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f*ck you /g/

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My first computer was a budget tower with a low/mid range AMD CPU & GPU and ever since then I've been discriminate against AMD

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>tfw when fell for the Ryzen meme

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Post your timestamped IHS or you are a faggot tardass shitposting on a 3rd gen i5.
T. R5 1600 at a comfy 3.8ghz at 1.35v idling at 28c on a stock cooler and content with my purchase.

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This. I have a 1700x and I've never, ever had an issue with my CPU. In gaming AND editing footage or doing CPU intensive shit. I will be buying zen 2

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>tfw fell for the intel meme
I cant believe I thought quadcore in 2019 was a good idea. How can I pleasure my wife now?

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That's what you get for being a poorfag

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>5 shekels have been deposited into your account
>5 rupees have been withdrawn from your account

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What's wrong with it?

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Nothing OP is a shill

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That's why you always buy Intel. You pay a few more bucks but get a quality and reliable product instead of a cheap pos.

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Same. I liked it at first because I was a console scrub that just moved to PC and was happy with 60hz. Now I hate it because I want 144hz and Ryzen is absolute shit for that.

I'm buying a 9700K / 2080 soon. I can't wait.

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ryzen is good if you do light gayming or if you're willing to settle for less fps for more productivity.

the issue is people listen to /g/ which is largely an anti-games board so they know jack shit about gaming, fps, etc. /g/ is also an amd shill board and anti-intel so put 2 and 2 together.

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That's the same cpu I have as well also same situation but I don't care too much about 144hz yet I suppose.

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>ayymd can't beat 5 years old cpu units

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>Fell for the Ryzen meme
>New project at work
>Have to compile massive as fuck project
>All cores at 100%
I'm glad I'm not a corelet. If only I fell for the meme harder and got a threadripper.

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I also have a 1700x. Never had a single issue with gaymes & audio engineering.

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looks like it's a late night shift at tel aviv

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>GTX 1060
>complaining about his CPU
never change /g/

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What is with you anti-AMD fags? I've only owned one gaming rig running an Intel and it was the most problematic piece of shit ever. I've owned 4 AMD based rigs (currently on a Ryzen) over the last 10 years and each one smokes what Intel equivalent is on the market. And yes...paid less. How retarded do u have to be to not know how to manage your hardware or OS? Fuck.

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I don't get it. Are you using 2133mhz ram or something?

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I know my GPU is not good but my friend with a 970 can hold 144fps in games like CSGO whilst my Ryzen cannot since it's single core speed is severely lacking.

Get this, my 1600 can't even hold a stable 50 FPS in Old School Runescape. A fucking early 2000's Java browser game.

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AMD hasn't even caught up with Ivy Bridge (2013) yet lol

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Oh even worse Ivy Bridge is 2012 lmao

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>my 1600 can't even hold a stable 50 FPS in Old School Runescape. A fucking early 2000's Java browser game.

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Nope. Look it up. It freezes and stutters constantly.

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I forgot to mention he has a 5 year old Intel CPU with his 970 and he gets better frames in every single game than I do with my 1600 and 1060. For the love of God, if you're thinking about buying Ryzen; don't!

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Saw a first gen Ryzen PC sitting in the trash this morning. Didn't even bother picking it up.

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you also forgot to mention that the 970 is way faster than the 1060 retard

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The 1060 is noticeably faster.

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> muh threads
> muh multitasking
> muh futureproof

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>the 970 is way faster than the 1060 retard
lol fucking wat

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>3.8ghz at 1.35v idling at 28c
is this a meme? 3.8ghz at 1.35v? AT 28C? my i9-9900k is running at 5.0ghz at 1.33v and is <15c at idle

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I think zen+ is pretty impressive considering it has 5% higher IPC than coffeelake. See pic related and

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Are you telling me that people who biught 1st gen ryzen should live with this shit after all the rampant shilling before and post launch?
>just buy our new cpu goy
>this time it's the real deal
>5% higher ipc than coffee lake
why amdrones are such liers
also if it were true you have 25% lower clocks

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>should live with this shit
Elaborate. What 'shit'?

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So you're playing dumb now huh
That 1700x with expensive ram loses to 8400 in DXR title.

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>spend 400$ on components

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Zen 1 in NO WAY was meant to compete with anything above skylake. In fact everyone speculated it was going to have 5-10% lower IPC than haswell. However it exceeded that and matched skylake IPC (see 1600X vs i5-6600K).

Because XFR was wonkey in zen 1 and has 5% lower IPC than coffeelake.

Anyway because of zen+'s higher IPC than coffeelake it means it needs lower clocks (ie 4.3GHz zen+ = 4.5 GHz coffeelake.

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Though upgrading to zen 2 would be a bigger jump tho. Zen 2 is meant to compete with the i9-9900K so going with intel now is only going to guarantee buyers remorse.

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Considering it's BF we're talking about, it'll see threaded optimizations eventually. I remember BF4 running poorly with 4c/8t and better with HT off when it came out, but eventually having HT on provided a much better experience. That and the video does show higher and more frequent frame time fluctuations with the Intel, something you should also consider. A frametime graph is a much better metric games. Anyway, if you feel jewed or whatever for buying a Ryzen, you're retarded. They're fine chips for a fine price, pulling much more weight than one would expect from them in this world where most of the shit is optimized for Intel, or even sabotaged by them.

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Holy shit, amdrones are the most disingenious faggots on this board.
>it was supposed to be bad
btw don't you faggots preach how CL is just skylake
now suddenly cf is better
make up your shill minds

>4.3ghz zen++++= 4.5ghz coffee
Do you faggots really belive this?
Also to get to 4.3ghz ryzen would cause housefires or you'd have to spend money on high binned chip.

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>posting that retarded graph
Can't wait for that scottish subhuman to backpedal hard again.

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File: 193 KB, 712x1435, aHR0cDovL21lZGlhLmJlc3RvZm1pY3JvLmNvbS9PLzUvNzY1NTA5L29yaWdpbmFsL2ltYWdlMDA4LnBuZw==(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Coffeelake DOES have 5% higher IPC than skylake but everyone though adding moar coars would magically give you 50% better FPS. It didn't and that's where all this CL = SL misinformation came from.

YES, zen+ does in fact have higher IPC than coffeelake, the problem is cheap RAM reduces performance on core latency.

Also XFR works better in zen+ and it results in the 2700X (8 cores/16 threads) to have the same performance as an i7-8700K (assuming good RAM) while having 40% LOWER power consumption.

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It matches up with ROME so it's pretty hard to debunk at this point. 7nm chiplets increase yields and increase clocks.

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>is this a meme
>goes on to post a meme

post proof or you're running a liquid cooled Atom rig faggot.

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What refrigent water chiller are you using? The one most i9-9900K owners have seems pretty steep in price desu.

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File: 88 KB, 755x561, aHR0cDovL21lZGlhLmJlc3RvZm1pY3JvLmNvbS9DLzkvODA1MjU3L29yaWdpbmFsL2ltYWdlMDA3LnBuZw==(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

8-core intel processor for comparison.

