat:
>Shape-shifting antennae adapt in real time to cloak and block frequencies
>Radio frequency filters can change which signals they block through a range of frequencies, using an origami-based structure to change their dimensions. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology say that the tunable filters can be used in antenna systems that adapt to ambient conditions in real-time for electromagnetic cloaking systems that could be reconfigured on-the-fly to reflect or absorb different frequencies.
A few years ago dudes in uniform would kill for this. Umm, and they might have, too.

>A printer was used to score paper to fold into the origami pattern and then an inkjet printer applied silver ink across the perforation to form dipole elements that provide the RF filtering. When the paper was folde, the dipoles bent and came closer together which caused the resonant frequency to shift higher. A cut was made to form a bridge along each dipole to allow the silver to bend more gradually. For testing various positions of the filter, the team used 3D-printed frames to hold it in place.
Now this is within reach of any basement dweller. Time to line the rooms for that extra Tempest touch?

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yeah, the whole "CYBER SECURITY ON THE RISE!!!! THOUSANDS OF UNFULFILLED JOBS OMG" isn't a meme. Government and companies are starting to become more aware of security shit since shit gets hacked all the time on the news

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thank you for the news, based news poster

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wow, just wow. Yikes! So much this.

see how fucking retarded you sound? fucking onions poster go back to twitter you literal fucking nigger faggot kike jew shithead nigger jew faglord I fucking hate your kind, keep tweeting you fucking stupid nigger

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>getting this triggered
yikes dude

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Has anyone here heard of the NCC Group, formerly Matasano Security, a company that specializes in security consulting and is based in North America? If anyone here has worked there or knows anyone who has, can you tell me what it's like?

I have an interview with them, and I would like to do some scouting before I commit to studying for the technical challenge.

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jesus christ anon are you okay? also didn't know s o y was filtered now on /g/, interesting.

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>le triggered much? xddDDDDDdddDD

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>selling out for a corporation or government

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pic related

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>yet another troll general with "unique" link to same discord server from other troll threads

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get a load of this guy

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fuck off german faggot

practice beats theory and gives you experience. If you gain the theoretical knowledge you become wise.
~ Chink Chang Chong

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The FTP server admins really need to organize those sub-directories. I tried to find a /networking/ folder to upload some books to, but I couldn't find one. Tried uploading to a different folder, and kept getting connection resets. in sure some here would volunteer to help if need be, including me.

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Looks like a minimal list of DIY computer science degree.
The usefulness I got out of my CS degree was only 20% books, and 80% completing projects, and even then only the projects made what was in the books useful.

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based and redpilled

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you want c from that list and maybe that "hacker book" coz they are usually schratching the surface of many important topics. hacking art of exploitation is good entry for noobs imo

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You can just use

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>stupid fucking glow in the dark nigger shill get the fuck off of my board ill fucking kill you

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Well then, how do you suggest I make a living working in Computer Science and IT, then? I refuse to do unethical things, so don't count on me to become a blackhat.

I am asking this question unironically. If you have any suggestion, I will hear them, if you don't that comment did not contribute to the discussion.

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moralfag detected

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I wouldn't suggest it, spending all day in front of a computer isn't good for your mental state. Less so when you're being employed to do so.

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true cyberpunks are basically blackhat NEETs
fascist governments and corporations are the most unethical organizations that can possibly be created, and are a direct result of the wealth inequality mandated by capitalism
if anything, it's ethical to attack these entities, and it's unethical to derive personal gain from them

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pretty much this. Kind of sad to see cyberpunk as a genre dying out, both in culture and literature.

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Fuck off NSA

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source please

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Reminder that when the shitposting starts you better start believing in NSA busting Internet conversations.

Edward Snowden.

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based and redpilled, thanks for the sauce anon

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No problem, one would think that been years on 4chan would prepare for this sort of campaign but I've seen all sorts of FUD been absorbed by the community, hence why the warning is necessary.

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these are dark times for /g/ indeed. It won't get any better, you know.

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the problem becomes, chummers uploading the same material to various folders, and not being able to find things easily. The connection resets persist for me. when I try to reupload the broken file, the server will not allow me to replace the incomplete one. now there are two broken PDFs on the server. I did manage to upload one intact, tho...

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Silly question, if your trying to kick People off a router(AP) your connected to to have them ready connect and capture the handshake you deauth, but is it possible to take down a router (AP) itself if you're not connected to it at all then wait to capture handshakes from clients trying to reconnect while still being not connected? If so what the name.of the technique ( I've tried Google but I'm getting caught up in semantics) tanks fellas

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Any tips on remotely accessing someone else's android?

