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>open source
>end to end encrypted
>works on all OS's that matter
>group chat with pictures, file sharing
>voice and video
>you can run your own server

Why is /g/ still holding tightly onto IRC when Matrix/Riot is a thing?

It's like Discord but without the botnet.

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one of the things I like about matrix is that they're trying to support other protocols. I haven't tried it myself but from what I understand, you can chat with IRC users and even create multi-protocol groups such that the IRC users don't even know they're chatting with people who aren't using IRC.

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so just don't use IRC

doesn't IRC also connect to things like XMPP? who cares?

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Yeah it's great, the only thing I don't like is is the lack of a real desktop client. Electron cancer doesn't count. Quaternion is the only one that looks promising.

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The only good client stopped being developed.
RIP nheko
Also I don't like how your history of everything you do is saved (and can't be deleted), even stuff like avatar changes. Normalshits won't touch this until riot releases their discord clone client

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Problem is: gamers don't give a shit. They don't care about proprietary code or privacy or even DRM. Trying to get a gamer to care is like pulling teeth.

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>Quaternion is the only one that looks promising.

Seems to be getting steady releases.


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>Problem is: gamers don't give a shit.
Fuck gamers.

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Point is, as long as they're a bigger part of the market, discord (or whatever new meme inevitably replaces it) will outshine and eventually kill riot
Riot might even kill itself, like firefox did

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Yeah but discord is meant for gaming first. Matrix is more of a Slack clone.

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Lacks features

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The gamers that do care are quietly using Teamspeak. Why should I switch to Matrix?

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Matrix isn't for gamers

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