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Oh wait he's serious.


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Must be doing something wrong senpai, I've got a 1600 and it pairs great with my 1080, CSGO rock solid frames pretty much every game is fantastic. Funny story my brother has a 4770K it struggles in everything and he has freezes and CTD's constantly.

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Please give me some solid proof 7nm chiplets are not possible on AM4. It's obviously going on threadripper.

>> No.68918804

I don't have to prove anythibg because I'm not making retarded claims based on """"leaks"""".
I'll just wait for CES and watch the damage control that retard is going to do.

>> No.68918805

>it was supposed to be bad hur dur
fuck up intel cock sucker, the only reason you are posting on an intel cpu with more than 4 cores is because of Ryzen, they pushed intel into making advancements.

>> No.68918825

not him but your just doing the typical retard style posting of dismissing links with supporting evidence whist posting nothing of value yourself.

go away.

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7nm chiplets are more than HALF the size of zen+ quad-core modules and the 2700X doesn't even use all the die space. The only problem left is power consumption for the 16-core parts but given ROME will be about 3W/core at 2.45GHz it's not really going to be an issue as double that around 3.6-4.0 GHz IS possible at ~95W TDP.

Hope you're not on an intel system right now because the amount of buyer's remorse incoming in impalpable.

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Adding to this: the 2990WX already does 6W/core with a 3.4 GHz PB across all cores and it's not even 7nm.

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>alledged leak a basement dweller ( yes adored is a neet) got from " industry insider" is supportive evidence
I hope you adoretard dicksuckers would vanish and stop polluting the internet after he's proven wrong again, but it's wishful thinking that imbeciles who watch that retard have a modicum of shame.

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That's horse shit.

>> No.68918920

more diversion, how about you post supporting evidence which proves that the reduction to 7nm wont provide the benefits other anons are claiming?

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Intel fanboys everyone.

>> No.68918978

Look up how burden of proof works. By the way lots of posts ITT are going into the post zen2 release macro.

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This. I've been an Intel fag for over a decade straight constantly gobbling up their penis.

I decided I was sick of being sucked dry of the Jew and went for Ryzen 1700x. I've never had an issue except for dried thermal paste.

It's the best performance I've had consistently over a year without reformatting.

>> No.68919004

look up how to contribute value to threads. You would learn a lot.

>> No.68919056

They are not sending their best kek

I wonder what it is about intel hiring immature sounding retards as their shill brigade, like that is somehow going to win people to their side.

>> No.68919058

> clickbait is value now
hahaha Adored is that you?
Fishing for clicks

>> No.68919111

stop acting like a retard.

>> No.68919249

There's nothing wrong tmwith the 1060. It actually has VRAM.

>> No.68919341

Doesn't change the fact the retards claims are hilarious. Actually the retards are those who give him clicks.
What are you gonna do when the stupid graph is confirmed fake? Claim that he was contacted by intel shill who lured him into creating fake hype. Poor adoretard.

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>he's a /v/tard

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Can't wait till mama su purges all you jews with zen 2, you would be forced to either switch sides or burn alive with the new 10 core 14nm part

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Adored provided his evidence
The thing about burden of proof is that now it is up to YOU to tell us why you disagree with that evidence

>> No.68919562

>rumors and speculation are evidence
Amdrones are braindead.
The evidence will be at CES and hopefully you retards will kill yourselves.

>> No.68919653

That speculation is based on improvements to the 7nm node, the math adds up
Not only that, by his own claim, sources that provide a lot of detail tend to be pretty reliable, he got over 15 emails of information. The final nail on the coffin is that Kyle from hardocp agrees with him albeit with a minor amount of errors, he has been in the industry far longer than most people have and he has a lot of sources.

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So should I wait until AMD announce their new CPUs? I was thinking of buying a 9600k before the new year

>> No.68919709

What do you currently have

>> No.68919718

Oh yeah kyle. Who make that embarrassing "benchmark" how vega feels like 1080ti after amd started paying him as a result of his previous bitching.
I'll wait for official sources but adoretard will find a way to damage control and his NPC fanbase will eat it.

>> No.68919731

imagine being this ass blasted

>> No.68919756

Actually I' m having a laugh. How retards can fall for adoretard clickbait again and take his words as a fact.

>> No.68919770

I find these threads odd because the OP barely contributed anything to the board by posting a customer experience (with a bit of board self-awareness) which could have gone in an existing thread
-- but the board then goes and makes thia big ol' discussion out of it so no harm done

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You are a retard, 1600 can handle 144hz gaming just fine.
Your shitty 1060 is the bottleneck, retard.

>> No.68919799

Shut the fuck up Joe, you retard. The difference is like 10fps. Light gaming my ass, why do Intel shills like to exaggerate so much?

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Bought a 2700x and left it at stock. 4790k at 4.6GHz. Did a time test on rendering the same video/settings in Premiere. 8:20 long video rendered in 15:23 with my 4790k and 10:03 with the 2700x. About a 33% decrease in render time despite Premiere being "better with Intel." Plus timeline scrubbing seems to be WAY smoother now.

Probably wasn't worth buying but I have money to waste. Sick of "wait until X." Idling at 48c with the shitty Spire cooler than came with the CPU. Waiting on my AIO bracket to get delivered.

>> No.68919811

>Benchmarking in a strange way makes you terrible at being accurate on leaks
Sure, if we go by that logic, you are completely correct. Got any related evidence that ruins his credibility?

>> No.68919821

Same song and dance with AMDrones, as always.

>> No.68919828

>tfw bought a gtx970 3 years ago and it still performs as well as it did the first day

>> No.68919834

What are you on about? I really like how my 2400g performs. It is also decent relative to the power consumed.

And I'm going to guess you went with some gaymen tier faster Ryzen. No clue what you'd complain about.

>> No.68919835

I will always say to not use AIOs ever. You either want the reliable, perfectly adequate, safe cooling of air or the expensive, hard work satisfaction, and risk of losing all of your parts to leaks of your own custom loop.

>> No.68919845

Adobeshit is some of the worst software anyhow. People who use that shouldn't ever complain about performance anyhow.

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>Zen 2 leaks happen
>Desperate Intel shill falseflag threads increase tenfold on the board
It's probably just people trolling and not real shills but come the fuck on, just fuck off already.

>> No.68919874

like a clock 20 days before ces amd hate threads start to appear frequently

>> No.68919880

>I...it's a falseflag when I don't like it!
The absolute VIRGO SUPERCLUSTER of AMDrones

>> No.68919888

Working overtime to get those extra shekels so you can afford your industrial chiller solution this Hanukkah, Schlomo?

>> No.68919898

Not really, Pajeet, pretty comfy right now.

>> No.68919899

Yes, yes. We're on to you. Go back to making those *crashes premiere* threads, few remember those.

>> No.68919902

Yeah, must be comfy with that Intel Space Heater.

>> No.68919911

>adored is now intel false flagger
AMDrones must be euthanised

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Had mine for years with no issues. Plus I still have my giant air cooler in case the AIO does die. I mostly just like the look on the radiator instead of a bunch of fins off the CPU.

