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is this the new 2500k

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It says Ryzen 5 2600 right there!

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No, it's clearly a Poozen

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Obsolete in a year?

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>had the single core clock speed of a 5 year old intel processor
>somehow going to last 7 years

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Ryzen 3xxx will be.

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No, everyone that I know IRL that went for anything lower than a 1700x or 2700x has shown regret in their decision.

With almost half of the 1st gen buyers regret not waiting for 2nd gen because of 4dimm ram issues and the free storeMI.

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Nah, even a fucking i3 is better than that shit

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>0 overclocking potential
>the new 2500k

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even i3s have 4 cores these days

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>legendary Athlon still annihilates garbage Pentium

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It's almost 2019 and the 1600 is still pretty good

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>inb4 intards spam ryzen benchmarks with 2133MHz CL18 RAM

Most hit 4.0-4.1 just fine

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Not until you can buy 16GB DDR4 for under $100

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No the Zen 2 equivalent (Ryzen 5 3600) is going to be the new 2500K.

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I just overclocked mine to 4.8 GHz and it has been running fine for years, still no need to upgrade

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Most people are stuck at 2933 with 64gb users mostly stuck at 2666

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Maybe for older games and shitposting on 4channel

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you can.
and 3200 is only ~$120.

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Maybe, I dunno. I try to get near 144 FPS usually for my freesync screen. Playing all kinds of games, never had an issue with cpu as far as I know.

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That's because they're stupid. 3200MHz samshit b-die CL14 RAM is only like $30 more.

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No, that would be the R5 1600

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mine runs at 4.2ghz all the time without me doing anything

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Not every 2700X can do those speeds, if that's the general maximum for Ryzens, Intel cpus should've been benchmarked with 4266+...

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Look at the graph again, intel barely gains any performance. Infinity fabric on ryzen runs at the speed and latency of RAM. This is why even 3200MHz CL14 RAM that can easily run on high end ~$80 B450s gives you like 20% better FPS compared to 2133MHz CL 18.

Ryzen doesn't need 5ghz CL12 RAM to punish intel, it can do that just fine with 3200 MHz CL14.

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it can be overclocked you dingus

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Imagine spending over 300 dollars on a 1700x

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Not this again. The 2600 is a godly cpu for that price. But Intel is still better at gayms but at a higher cost for similar Cores.

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4 cores is still pretty adequate despite what people on /g/ and /v/ think. Sure they struggle with getting all the frames and there're some games/engines that're really core hungry but you can still do well with one if you're on a budget/until you eventually upgrade.

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j-just wait for poozen 3 ....

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probably not. the 2500k lasted so long mostly because Intel sandbagged for 7 years.

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i don't have to imagine

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The IPC of ryzen is AT MINIMUM like 5% higher than coffinlake once you remove infinity fabric disadvantage with 3200MHz CL14 RAM or better.

It's ogre, intel is fucking DEAD. Zen 2 is just the final nail in the coffinlake.

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Then explain the 3770k.

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Ryzen 3+ w-will finally be able to compete 7 years old intelaviv CPUs

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Congrats on triggering intards

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>intel barely gains any performance
That depends on the game, yes the gains are larger on AMD because the architecture depends on it but saying there's "barely gains performance" is a flat out lie. There are games that will make use of speeds even beyond 3400, which isn't shows on your charts. And if you're spending all that money on an expensive Intel cpu and B-die, you might as well go 4000+ instead of just 3400.

>it can do that just fine with 3200 MHz CL14
True, it can come close to Intel, but again, Intel can go even further.

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>very hot barely stable oced
>manual ram timing
>having to back it down in 2 months from instability
Lol im so glad i have an 8400 and dont have to fool with this nonsense.

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Buy intel goyim, the anti-semitic Ryzen nazis are winning.

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Buying 2700x so I can jack off on it and spam it as a webm next week. What mobo and ram to go with it?