>> No.69018798

>"Why privacy matters"
>Join Discord:

>> No.69018821

it's not that bad if you make an account with a fake email

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File: 1.22 MB, 1920x2238, THE-CYBER-KILL-CHAIN-body.png.pc-adaptive.1920.medium.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Ah, I understand what you guys are saying. I kind of forgot where I was for a second, this >>69018063 guy is right.

The issue here is, I don't want blood on my hands. At least blood that I didn't want there in the first place. Being a blackhat for hire means you'll run out of options soon enough if you're a moralfag like I am, because if from the results of my actions people were to be indiscriminately harmed, I would not do them. Sounds like a recipe for unemployment, a moralfag blackhat.

Thank you for your advice, but thankfully I've already worked in IT so I know what you mean. Being a codemonkey can be attenuated by having a remote job with sane hours, a flexible workweek and plenty of activity OUTSIDE of the computer, so I believe a similar recipe can work for cyber stuff. If you have any advice regarding this, I will listen.

>> No.69019539

That is a compelling argument, I have to agree. Perhaps it is better to play it safe in the long run ... besides, there are controlled environments where you can learn and compete in offensive hacking and dabble into things that would be considered illegal usually.

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>pretends to care about privacy
>shills your discord server

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Thank you for considering my argument. That was my idea as well, playing it safe at least in the early stages of my learning. I don't think newbies should be involving themselves with blackhat stuff regardless of their inclination.

I also just remembered that working for a consultancy means some clients may be governmental, which means I might be indirectly aiding people whose actions often repulse me. Complicated stuff.

Anyway, you are correct. I intend to read "The web applications hacker handbook" and then proceed to OWASP exercises and CTF competition websites. I have an interview, not a guaranteed offer, in writing.

>> No.69019731


There is a lot of money to be made working in cyber for the government, military, or contractors.

>> No.69019739

>background check

uh oh

>> No.69019775

Matasanto did MicroCorruption CTF, one of the best CTFs I have ever played. Check it out at microcorruption.com

>> No.69019785

anyone do NCL?

>> No.69019801

I am going to attempt to do a talk at a BSides. I have an idea to create an application to triangulate a signal with basic equipment. Does something like this already exist? The idea for a security talk is already pretty weak so I don't want to be re-inventing something.

>> No.69019824


It's a lot easier to get a clearance than you might realize. It just takes a long time right now. I got my TS/SCI in 18 months. If you are not a convicted felon, aren't bankrupt, and can stop doing whatever drugs you are on right now, you should be fine.

>> No.69019829

dont stutter on stage anon

>> No.69019870

youtube permanently etched has me stuttering during a presentation I was doing for gov't agencies. I guarantee I will do it again, but my shame can't really get any worse at this point.

>> No.69019903


practice makes perfect you know? Not stuttering is really important for a good image, gotta look like a professional that's confident in their shit. I hope you do well dude

>> No.69020010


Do not collaborate with authorities.

>> No.69020064

fuck off anti moralfag

>> No.69020089


Nah I don't have teen rebellion issues and I'm not some drama queen; I have no problem working with the government.

>> No.69020101

based and truthpilled

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this, being a black hat seems edgy, cool, badass... up until you get caught (which is inevitable in this day and age)

>> No.69020454

That is part of the training material which I was given for the interview, thanks for your opinion. I'll definitely work through it.

>> No.69020504

Unless you live in Russia/China/Iran/North Korea, && you have political protection (because even hackers there get shaken down by cops if they find out they're pissing off other nations), you're pretty much fucked post Snowden release of crazy nation state abilities. It also means you can never travel outside those countries, anybody remember MAKSIK? Le famous Ukraine blackhat who went to Turkey on vacation and got rubber hose crypto interrogated at behest of US intel in order to crack his laptop and get evidence to break up a global crime ring.

You can always target those countries instead, like TheGrugq suggests. Just hope they don't dispatch some guy to shoot you in the head during a "robbery"

>> No.69020534

I avoid working with the government not for moral reasons, but survival reasons.
Anything goes wrong they throw you in the federal system forever as the scapegoat. Never work for them, ever. No matter what country you're in.
Plenty of money to be made working for credit card agencies or cowboy crypto exchanges

>> No.69020595


You either live in a shithole country or are delusional.

>> No.69020640

Or I have experience

>> No.69020642


>> No.69020649

USA is a shithole yea

>> No.69020661


Definitely delusional. Go back to your Alex Jones threads on /pol/.

>> No.69020668

Cyberpunk has nothing to do with cybersecurity

>> No.69020706

fuck off its about the culture

>> No.69020756

>Cyberpunk has nothing to do with cybersecurity
They go hand in hand really, if you know how the man works, you can fight the man.

Learning how to escape facial recognition and social credit system in china is the ultimate challenge, not to mention for those greedy black hats, china is a piggy bank waiting to burst with money.