For some reason the same video in Vegas had rendering times 3x longer than Premiere with the same settings. No idea why. Premiere does suck but I don't use it for much except putting clips together.

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>tfw fell for the ryzen meme
>tfw did NOT fell for the thinkpad meme

>> No.68920220

I still feel sorry for you, anon. Rationalising and hitting levels of sour grapes hitherto not thought physically possible after wasting your money on a Core i7, and then A) realising you could have had 95% of the performance for 50% of the money, and B) now having to live under a bridge because you subsequently couldn't afford the rent. I'll give you the same advice I give you every time you regurgitate this thread: learn from the experience, and move on. It will make you a better person.

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Trips of truth destroy intel shitter shills.

>> No.68920261

Like seeing a girl naked, that never happened - /g/ are notorious dumpster-divers (as evidenced by endless "this shit in 200MB RAM", "EBIL BLOAT", etc. threads) and would therefore happily take home a P3 half-full of used condoms.

>> No.68920288

the people whining about the performance of their ryzen builds are either lying or they used 2400mhz ram.

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>tfw Ryzen 1700 is at the bottom of the barrel
>pic related
screw you /g/ for memeing this.

>> No.68920309

I've fell for a lot of shit memes over the years but amd have always rubbed me the wrong way.

When you buy amd you're admitting defeat. You're compromising. I'd rather spend an extra $100 on Intel than be reminded of my failures every time I need some computing to do.

If it's for a non primary rig, sure go ahead. But not for my personal machine.

>> No.68920321


get a better GPU before you start spouting bullshit just because you have bottlenecked GPU in the first place.

>> No.68920335

I sold my ryzen 1600 a year ago to buy 8700k. The more time passes, the more I'm convinced I did the right move (which was questionable at the time).
I don't have to wait for zen+, zen 2 or whatever because I have top performance NOW and I had it for a year. It has been great. That's what actually matters.

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File: 1.27 MB, 140x140, 1360136862945.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the guy living in his parents basement trying to lecture anyone on defeat and compromise.

>a six core processor is top performance

Man you guys are the gift that keeps on giving.

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>have a 2600x
>and no regrets

>> No.68920412

Make sure to run Cinebench for 925th time, maybe it will ease the pain from your severe case of buyer's remorse.

>> No.68920428

>projection: the post
Yeah, Ryzen owners are the ones posting these cope threads every half-hour. Try again, sad boy.

>> No.68920444

>daddy won't buy me a core i9-99999k

>> No.68920462

Trips confirm OP is underage.

>> No.68920482

>Yeah, Ryzen owners are the ones posting these cope threads every half-hour
But they are, anon. There are tens of INTCEL BTFO LMAO threads in the catalog at every point of time, where amdrones roleplay using their sweet wojak edits. That's the exact meaning of cope. Meanwhile intel users just don't give a fuck.
Jokes on you though, I'm building an R3 2200G low-power system for my parents right now.

>> No.68920508
File: 316 KB, 882x758, amdloo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.68920509

The projection, it burns.
Genuine poorfags are happy to have a computer with 90% of the grunt for half the cash. They have no remorse.
Non-poorfags are happy with 90% of the CPU, and spent the difference on a beefier GPU. They have no remorse.
Only rich kids, or daddy-bought-it-for-me kids, are sore that Ryzen is so close that they have no bragging rights.

*checks catalog for these tens of threads, finds zero*
*checks again for the usual AMD IS SHIT RATIONALISATION threads, finds three right now*
Care to try again?

>> No.68920552

>are sore that Ryzen is so close that they have no bragging rights
Fucking this. You've already failed if you can't point to the superiority of your own product, and have to spam "competitor crashes premiere", "competitor cant even run a web browser" , "competitor is a meme", etc. all day. It's pretty sad and transparent.

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>> No.68920590

>I have no counterargument - as usual
Yes, I know you've lost. It's what losers do. Duh.

>> No.68920604

>caught lying in such an easily-checked way
>posts cope meme
Imagine my shock.

>> No.68920634

8700k is the best CPU to buy right now
lol at using anything else

>> No.68920673

t. shitskins

>> No.68920752
File: 32 KB, 636x773, 1234567890123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

0.01 shekels has been deposited into your account. Now go sell your asshole elsewhere.

>> No.68920767

I will poo in your AM4 socket

>> No.68920774

this game was pretty rad

>> No.68920802

You know, the k in 9600k stands for kotatsu

>> No.68921220

><15C idle
you either live on the north pole, or have a chiller on there.
you cant get sub ambient temperatures without exotic cooling.

>> No.68921786

>Only on Intel will you get all the latest security flaws. AMD does not offer any of these cutting-edge vulnerabilities! Buy now, only 699.99$! Also available under a payment plan of only 42$/month (only 1.5% interest per month!) over 24 months. Stop kvetching and get the best gaming performance EVER (new mainboard sold separately, some assembly required, delidding not included in the price)

>> No.68921840

You should maybe install the GPU drivers, because especially in high fps gaming at fullhd and above, the CPU literally will never bottleneck you if you're using any one from the last few generations, it will always be a GPU boundary.

I don't play CS:GO a lot, but I get around 200 fps in a Ryzen 1700 with an RX580

>> No.68921965

You're reason enough for me to want to have this forum not be anonymous. I'd love to rub it in your face when the leaks get confirmed in January. The look on your face will be priceless.

On a related note, find a new employer. Soon, Intel won't be able to afford your services.

>> No.68921985

>I don't like the source so it's not valid
Burden of proof is on you to use arguments as to why you think the leaks make no sense. Using ad hominem to attack the source is a logical fallacy and does not count as an argument. So show your work, shill.

>> No.68922040

back to whatever shithol you've crawled from
are you frustrated this isn't plebbit and you can' t downvote poeple who expose your messiah adoretard?
are you going to leave this place and stop shitting it after you're proven wrong yet again?

>> No.68922064

Wow you're mad

>> No.68922098

You sure showed me, newfag. Back to your "forum"

>> No.68922111

Please stop embarrassing yourself son. You're transparent as fuck. It's just sad at this point.

>> No.68922139

Just installed my 1700x and easily hit 4ghz
feels good man

>> No.68922146

>gets exposed as newfag
Fuck off, retard. You're fresh out of plebbit.

>> No.68922155

>1600 can handle 144hz gaming just fine. Your shitty 1060 is the bottleneck, retard.


>> No.68922181

>1060 bottlenecking a 1060
Are you actually retarded?

>> No.68922188


I have a stock 2600 and even that doesnt bottleneck my RTX2080 retardo. 97% gpu usage at most games. Oh wait, you must play at 720p. At 1440p the difference is almost unoticable. I would gain 5% perforance with a 9900k and the cpu alone would cost as much as a 2600, b450 board and 16gb of 3200mhrz ram. Fuck off incel. Waiting for christmas deals to get a noctua d15 so I can oc to 4.2ghrz and will upgrade to 3700x at 2019. Funny thing is that a 9900k, z390 and ram would cost more than everything i bought PLUS the 3700x. Intel brainlets...

