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Create a parts list
>Learn how to build a PC
Search youtube for a guide w your socket

Want help?
>State your budget & CURRENCY
>List your uses eg Gaming, Video Editing, VM Work
>For monitors include purpose and GPU pairing
>NO Speccy. Use HWinfo
>For Win7 in Ryzen https://pastebin.com/TUZvnmy1

>CPUs less threads usually suffer lower 0.1% minimums
>Athlon 200GE - Bare minimal desktop/gaming
>R3 2200G - Light gaming(dGPU optional)
>R5 2400G - Consider IF on sale
>R5 2600/X - Good gaming & multithreaded work use CPUs
>i7-9700k/8700k/8700 - If you have a $2000+ budget and pairing with a 2080 or better
>R7 2700/X - Best value high-end CPU on a non-HEDT platform
>Threadripper/Used Xeon - HEDT

>Always choose at least a 2 stick kit
>8GB - Bare minimum/Light desktop use.
>16GB - Standard amount
>32GB - If you have to ask, you don't need this
>CPUs benefit from fast RAM; 2933MHz+ is ideal. Check "more" for true latency formula

Graphics cards
>RTX 2000 cards; cheap models usually low yield processor. Aim for factory OC versions for best performance
>use your due diligence with cheap MODELS ie MSI Armor (Mk2 is ok), Gigabyte G1/Wf, ASUS dual, and others w/ small heatsinks and low quality fans. They may be cheap, but won't get high boost clocks like better models
>RX 570/580/1060 6GB - standard 1080p 60fps+ options
[email protected]
>Vega 56/1070ti best value, Free/G-sync monitor highly recommended
[email protected]
[email protected]+hz
>Upscale from 1620-1800p. Or 2080Ti, but awful value
OpenCL use
>Vega 64

>Backup before using StoreMi
>Consider a larger SSD (better GB/$) instead of small SSD & HDD
>2TB HDDs are barely more $ than 1TB
>M.2 is a form factor, NOT a performance standard

>Always consider FreeSync w/ AMD cards
>START YOUR BUILD WITH A MONITOR FIRST, then make a build to drive it appropriately


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>R5 2600/X - Good gaming & multithreaded work use CPUs

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>implying it's not

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repost but what is the difference between 950 and 1050ti except for memory?
the 950 is larger and takes a power connector while the 1050ti is really small and does not even have a power connector

does the 950 have something else since it is so much bigger?

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Third time posting, no one can find a flaw.

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>CPUs less threads usually suffer lower 0.1% minimums
>Athlon 200GE - Bare minimal desktop/gaming
>R3 2200G - Light gaming(dGPU optional)
>R5 2400G - Consider IF on sale
>R5 2600/X - Good gaming & multithreaded work use CPUs
>i7-9700k/8700k/8700 - If you have a $2000+ budget and pairing with a 2080 or better
>R7 2700/X - Best value high-end CPU on a non-HEDT platform
>Threadripper/Used Xeon - HEDT
I don't get it guys. Where are the famous Intel processors? I thought they were the best.

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I think they're basically just the exact same except for memory

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best board for ryzen 2700[x]?
been looking at msi's gamer plus and tomahawk (450s)

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950 is maxwell but apparently was made so late in the 900 series that it shared some stuff with the 1000-series or?

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I think it's pretty well known that the 1050 is just a refresh of the 950

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im installing wow on my SSD and there's nothing you can do to stop me

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>270$ for a 1060
>100$ for a 650W psu
>your brain
Found 3

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Taichi is probably the 'best board' but you don't seem to be looking for that if you're considering b450s.

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what happens if i dont run into any problems building my rig?

should i be scared?

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>Ryzen 5 instead of 7
>MSI parts
>Single fan mount on top of case
>Literally who power supply manufacturer

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>i7-9700k/8700k/8700 - If you have a $2000+ budget and pairing with a 2080 or better
Are you mentally challenged?

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>RMB (in China)
>gaymin, TV shows, and productivity
>I'd like a high refresh rate monitor dual monitor setup

I'm thinking I should avoid GayMD.

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let me add a caveat, under $150 (preferrably closer to $100)

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Yes you fucked up
Your pc is gonna start burning any second now

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the size difference confuses me a bit.

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>build new computer
>cant get past the sadpanda

i forgot how to do this guys


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It's probably nothing desu

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>unironically caring about this


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Oh, there it is! A bit pricey though, don't you think?

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You pay for the best.

If you can't afford the best you buy AMD.

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>the best
have you been living under a fucking rock the past few years? Intel is shitting the floor month after month, who in their rightful mind is buying intel x86 new in this day and age?

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Gotta pay the premium if you want a computer which can simultaneously work as an oven.

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Anyone who wants highest single core performance and professional app support.

AMD STILL has well known latency issues in several professional software suites. Especially for audio production.

If you're running a rendering farm, sure AMD makes the most sense right now, but there are plenty of situations where intel still makes plenty of sense, especially if you've got deep enough pockets.

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>Unironically buying ayymd

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>where intel still makes plenty of sense
Only if you overlook their price/performance ratio

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is their anything wrong with getting a micro-atx board for my ryzen 7 2700x, i was looking at the msi mortar one. Its got the right of amount of gpu slots and features.

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>inturd crying and screaming
Checks out

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Price/performance isn't the be all and end all of a computer, so that's perfectly okay.

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who nvidi/a/ here?

amd apologists please remove yourselves

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>intelbros are also animeposters

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2 questions.

1. Is replacing a CPU in your build fairly simple?

2. How much in upgrades would I roughly need in order to be able to play a game at 150-200fps whilst watching a stream/movie on a second computer?

My specs are:

CPU - Intel Core i5-7600K
Motherboard - ASUS PRIME H270-Pro
RAM - HyperX FURY DDR4 8GB (Just one stick)

This was the best PC I could afford at the time and it was also the first PC I have built.

If you need any more information, let me know.

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I would swap the power supply for a Seasonic FOCUS SSR-750FX since it's currently on sale at newegg. It may be a bit overkill but its $20 less than what you want to buy and Seasonic is a better brand than BitFenix IMO.

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what game, what resolution also anything over 60fps is a waste if your monitor isnt over 60hz

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There is no need to be upset

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>how much would i need to play a game at 200 fps and watch a movie at 60 fps

thats like 260 fps, pretty sure your eyes cant track all that

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Is the r9 fury x still a good card? I have the opportunity to buy one for $120, but the 4GB of vram is a little bit of a turnoff. Is there anything better that I can get used for around $200? I want to upgrade from a hd7950 btw.

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1920x1080 and I have a 144hz monitor. Most popular games that are 'esports'

Eh, 144+ fps for games and then show/movie/stream when I chill and fuck around in games.