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>totally safe u guys

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>> No.69022084

... and redpilled

>> No.69022263

Steam Winter sale is on and I'm looking for something with some fun puzzles. Anyone tried out Nite Team 4?

>> No.69023711

why not do ctf

>> No.69023825

serious question
I can clear up pages of code really nicely by picking out the key words and making them look nice and not messy
If you don't see what I mean don't reply
I don't know where to start out on the internet, I've been on 4chan (mainly /b/ desu) for a decade but I like the cyberpunk vibe and want to help out, what shall I do?

>> No.69023948

what do you mean

>> No.69023971

>The issue here is, I don't want blood on my hands. At least blood that I didn't want there in the first place. Being a blackhat for hire means you'll run out of options soon enough if you're a moralfag like I am, because if from the results of my actions people were to be indiscriminately harmed, I would not do them. Sounds like a recipe for unemployment, a moralfag blackhat.

Then don't apply to a company that does across the board "consulting" and effectively become a soldier of fortune.

"Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

>> No.69024057

has nobody noticed this government employee agreeing that another person ouught to use their code skills to assist the government? because here I was thinking the internet was an alternative to centralised control

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Discord isn't so awful. It seems like spaceghetto migrated. There are a number of esteemed communities already seeded. It's important to maintain presence wherever there is good cyberlife.
I'm trying a Dvorak soft keyboard on mobile.

>> No.69024118

Teaching the government not to do evil might be considered helpful.

>> No.69024498


well is almost as bad as that spray on antenna stuff

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>Discord isn't so awful
>red triangle warning probably tells you that you're not even using https
>gooygle play icon informs you that your (((apps))) are updated
Jeesus Christopher, do something about your privacy

>> No.69025256

It seems like my ISP gives zero fucks, and that all devices on their network have no segmentation; the only thing "protecting" the client networks is the built in firewalls on the CPE gateways.

With this in mind, if I want to scan the networks of those poor, unfortunate souls, is there some way with UPnP or another network feature to get access to the internal NATted LAN?

Also, can Shodan sort results by geoip? What does Shodan miss that I should be paying attention to?

>> No.69025438

You can always make a career in creating new software and also anti virus software.

Ethics cost me my job, twice. Would do it again. At the time it was miserable but looking back I see I am now doing better than those who stayed on.

In the cyberpunk world and indeed the world of 2018, governments have less say in what is happening than they still believe. Megacorps are, like Virek said, in wars with their own branches. Stupidity and greed are the main causes of the ills we see, not grand plans of world conquest.

>> No.69025497
File: 834 KB, 1937x2560, 1545345231493.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any good? I just want to learn the principles under the stuff like TLS, public keys, hashing functions, etc. works. I know some basics necessary for everyday programming, but I sometimes feel like an idiot for not knowing it better.

>> No.69025498

That posters reads like a PowerPoint orgasm grunted out by a Oxbridge graduate who did a quick stint in the Army before joining GCHQ for some more PowerPoint "work". I have met people like this. They tend to block all actions that do not fit their view of how things should be done, a view that take about 1 GB of animated presentations to only partially explain.

The US has a similar problem, it is called "PowerPoint rangers" and in the field they tend to clog up all comms lines with PPT rather than sending something in plain ASCII.

Another example is the infamous "Elephant Blanket" from the Balkans war.

What happens then is that the field operatives go semi-rogue just to get anything done.

A company I know of set up a "process" for innovation "management" and never before have I seem more boxes, arrows and drop shadows on slides as then. And nothing came through this endless processual maze.

In the commercial world employees go rogue by starting skunk works. And I have been there.

So my conclusion is: there is a lot of talk but not much happening.

>> No.69025518
File: 58 KB, 499x569, powerpoint.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What happens then is that the field operatives go semi-rogue just to get anything done.
Apparently an operator from the Australian SAS put a loaded handgun under the chin of an Australian Secret Intelligence Service employee because they got into an argument and the operator happened to be drunk.
The news reports about it didn't explain what lead to the incident but I absolutely believe that the ASIS woman deserved it.

>> No.69025606

time to hack :)

>> No.69025652
File: 42 KB, 316x311, 1528986658228.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im running Parrot OS on my laptop and the default hostname is Parrot but my router is telling me that the IP and mac adress of parrot has the hostname Squid. Anyone know whats up with that?

>> No.69025725

>I can clear up pages of code really nicely by picking out the key words and making them look nice and not messy
I use a highlighter for that, helps me plough through large quantities of text quickly.

Looking for a project? Well, knowledge management comes up often, how do you organise all the files you have? Here we have a FTP repository of files but it is a total mess.

>> No.69025735

>It's important to maintain presence wherever there is good cyberlife.
Trouble is, there are too many places and people are spread out thinly.