>> No.68922201

Like pottery.

>> No.68922211

tfw my 6700k build died, feels bad man.
but I have zen2 to look forward to, feels good man.

>> No.68922231

>tfw AMD 16 core Zen2 @5Ghz will require one third the power (at least).

>> No.68922335

1080p is CPU bound you fucking retards. A GTX 1060 should crush CSGO but yes Ryzen is lacking in single core speed and even with a gTX 1060 CSGO struggles to keep a STEADY 144fps. Sure, it HITS 144fps, but then it also drops to 120fps. Fuck off with your GPU bullshit. A GTX 1060 paired with any 5 year old Intel CPU will run CSGO 300 fps steady.

>> No.68922441

The 8700K is a great GAMING CPU if you have the shekels.
Ryzen 2700X is a great all rounder and beats the 8700K in productivity (aprt from Adobew but they are shit anyhow).

Choose your poison. Neither is 'better' than the other. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. But the 2700X is better value all round if you want to save some extra cash to put towards a better GPU.

>> No.68922491

company ethics is also a pro for the 2700x.
its sad nobody seems to care about long term.

>> No.68922492

t. shitskins seething

>> No.68922520



>> No.68922543

Is this the bugged speccy makes me think my CPU is melting thread?

>> No.68922547

CPUs don't die, anon.

>> No.68922686

>build = cpu
read again

>> No.68922755

There's nothing I love more than AMD vs Intel threads.

>> No.68922760


Wtf is this monkey talking about. I have steady 300-250 frames in csgo at 1440p on competitive settings. Unless you play on ultra... in which case.. you are a brainlet.

>> No.68922813

Only a redditor knows how other redditors act

>> No.68922993

Oh yes, 4chan is totally a forum. Fuck off retard.

>> No.68923008

Why Is amd still shit?

>> No.68923026
File: 1.83 MB, 700x5000, 1528631062125.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68923077
File: 1.25 MB, 1845x1923, Intel_OYY_VEYYYYYYYYYY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>f*ck you /g/

Ignore those stinky /g/ facts and embrace our Intel common sense.

*shakes hands*

All you need to know my goym is that money equals performance. As long as you give us more shekels, of course!

>> No.68923081

He's making shit up, my 1600 destroys CSGO at 1080p 144Hz, and turning up the settings only loads the gpu more.

>> No.68923187
File: 61 KB, 720x714, 56a5007b807f7[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

unironically this happened with the Kaby Lake X, but sides lose all the time


>> No.68923210


fucking Incelfags AMDrones still believe that CPUs will last long

>> No.68923249
File: 64 KB, 691x771, intel-wojak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68923264

Just replace the motherboard then.

>> No.68923301

>slighty less revenue
you'll be fine, just accept reality

I have honestly no idea what's wrong with it, most likely the motherboard, but it could also be the ram, cpu or psu.

>> No.68923302
File: 185 KB, 436x313, 3797170D72FF4933A5C0DCC33B4790FE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2700x best CPU I've had since my i7 920 back in 08 k7 2700xp in 03 and 386sx in 89
Ahem sip fuck Intel Lake CPUs and fuck niggers

>> No.68923377
File: 15 KB, 272x213, SUGEEE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I fell for the ryzen meme
>Can encode my Chinese cartoons webms almost instantly
>Can play vidya just fine with FPS above 100 in most games
>Can get decent OCs with the stock cooler
if I had gone for intel I would've been stuck on a quad core processor that's only good for gaymen that needed a decent aftermarket cooler to even get remotely acceptable temps, thank goodness I fell for the ryzen meme.

>> No.68923385

Change the power management mode to maximum performance in the nvidia control panel for your GPU.

>> No.68923389

The 1700x was the best CPU I ever bought. Literally no issues.

>> No.68923454

lmao thats shit you ryjeet

>> No.68923483

>Buying 6c/6t cpu this close to 2019

>> No.68923607
File: 3.42 MB, 4366x2638, 1543758753426.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Incelkike calling anyone a poo

>> No.68923649

Everyone I know irl is like this and it genuinely pisses me off. "I had an eMachines sempron (with integrated graphics) that I bought for $300 in 2007! Games were slow on it, So all amd products suck!"

I try to explain to people that they're comparing a Celeron to an i7 and they still don't care lol. I have to have a Ryder pc that they get impressed by and then they still say "well I'm sure intel does that better too, all computers are so fast these days"

>> No.68923660

Play Renegade X
Its free
Bad map balance is fixed
I love it
Thank you

>> No.68923681

I have 300fps constant in csgo with a 2600 so maybe you have another problem in your rig (bad memory?)

>> No.68923769
File: 62 KB, 540x772, 7b1555bc2e35f785e085faf57a1cebd6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ryzen is good
>r/amd still screams that i'm a shill
most benchmarks show a 12-19 fps gain from the 9900k to the 2700x. price aside, if you want the best results for gayming you're going to still buy intel.
does anyone else remember when ayymd shills said ryzen 7 wasn't for gaming and benchmarks wouldn't matter until zen 2.

>> No.68924172

You can blame amd marketing. They've managed to create a rabid cult of mentally unstable people who would defend them to their last breath.
The sad part is that people get annoyed by their constant nagging and delirious ramblings and won't even consider buying anything associated with their ilk.

>> No.68924200
File: 78 KB, 691x669, goyming.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>D-D-Dudes, AMD is s-so b-bad that their Ryzen CPUs even lose to Intel i5 8400 haha-ha, b-buy Intel it j-just works!
tfw most /v/fags are too much redpilled to be saved

>> No.68924222
File: 604 KB, 800x523, 1488933859408.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68924262
File: 43 KB, 1024x512, f2be2ead29d6e78a55ff8d3c4534f2ca-1024x512.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i5 8400
>10% worse than R5 2600

>> No.68924263
File: 223 KB, 811x1024, 1528292848450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wouldn't buy Intel pozzed garbage even if it was infinitely better for just $1.

>> No.68924294

are you guys saying that 8th gen i5's are actually worse than an Ivy Bridge one? Cuz... >>68924200

>> No.68924309
File: 944 KB, 1228x1502, 1492855909643.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Multi-core doesn't matter!
>Productivity doesn't matter!
>Price/performance doesn't matter!
>Performance per watt doesn't matter!
>Power usage doesn't matter!
>Temperatures don't matter!
>Soldered dies don't matter!
>Stutters don't matter!
>Streaming doesn't matter!
>Data centers don't matter!
>Locked CPUs don't matter!
>OEMs don't matter!
>Hyperscalers don't matter!
>Upgradeability doesn't matter!
>Anti-competitive business practices don't matter!
>Locked platform features don't matter!
>Synthetic loads don't matter!
>PCI-e lanes don't matter!
>Burnt pins don't matter!
>Heat doesn't matter!
>1771w cooler doesn't matter!
>Server space doesn't matter!
>ECC support doesn't matter!
>Free RAID doesn't matter!
>NVMe RAID doesn't matter!
>StoreMI doesn't matter!
>IPC doesn't matter!
>7nm doesn't matter!
>StoreMI doesn't matter!
>HEDT doesn't matter!
>Stock coolers don't matter!
>Security doesn't matter!
>Games don't always matter!
>Enterprise doesn't matter!
>Hyperthreading doesn't matter!
>VMware doesn't matter!
>MySQL doesn't matter!
>Unix doesn't matter!
>Linux doesn't matter!
>Waffer yields don't matter!
>Benchmarks after full patches don't matter!
>Asian markets don't matter!
>Own fabrics don't matter!
>Chipset lithography doesn't matter!
>Cray doesn't matter!
>Cisco doesn't matter!
>HPE doesn't matter!
>AZURE doesn't matter!
>5nm doesn't matter!
>TDP doens't matter!
>10nm doesn't always matter!
>Cache doesn't matter!
>Integrated graphics doesn't matter!
>PCI-Express 4.0 doesn't matter!