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>remember the 6gorillionhertz

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>literally the only thing keeping intel afloat is pubg benchmarks and wojakposting




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Got my 2600X for a hell of a deal, run it on stock cooler bith 3000MHz B-die and it's fantastic. The thing is stupid fast, especially given the amount of money I spent on it. I run on the stock cooler yet it still runs cool as fuck. Possibly the best computer-component purchase I've ever made.

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Do it

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Some AMD faggots are so obnoxious with the fucking 200GE/2200G/2400G hailing it as the holy grail when it's fucking 4Cores while bashing old i5s and 4 core Pentium Gs. We've had that kind of performance for over 5 years for god sakes. I wanted to facepalm so bad when fucking retards with 2~4th gen Core i5s/i7s "upgraded" to 2200G/2400Gs and claiming it to be so much faster.

It's fucking so much faster because your new "upgrade" has a fucking SSD while you were too cheap to fucking buy one for your old system.

Fucking hypocrites.
I have to just smile and pretend I don't know what their talking about even though I have a Ryzen.

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Trusting amds own benchmarks is actually drinking the koolaid

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File: 193 KB, 712x1435, aHR0cDovL21lZGlhLmJlc3RvZm1pY3JvLmNvbS9PLzUvNzY1NTA5L29yaWdpbmFsL2ltYWdlMDA4LnBuZw==(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

intel owner here: gaymen shitflinging aside you HAVE to give AMD credit for making such energy efficient processors. 64-core Rome is slated to be on a 180W TDP frame which roughs out to about 3 watts per core running at 2.4GHz. That's fucking insane

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AMDfags are literally the biggest faggots on /g/.

I don't go to Reddit, but I'm sure if you go to r/buildapc you'll find shills there too. "W-Wow you're going to g-get an i7? W-Why not save the money and get a Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7. You'll be able to whacky and crazy things in the background while you play games because that's what people do mid-competitive games!" Fucking idiots.

The funny thing is, /g/ doesn't even play games. They push the Ryzen meme because they're most likely on AMD"s payroll. If a game performs worse on Ryzen than Intel, then they do mental gymnastics and /pol/-tier slander to make excuses

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More ringbus housefires with the same shit power but slightly faster? The whole company is full of idiots sjws and diversity hires if you think raja kakapooopoocurry won't nosedive the entire inturd line your wrong

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hi brian

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>as a concern troll here is something completely unrelated
Didnt read. Amds own benchmarks are always shit

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Let's use 28 core ringbus dies that are very expensive to manufacture because they scale like shit and then glue 2 of them together so that we can also introduce more latency and sell them for $20k. NOW WE HAVE SHITTY RINGBUS THAT SCALES LIKE SHIT PLUS EVEN MORE LATENCY


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He doesn't even work for Intel anymore nerd.

I see AMD hasn't upgrade it's "How to shill on tech sites/boards" video yet.

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I'm currently on kabylale and I'm mad desu.

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Not like you can read anyway retarded chimptel macaco.

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Benchmark wise, the 2400G is twice as fast on single core and three times faster multicore on cinebench versus my old i5 3210M. So for an upgrade on a budget, made sense to me. Got me an upgradable rig that will actually play some modern games for the same price I paid for my potato in 2012.

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And this was recommended publicly by AMD in April of 2017; to buy b-die if possible. Also, newer BIOS have made a huge difference. I have Corsair Hymen RAM that wouldn't boot above 2133 when I got my board and updated it in July of last year. Since updating my BIOS, it's hitting 3000+ (haven't had the time to push it and have to RMA the RAM anyways) at C16 with zero tweaking.

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TSMC will go 5nm in 2020 , rip in pieces Intel fabs.

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It's amazing with how much intel gets away with because of that.

Someone post that "no processor can be completely safe..." intel PR damage control

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fanboys wont even acknowledge that amd has systematically cherry picked deceptive benchmarks that are always proven to be nothing like averages a user will expect.