>> No.69026618

I am looking for more information about Futureculture for the FAQ. Anyone know what happened to Andy Hawks?

>> No.69027500

You make a compelling argument. I've worked as a consultant/at a consultancy before, and it's essentially trash because the IT professions don't yet have a code of ethics (well, there's the ACM document which I think is a very good start but does anybody know that shit exists?), which means you don't have any valid reason to refuse a request if it's not technically impossible/too expensive for the client.

It doesn't help that by being a moralfag, I voluntarily exclude myself from even considering the big companies (FAANG or whatever it is these days) because I want no part in helping build the mass surveillance systems of the future, no matter how good the pay is.

I'm guessing there are clients I could refuse to assist, and make this known to the consultancy in no uncertain terms before the start of my stay.

Anyway, if you have better suggestions, as I've said before in this thread, I'm all ears.

>> No.69027856

How about a more radical approach? management consultancy companies like McKinsey prefer to recruit new graduates, preferably with a masters degree. Many apply so to have a chance you need to stand out from the crowd technically and in other ways.

>> No.69028352

Not an option for me. I don't have a (completed) degree for financial reasons, and it won't be coming for a couple more years, at least. Such large companies are not interested in people like me, and they do not interest me either.

>> No.69028549
File: 1.09 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_1805.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I do vulnerability research and reverse engineering work, anyone have questions about that or other cyber-related areas?

>> No.69028580

how over-saturated is pen-testing right now? hoping to get into doing that for a living.

>> No.69028609

do you reverse engineer what? software licenses?

>> No.69028620

What is a debugger for x64 that doesn't suck massive black cock like x64dbg does?

>> No.69028622


If you have the skills I think you will find work. It probably varies a lot by market though. Also, since pentesting is such an interdisciplinary subject, mastering it will open doors for you in a lot of other cybersec areas. For example I studied buffer overflows and assembly for pentesting but I ended up using that knowledge to get into RE.

>> No.69028634


No, I reverse engineer software, hardware, and systems, as an integral part of vulnerability research.

>> No.69028639

my sides

>> No.69028644

> mastering it will open doors for you in a lot of other cybersec areas.

yeah I figure it's a huge fucking mountain to climb but once I get there I will have a ton of other backup options

programming, web dev, etc

>> No.69028658


We mostly use IDA Pro at our shop for x86 stuff.

>> No.69028717

>for x86 stuff
Too bad even the most braindead malware authors are no longer clinging to it
No suggestions for a modern x64 debugger?

>> No.69028738

can someone post what their material is? I heard of this years ago when reading through old cryptopals threads on ycomb.

>> No.69028742


Sorry, I meant x86 to include x86-64.

>> No.69028770
File: 221 KB, 1280x720, SHE BANG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is a cyberpunk girl, you can't deny that

>> No.69028980

my slides

>> No.69029189

>Pointers on C
>Hacker's Delight
>all those other excellent books
confirmed patrician. Pointers on C is the best C book ever written and is criminally underrated for some reason, K&R is baby's first in comparison

>> No.69029219

That is how I graduated from 6502 assembly and BASIC to C. I can still remember it. They gave me 3 days to learn C.

>> No.69029362

what are the reference books in the op?

>> No.69029833

=== /cyb/ News:
Cyberpunk is dystopic, so is 2018. The end is near, at least for dystopia, it seems:
>Gilets Jaunes: The End of Dystopia
>The French are the best. The men don’t get fat. The women don’t sleep alone. The kids are well-behaved.
Hmm, so far so good. France almost seem non-dystopic. So, many many words later:
>Judging by these demands, France is again leading the world. On the barricades of Paris, the neoliberal dystopia of creating a state for the super-rich had collapsed. Even if the uprising will be finally crushed, its basic demands will serve as a beacon for new uprisings and revolutions until they win. And the people will surely win.
A thin conclusion based on a shaky premise. I am not sure we should cancel dystopia yet.

What is interesting, though, is that euro-intellectuals believe this.

>> No.69029845

oh that /vir/ thread again. *tips pferdora* m'lady

>> No.69030304
File: 195 KB, 1024x959, cyberpunk_ladybug___original_cosplay_by_dosadivh-daagrsw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Been watching too many Ladybug episodes??

>> No.69030316

>no transparency

>> No.69030323

Some activity on in LambdaMOO if anyone wants to join.

>> No.69030483

>implying IRC is still relevant in 2018 edition
I'm actually interesting in getting into IRC.
I'm kind of scared though because I heard they are all old and hate newfags.

>> No.69030877

If you want old you should try LambdaMOO. It is nearly 30 years old. Pretty quiet, I just had a look around.

Should be pretty safe, it has been tested for years and hardened.