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>b-but muh single thread perf

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you can get a new rx 580 for 230-240

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To be fair, the 9700k there is at stock. Could probably get another 20-50 points out of it with an OC.

It's already ~10-15% faster than Ryzen at stock.

>> No.68776217

you should already be able to get 150fps on esports with your build

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Unironically this. It's hard to beat the value, though.

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It isn't, but for most people spending hundreds or thousands of dollars in premiums for the very best which results in ~10% more performance in games or productive tasks doesn't make any sense, and that's precisely why Intel is steadily losing its dominant market position.

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I get 150-250 even sometimes up to 300. Problem is, if I had a 2nd monitor and played movies/stream my fps drops heavy in games and becomes stuttery all of a sudden. This happens already if I have twitch opened up in my browser whilst I game so I can't imagine what it would be like with a 2nd monitor.

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maybe check how much ram your using, you could be going over 8gb

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>Intel is steadily losing its dominant market position
You're not exactly providing much evidence here, not to mention, broader market trends will take longer to manifest.

>> No.68776252

This is where I become monkey, how would I check that?

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Yes, very. get decent thermal paste and watch a youtube video.
Depends on the game obviously. I imagine most afk games are not that gpu intensive.
16 gb+ of 3200 ddr4 is a must for ultra on higher end games, if you want to multi task you'll want more cores.

I'll just assume the game you're playing is something like pubg and watching a movie while you building camp... Then I would get something like a ryzen 7 1700 and a 1060

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Ryzen 1600 owner here

DO NOT BUY AMD CPUs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.68776267

but the price/performance ratio!

>> No.68776269

just use windows build in task manager and leave it visible go to performance tab and you will see your ram usage

>> No.68776280

ryzen 1600 owners here, it's been a good cpu and worth the money, if you want a good mid range cpu buy it

>> No.68776284

I'll take that piece of shit off your hands for $20

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This shift has already started to happen in some parts of the world and it will only continue as the new successful generations of AMD processors come out at unbeatable prices while Intel continues to struggle with production and, more fundamentally, design.

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What piece of shit? I've got a 9700k

>> No.68776298

meant to respond to >>68776263

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I see. It seems like most of my problems come down to RAM. I guess I will need to buy more RAM. Thanks a lot.

I hate BR's, I would just be watching stream when I die in games or boring moments to be honest.


I see, will do that. Thank you.

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We'll see I guess, but it'll take AMD at least 3 successive successful Ryzen releases before we see any major shifts.

Intel has simply been too dominant for too long.

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why did you choose that over 8700k? you get no multi threading and slightly worse for gayms

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>you get no multi threading

Also, because hyper threading is garbage.

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I asked in the other thread but I have a 1600 that I don't care for. I want to play games at 144Hz but Ryzen cannot handle that. I know my GPU isn't the best for 144Hz either, but my CPU shits the bed just playing e-sports shit like CSGO. How realistic of a plan is it to just swap CPU/Mobo? I'd probably be going for a 9700K/9900K.

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8gb in 2018 is a fauxpas you should be ashamed

>> No.68776337

Absolutely, but we are seeing the pendulum slowly swing the other way and that is what matters. Given that AMD will use AM4 sockets until 2020, there is no reason not to buy AMD now if you are looking to build a PC because it is affordable and you will have great opportunities to make significant upgrades if you desire.

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It was my first PC and never visited /g/ and barely watched any videos on this shit. I was bound to make a mistake somewhere desu.

>> No.68776356

>there is no reason not to buy AMD now if you are looking to build a PC because it is affordable

Unless you happen to have workloads that you know will suffer under Ryzen, such as anything specifically single core oriented, or things you know AMD has issues with (as said earlier, audio production is just one of several areas where AMD still falls behind intel)

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your gpu is more than enough for esports at 144hz, and my i5 6400 can do 144hz csgo lol.Just get an i5 8400 if thats all you're doing

>> No.68776370

They'll use the same socket but who the hell is going to be dumb enough to slap a Zen 3 chip into an old and busted B350?

>> No.68776377

it had threading in the name and I have dyslexia.

btw what mobo are you using? I'm thinking about upgrading not sure if my old asus prime is good enough though

>> No.68776384

Not him, but soldered IHS and real cores vs hyper threading, the 9700k is certainly an attractive CPU, it's just expensive and difficult to find in-stock until recently.

>> No.68776389

go for the rx 590. 15-20% gain is pretty worth for an additional 30-40 bucks

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File: 1.47 MB, 2473x2245, 2018-11-17 13.19.56.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Asrock Z390 Phantom Gaming 6.

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>pairing a 1060 with a 9700k/9900K
There's something wrong with your ficking brain.
>Just get an i5 8400 if thats all you're doing

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>can't find a proper monitor in europe anywhere
looking for a 144hz 1440p VA goy-sync monitor, 27 inch
a curve would be nice for assthetics

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I have the MSI MPG27CQ

>> No.68776420

Mobo has been backordered since Cyber Monday and there's no telling when it'll actually be in stock and delivered. Should I cancel the order and order another one off Amazon/Newegg? The mobo is the MSI B450M Mortar AM4 Micro-ATX Motherboard for $85. I'm willing to spend a bit more money(~$20) to get it here and finish my build. Any suggestions for a replacement?

Here's the rest of my build.
>be quiet! Base 600
>Seagate BarraCuda 2TB 7200 RPM
>G.SKILL TridentZ 16GB DDR4 3200
>Crucial MX500 500GB SSD
>GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 2070
>Ryzen 2700x
>EVGA SuperNOVA 850

>> No.68776426

if only his cpu had X at then end then he could overclock

>> No.68776436

ryzen already failed him once no need to get another one

>> No.68776442

>pairing a 1060 with a 9700k/9900K
I'm also planning on buying a 2080 but that's irrelevant to what I was asking.

>> No.68776445


>> No.68776454

Sorry, I should have specified I am talking about the average person. There are always specific scenarios where other options are better.

The caveat is that you want a better motherboard with good VRMs if you want to upgrade in the future, but that is not a big investment all things considered. The processors themselves are relatively cheap and AM4 motherboards tend to be on the cheaper side, too. Investing a bit into fast RAM and a good x470 motherboard goes a long way because it will be easy to upgrade the CPU in a couple of years if that is your thing. It will certainly end up a lot cheaper than upgrading any other way.

>> No.68776455

My 1600 is OC to 3.8ghz. It really doesn't make a huge difference.

>> No.68776481

thats freesync, my dood

>> No.68776497

>but that's irrelevant to what I was asking
It's actually not irrelevant at all. Keep Larping though

>> No.68776498

>How realistic of a plan is it to just swap CPU/Mobo?
Two days ago I swapped an FX-8350 (and mobo obviously) with a 9700K and an Asus Prime X390-A. Windows booted up fine aside from the Ethernet drivers not being installed, so I plugged in a wireless NIC temporarily, ran Windows Update, and it detected and installed them automatically.