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What's funny is that ARM and other RISC chips have been that power-efficient for pretty much forever. x86 is no fucking joke, ANY x86 processor is a legitimate feat of engineering just because of the sheer complexity of the instruction set. It's really an awesome accomplishment to make an x86 chip that comes that close to being as power-efficient as something so much more primitive. If AMD continues in that fashion and Intel can catch up, it pretty much kills any chanve of ARM or RISC-V making meaningful advances in the enterprise computing realm for the foreseeable future.

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You had a 2.5ghz dual core mobile i5 which was slower than the Pentium/Celeron G dual cores of the same generation.

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buh muh content creation xD

Synthetic benchmarks are worse than games, majority of the people here just shitpost all day and jerk off to anime, like they even have a use for 16 threads let alone the upcoming 128 threads.
This is not a shill post for Intel but here have this faggot shit talk Intel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEw-3vpqhbQ&t=632s
A lot of this stands for AMD and their drones, 99% of faggots ARGUING HERE EVERY DAY DON'T EVEN HAVE A USE CASE FOR 8 CORE PROCESSORS - FACT.

Unless devs stop being lazy fucks and optimize software (good luck lmao), having more cores is useless.

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I am not going to address your arguement until you address mine

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I know that feel. My first major upgrade was from a Pentium D 820 (820, not the 920) to an i3 2100. A few years after that I did a cpu switch to an i5 3550. Got it off ebay, cost the same as the i3 did when I got it. Then of course a few years later I find an i7 3770 prebuilt in a dumpster, even had 8GB ram. Got a new board for it (for newer stuff), but the i5 back with the old motherboard. Compatibility is nice. the 3770 is only like 5-10% faster than the 3550 but why not you know

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>content creation doesn't matter

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Well, given the fact ALL CPUs have the same speed as a 5 year old intel processor, you don't have much to brag about.

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>I only read the first line
Suck a dick drone

>> No.68753453

>posts linus shit
Your entire argument has been automatically discarded.

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>blockchain compute

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>t. I need 32 cores to argue strangers on an anonymous anime imageboard

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The problem the devs have was DirectX11/Open GL.
Those piece of shits APIs are just not multithread safe at fucking all.
You had the one blessed CPU that could talk to the 3D accelerator, and everyone else was left behind.
This makes the game engine turn into a literal funnel, where all the CPUs work to give the blessed CPU the graphical data, and this is just not very efficient at fucking all.
Now doom/wolf 2 are an exception as they're made for vulkan, and the end result is that they are MUCH more efficient with multithread use.

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Stop shilling your videos here, Linus

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sirs buy amd please

>> No.68753551

>Not until you can buy 16GB DDR4 for under $100
A cheap kit is only $95 before taxola

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Wait for Intel 6GHz 10 cores 1770W CPU
AMD destroyer lol

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>4 cores

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"Hey X, i managed to create a reploid out of an ancient intel CPU. by clocking it to 7Ghz, it both run things just fast enough and doubles as his fire powers"

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Intel 10 nm superpower by 2020.

>> No.68753629

did you just describe your 8400 experience?

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>With almost half of the 1st gen buyers regret not waiting for 2nd gen because of 4dimm ram issues*
citation needed

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My 8400 that doesnt go over 60c in prime95? Certainly not

>> No.68753657

r/AMD literally blows themselves the fuck out because the x600 series are their best sellers and are 6c/12t

>> No.68753667

Can't OC it either, whoops sorry my mistake.

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delid nao!

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Rent free

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no nooo it was our turn bros!

>> No.68753713

Why would you? Oc is a meme. No need to turn a nice cpu into a house fire for 10-15% performance

>> No.68753714

>Retard blows himself the fuck out
Are AMD users all this dumb

>> No.68753715

Yes. Atleast unlike intell it is cheap cpu that bevomes obsolete, not cpu and mobo

>> No.68753719

Now show me that running at 3000mhz+

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>> No.68753747

It was a dark time in my life, I've emerged from the intel HD 4000 graphics cave at last.

