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Why do they even include this information

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Ouch someone got fired

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Apple Music is available for Android. They want to expand their audience.

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Didn't something like that also happen in one Microsoft event? That they had the laptops hidden behind a podium but a quick slide of the camera showed a macbook

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Yes. A guy from Microsoft doing a demo also downloaded Chrome because Edge failed on him. Also, Samsung posted a tweet on Twitter using an iPhone, these things happen a lot.

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>inb4 someone posts the satan loli

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> inb4 >>68976256 posts the satan loli

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inb4 based

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I thought you guys meant a loli version of satan, like that chibi bephomet

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too late

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here it is, the best time of the day!

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I love you sataniafag

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based and redpilled

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Are you guys implying that everyone that works at Ferrari drives to work in one?

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I want to ___ that debiru.

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No necessarily a good analogy; however, it is expected of an Apple employee to use Apple products.

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I have a friend working at a Volkswagen partner company and he is not allowed to park on the company parking space with his BMW.

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_kiss_ uwu

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it's like this at the detroit plants, not so much a rule but if you roll up in anything but your respective employer you can expect your car to look a lot different at the end of the day

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Fucking LMAO!

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