>> No.68776499

My potato of a PC with an i7 3770 and a 750 TI can easily handle over 144Hz in CSGO. There is no way a Ryzen processor and a 1060 can't handle it when they are far more capable than what I have. What kind of RAM do you have? Are you using a shit motherboard? There has to be more than what you're saying.

>> No.68776501

I hate the fact I have to by expensive mobo just to use fucking intel.

I'm was thinking about just getting a fucking ryzen out of spite. But then I remembered i'd only be hurting myself and possibly my entire family if my house catches on fire.

>> No.68776534

>It's actually not irrelevant at all
I'm asking about swaping my mobo and CPU. What does my GPU swap effect in that?

It can hit 144FPS but it's very inconsistent. It will go from 240FPS to 110FPS. It's very fucked up considering I know people with much older hardware that run steady 300FPS

That's reassuring.

>> No.68776539

When is DDR5 going to roll out?

>> No.68776548

>I'm was thinking about just getting a fucking ryzen out of spite. But then I remembered i'd only be hurting myself and possibly my entire family if my house catches on fire.
Is it opposite day today?

>> No.68776549

>incels literally cannot stop fucking their own shit up

>> No.68776551


>> No.68776576

Probably available on HEDT around late 2020 following the lag between when Jedec releases a memory standard and when it reaches market.

>> No.68776584

>first incident
>15 workers treated for breathing difficulties
>Intel; "but nah nothing has leaked or contaminated"

>> No.68776693

If you had a ryzen 1800x and a freesync 114hz monitor what would you upgrade your GPU to at this point in time if you had 500USD to spend?

RX 580, 590, 1070 ti, 2070, 1080, or vega 56?

Mostly for vidya

>> No.68776720

What's wrong with MSI stuff?

>> No.68776730

Should I be worried about shocking my components when I build my first PC?

>> No.68776757

Not really. Just don't build on carpet if possible. If you're really worried, touch something metal beforehand.

>> No.68776760

name a more based combo: intel cpu & amd gpu

>> No.68776771

Vega 64 is still on sale on Newegg for $399-$499 with 3 games. That's the best price/performance you can currently get.

No. If you can't create a discharge by touching metal then you won't create a discharge whenever you touch a component. If you really wanna be careful you can just grab a $5-$10 wristband. You can use the boxes/anti-static bags your components in to build on.

>> No.68776776

Intel cpu & Nvidia gpu.

>> No.68776785

muh ratio

>> No.68776826

ahahaha are you serious? I wouldn't buy that piece of shit just on principle

>> No.68776848

If your life is so bad that you spend your time trolling a /pcbg/ thread on /g/, you should just end it.

>> No.68776895

>buying a gpu that pulls 400 watts in TWO THOUSAND AND EIGHTEEN

>> No.68776923

rx 590 a binned gpu?

>> No.68776930

There is literally no reason to upgrade any parts released within the last decade

>> No.68776954

Hello my fellow runescaper what is your slayer level?

>> No.68776955

But that's wrong though

>> No.68776977

I am so sorry to ask a question that I know has been asked a million times before, but I am completley shithoused and I don't thonk I can search the archive. I want to build an emulation rig up to Playstation 1. Not worried about PS2 and I do not give one shit about N64, I want something that will basically play NES, SNES, Genesis, Sega CD, Sega 32X, and Playstation 1 and give it for a Christmas gift.

I have the ROMs and a rig that will play them, but I'm giving this to someone. Last time I gave a damn, the raspberry mini PCs weren't too hot for playstation emulation.

Can you help me out before I pass out? Thanks.

>> No.68777047

No, it's actually a manufacturing optimization.
It tends to take around 1200-1250mv for 1450MHz

Even a phone can emulate those old things. But yes, not quite a Rasberry Pi. You do need more than that.

but uhh need to say more than that. Like is there a form factor you want? Cost?
Athlon 200GE would breeze through that. It can even do PS2. But for N64 and earlier, I think even a Celeron can do around 30fps?

>> No.68777085

Bump for this.

>> No.68777090

we build pc's not pirate old games

buy a shitty OME microatx computer and get the emulators. it takes nothing to run those games.

>> No.68777096

Ah, sorry, cheap as possible and as small as possible. I normally can make these decisions myself, but mini and micro form ITX is just too hazy for my vision right now. I've retyped this about four times already. Problem is that my buddy has a 50 inch 4K television. I know 4k is a joke for old games, but it's kind of a joke between him and I and he's getting married so...here's his Christmas gift.

>> No.68777119

What's the recommened 1080p 144Hz monitor? Preferably with Displayport. I have an Nvidia card, and I would spend extra for Gsync, but if it doesn't have it I don't care. ULMB feature is a plus as well.

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File: 60 KB, 521x476, 1309332116055.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yo /pcbg/ how risky are used GPU's? them vega 56's lookin mighty fine at sub 300

>> No.68777124

I'm not asking how to pirate games. I'm asking what's the absolute minimum I need to run what I listed. I know how to pirate games. I'm not even asking you how to download ltsb win 10. Or whatever linux distro I feel like playing with.

>> No.68777187

>Ryzen 5 instead of 7
Not him, but 2600 is the ultimate value CPU.

>> No.68777191

Here's where people who have never bought or had anything to do with used GPUs comment about buying used GPUs

>> No.68777215

If you buy one from a larger seller it was probably used for mining. If you buy one from a smaller seller it's probably their personal shit that's dying. Never ever trust an Asian when buying a GPU. Keep all that in mind and you'll probably be fine.

>> No.68777218

GPUs travel well. I haven't had any issues.

>> No.68777226

Wow, nigga, u gay.

>> No.68777256

Patrician = Intel CPU + Nvidia GPU
Bandwagoner = AMD CPU + Nvidia GPU
Brainlet = Intel CPU + AMD GPU

>> No.68777257

Considering I'm married with a kid...I'm fucking queer as hell. You right. Big fat gaywad.

>> No.68777280


It's almost like you could've just fucking googled this.

>> No.68777283

Well, tech reviewers usually say that buying used GPUs is OK.

>> No.68777292

>ntel CPU + AMD GPU
b-but i can use freesync and everything nvidia is over priced right now and soon to be replaced

>> No.68777301
File: 749 KB, 2241x3984, here-s-how-you-get-up-close-and-personal-with-your-customers-489496-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AMD4Lyfe faggot

>> No.68777306

>everything nvidia is over priced right now
tfw got 1080ti for $700

>> No.68777326

Like I said, raspberry pis can't fucking emulate PSX worth a damn last I checked. I already fucking googled it. I got mixed fucking reviews.
said a raspberry pi can't do it. Tell me what fucking will and not some bullshit link you sent me so I know what to fucking look for on craigslist or ebay or whatever to find what I need.