That's a hell of a dumpster find, price-performance feelgoods is off the chart when its free

>> No.68753779

>Oc is a meme.
I guess the turbo frequency just comes out of thin air.

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/G/oys save all the shitposting for when zen 2 utterly decimates intel in every way imaginable. Even intelfags should be grateful for AMD because we'd still be stuck with $150 dual cores and $300 quad-cores. We live in an age where you can purchase octa-core 3.7GHz processors with better than haswell IPC for $170 that only consumes 65W and can be used with $50 motherboards. 2 years ago intel charged an ARM and a leg for that.


>> No.68753817

That's literally almost the same price as a DUAL-CORE i3. And the only perk you get with the i3 is a joke of an iGPU and 200MHz higher clocks.


>> No.68753824

>because i can oc means i need to
Brainwashed by jewtel
Oh you're retarded lol. You dont know the different between a fixed overclock and a factory turbo frequence?

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>j-just wait

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>OC gets hot lmao
>I don't have to (can't) OC my 8400
Why would a Ryzen user need to OC for anything but all core?

>> No.68753888

finally someone gets it

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There is no "just wait" anymore, we're literally only a few month away from desktop zen 2. This is NOTHING like intel's 10nm unicorn. Also think about what I just said, $170 for AN EIGHT-CORE 3.7GHz processor with better than haswell IPC.

may god have mercy on his soul

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File: 3.75 MB, 1543x1615, amd_vs_nvidia_intel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



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Zen is simply a tech demo for Zen2. It will be completely and utterly obsolete on Zen2's release. I'm thankful for those who bought it for funding my next purchase though.

>> No.68753953

Welcome to what processors were like 10 years ago. Back before intel jewed AMD to death, you'd legitimately expect your processor to be obsolete within 2-3 years.

>> No.68753959

Is Spectre and Meltdown still a thing?

>> No.68753961

We can still upgrade to it.

t. B450fag with 1600 I got for $100

>> No.68753996

Except this time AMD is being a bro about it. Zen 1 motherboards will be able to use zen +, zen 2, and zen 3 processors.

t. salty kabylakefag

>> No.68754033

But there won't be such a big jump as from zen1 to zen2 anymore. zen2 will be released not just on a cutting edge tech process, but also intented for desktop CPUs one - the one they use right now is more fit for smartphones. RAM compatibility issues should be fixed at this point at branch predictor improvements can't go on forever, the room for improvement is shrinking yet again.

>> No.68754063

Pretty nice.
I have an AMD 1700 and are fully statified with it.
Will upgrade as soon as I get a cheap 32 core CPU.

CPUs won't get much faster for years. Just some percents. It's totally enough for most things you do.

And yes, it's totally enough for gayming, because the GPU is most important there.
(just for the >>>/v/ retards here.

>> No.68754085

True but efficiency will continue. I'll be very mad if AMD can't make 35W TDP 16-core 4GHz processors by zen 3. The 2990WX is already like 6 watts/core.

>> No.68754231

8 core laptops will make me drop the desktop for good.

>> No.68754299

"IT'S FAKE!!!" isn't an argument at all. Literally all reviewers have similar results in different workloads.

>> No.68754349

Plenty of 2700x can't stable all core boost as AMD has them basically clocked to the max out of the factory

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Oh shit, watch out guys. We have have Mr. Competitive Gaymur here.

>> No.68754558

10nm 2015 just wait intelbros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.68755229

It takes 4-5 years to develop a new CPU uArch. So 3 or so years tops where they were slacking against Intlel. Intel just sat on their asses for the last 7 years after Sandyvag was launched.

>> No.68755236

The 2500k doesn't make Premiere crash though

>> No.68755241

I got my 2500k and z68 board for $90 total. when will ryzen drop that low?