>> No.68924330

Bad memory is my favorite meme.

>> No.68924343

Does it have single player?

>> No.68924360

this is a really immature attitude.
I started all AMD, then Intel+AMD, then Intel+Nvidia and now I'm AMD+Nvidia.
Fanboys make a bigger deal of it than it really is, either because they haven't tried the other team or they just had one bad experience that's entirely incidental or their fault.

>> No.68924412

>You can blame amd marketing.
>implying Intel's product placement and sponsoring to be transparent

>> No.68924443

>product placement and sponsoring
unironically the only marketing strategies they do

>> No.68924472

Are you retarded or what? He even a
specified he was talking about 1080p

1080p = CPU load (single core in the case of CS)
1440p = GPU load
Ryzen = shit single core speed
Intel = great single core speed

>> No.68924492

Amd marketing was always immature. It goes back to P4 days with their prescott survival kit. It's natural it would appeal to football team like crowd.

>> No.68924823
File: 611 KB, 1920x1080, 1534204099106.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Intel is shit.

>> No.68925766
File: 77 KB, 940x470, s3-news-tmp-111981-intel--2x1--940[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's natural it would appeal to football team like crowd.
and it is

>> No.68925787

Yeah, zen2 is gonna be a monster.
It will still probably perform a bit less in gayming, because of latency, than intel, but it will absolutely destroy intel's hedt platform.
Imagine owning a 7980X right now.

>> No.68925813
File: 28 KB, 720x474, 1495283059089.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>1080p = CPU load
>1440p = GPU load

>> No.68925834

>sponsoring other market segments

>> No.68925864

But CS:GO runs on an ancient engine, and there's not much of a difference in modern games.

>> No.68925905
File: 30 KB, 856x430, 10 - Performance Index.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

latency is fixed with good ram on zen+ and ddr5 will make high end ddr4 ram even cheaper

>> No.68925922


>> No.68925929

i also said stock cooler, retard.

>> No.68925951
File: 66 KB, 432x432, 1519356244770.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how do we know that this AMD / Intel / NVidia shill battle isn't just some machine learned behavior?

>> No.68925958

I'm talking cache latency.
And thread migrations around CCX cores.
Some apps are heavily affected by it.

>> No.68925980

Must be nice, having your window opened in the middle of fucking December.

>> No.68926005

Right which can be affected by RAM. Infinity fabric operates at the speed and latency of RAM, it was done so their server chips could function as intended instead of "glued on chips" as intel mocked them for. Anyway even if zen doesn't sort this out they still have a meaty 10-15% increase in IPC to reap.

>> No.68926031
File: 15 KB, 600x580, 1501955843127.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine what it feels like to be this retarded

>> No.68926044

It's literally because Infinity Fabric is running at half the memory speed.
But if you go with specs, zen+ only supports 2933 ddr4.
Granted, that's better than Intel's 2666 Mhz rating.
It's important, because the memory controller is on the CPU. So overclocking your RAM is actually overclocking your CPU as well.

>> No.68926096

Currently have an i5 3570k with a 1070, it's showing its age right now and slightly bottlenecking my gpu, changing my cpu however would force me to get a new motherboard and ddr4 ram which I'm fine with, my whole pc could use an upgrade other than my gpu

Is it a bad idea because more cpus are coming out with more cores and threads?
I only care about single core performance and it seem that the 9600k is the best bang for buck in the area of $200-300

>> No.68926118
File: 48 KB, 800x729, 8nRqoXW.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the feel when when

>> No.68926216

there are 8 cores in a ccx now though, so latency should be fine.
taking into account that the game is aware of the ccxs.

>> No.68926227

i, for one, can't wait to get myself a 3700x, or maybe even a 3850x

>> No.68926234

No, a zen core is 2x4 cores.

>> No.68926510
File: 12 KB, 830x541, ryzen2-mem-w3-2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68926790

Our he pumps his ac

>> No.68926878

>Post your timestamped IHS or you are a faggot tardass shitposting on a 3rd gen i5.
>either you disassemble your cpu and make a picture or you are lying

>> No.68926912

delete this you incel

>> No.68926929

b-b-but it has more threads how is this possible?! It was supposed to be more proof.
Quick bros, post some made incel wojacks with intel hats to cheer me up, I need to know my bros have my back

>> No.68927126

AMD barely had marketing before, nobody bought Athlon64 during the Pentium4 days for a reason, and Athlon64 even performed better than P4 (unlike its shitty follow ups few years later called Bulldozer), but again, it's obvious why AMD's marketing is outright retarded (since they did none back then), it's like SJWs but with hardware instead

>> No.68927195

They like to push you to extrenuous lengths so that when you don't comply, they can call you a little later and continue on in their narrative.

The main thing that annoys me is that AMD shills think there's no such thing as binning and if they got a golden non-X that can do decently, then everyone that doesn't match theirs is a liar or stupid

>> No.68927354

They recently made a lot of optimizations with amd for csgo. I think a 2700x can get around 250-300 fps at high settings but I'm not too sure on that.

>> No.68927363
File: 28 KB, 760x506, 1528928220086.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's obvious that people defend, since Intel only relies on common to defend itself, Intel has barely any marketing for their consumers, all they do are sponsorships with events, product placement and exclusive branding on pre-built PCs, majorly indirect marketing. Intel always wins as long as there are consumers who lack knowledge of hardware. No matter if AMD makes a better CPU than Intel's, Intel will always win as every kid on the corner says "AMD? I only know Intel".


>> No.68927366

The last 5 days have had more anti ryzen posts than the last 2 months. Is intel releasing something new soon? or is ryzen releasing something new?
Either way intel is paying massive amounts of money to get the word out.

>> No.68927381

Can't believe people think adored leaks are anything close to true.
>Double the cores
>WITH +20% frequency we couldn't touch prior
>At almost the same TDP
>And the same price

AMD will show a 12 core 3800x at CES that does 4.5GHz and every AMD shills will suddenly change their tune to
>Of course it wasn't going to hit that clock, wait for zen2+

>> No.68927414

>AMD barely had marketing before
> nobody bought Athlon64 during the Pentium4 days for a reason,
I did, because I am not a dumb goy that needs marketing to make my decision.
>it's obvious why AMD's marketing is outright retarded (
I don't know, you got /g/tards shilling AMD literally for years. They defended it when it was shit bulldozer, think how hard they will shill if the AMD product isn't utter garbage.
The answer, you can see all around you.