>> No.68777330

desu after buying a mere 1440p/60hz monitor with no freesync and comparing to my 1080/75hz monitor, the price difference for free sync is really worth the price. I'll buy a free sync monitor soon enough to accompany this one.

>> No.68777359

>posts a thing for ages ago
I know people get annoyed on here when people ask stupid questions, but what you sent isn't exactly a good guide. It's basically just a cartridge emulator in a PS1 box.

>> No.68777393

Raspberry Pi 3 can handle PSX emulation just fine. A simple fucking google search would bring up a reddit dedicated solely to retro gaming on the Pi. God fucking damnit do I hate you faggots. Let me spoon feed you even more.


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File: 329 KB, 720x900, 8056769814_6aca081446_b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this what we've become? Listening to fucking reddit?

>> No.68777534

>The Raspberry Pi 3 can play most PlayStation titles well
Tell me what will play all PSX games well, asshole redditor.

>> No.68777587

You're right anon. Subreddits dedicated to specific things are as bad as the general subreddits where all the circlejerking and internet point whoring are. Why google your question, have a subreddit pop up, and go to said subreddit with all the information you're looking for when you can come to /g/ and ask your inane, bullshit question that no one here knows the answer to because 99% of the visitors here are asking what GPU or CPU to buy?

A computer you dipshit. Kill yourself.

>> No.68777639

Anon apologized in his first post and said he was drunk off his ass or he'd do this himself. I'd help him but I know basically nothing about emulation. Reddit cannot tell their ass from a hole in a ground, which is proved further by the links you gave. Fuck reddit and fuck you for giving bad info.

>> No.68777654

Should I get a Meshify C or H500? I really like the Meshify but I don't like that it can only have 2 HDDs while the H500 can have 3 which is perfect for me

>> No.68777665

Why the fuck do you keep replying with half assed answers and then get upset when you're told they're bullshit? If you don't fucking know then don't reply

>> No.68777701

>Anon apologized in his first post and said he was drunk off his ass or he'd do this himself
If he's capable of finding a /pcbg/ thread and then capable of typing out a coherent post asking his question he's more than capable of typing this shit into google.

>Reddit cannot tell their ass from a hole in a ground, which is proved further by the links you gave. Fuck reddit and fuck you for giving bad info.
One link literally shows how to set up a Pi. The other explains that most PSX games are capable of being played on a Pi 3. You're just a retarded faggot that's sperging out because one of them contains the word "reddit".

>Half-assed answers
>I want to build an emulation machine
>Here's how you build one
>Pi's can't run PS1 emulators
>Here's a link showing they can
Like I said, kill yourself.

>> No.68777755

Those little mini-pcs can't really run anything other than cartridge emulators worth a damn. A raspberry pi isn't far enough along yet to run any disc based games, despite whatever youtube video you've seen showing a PS2 game being run at >20 FPS.

You basically want link related or something close to it. If you're like me and keep your old GPUs around, you'll be golden and might even can run PS2 games: https://www.xtremegaminerd.com/build-a-250-novice-gaming-pc/

If you do have an old GPU lying around, switch out the CPU for something else that you find interesting.

>> No.68777874

The Raspberry Pi 3+ has a 1.4GHz quad core and 1gb of ram. That's more than enough for PS1 emulation.


Is it going to give you the performance of a $200+ desktop? Of fucking course not. Are games playable? Yes. If they weren't, this wouldn't be a thing.

>> No.68777904

>The prefered PSX emulator for those on a Raspberry Pi 2/3/3+. The features of RetroArch combined with pcsx-rearmed's excellent Dynamic Recompiler allow for an adequate PSX emulation experience on the Raspberry Pi.

>Raspberry Pi 1/0 users that choose to use this emulator should be made aware that RetroArch's Bilinear Filtering will cause abnormal behavior in some games and should be disabled whenever emulation issues are encountered.

Dude, everyone knows raspberry pi isn't really strong enough for playstation. I guess the producers are giving you a quarter every time you shill for a raspberry pi, but that's not what's needed here.

>> No.68777940

You tried. Here's the you you're so desperate for.

>> No.68777956

At least you acknowledge you're full of shit.

>> No.68777973

You're trying really hard my friend. Mommy will get you extra tendies for all your effort. I've spoonfed you retards enough.

>> No.68778012

>lulz no more spoonfeeding for you
>just says buy a raspberry pi
I don't think you know what spoonfeeding means.
If you haven't passed out yet, here you go. This is how you spoonfeed. Next thing you know, I'll be telling you the name of that anime/manga you've been searching for: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/49RKRJ

330 bucks. Like I said, if you have an old GPU lying around, you'll be able to run PS2 on here and maybe games beyond depending on which GPU you have.

>> No.68778026
File: 86 KB, 1000x1000, 10-1-Inch-notebook-Android-laptop-HDMI-Laptop-8GB-Quad-Core-Android-5-1-HDMI-Wi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

US $25.59

>> No.68778033

Oh, and if you don't have a GPU (I was thinking like myself) don't get intel.

>> No.68778053

What about a 2200G? Wouldn't that make more sense than an 8100?

>> No.68778078

Yeah, but I have a bunch of old GPUs lying around and any one of those is better than the on-board on a 2200G.

>> No.68778096

>i3 8100
>750w PSU
>120gb SSD
>~$350 build
>for emulating up to Ps1 games
I hope to god that retard takes your "advice". This place is a shithole.

>> No.68778107

>Acer X223W on DVI @ 1680x1050 (upscaled to 2560x1600)
>8GB RX 580
What is a logical upgrade for my monitor?

>> No.68778161

There's no reason to not have a SSD or a gold rated PSU. Your ~100 USD raspberry pi couldn't do a quarter of the shit that build could do and if anon has an old GPU he could put PS2 games on it.

>> No.68778215


>I want to build an emulation rig up to Playstation 1.
>Not worried about PS2 and I do not give one shit about N64
>I want something that will basically play NES, SNES, Genesis, Sega CD, Sega 32X, and Playstation 1
>and give it for a Christmas gift.
>I have the ROMs and a rig that will play them,
>but I'm giving this to someone.

Please continue advising people to buy a ~$350 rig, to emulate PS1 games, that they're going to give as a Christmas present to someone because you're too fucking retarded to grasp the requirements to run said emulations. This is fucking comedy gold.

>> No.68778228

>angry he got called out when suggesting something that wont run PS1 emulators
Ok. Guess I don't know what it's like being a poorfag.

>> No.68778338

how is this for $800

>> No.68778502

Is the Pentium G4560 a good and cheap replacement for the ones recommended in the light/bare minimal gaming section? I now own a GeForce GTX 770 and not planning to play heavy games.

>> No.68778517
File: 1.26 MB, 260x197, 1436853027154.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm building my first new rig since 2011, what recent games have the best graphics?