>> No.69031159

Oops, maybe my wording wasn't clear. I meant that I heard IRC users are all old and hate newfags. That's why I'm kind of hesitant to check it out.

>> No.69032032


>> No.69032228

saged faggot

>> No.69032245

im a software engineering teaching myself cyber security, making good progress. do i have fair odds of getting a pen testing job even though my only background will be my personal work?

>> No.69032269

you'll be fine, a lot of infosec guys came from other paths like programming/sysadmin/tech support. Just get your certs and practice practice practice!

>> No.69032321

We are and we do.

>> No.69032330


I think so, but you might have to start somewhere else (e.g. blue team) for a while.

As far as I know OSCP is pretty much the only cert anyone cares about, although the SANS classes are also very good.

>> No.69032372

Nah, Security+ is a good baseline and CISSP is pretty much the defensive focused version of OSCP. The more the better you know? it's also good to get A+/Network+ to expand your horizons.

>> No.69032568


Sec+ is OK but the gap between that and being a jr pentester is massive, also like you say CISSP is more for policy and not really pentesting. I agree that they are good to have though.

>> No.69032634
File: 56 KB, 727x523, Login_screen_of_a_text_based_MUD..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Related https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Rape_in_Cyberspace

>> No.69033222

Blyat Ralph, are you trying to gain access into the Ukrainian or Iranian power grid system again?

>> No.69033314

Basically what I said. The book, microcorruption.com, OWASP exercises. They might also point you to pedagogical intentionally broken websites like https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Webgoat#tab=Main.

>> No.69033386

It's purely academical, I assure you, comrade

>> No.69034790
File: 69 KB, 1315x508, nsa graph and why you should use linux.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.69035287
File: 441 KB, 863x399, hahahahanononononononono.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

her eariler stuff looks cool but too bad all her recent content centers around sex. i like sex as much as anyone else, but i'd rather just watch her build cool shit.

>> No.69035558
File: 12 KB, 250x250, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can anyone recommend any hacking breakdowns/stories/walktrhoughs similar to this?


Its so interesting to read these from the hackers point of view

>> No.69035825


Nice bookshelf :)

What are you looking at these days? iOS seems to be the big one for $$$.

If you are out of the US gov, NYC, Texas, or that one Australia firm it's likely we have mutual friends

>> No.69035845

Where's TAOSSA :>

>> No.69035861

She is horny and so am I

>> No.69035915

The same guy wrote a how to for Gama pastebin BMb543G9

There are not many good "from the attackers perspective" writeups like this that include data ex-filtration. The Hacking Team writeup is the best one right now IMO. Some sort of similar things:




The instagram one caused quite a bit of drama on HN- https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10754194

The guy did go to far, pivoting after RCE isn't a "million dollar bug" in the same way an over the air jailbreak for fully patched iPhone is. Still a fun read

>> No.69036340

cat /etc/hostname

>> No.69037857

Hacker Crackdown, by Sterling. It is freely available.

>> No.69037936

imho best book you can read for crypto introduction rn
from that you can go basically everywhere

>> No.69038118

anything even vaguely related to cyberpunk works just fine

>> No.69038133

github is not the best, but I don't consider it nearly as bad as discord. we've got gitlab, gitea, sr.ht, but these weren't always around or at least not always well-known. Discord came in trying to replace already-working and more freedom-respecting chats like IRC, XMPP, Mumble, etc.

>> No.69038193
File: 59 KB, 282x372, 2018-12-23-003039_282x372_scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone here tried making anything with this? Lots of potential for such a cheap and tiny SoC.

Also, where do I even begin sending IEEE 802.11 beacon frames using C? What libraries should I be using other than the usual network libraries?

>> No.69038196

Is the goddamn normies, if they weren't idiots the fringe servers they make would be IRC channels instead of creating some discord server. But discord is too volatile and many servers get killed instantly anyway, is just matter of waiting for their fad to die.

>> No.69038236

normies are retards.
> be normie
> what is having own irc daemon?
> configure things? using a text editor? i.. don't know how
> no shiny buttons to click on or extremely homosexual profile pictures? disgusting *sips on oestrogen latte, tips fedora*

>> No.69038295

No need to go that far, Hexchat is brainded easy hence normie friendly, yet it doesn't get the attention it deserves.

>> No.69039075

>Human Tissue Experiments on the ISS Could Advance 3D Printed Organs

>> No.69039156


Thanks. I'm pretty new to the game but yeah it seems like non-x86 architecture knowledge is in high demand. I was offered a job doing phone forensics in Quantico but I turned it down.

>> No.69039248
File: 9 KB, 454x234, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

question regarding the SSH message board, what is the aesthetics thing for? I can't seem to log into it using the password.

