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MPV is garbage.
have to learn programming language shit to understand what these tards are writing when i ask them for advice.
Like today i downloaded the Aquaman cam and it had only one side audio, i couldn't do shit, all their forums give me programming language shit i dont understand like wtf am i supposed to do with that shit? it looks like gibberish to me.

so i got VLC and right there in playback setting menu, changed from stereo to mono and i can finally watch the cam.

why can't MVP have user interface? is it because those fat neckbeards are too elitist?
i dont have time to learn programming to use a video player.

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I don't know how to programming but still doing pretty well on mpv. Maybe you are just retarded.

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so what do you do with that gibberish they quote you?
do you have to type it into some console to change volume?
lol screw that. those fat autists make it hard on purpose to feel superior lol

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Read manpages GUI noob.

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no, i have a life.

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>watching cam
>watching movie in mono
Yeah, you are retarded.

Nigger, just press * to gain and / to reduce volume.
Just read the fucking manual, use search feature to find options you need. You may have to use more brain but it's way faster digging through GUI.

>that gibberish they quote you
Those are not programming shit, those are options that you suppose to write in your configuration file. Again, read the fucking manual.
If you feel like this is too much work for you then use a GUI frontend, or stick with VLC and stop whining.

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*It's way faster than digging through GUI

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>* and /
>not 0 and 9

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shitposting on 4channel doesn't count

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Try MPC-qt

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Why does mpv stutter on my ideapad while mpc hc plays the same matroska smooth

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It's a difference in expectation. Don't use mpv if you don't like editing .conf files to customize it to your liking. Why would you be using it if you don't want to edit .conf files? Basically every other player out there has a gui and is user friendly, and you chose the one without a gui...when you want to have an easy to use gui?

If people want to have a video player that is controlled through a text file, so they can easily open and edit it within a terminal or their favorite text editor, because that suits their mouse-free workflow, that's up to them. It wasn't made for you or your workflow, so stop trying to use it. Use VLC or MPC or whatever suits your needs and stop complaining that not every single video player suits your needs.

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Are you using Windows? Mpv is notoriously buggy on pajeet os

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Device is not recommendet for babys first linux flash

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>do you have to type it into some console to change volume?
You can use the mouse wheel if your cursor hovers above the volume icon.

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What the fuck? Use SMPlayer with MPV instead then oh my fucking god you're so retarded and ignorant anon
Never post again retard

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This is literally one of the dumbest posts I've seen on this board all fucking week.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is what it's like to have sub-90 IQ.

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Read and so that you might learn.
>no, too busy shitting up 4chins
>I have a life you know

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The ratio of VLCShills per day is really reaching its peak. Jesus christ, at this point is just embarrasing.

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Its a circle jerk cult thing like linux, notice the same style of shilling, where the path of greater resistance is chosen to feel a sense of accomplishment that is lacking in other areas. Oh and MPV = Must Protect Virginity

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mpv is fine on Windows. Tbh I'd go as far as to say it works better on Windows than it does on Linux.

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VLC stands for low iQ standards.

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mpv has hardware acceleration disabled by default for some retarded reason

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sounds like you should stick to the Blu-Ray release or netflix, OP

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