>> No.68778548

Shit that's my mobo
What's the best month for a total upgrade?

>> No.68778609

>>>/v/ gaymerfag

>> No.68778639

They're comparable; however, you can future-proof your PC by going Athlon. Athlon uses an AM4 socket which is the same as a 2600/2700. That'll save you basically ~$100 the next time you upgrade.

Battlefield 5 is a meme game but it's probably the best looking game currently.

What do you mean by "total upgrade"?

>> No.68778833
File: 95 KB, 633x732, amdored.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

With crypto crashing again and AMD having an excess GPU inventory, I'm thinking about picking up a Vega 64 and then building a PC around that.

Asides from the GPU, storage (and case) the idea is that I'm buying used where I can, which is why I picked out premium parts so hopefully they'll still be fully functional and I won't get screwed.

Extract your opinions?

>> No.68778890

Should I get the ryzen 2600 at 160 on Amazon?
What are the chances it goes on sale again soon? I won't have the money for a new Mobo and memory to go with it until later but I feel like I should get the CPU now while it's on sale.

>> No.68778900

anon... vega 64 is not worth $805
at first i was like is this nigga from canada? then i looked and no, you're from USA

>> No.68778908

I just picked out a part at random for the gpu, I'm hoping to pick up a new vega 64 for $500

>> No.68778954

bro yeah i was gonna say, pcpartpicker shows the reference (imo way better looking too) cooler ones for $399

my only comments on this would be about the ram desu, aegis doesn't have heatspreaders. its 2018 so i doubt they're green pcb but beware. i have the 750G3 from evga, platinum series should be pretty dank too. im also not sold on the color of the U12S but there's nothing a few fans cant change with that.

board is solid, ROG can't go wrong, don't fuck with MSI though literal chinkshit. as for the hdd/ssd im picky with that, that's like the one part i would never buy used.

>> No.68779018

why not get a top of the line 1070ti for $350 for the same performance after overclocking

>> No.68779019

Oh shit it's on sale now temporarily, thanks

>> No.68779066

Alright, i have a 1070ti i was gifted for my birthday. Its great but i feel like its bottlenecking hard on my 4690k oc ive had forever. Whats gonna be my best bet for a new processor bang for buck wise? Obviously going to have to shell out for a new mobo and ddr4 as well so its gonna be costly either way. Just want something that is gonna run well with my 1070ti and maybe some room for upgrade in a few years when other GPUs drop a little

>> No.68779097
File: 74 KB, 600x600, makeitstop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that moment when you realize you have to reinstall your 5+ years old OS
I'm not even sure I can find half the cracks for shit I've got installed.
Lord have mercy on me.

>> No.68779138

I managed to snag the sapphire vega 64 for $400, and it has better reviews than the msi version I was planning on too, thanks again >>68778954

Because I'm never dealing with nvidia drivers ever again

>> No.68779164

i feel for you man, good luck

>> No.68779200

This is the one time I'm grateful google is an evil corp monitoring all my shit.

>> No.68779214

Should my FX 8350 and rx580 be achieving constant 60fps in games like DotA 2 and overwatch?
I'll get drops below 30 sometimes and I can't figure out why. I upgraded the gpu recently on black Friday and it still happens.

>> No.68779245

Check your GPU/CPU use and frequencies while playing as a start.

>> No.68779302

What program should I use to do that? Does open hardware monitor work?
What should I be looking for when checking it?

>> No.68779303
File: 15 KB, 610x200, lian.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


is this any good /g/?
Planing to run three 120mm case fans.

Had a similair device a few years back. 1.5$ ebay version. Burned out after a week. :sadface:

>> No.68779368

There's a bunch of software to get overlays on CPU/GPU use, temps and frequencies in games.
I dunno what's COOL these day just google for it.
After that check if you're making use of the CPU/GPU at the right speeds, if something is off you know where to start from.
Though usually it's either a bad power supply or somehow your GPU is stuck in low power mode.

>> No.68779377

i used MSI afterburner
(u dont have to have MSI hardware)

>> No.68779421

I'm a bit overwhelmed to say the least. I'm not rich but I do well enough to not care about spending $2000-2500 on a good build. I care more about high refresh rates, dual monitors, and playing Dota 2. Otherwise I want to just have a good browsing experience while playing VNs and watching Twitch or some shit.

What buy

>> No.68779424


Ok, I'm at work right now but when I get home I'll check it out. My theory right now is my 8gb of ram causing all the slowdown, but I'm a bit hesitant to buy more DDR3 ram.
My psu is 550w so that would be surprising, though it is from 2013 like the rest of my system.

One more question, what temp does a CPU start slowing down, because it'll hit 70c+ at times.
Thanks for the help

>> No.68779454

Well that might be your problem, according to AMD that CPU starts throttling at around 60-65°

>> No.68779525



>mfw /g/ tries to tell people that a pi can't emulate PS1 games
Holy shit people don't ever come here for advice. Go elsewhere. These monkeys are literally clueless.

>> No.68779566

Oh wow, its not even overclocked either. I guess I'll just invest in better cooling then.
Air is just as good as these AIO coolers right? I'm thinking about getting the Noctua NH D15, unless you would suggest something else.

>> No.68779581

It shouldn't be running that hot on stock in the first place anon, repaste and clean that trash off your heatsink.

>> No.68779659
File: 27 KB, 1200x800, DMXpBoOUMAA7LoQ.1508249357.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what does /pcbg/ think of this mouse

>> No.68779692

>white led

>> No.68779724

Anthem is up there I suppose. And yeah BFV I guess.

I still think Titanfall 2 looks amazing. Something about that Source 2 rendering just looks like a game should look.

>> No.68779750

great shape, shit sensor, too expensive
not the 2nd coming of the IM Optical

>> No.68779771

this: >>68778026

>> No.68779830

I've never been on stock, its been on a hyper 212 evo since I built it, and I reapplied the thermal paste about 3 months ago.
However the fan broke awhile ago so the only fan on it now is one that sits on top, exhausting the air from the heatsink. I think one that sits under blowing air through it would work better, but I couldnt find one with clips when I bought it several years ago.
Maybe I'll try looking for another fan that will clip on to it before I buy a whole new heatsink. I think its always ran kind of hot though, not sure if the heatsink is just shit or whats going on.

>> No.68779833

Upgrade from i7 3770K to Ryzen 2600 until the 3600X comes out? Or should I keep the i7 and wait for the 3600X next year? I mainly play gaymen at 1440pee.

>> No.68779996

does it spy on the user?

>> No.68780000

You mean if it tracks your usage and clicks to offer you the best user experience ?

>> No.68780001

I'd maybe like to try out Anthem and BFV, especially since I get the latter for free with my GPU, but Origin is spyware and I refuse to install it.