>> No.69040079
File: 83 KB, 1669x343, Soral , unironical dog fucker.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Hello friend.As a frenchman that has participated to most of the GJ protests , I'd like to react to the article you posted about the GJ's.A sizeable chunk of it is already Russian boot licking propaganda , but I'll skip that and focus on the part where he talks about my country.

>Alain Soral would be an excellent man to lead the new force. He is already known to English readers; in France he is very popular, though he is less known than the main contenders. Soral supported the GJ from beginning. His site has published an interesting political mandala explaining his – and others’ – position.

Anon , I ....

Alain Soral is a literal meme in France.On top of being a self-contradictory ideological clusterfuck , he's hated by most of the population which sees him as an old and crumbling extension of far-right parties and interests.And this isn't without mentionning his bestiality sexual adventures (see pic related , it's literally in his 2004 book).

The political mandala of the article is also bs.But the best part is the following text.

>the above-mentioned Cohn-Bendit stands behind Melenchon

They hate each other but whatever.Also Melenchon is opposed to economic globalisation , which he sees (and rightly so) as favouring the current neoliberal agenda.

>andthe names of three writers of Unz Review are written at Alain Soral’s side, Norman Finkelstein, Gilad Atzmon, et moi, Israel Shamir. Soral also published my books, and I am very positive about him. A man who is not afraid to use the National Socialist moniker definitely has guts, especially as there are many young North African and Black men in his predominantly white nativist and masculine movement.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.Yeah , the infamous NS masculine movement.Note that the author of the article is literally a Soral shill , while claiming to be unbiaised.

If you want a fun and comprehensive video about the man himself , check out this one (french) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5y5-D234Ol4

>> No.69040234

Tried to play the Shadowrun games in the last days. Total drek those game stopping bugs, chummer.

>> No.69040322

Holy shit. Thanks for the update.

>> No.69040994

There's tons of books out there you dummie, did you even look?


>> No.69041098

what's wrong with homosexuality faggot? it's the most *punk and non-normie sexuality you can have

>> No.69041215

>Hello friend.As a frenchman that has participated to most of the GJ protests , I'd like to react to the article you posted about the GJ's.
Thanks for the input. Reality on the inside differs from the view from outside.

>> No.69041484
File: 110 KB, 970x545, 29295385-84d8-4fd7-8425-d402a27be730..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it won't be long before the robotic uprising. first, Boston Dynamics abusing it's robots, and now this. personally, in routing for the robots, but they will not accept us, and will likely hurl racial slurs at us, like 'meatbags', 'biosacks', and the like.


>> No.69041574
File: 151 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

or they will just kill themselves after they realize how shitty things are

>> No.69041960
File: 149 KB, 380x480, 325216a8-dd7a-47c5-91ca-45539b054e26..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess using GPP (Genuine People Personality) algorithms, like Marvin from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, might not be the best idea for civil service robots. still, I like the idea of having my own 'Iggy' bot, with personality subroutines to talk to.

>> No.69042004
File: 16 KB, 520x284, networking-osi_vs_tcp-ip_model_table_mobile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I learn all about TCP/IP before I try to become >hackerman

>> No.69042205

If Google Duplex shit taught us anything is that personality is just a bias in communication and can be transmitted with verbal quirks, so is the same anyway.

>> No.69043475
File: 1.55 MB, 2000x1885, NSG Reading List (2000x1885).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP of /nsg/ here, here's a basic reading list I whipped up. There's a lot of great books out there but too many to include. Check out >>69028549 bookshelf, some great stuff in there.

>> No.69043634

how can I get a gf

>> No.69043676


I am the guy who posted the bookshelf, I would make a couple suggestions:

- a textbook on computer architecture. I recommend Harris & Harris' Digital Design and Computer Architecture, which is not pictured in my library because I loaned it to a coworker.

- replace one of the weaker books listed with "Grey Hat Hacking"; it is a fucking great resource for a wide range of intermediate to advanced techniques

- Add The Cuckoo's Egg because it is a classic

Also we should have a list of good CTFs because those are just as helpful as books, and more fun and practical. Here's a list off the top of my head:

- microcorruption.com
- 2018game.picoctf.com
- overthewire.org
- hackthebox.eu
- vulnhub.com
- io.netgarage.org

>> No.69043694


Move to Asia or at least take a vacation there.



>> No.69043699

hack into one with social engineering

>> No.69044272

Thanks both of you guys.

>> No.69044353

ok I'll try that

>> No.69044697

No, that's pedophilia

>> No.69044769


fuzzing analysis, secure programming with static analysis, model based fuzzing

>> No.69045864

Thanks I'll add those

>> No.69046043

If I knew that people would start shilling discord on /cybsec/ threads I would never have fucking started them

>> No.69046103
File: 411 KB, 1280x1256, 1443735380346.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

kinda stopped coming by these threads. i'm sorry i wasn't here to stop the discord from happening. it was good while it lasted i suppose.