>> No.68927446

>Intel always wins as long as there are consumers who lack knowledge of hardware. No matter if AMD makes a better CPU than Intel's, Intel will always win as every kid on the corner says "AMD? I only know Intel".
you know that that reality is slowly degrading on the long game, Intel sales are decreasing to AMDs, imagine if AMD keeps getting better and Intel getting more issues each year

>> No.68927451
File: 824 KB, 1140x1067, idsnipeher.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty much this, I cant tell if its AMD fanboys larping as intel shills to piss off people, or actual Intel shills in damage control. Shills are pretty fucking stupid so I dont put it past them to go into such blatantly obvious astroturfing though.

>> No.68927459
File: 59 KB, 640x795, 2700x.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw ryzen 2700x running at 4ghz @ 35c

>> No.68927485


>> No.68927495

no ur retarded

>> No.68927511

shitposting is not a workload you retard

>> No.68927544
File: 745 KB, 500x275, 1530388640263.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw I got bullied at school for not having a Pentium

>> No.68927555
File: 44 KB, 519x561, underload.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

eat my asshole

>> No.68927631

>Suddenly 10° hotter
>Didn't post utilization either
>Probably will run prime95 for 3 seconds and screen cap before temp ramp up

Why are AMDrones so subhuman

>> No.68927770

>tfw I got bullied at school for not having a Pentium
Just like people are now bullying intel owners? Hmm

>no duration
>no this is what workload was used
eh, people laugh at intel owners, but amd owners that marvel at idel temps

>> No.68927812

>posts idle temps
>posts workload temps

intel retards

>> No.68927829

unpaid shills
>they do it for free

>> No.68927874

Noone talks about frequency and idle temps without mentioning idle.
You got called out for bullshitting, so you sperg out.
At least I only asked for software screen cap instead of what this guy wanted: >>68914778

>> No.68928098

Always do the opposite of what /g/ tells you. This place is fucking infested with amd pajeets shilling their shit products.

>> No.68928126

4.6GHz WAT

>> No.68928142

We call them intards, and they're inherently retarded since they fell for the jewish speed holes tricks.

>> No.68929301

How's your Hailea treating ya

>> No.68931086

are there any good renderers besides pro render that work on amd gpus?

>> No.68931122

what happened cute OP?

>> No.68931730

>L-Look at me, i watched hardware unboxed!
The guy is retarded and thinks the "25%" performance increase for 7nm relates to cores and clockspeed when TSMC only meant clockspeed. I genuinely wonder if he thinks thinks rome is black magic because it has double the performance at the same tdp

>> No.68931762

How in the ever loving shit did you get the 2700x to 4.6ghz?

>> No.68931854

You forgot doesn't include fan/heatsink.

>> No.68931856

Is Ryzen really bad or is it just company wars?

>> No.68932341

Ryzen doesn't work well on Windows and video games

>> No.68932616

Only high core threadripper parts dont work well on windows because it doesnt know what to do with all the cores since its numa and scheduler are shit

>> No.68933123
File: 29 KB, 678x452, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never watch hardware unboxed
I said clocks peed twice, not performance.

But nice work pretending I said something else so you could break it down

>> No.68933202

lol i5 8400 is complete shit when paired with a GTX 1060 6GB.

>> No.68933227

Works fine for games. The hell are you on about?

>> No.68933269

9600K is shit. Did you not see Gamers Nexus benchmarks and those horrible 1% lows?

>> No.68933343

Ryzen boosts to higher clocks than 4.3 occasionally. Especially with a very good cooler. It won't hold those clocks but it will boost higher given the chance at least briefly.

>> No.68933355

My Ryzen is great. No problems, even paired with a 1080.

>> No.68933709

Make sure your cpu cooler is connected properly. Or check your temps first.

>> No.68933729

I love my Ryzen!

>> No.68933735

My apologies, i thought you were just parroting what he said
The 3850x is supposedly a 25% increase in clockspeed which is offset by the new node, the problem comes in with the 100% increase in core count with only around a 50% increase in TDP. I think it can be explained by a combination of these factor
TDP's are mostly pure shit (take the i7 7700k and i9 9900k for example)
Perfect binning because zen die's are highly scalable which gives AMD the ability to mix and match perfect cores with eachother
The fact that its easier to dissipate heat when all the cores are not packed in a single die, the 3850x will have 2 die's if it truly has 16 cores and that will make it far easier to cool (TDP is a measurement of how much watts you have to dissipate in the form of heat)
Ill keep my hopes up for now

>> No.68933800

Are you sure that the software just cant detect the clockspeed accurately?

>> No.68933909

I did not, just checked it out.
So basically the 9600k has quite a few frame pacing issues at 5ghz+ but has less pacing issues at stock?
Also they only showed two games, one of which was far cry 5 which had the worst pacing, Ass Odyssey however seemed to have been completely fine.

So if I don't play far cry 5 and keep my cpu below a 5.2ghz clock, I should be fine right?

And if not, what cpu would you suggest?

>> No.68933916

>actual retard: the post

>> No.68933970

What? Zen+ I'd 3-5% behind *lake in IPC. Ipc =/= clockspeed. But as you can see that's an overclocked 2600 vs a locked i5 8400. Intel fanboys often throw a foot and say it should be compared stock only, but or cs the 8600k which costs more than $100 more.

>> No.68934001

Coffee lake has rhe same per core performance as skylake, any improvements made that could have increased IPC is offset by ringbus penalties. Zen+ may in theory be capable of higher ipc, but not on safe daily settings. Even with aggressively timed 3466 memory it falls behind. I say this as a happy 2700x owner. Stop fucking lying and posting unrelated graphs to obfuscate your bullshit.

>> No.68934005

> not getting a good server to compile work for the project and using a home computer

>> No.68934027

Not saying it will happen, but if it does happen.. I can't wait to see the sheer number of shit posting threads laughing at people like you. You're probably the same retard 3 days before the next horizon event who couldn't tell the difference between a patent file date and publish date.

>> No.68934070

Would you fuck off to adored cult YT channel and kill yourself when his leaks are confirmed fake?

>> No.68934097

Ooh, dont call it that, Steve will sperg out. Frame time spikes or large, varying frame time intervals.

>> No.68934110

Its just doing an occasional single core boost in each of them individually.

>> No.68934149

Its only rated to boost up to 4.35 in a single core so i don't think its likely even with diamond tier silicon, try installing the ryzen master utility and see what it detects there

>> No.68934199

>cpu units

>> No.68934236

>intlel can't beat their own 5 year old cpu units(sic)
Pay attention, boy.

>> No.68934251

is it coincidence that for the third amd launch suddenly /g/ fills up with anti amd?