>> No.68780031

What's the best time to buy hardware? Are there charts to illustrate how prices drop over months/years?

What's the theoretical limit to process size? Is 12nm the current smallest?

Anyone have that monitor purchase guide infographic?

>> No.68780040

212 Evo is a decent budget cooler but it's not meant to be a passive fanless heatsink, especially for FX-8350 which runs on the hotter side. Extra clips for the 212 Evo should have been in the box as part of the included accessories for the cooler. Or you could have just taken the clips off of the fan that broke.

Unless you really have an itch to upgrade now and can find a buyer for the 2600, why bother? Seems like extra effort. Are you playing any games that you think you're being bottlenecked in?

>> No.68780059

>Are you playing any games that you think you're being bottlenecked in?
Don't know, for example in Fallout 4 going into cities gives me pretty bad fps drops with a vega 56. But I don't know if it's the game just being an unoptimized POS. Battlefied 1 and V run fine on the other hand. I should probably wait, maybe they release better motherboards along with them.

>> No.68780066

Looking to build a replacement for my current toaster of a desktop. I want to completely move away from Windows in doing this, but I've heard about GNU/Linux compatibility issues on newer hardware and don't really know how to proceed.

Primary use would be video/audio work and moderate gaming since there's more than zero game support now.
Budget would be $1,000 USD or less.
I'd like to about Intel if possible.

>> No.68780073

Just double boot to windows when you want to play games.

>> No.68780180

I might but that doesn't solve the problem of hardware compatibility

>> No.68780187

I think the clips were part of the fan if I remember right. Might be wrong though. Regardless, both the box and the broken fan are long gone. I think I'm going to go ahead and get the the Noctua NH-D15 though, seems like a solid cooler, and will be good for when I eventually upgrade my CPU down the line. Maybe if it cools it enough I can actually overclock it again. Is a little pricey, but its the only cooler that seems like an actual upgrade to me

>> No.68780200

>why not get a top of the line 1070ti for $350
Literally where?

>> No.68780294

Is it normal to see lower FPS values on my vega 56? I'm running it paired with an i7 8700k OC'd to 5ghz, I have a suitable PSU (750w with a good 12v rail) and 16gb of good ram clocked at 3200.
For example in just about every 1080p benchmark with GTA5 they show on average 85-90 fps. But mine just does 45-50. I also cannot clock the HBM past 850 without artifacting. The temps are fine too.

Do I RMA or did I fail the silicon lottery

>> No.68780550

Yes, that is very abnormal. What does GPU load and clocks look like during the game?

>> No.68780564

Enioy house fire. Memes aside if its legit LianLi it should be fine.

>> No.68780583
File: 72 KB, 1180x678, builddec2018.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AUD prices and 2k budget. Whats wrong with it /pcbg/

>> No.68780613
File: 66 KB, 366x354, load.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These are the stats after running the gta5 benchmark for bit.

>> No.68780622

Drop the 970 SSD and get an 860 Evo. Also motherboard is over the top expensive for a 2600, unless you're using it as a place holder for a CPU upgrade down the track, in which case I'd recommend a Prime-Pro or Strix-F for that money.

>> No.68780627

212 is outdated, mobo is eh, NVMeme is oiteral meme, PSU is outdated and you are paying for wangblows.

>> No.68780652

get a better CPU cooler the 212 is a bitch to install and is pretty out dated
M.2 is a meme, get an actual SSD instead.
>>>>buying RTX
everything else is fine to be honest.

>> No.68780833

That looks normal. I really don't know. Have you tried another driver version? I haven't had any such issues with mine.
If a different driver doesn't help, contact support for the card manufacturer.

>RTX 2070
>Gigabyte RTX 2070

>> No.68780841

>M.2 is a meme, get an actual SSD instead
Nonsense. M.2 is fantastic. It's NVMe outside its capabilities that's a meme

>> No.68780919

Do you think the 2060 RTX/GTX will outpreform 1070ti?

>> No.68780935

You're describing 2070 level of performance you dud.

>> No.68780938

I just now used Display Driver Uninstaller and then installed the latest crimson drivers and it's actually made my FPS worse. down to around 45 fps now on the gta5 benchmark.

>> No.68781053
File: 43 KB, 552x750, based.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Spend 5 hours putting everything together
>Powers on and POSTs on the first try

>> No.68781468
File: 31 KB, 417x369, 1517408624595.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally I got some money and can replace this piece of shit motherboard and CPU, what should I get if I have about 350 euros available?

>> No.68781483

>5 hours to put a lego set together

>> No.68781694


>> No.68781715

I'm a complete retard at PC's, but aren't AMD ones bad? Why are they called bad?

>> No.68781763

AMD is perfectly fine. The new Ryzen CPUs are quite good and probably a better buy than Intel CPUs at competing pricepoints. Their previous CPUs weren't very good, though.

>> No.68781769

it took me at least that long too
had to do with disassembling my old build and cleaning all of it and assembling the new one in the same case

>> No.68781832

But why are they called shit all the time?
Also considering that you're the same guy that made that list, why did you put the RAM in there? Are my current ones not compatible or too shit?

>> No.68781871

You have DDR3 RAM, DDR4 is the current standard, so you need new RAM.

And AMD isn't shit, they just haven't been as competitive the past decade, until recently.

Currently the offer the best price for performance, so if you're on a tight budget, AMD is the only real choice.

>> No.68781884

I'm planning to buy a ryzen 5 2400g that will run only Linux. Considering I need WiFi should I go with a x470 board or a b450 with a wifi card? And which WiFi card should I get, pcie or usb? Completely brainlet questions but the last time I built a computer by myself was in 2008, sorry.

>> No.68781899
File: 126 KB, 661x661, sto.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have an i5-3570k. I recently got a Ryzen 2600 for about 100 dollars. Non-X version. How much of an upgrade is it? At least from personal experience from the users here? I've checked benchmarks and found iffy results, but it seems like modern games just fuck my old CPU, and are also taking advantage of more cores now too.

>> No.68781910

Can I do it without the RAM too or is it really needed? In my country they're too pricey and it kinda overpasses my budget.

>> No.68781918

Fanboys like to fling shit at each other to make themselves feel better about their purchase. They try to make the product they bough sound better than it is, and vice-versa for the competition. Truth is both AMD and Intel offer very good performance right now, with AMD being cheaper which usually translates into better value. Don't just listen to /g/ when they call something shit. Anyone can come here and do that. Do your own research.

As for the RAM, you're using DDR3 which is the previous generation of RAM and no new products support it. We've all moved to DDR4. Ryzen does its best with higher speed RAM, so I picked out something that offered good speed without breaking the budget.