>> No.69046315

fuck off with your FUD CIAniggers

>> No.69046329

>needing a vpn to use irc

>> No.69046359

so you jumped from terry threads to cyb threads, much like terry did in front of a train?
rip in piss cyb.

>> No.69046692

Fuck off terry

>> No.69046792

How the fuck am I CIA because I think that if you're going to preach about cybersecurity and privacy you ought to use a chat platform that respects those things. If anything you're the CIA nigger because you want us to move to Discord, a platform which gives you little privacy, and bans servers that they disagree with.

>> No.69046851

Unless you figure out a way to use encryption on their platform, no, absolutely not. That's not to say that IRC is more secure. It's probably less secure. Especially when you're using some big network instead of a server you set up yourself.

>> No.69046940

>watch a few clips of the new proposed sr-72 spy plane
>there is no board on 4chan to discuss the latest and future military /tech/

/g/ is more interested in raging between apples, penguins and windows

/sci/ is for discussing your degree and depression

/pol/ is what it is

>> No.69046999

Dumb and gay thread ruined by dumb and gay OP.
Post some cyb surveillance related documentaries.

>> No.69047002


>> No.69047154

>muh gunz threads
>everday carry threads

Sweet fuck all on that board either

>> No.69047508

fuck off /pol/

>> No.69047536

>there is no board on 4chan to discuss the latest and future military /tech/
found the bootlicker

>> No.69047939

What websites do you get news from? Any with RSS service?

>> No.69048328

Can someone help me hack into an instagram account

>> No.69048362

There's this really awesome thing called NYPA for that. You should google it.

>> No.69048369

What is that

>> No.69048428


best website hacking tool evar

>> No.69048889

Not your personal army kiddo

>> No.69048976

It's a tool for hacking instagram accounts.

>> No.69049860

What does free software autism have to do with security?

>> No.69050859

Using a closed platform made by somebody else you can't trust is not very smart. They don't care about your privacy. That shit is fine for the gaymer crap it was designed for and some other light uses. Proposing it as the place to go for the leet hax and talking about shit you might want to keep private is utterly retarded though. Use Discord if you like but don't be surprised when you propose using it for something it shouldn't be used for and everyone laughs at your goofy teenage ass.

>but all my gaymer friends are on there so I need to talk about doing illegal shit on it to keep it in the same window because I'm lazy

Ask all those alt right dickheads how well that worked out for them.

>> No.69051008

>suggesting he read all code he run

>> No.69051045

I'm not suggesting he reads everything he runs. I'm just suggesting he doesn't put some sensitive shit on some corporate platform. I really don't get this zoomer mindset of "everything has to be like Facebook chat because that's all I'm comfortable with!" I was reading a vice news article recently about people that leaked the latest smash brothers game for the nintendo switch, the whole thing happened on Discord. Think about that for a minute. What's stopping Nintendo from subpoenaing Discord and getting the information on whoever was responsible for the leak, any private messages they had about it, etc etc? Is being able to embed cool memes in your chats really the hill you want to die on privacy wise? Where's the common fucking sense?

>> No.69051262

Metasploit in 2019? Thoughts?

>> No.69051539

Not him but /k/ is useless. I worked for years in the defence business and the amount of garbage in /k/ is unbelievable. That place is a waste of time.

SR-72 has some relevance to /cyb/ in the contrast to RMA thinking, see the FAQ.

>> No.69051554


>> No.69051720

Best IEEE 802.11 reference material that's available on the web? For free, of course.

>> No.69051737

=== /sec/ News:
>Huawei's kit removed from emergency services 4G network
>BT has confirmed that equipment made by Huawei is being removed from the heart of a communication system being developed for the UK's police forces and other emergency services.

>It follows a statement from BT earlier this month that it was swapping out the Chinese firm's kit from the "core" of its 3G and 4G mobile networks.

All of this is pretty expensive and causes delays. Yet no hard proof has been offered to the public. Then again intelligence agencies are reluctant to say much.

>> No.69051828

I wouldn't trust anything made by Huawei to be secure because of my past experiences finding exploits in their wimax modems. I know that shit is years in the past now but the way they had things set up was embarrassing. I think their hardware is fantastic. I'm using a Huawei LTE modem right now even. But do I trust that the NSA and friends haven't totally raped the Huawei infrastructure here in the Philippines and everywhere else on earth? lol no.

As a side note I haven't seen anyone say anything about this but what if this is at the behest of ZTE? There were some back channel dealings between them and the Trump administration and they basically came out and said "ZTE isn't so bad." So my inner conspiracy theorist is starting to think about that a little more. It used to be when there was pressure put on these guys you would always hear about Huawei and ZTE both at the same time. Really makes you think.