>> No.68934253

They're already confirmed fake. There's a huge thread over on Plebbit somewhere where the faker and his mates had a good old (and well-deserved, if you ask me) laugh about it.

>> No.68934275

Oh, Intcel copemasters are running scared, make no mistake. I don't know why though, Zen2 won't be any sort of revolution. It's a silicon thing - the gap is going to stay this close (or closer) until we abandon it.

>> No.68934295

the problem is the mindshare thats is what intel is afraid of loosing..
once the mindshare shifts the actual market will reflect it almost instantly

>> No.68934320

The 25% increase is *max boost* ie 1-2 threads of work. Additionally amd's precision boost operates within tdp for all core turbo. So if you look at 1800x tier silicon running 3.7ghz all core for 95w. Now that's not all core power, you have to remove 20-25w for soc power based on memory speed. In spec should be around 20w, so that's 75w for cores. 16 cores at around 3.7ghz would have the exact same power draw. So if we assume zen2 will have similar soc power draw, just say 25w because faster memory. That's at least a 46% increase in power budget for the cores rhat are drawing less than 5w each to maintain equivalent clocks. They're *well* within the efficiency curve at that point. Do you *honestly* think it's that far out of the question to get 15-20% more clocks for 46%+ more power?

>> No.68934352 [DELETED] 

But to be fair, keeping that mindshare is going to be trivial with Intel's advertising budget - to say nothing of the 10,000-strong corporate deployments (their bread-and-butter) that will always buy Intel, even if every single CPU jumps out of its socket and kills the IT department head's mother in her sleep. You aren't going to move these sorts of "lifers" until for a generation.

>> No.68934360

But to be fair, keeping that mindshare is going to be trivial with Intel's advertising budget - to say nothing of the 10,000-strong corporate deployments (their bread-and-butter) that will always buy Intel, even if every single CPU jumps out of its socket and kills the IT department head's mother in her sleep. You aren't going to move these sorts of "lifers" for at least a generation.
>inb4 REAL generation, not a fucking processor refresh generation, you fucking turboautists

>> No.68934373

hence why zen2 probably is a bigger threat than we imagine to them
hell they fucking spend money for an event to talk about a hybrid x86 that is not even related to desktop
and some obscure roadmap with changed names
only so that they can create some buzz till ces

>> No.68934375

The reality is that CPUID HWMonitor is a terrible, inaccurate program to monitor stuff.
Even if I put a 3.6 STATIC overclock, on my 2600, it will report maximums as 4.6GHz. In reality it is not doing that.
And any decent program like HWinfo64, will not do this kind of shit.

>> No.68934401

Here's a sad-but-true red pill. AMD is an enthusiast platform beginning to end: their penetration into pre-built and corporate is effectively zero, and will be for some time. Some will say this doesn't matter - they can't be more wrong, it's actually incredibly lucrative, and AMD needs to hammer - and keep hammering - this sector for years and years, with no expectation of return. Threadripper is showing SOME signs of being the thin edge of that wedge (into the workstation market) - but there is a LOT of work still to be done, and it will take fucking forever.

Not saying it can't be done, but it's a lot of expensive and thankless work, and AMD's pockets aren't nearly as deep as Intel's.

>> No.68934403
File: 73 KB, 700x565, 1541732715523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>another anti-amd thread
the shills are getting desperate.

>> No.68934412

>Intel fanboys often throw a foot and say it should be compared stock only,
Actually it's fair game to compare 2600 overclocked vs 8400 stock, ASSUMING YOU TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THE COST of a better cooler, motherboard and so on.
Overclocking is not "free", the option is there.
But naturally amd drones will take the results, remove all context of the components used and then parrot it.
Look at hardware unboxed 8400 vs 2600 OC picture.
Or they will take Far Cry 5 game and go "see stutters" and act like it happens in literally every game.
There is this huge tendency to grap a sensationalist screenshot of a youtube video and them spam it because it proves your point.
What was the cost of the hardware in total, who cares.
What was the performance on multiple different games, who cares.
Rendering workloads when discussing video games and videogame workloads when discussing rendering, who cares.
Buzz words like more nigga hertz or more coars, thus it's better, who cares about performance benchmarks, who cares.
It's all just so much bullshit.

>> No.68934418
File: 1.76 MB, 219x186, 1533855881008.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it is moi - Pepe La Su

>> No.68934482

and here is why they chose the chiplet path...
they fucking had 1600x some months ago at below 100 euros as a promotion

amd at its current state can finger intel every time they release their monolithic dinos because amd can simply afford the price cut

>> No.68934506

… until Intcel go down the same path (they're fucking mad if they don't - it's just good business), and that advantage is lost.

>> No.68934516

did you saw anything remotely close to emib being talked on the damage control event they talked?

nothing niet zero nada they are going down the road of including everything on the interposer as a giant monolithic chiplet which means if a single waffer has errors the bye bye cpu's

>> No.68934535

I was trying to explain how it was possible for zen 2 to reach 5ghz in the 16 core part (not all core of course)
Your explanation is far better though since i didn't even account for the SOC taking up 20-25w isolated from the cores and even then, i still saw it feasible for zen 2 to have a 135w tdp. The math just werks

>> No.68934549

Then they are fucking retarded, and deserve to go down is screaming flames. I want to be there when their CEO fronts court to file for Chapter 11 - and urinate on his shoes.

>> No.68934559

I just bought a 2200g for my first build am i fucked?

>> No.68934569

well if adored leaks are correct then yes since we will get a 6c/12t with navi on it..

>> No.68934586

No, unless you went with a terrible motherboard you should be able to upgrade to a Zen 2 CPU, just not one with more than 8 cores (12 and 16c parts).

>> No.68934626

>unless you went with a terrible motherboard
read, unless you bought anything under 250$
>ou should be able to upgrade to a Zen 2 CPU, just not one with more than 8 cores (12 and 16c parts).
Read, bottom barrel CPUs
So much for muh upgrade path.

>> No.68934647
File: 975 KB, 1000x1480, 1520835546714.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Dell is finally offering certified Ryzen workstations covering all mainstream CPU and APU SKUs. Still, it's going to take years to make inroads on acquiring any mindshare, they need to deliver good on Zen 2 and get good press all 2019 and into 2020 if they want a shot.

>> No.68934655

This, damn, gradle parallel build mechanism is fucking great with 16 cores

>> No.68934659

2200G is a quad core, a 6 and 8 core Zen 2 CPU should be a big upgrade and definitely not "bottom of the barrel", as for the motherboards even mid tier B450s can handle up to 8 cores well. Cooler is a problem way before VRMs are.
Seethe harder, Intel shill.

>> No.68934671

Lets see you run the i9 9900k on a b360 at full performance, or am i expecting too much from intel to ATLEAST support all their current cpus on their current socket?

>> No.68934687

>Seethe harder, Intel shill.
>Lets see you run the i9 9900k
Yeah, except I have AMD.

