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Please tell me you did not apply meltdown and spectre patch.
If you did then you degraded your performance by atleast 2 generations.

Ivy bridge here and windows automatically updated those vulnerabilities, i lost minimum 15 fps on most games.
Unpatched it and now everything is fine.

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better uninstall your network drivers while you're at it

enjoy, goyim

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>implying AMD was worth buying before 2017

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>not running an FX-57
shoo shoo zoom zoom

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>using Incel
> ever

So kawaii, anon.

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does it mean that browsing is not secure? I thought chrome has custom patches

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You really think someone is out to get you if you don't patch these vulnerabilities.
How paranoid are you, no one knows you are not patched.
Firefox and Chrome both patched their browsers months ago and if you don't download shit you are fine.

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>Ivy bridge here and windows automatically updated those vulnerabilities, i lost minimum 15 fps on most games.

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And i thought by not installing BIOS update, the Spectre patch was not installed...

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Same here. I don't get it - I thought every affected CPU is supposed to be slower. Now it's fine apparently. Is it due to paching?

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Newer CPUs have the fix built in. Older CPUs have to use a workaround fix which slows performance.

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Define 'newer'. This is on an I7 5600U. My 3570K seems to be slowed down (not that I actually noticed). What are the risks of deleting the spectre/meltdown fixes?

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>Unpatched it and now everything is fine.
there goes virtually every computer security innovation in the last 20 years. dumb consumer.

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3770k here and same as OP i got affected in many games.
Black ops 4 for example went from 80-90fps to 50-65fps so I did what i had to and unpatched.

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the risks are that if you have open ports on your router/modem then you'll get fucked by an intrusion, as no operating system withstands a spectre/meltdown attack

but it typically need to come from inside your local network, as updated firewalls can easily deflect most of these attacks.

tl;dr don't download suspicious stuff and don't host public servers and you're fine

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>writes this from a intel pc

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This whole shit gets very confusing.
Everybody deployed patches to mitigate/secure against those.
Windows did, Firefox did, Chrome did. I'm really wondering if the CPU microcode update is really necessary at this point, especially considering the likelihood of such an attack ever happening to you. Besides, iirc, the vulnerability doesn't make execution of code possible.

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>tl;dr don't download suspicious stuff and don't host public servers and you're fine
Definitely this, all those getting worried are tech illiterates who know nothing about programming.
All major browsers are patched and only way you infect is if you download some dumb shit.
And attacker even has to know that you are vulnerable to even care about attacking you.

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>if you don't download shit you are fine.

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this is an i7 4790 non K

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I'm wondering whether it's still necessary for the average anon sitting in his cave to have the paches when, as >>68853937 pointed out, every larger provider of services is already secured. And considering, almost all PC's with Internet access have been pached, are these attacks still happening?

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>Implying AMD has these problems

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No performance hit though.

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Only retards use Windows.

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9700k, so meltdown has a hardware fix.

Clicking "enable meltdown protection" does nothing since it's fixed in hardware already.

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everything I have is kaby lake or newer anon

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linax is affected, dumbass

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Asus X370 motherboard running latest bios.

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So? How does that change what I said?

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>Intel literally has over 85% market share
>makes fun for using Intel
Have loonix fags made new alliance with AMD and now consider it the superior medium.

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You can simply downgrade the microcode of your BIOS and delete two DLL files to stop windows aplying microcode updates on runtime.

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Mommy, I'm scared.

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One reason is because before Haswell, there is no INVPCID instruction, therefore pre-Haswell CPUs become slower when the patch is applied. Microsoft also refused to use INVPCID optimizations on older Windows except Windows 10, so even if you are running Coffee Lake with Windows 7/8.1 it's slower. INVPCID is related to the Meltdown patch, not spectre. The patch for Spectre is what slowed Haswell down though.

Basically, these patches highly impact performance on the following architectures:

Meltdown: Nehalem(Partial), Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge

Spectre: Nehalem(Partial), Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Broadwell

The one advantage of pre-Skylake processors is that you can simply use Retpoline on linux and you are patched for spectre. However, on skylake processors, since the BTB(predictor thinggy) is too aggressively utilized, you need IBPB as well.

Basically, on windows you are using IBRS, STIBP and IBPB for Spectre which are microcode instructions. They highly impact performance in many scenarios.

In Linux, you either use Retpoline(software based) for Spectre or Retpoline+IBPB for Spectre. The performance impact can be greatly reduced.

Another reason to switch to linux on your older machines.

Also, AFAIK most current silicon still doesn't have built in Meltdown/Spectre mitigations built in yet. Maybe the 9000 series K and X processors have it.

The Spectre patch is installed together with the Meltdown patch, but remains disabled until a microcode update. If your Microcode is updated via a BIOS update(Microcode is embedded in the BIOS), or via Windows update (This microcode exists as mcupdate_genuineintel.dll and is loaded from the OS not at boot), then the Spectre patch becomes activated.

Not to say, even if a malicious javascript is spying your details, you just need to restart your computer before doing important stuff.

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Why does your Ivy Bridge have the same CPUID as my Haswell?

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So you are basically fine if you are using updated browser and don't download unwanted stuff?

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based steve gibson

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I'm confused now.

There's a way to upgrade the BIOS for my mobo by updating the microcode manually for these patches. If you have an up to date microcode, is it any different than having these protections enabled on Windows without the microcode?

I mean, I did that manual patching being a little bit paranoid but to be quite fucking honest I haven't had anything ruin my shit for generations and I haven't even used some antivirus/antimalware for a long time. So would it be just fine to disable those protections or does it require a downgrade if you want to bring performance back? That's what I don't get. I get slower speeds on my SSD from what I've seen so far.

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Apply the what of what? I never update anything.

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My netbook with some 4W Intel performs the same regardless. Disabling hyperthreading would be the final death kneel. It's good enough for light office stuff and video streaming.

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this is known as "falling for the amd meme"

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How so? That CPUID points to a 6600k.

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haha no smt masterrace wins again

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Maybe OP used pic from Google?

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I did and the performance is still the same, measured with Cinebench and CPU Z.

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Then maybe you got atleast 4th gen.

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Wiki says ice lake is going to be the first generation with a build in fix.

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What program are you advertising and why should I download your botnet?

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It's at least partially fixed in hardware with the 9th Gen.

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Yep, a 4790k.

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Hi Steve.
I'm sure with the advent of ssd's your sales of spinrite have dropped off but do you really need to come here to sell your site?

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>If you did then you degraded your performance by atleast 2 generations.
How so specifically?
>Ivy bridge here and windows automatically updated those vulnerabilities, i lost minimum 15 fps on most games.
Surely you'll post screenshots of this.

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>Bitches about botnet
>Buys Intel
Joke's on you

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>intelcucks have to run super vulnerable microcode on their cpu's to get any performace out of them

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>download inspectre on win 10
>click disable both protections
>currently stuck in a bluescreen loop
thanks OP, i actually needed an excuse to try KDE Neon

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