>> No.68781919

it's a considerable upgrade, just for the cores/threads alone. 4c/4t is just ass these days if you do anything but play a single game with nothing else in the background
100 bucks for a 2600 is a very good deal

>> No.68781940

Well, from where I live PC parts are more pricy and I can't really afford that because I want to buy some vidya too. I can just buy a 8GB DDR4 right?

>> No.68781942

RAM is required

>> No.68781947

8GB is the bare minimum for gaming

>> No.68781953

The RAM is necessary on any new platform. You should be able to find it for around the price of the pcpartpicker link i made online. Since you're in the EU you can just get it from Amazon or some other european online store. No need to rely on your country for pricing.

>> No.68781985

And AM4 socket will receive support for 1-2 more years right? So in the future, if I ever need to, I could just buy a new CPU without needing a new mobo or RAM.

>> No.68782001

if you plan on doing that, make sure you buy a nice higher end AM4 board.

>> No.68782003

The mental dissonance of thinking AMD CPUs aren't good but thinking that running DDR3 RAM (if it were even compatible) on a new CPU would be fine is absolutely fucking hilarious

>> No.68782012

Is the 750w prime ultra platinum worth the ~40 shekel premium on the 750w focus platinum?

>> No.68782013

I said that I'm a complete retard at PC's, I'm just saying what I always heard.

>> No.68782051

AMD CPUs were pretty bad (except for ultra budget) from 2011-2016.
They are generally the best option now, however.

>> No.68782057

Okay, will buy that build.
Thank you all for helping me.

>> No.68782095
File: 43 KB, 722x909, 1543865155789.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Friendly reminder to buy AMD unless you want to upgrade every year.

>> No.68782143

Probs going to stick with my 3770K until DDR5 then. I can wait since I'm still happy with my system.

>> No.68782202

are Inno3D GPUs really that bad?

I'm looking at a 1070 and it's cheap as fuck compared to other brands. I don't really give a fuck about cooling or loudness, as long as it doesn't melt for years I'm happy

>> No.68782216

why is it always bf5 reviews that get linked when people want to post something positive about vega gpus

>> No.68782314

Newest AAA game

>> No.68782338

Cheapest 4GB RX 580 is the Gigabyte Aorus RX580 for $269 (AUD), where the 8GB version of the same model is another $80 on top of that. Shipping on top of that is another $20 or so.
No games that I play hit a VRAM limit, so I can't justify the $80 more for double the VRAM. Similarly, I don't really play any games newer than about 2015 (Which is GTA5, otherwise, God Eater 2 Rage Burst is the latest game I have, released mid-2016). The card regardless of VRAM should last me a while into the future with the games I play, and don't plan on playing anything newer until a rare release of something actually appealing to me (I don't care about the latest games at all)

Am I overlooking/missing something? Is there any other reason to get the 8GB model that I might not be thinking about?

>> No.68782412

I know it's a sample size of 1, but it's literally inexcusable that a $650 flagship GPU is being beaten by a budget $180 GPU that came out a year later than it, and is now unusable in new titles only 3 (three) years later. Theres no way that Nvidia is not either working with AAA companies to gimp their own products, or just fucking up their own drivers on purpose.

>> No.68782448

That's not a bad bet. Unless you're running a real high end current GPU, your old Ivybridge probably won't be much of a bottleneck anyway.
Inno3d are just one of those other chink brands, probably on par with Zotac, and probably fine. If it's cheap I'd buy it happily.
Because trolls trolling. Vega's still excellent and especially at current pricing, but for the most part the 64 is on par with a 1080.

>> No.68782451

threadly reminder that AMD is shit for poorfags

save your money and go straight with Intel

t. Ryzen owner

>> No.68782457

>save your money
Nice try, Schlomo.

>> No.68782461

For that money the 4gb version is fine. Can't buy much better for under $300au new.

>> No.68782462

>but it's literally inexcusable that a $650 flagship GPU is being beaten by a budget $180 GPU that came out a year later than it
which ones are you talking about here

>> No.68782494

Turncoat trolls. They'll take turns spreading FUD on either AyyMD, Intlel and Novidia.

>> No.68782500

Oh yeah that might help
980ti and rx470

>> No.68782516

>save your money
Bad goy!

>> No.68782545

I'm planning to get a Ryzen 2600 and OC it to around 2600X levels.
Are mid-tier B450 motherboards fine for this or do I need a higher-end board.

>> No.68782575

>RX 470 beats 980 Ti by a large margin
holy shit, wasn't this a nVidia title?

>> No.68782598

>980ti beaten by a 1060
I'm going to put that down as an anomaly

>> No.68782601

Theoretical question for the time being, but how well would a B350F Strix handle a Ryzen 1600/2600?
Currently on a 1400, hoping for a sale on either 1600/2600, but not getting my hopes up too much and not guaranteed to buy, just curious how well the mobo would handle it.

>> No.68782639

seriously avoid ryzen

>> No.68782664


>> No.68782679

get used to me buddy im not going anywhere

i must spread the word

i cant let another poor anon fall for the AMD meme

Ryzen is garbage and for poorfags

avoid Ryzen

go straight to Intel, save yourself some trouble

>> No.68782699

I hope Intel is paying you good shekels for all this shilling.

>> No.68782710

Not that anon, but why is ryzen garbage?
Askig since i want to buy a 2600 or 2600x.

Also how's this anons? Might get a different case.

>> No.68782712
File: 39 KB, 657x387, 1543869550769.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

t. glow in the dark who wants his jobs backdooring cpus to be easier

>> No.68782722

I'm not even pro Intel, I'm just against Poozen garbage

You want a 5 year old Intel chip? Then go Ryzen! Otherwise get Intel directly and get modern day performance.

>> No.68782762

>want to buy a 2600 or 2600x.
If you're going for a specific price range - do it. 2600 is the absolute value currently.

>> No.68782785

Not that same anon. But looking at his build, yeah it's pretty much the ideal value choice.

It is an Nvidia sponsored title, yes. But Dice has really talented programmers who get the most out of pretty much everything.

As long as you mean that you want to OC the 2600 To match just a bit better than what the 2600X is stock, then any MSI board is a good choice. Obviously you won't match a 2600X with a BCLK OC.

>modern day performance
>doesn't have working simutanious multithreading
>riddled with security vulnerabilities to the point that enterprise doesn't want Intel CPUs with HT.
You're right. Ryzen can't compete with how shitty Intel CPUs are. They use an actually well thought out architecture instead of one that cuts corners.
It's hard to believe Intel CPUs aren't chinkshit with how poorly designed and full of vulnerabilities they are.

>> No.68782798

>Ryzen and Vega
Wew lad you're falling for two bad memes at the same time

>> No.68782803
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>I'm not pro intel
>I'm just shilling against the products that meet or beat Intel in every tier for less money
>I'm just shilling for the company that hasnt innovated since 2011

>> No.68782804

>That's not a bad bet. Unless you're running a real high end current GPU, your old Ivybridge probably won't be much of a bottleneck anyway.
I have a GTX 980, it's serving me well. I keep having moments where I say: "this is it, I'm going to upgrade." However AMD really made things get interesting in the CPU world. So I'll hold on just a bit longer.