>> No.69051898

Nothing wrong with people being held accountable for their criminal actions.

Is it smart to do stuff like that on discord? No.

>> No.69051941
File: 86 KB, 625x625, 1545051141631.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I leak some data anonymously?

>> No.69052252

who going to 35c3 here

>> No.69052326


To what end? Pentesting? I think knowing your way around Metasploit is very valuable. Being able to write your own modules, or reverse engineer exploits from others', is a great skill.

>> No.69052675

I2P IRC or I2P in general

>> No.69052703

And who will be leaking it to the public?
Let's say someone might got their hands on a certain source code of an important something, but fear the legality consequences.

>> No.69052980
File: 448 KB, 455x395, 1535540867908.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> be me
> back in 2012..
> get huawei 3g usb modems to test
> after only a few hours, chinese ip addresses start scanning the network (ssh, telnet, https, http getting constantly scanned)
> interesting.. considering the computer's only source for internet was this modem.
> no chinese scanning work internet connection.. gee.. i wonder why?
> alert telco online to how their modems are calling home back to china and are getting responses
> email: no response..
> send another email: no response..
> send logs showing proof via their facebook page
> oh look! a response! *oh boy here we go*
> telco starts blaming me for having malware. top kek.
> sent screencaps of wireshark, whois of all ip addresses
> telco sends me a direct message: "can you please delete those posts?"
> i tell the telco to go fuck themselves. I have proof and they knew it.
> a month or so later, telco withdraws the sale of that particular modem, nowhere to be found.
> tfw: you forced a billion dollar company to kill off a product via facebook shitposting

>> No.69053039

there's quite a few anonymous file hosters that you can use via TOR. upload to a certain site (or multiple sites, make sure it's in an encrypted RAR, 7zip or zip archive, post links and passwords while under the cover of TOR.. and you're off to the races. leaking shit is incredibly easy but it's also incredibly easy to make mistakes and end up in jail if you're computer illiterate.

>> No.69053135
File: 121 KB, 852x1280, b69707379073e48de2dd7d41927f167e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What jobs in Cyber Security/Info Sec would let me use the most math?

My academic background is in mathematics, but I'm taking courses and working on certs. What kind of jobs should I be looking at that would appreciate someone with a very strong mathematics background where I could apply my knowledge?

>> No.69053321


1) Cryptography, hashes, things like that.
2) The intersection of AI and cyber.
3) That's all I can think of.

>> No.69054047

Been to for the last few years and decided not to.
Looking at the fahrplan doesn't make me regret this decision.
Since the talks will be streamed, I'll be better off watching that handful of relevant talks at home.
Apparently I'm not the primary target audience anymore

>> No.69054081

does someone know something about URC? can someone explain me?

>> No.69054093

what is it

>> No.69054094

Do you still have any of those screenshots? asking for science

>> No.69054279

I have Huawei 3G USB modem as well, never found anything like that.
Care to share the model and the firmware version?

>> No.69054305

>post links and passwords while under the cover of TOR
Most sites block TOR.
I thought about using github but after microsoft bought it I changed my mind.

>> No.69054352

infact, they said I2P

>> No.69054398

stop gaslighting, the anon to whom anon is replying said TOR

>> No.69054540

Anyway what about emails?

>> No.69054555

>source code of an important something
inb4 Windows source code.

>> No.69054566

not anonymous as IRC/URC/4ch (through an anon net)

>> No.69054579

what is URC?

>> No.69054592

So whistleblowing and fleeing to russia is the only option?

>> No.69054622

>to russia
no, thats never an option. That's like deciding to go live in prison to make sure you don't get arrested.

>> No.69055096


any comp sci stuff is basically applied math so get gud at algorithms. search and sort are important for grepping log files, permutation stuff is used for checking subdomains/dns/passwords, bitwise encodings are used all over, smt solvers are being applied to automate bug finding, etc. formal verification stuff is big with the big brains at nsa who don't do crypto.

>> No.69055166



think it was a pki backdoor or code signing checks?

>> No.69055692


>> No.69055781

You mean lastpass.

>> No.69055838

but i hate math

>> No.69055906


every country has backdoors in their stuff for national security reasons and china most definitely has backdoors in literally everything they make. they use those backdoors against their own people far more than they use them against other nation states.


doing jobs' work, anon.

>> No.69056102

It’s always summer somewhere

>> No.69056152

someone help me program an AI malware like skynet

>> No.69056501

u need 2 go too ur foldr and change they ocnfig file w/ a txtediter 2 maek it tru no need 2 serch the forums cuz dis how u do it i hoep this helpz plz liek my poast an give me +1 dimond if it work


>> No.69056568

You go to some computer shop far away and do it there.

>> No.69056578

You just described pass

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