>> No.68934714

Irrelevant, you can't expect bottom of the lineup motherboards that can barely handle current CPUs to be able to handle future CPUs with more cores and power, but you can expect mid and high tier motherboards to fare well with upcoming CPUs.
If you bought an A320 board and a 1200, you get what you pay for, you can't just magically plop a 2700X there and run it at 4.3Ghz.
Likewise with Intel if you buy a bottom of the stack B360 motherboard you won't be able to run a 9900K, 9700K or 9600K at anywhere near their full potential. So what is your point? At least AMD does support AM4 and gives you options going forward, as opposed to one chipset change a year from Intel.

Timestamped IHS or gtfo.

>> No.68934718

Funny... I was actually thinking about OptiPlex when I was writing about workstation penetration - could have sworn they were offering Threadripper configurations though.

>> No.68934727

>amdrones attacking amdrones with "intcel shill" claims
God, I love 4chan.

>> No.68934735

>Having an AMD CPU makes you an AMDrone
>Telling bullshit is okay because I bought an AMD CPU

Try harder. AMD promised to support the AM4 platform up until 2020, nowhere was it promised that a bottom tier A320 board would be able to effectively max out a 2020 Zen based CPU, and you are being purposely deceitful here, don't even try to hide it.

>> No.68934749

Intel shill has become synonymous for "retard"
Anyone who is retarded is in an intel shill regardless of whether they prefer amd or not

>> No.68934750

>shoot the messenger: the post

>> No.68934758

Yes anon, everyone who doesn't suck Intel cock is an AMDrone.

>> No.68934772

>Gets assblasted
O-oy vey! Don't shoot the (((messenger)))

>> No.68934779

And everyone who doesn't suck AMD's cock is an Intlel shill, I get it. The polarization is a total turn off for someone like me, though; for example, all my desktop machines are AMD, but my laptop is a ULV Skylake - wanted max battery.

>> No.68934793

My 1700 series that is almost 2 years old is still running just fine with no problems, but honestly if I had an i8 it would probably be fine too. I'm not a brainlet though.

>> No.68934795

I'm not assblasted, anon, because you're attacking the wrong guy. It makes you very easy for me to dismiss.

>> No.68934806

>Timestamped IHS or gtfo.
yeah, sure bud, let me just take my computer apart, take the cooler off, wipe the thermal paste off, and then take a picture, to prove to some fanatic drone that I too have AMD hardware.
Of course, having AMD hardware is like a cult here, just like apple or intel(the very people they think they are fighting against).
Sadly the irony of being a fanatical retard who loves a company is lost on them when they do it.

>> No.68934807

I don't understand you, I called out anon for posting bullshit and that makes me an AMDrone, even though he was just purposely bullshitting while playing naive, either retarded or a shill. And seeing the state of /g/ lately, I'm willing to bet on shill.
So is this some next level trolling? My two desktop machines are AMD but my two laptops are 8th gen Intel as well.

>> No.68934827

>assumes people are amdrones for owning amd hardware
>gets called out for it
>tries damage control
>"not assblasted"

>> No.68934842

What the fuck? Are you actually triggered by this laughable forced meme that fucking Intcel rape babies found scrawled on a toilet wall and claimed as their own? Seriously?

Anon, remember that time you lost your wallet under your bed? And then you went to your flatmate, screamed and tantrum'd, and accused him of stealing it? Remember the "WTF is wrong with this druggo?" look on his face as he simply walked away? That's the look on my face right now.

>> No.68934860

>And seeing the state of /g/ lately, I'm willing to bet on shill.
Yeah more people now have bought AMD hardware and more people are complaining about it.
Nah, nah that couldn't be it, must be da shills

>Remember the "WTF is wrong with this druggo?"
He will that he has only seen the face of incel shills running away in tears.

>> No.68934869

>burden of proof

This isn't a court room, and nobody here can position themselves for or against any given opinion in this thread without leveraging speculative arguments. You are no exception. Take your stupid ass back to Plebbit with your poorly understood debate buzzwords.

>> No.68934886

>Can't even remember what he assumed
>Can't even damage control
>I know! I'll use ad hominem, he wont know what hit him!

>> No.68934890

This. I happily call myself "amdrone", "winbabby", etc. Really fucks with faggots trying to insult you if you wear the words with pride. It's like "yeah, she is. So what?" to "yo momma":they just lock up with this stupid look on their face, and don't know what to do. Fucking priceless, every time.

>> No.68934903

Keep chasing your tail, kid - it's actually becoming entertaining.

>> No.68934912

>forkreee 5
Except nobody plays that shit. Not to mention the source of that chart has indicated the game has a resource management issue kin to GTAV. Post more, incel shill.

>> No.68934938

>Doesn't know how to respond
>Ad hominem not working
>h-haha im just trolling you r-retard, t-this is fun for me!

>> No.68934953

>those horrible Intel lows
Jesus Christ, glad I've got a 1600.

>> No.68934959

>ill get that evil tail that slighted me!
>round and round and round
>ill get that evil tail that slighted me!
>round and round and round
>ill get that evil tail that slighted me!
>round and round and round

>> No.68934968
File: 353 KB, 915x678, 1543958898157.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

probably a 4C/4T faggot

>> No.68935062
File: 111 KB, 1200x900, 1478335308684.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68935076

>if i keep repeating the same insult, ill prove my superiority to him!

>> No.68935087


>> No.68935097

Can't even have a nice shilling thread without connection issues. Sad.

>> No.68935114

At least we all got extra time to consider our next shillpost before we drop into page11land.

>> No.68935143

How do I get the Elite Plate Set if I only have 1 Plate Wearer?

>> No.68935156

You have to be one of the first 17 callers, and if you pay by credit card, they'll throw in a second plate wearer absolutely free.

>> No.68935162

I want to spend the rest of this time we have to discuss my feelings about brian, he was so comedically bad at his job that it brightened my day, his deadass expression said it all and it was always hilarious to shitpost about him.
God i miss him, why did he have to go?

>> No.68935201
File: 167 KB, 680x590, 1544123532806.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do 3D women always insist on foreplay? My Ryzen-tan waifu doesn't have this problem.

>> No.68935230

Because they are pigs, ryzen-chan is great but intel-kun with his many security holes allows for deeper penetration

>> No.68935231
File: 3.48 MB, 480x324, favorite-sex-positions.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do 3D men always insist on shoving it up my ass? My Kaby Lake husbando is far more considerate.

>> No.68935309

Hate to break it to you sweety, but Kaby Lake is a faggot. I saw him down at the botnet, being penetrated left and right by h4x0rz.

>> No.68935323
File: 17 KB, 267x200, 1542236371550.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68935351

But R5 1600/2600 completely demolished Intel's offerings in sales on the midrange market the past year. Even the mainstream users are seeing the emergence of AMD's competitively priced and well performing products in spite of the enduring legend of i5 being THE midrange CPUs for gaymen. It's true that Intel has a ton of visibility in the gaming market due to their marketing strategy but Ryzen dug through with the power of word of mouth and positive user experiences.

>> No.68935431

>completely demolished
Are you saying they're sexually aggressive? RAYYYYYYYYYYPE!

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