>> No.68782809

Yet Intel still blows Ryzen way the fuck out in literally every single game benchmarked

Ryzen is fucking trash for real. It's like a 2013 Intel CPU in 2018 lmao

>> No.68782817

Is it worth buying a used Ryzen 7 to keep at stock clocks on a decent B350 motherboard, where the only thing I could currently think of that'd utilise CPU a lot is maybe some light video editing/rendering, some light VM work, and maybe some emulators?
Found a 1700X for the price of a 2600X, but not sure if it'd really be too wise to buy into if I won't be fully utilising yet, or if it's wise to buy for the sake of prolonging my computer.

>> No.68782821

No need to innovate when you have literally no real competition.

>> No.68782831

>pays 300% more for 8% more performance
yep, money well spent

>> No.68782851

It's not garbage, they're just shills. Look up reviews on the internet, it's almost unanimous that ryzen 2600 specifically is great for the money. I upgrade from my i7-2600k and it's a little bit faster, much smoother, and has cool new technologies. The best part is that if it ends up lacking in 2 years I'll just buy a Zen2 3600 or whatever they call it.

>> No.68782856

>spending your free time white knighting for a multi million dollar corporation.

>> No.68782873
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In what area, power consumption or highest idle temps?

>> No.68782877

>>>/v/ is that way, fag

>> No.68782878

How do you guys figure it's time for an upgrade? Also, what to upgrade, if you're not going for a full upgrade?
I currently have the money for either a CPU & GPU upgrade, but not sure which to guy for first.
Currently have a Ryzen 1300X & GTX 670.
For what I do, both are adequate, but would still ideally like to upgrade both.
The only thing I'd really want to upgrade the GPU for is more VRAM, since the games I play often times jump to ~2.5GB and thus cause quite a bit of stuttering.
Similarly, the only thing I'd really want to upgrade the CPU for is more cores or threads, since it'll often hang if I'm doing any video rendering, which I do for small change from friends' gaymen youtube channels, and just about unusable for a little while.
Either upgrade would be beneficial, which is why I'd like to upgrade both, but I'm not sure which to get first.

>> No.68782884

best ATX AM4 board under $120? with 6+ sata preferably

>> No.68782914

Maxwell as an achetecture is fine. Unless you're looking at upgrading monitors and require more GPU power, there shouldn't really be a need for you to upgrade.
>Yet Intel still blows Ryzen way the fuck out in literally every single game benchmarked
With flagship GPUs at 1080ti, hence the OP stating buy high end Coffeelake if pairing with a 2080 or better. Midrange up to say Vega64/GTX1080 levels, it's a much more trivial difference.

>> No.68782927

Do you game more, or do you do edit video more? Former = upgrade GPU. Latter = upgrade CPU.

>> No.68782948

Which CPU are you using?

>> No.68782964

I do both probably equally.
I don't do a lot of gaming personally, but then I don't live on editing.
When I weigh options, I see CPU come up more.

I suppose I'll hope for a decent amount of money for Christmas some way or another, so I can preferably upgrade both in a similar time frame?

>> No.68782967

a fucking Ryzen LOL!

>> No.68782984

Oh, fuck off you insufferable 17 year old faggot. I was asking which AM4 CPU you were using, so I could tailor my response around that.
I could suggest something completely different for a 2200G in comparison to a 2700X.
Unironically kill yourself.

>> No.68782989

>only 1 HDMI port on gpu
Why have I been jewed

>> No.68783015

Based am4 anon, I think you're the one who sold me on a b450m for my 2600

>> No.68783023

lmaoing @ amd faggots that get this upset when people laugh at their 2012 tech

>> No.68783027

Good intel boards are retardedly expensive and a good x470 mobo would allow me to upgrade the CPU later on to 7nm(+).
Vega 64 since it would allow me to take advantage of my 4k 60fps freesync monitor in a few games. I know it's not really meant ofr 4k, but there are no better options for the price.
The upgrade path is the main reason i want to go ryzen. That's the only reason I'm getting a good board and PSU.

>> No.68783042 [DELETED] 
File: 125 KB, 960x878, 1543465795780.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68783045

8 threads for $400
>locked shit
Literally the only Intel cpu that's not complete shit is the 8700k

>> No.68783062

>Literally the only Intel cpu that's not complete shit is the 8700k
No the 8700k is complete shit due to the security vulnerabilities with hyper threading.
9700k really is better. It's just, yeah, too expensive.

>> No.68783081

>due to the security vulnerabilities with hyper threading.
This meme died months ago

>> No.68783113

I still use an FX, and it's adequate

>> No.68783118

muh security vulnerabilities that have literally not affected a single person irl

>> No.68783174

>Got an 8700k for $330 on Black Friday
>Running at 5000 MHz on all cores
Tell me why people say not to buy this CPU again?

>> No.68783198

Dumb AMD shills

This general is full of them

>> No.68783208

imagine being this much of a intlel bootlicker
>its okay that my door has no locks, I havent even been robbed yet!

>> No.68783209

they do, it's even in the OP you dumb fuck

>> No.68783243

Any good z370 motherboards that would be able to overclock a 9900k to ~5ghz? Thinking about getting a 8700k right now and then upgrading to a 9900k some years later.

>> No.68783252

>Thinking about getting a 8700k right now
>and then upgrading to a 9900k some years later.
this has to be bait

>> No.68783254

I forgot to mention a price range. Under €300, preferably under €250.

>> No.68783274

Why? Isn't the 9900k compatible with z370 borads?

>> No.68783278

Are you going to pair that motherboard and cpu with a chiller?

>> No.68783307

is 8700k stil worth buying or should you just pony up the dough for a 9700k?

>> No.68783310



>> No.68783316

it is but why would you buy what is essentially the same cpu for most tasks when you could just upgrade to something a lot more advanced in a few years, especially since ddr5 will require new boards anyway

>> No.68783335

>I stumbled into a thread I don't like, how could happen etc.

>> No.68783367

Imagine the power draw

>> No.68783562

Less than running a vega actually

>> No.68783617

I was just hoping to do the same thing people who upgrade to old i7s from old i5s do. Make the PC last longer with a minimal investment down the road.

>> No.68784028

>buying a 1060 when RX570, 580 exist
>$100 power supply for pc that won't draw anywhere near what this puts out
>overpriced as fuck case

>> No.68784045

but amd is the best though, right now and over the course of the past year

>> No.68784045,1 [INTERNAL] 

Now Nvidia is going to launch RTX 3080 TI and if you know about best RTX 3080 TI then here you can read.

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