>> No.68755269

Zen2 prices are probably going to be as high as Zen1 for replacement models. So the Ryzen 3600 will probably be $220 to not completely kill demand for Zen+ 2600

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>tfw intel will die in your lifetime
Fuck I hope everyone there gets decapitated. Or burned alive, whatever works.

>> No.68755347

Cannon Lake got dumped by Google on their Chromebooks. Intel can't even make a good CPU for a shit tier phone with large keyboard and display.

>> No.68755404

you have no clue what you are talking about.

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>> No.68755494

keller didn't do jack shit

>> No.68755575

lmao, AMD would be DEAD without him.

>> No.68755757

Prolly. It depends entirely on whether the overinflated rumors about Zen2 are correct (doubtful). Ask again in seven years.

>> No.68755925

>barely stable oced
OCing is still a thing?

>> No.68756406
File: 1.49 MB, 2000x1367, 1524502152745.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68756704

>The 2990WX is already like 6 watts/core.
With awful single-thread performance though.

>> No.68756773

Less awful than intel's core2duo ipc after security patches lmoa

>> No.68757493

>observe the /v/ fag


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>jew detected

fuck off kike, your time is at hand.

>> No.68757631

No, that will be Ryzen 3xxx.

>> No.68757642

>buy a 2700x
>replace my 3 year old 6700k

not the worst decision i ever made but i miss my 6700k. ryzen is just ok for gayming

>> No.68758217

Why would that matter on hedt? Who the FUCK goes into hed to play fortnite?

>> No.68758697

Just a quick question: I still own an Ivy Bridge i5 3450. Would I massively benefit if I'd update to current-gen AMD? I'm only gaming, nothing else.

>> No.68758704

wait for ryzen 3000 series

>> No.68758722

LOL no.

>> No.68758769


>> No.68758770

eh I have 6700k slightly oced (4/8 4.4Ghz) and it's still mostly fine.
Moving to ryzen 3 once it arrives, I hope the top ryzen has 16/32 cores

>> No.68758790

Yes, assuming you didn't OC your 3.3GHz 4-core turbo equates to about 3GHz on zen+. 2600X would have 40% higher ST and like 70% better MT. I'd say go fer it.

>> No.68758798

We have no reason to believe that Mr. Jew Killer has had anything but excellent relations with the negro population so please stop besmirching his name.

>> No.68759126


>> No.68759158

No, the 3700X will be.

>> No.68759177

Why the fuck would you move from a 4C/8T chip to a Ryzen 3 which still has 4C/8T?

>> No.68759184

p sure he meant zen 3

>> No.68759206


4 cores is plenty. there's no reason to buy more than 6 cores that will literally be doing nothing, ever.

>> No.68759315

My 4.6ghz 2500k is still faster at single core speed than that Ryzen.

>> No.68759389

Yes but unlike Intelaviv, you just do a BIOS update and voila, you can upgrade your CPU to Zen 2 and Zen 2+/3 if it comes on 2020. Jews force you to get a new mobo with each release.

>> No.68759391

Well it does have the same single core performance as a 2500k so in a way you could say that it is.

>> No.68759499


>> No.68759517

>6 threads

>> No.68760276
File: 17 KB, 836x768, UPGRADE2010.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>is this the new 2500k
not, AMD turned to evil side

>> No.68760395

Elaborate. See

>> No.68760593

Reminder that Keller is now at Intel. Everything is going to get their shit kicked in at 2023.

>> No.68760649

>Senior packaging enginner


>> No.68760656

I hope 3600/3700 don't come with coolers and cost a bit less than non-Xs now in relation to X parts. I just wanna cheap rig with extremely good pert/W.

>> No.68761200


>> No.68761526

I'm still using my 2500k. Give me 1 (one) reason to upgrade.

>> No.68761657

I had to upgrade because my motherboard was going to shit.

>> No.68761693
File: 1.09 MB, 680x680, 1531737680843.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't believe I fell for the AMD meme

>> No.68761703

No. Maybe the 3600 will be if it clocks up to 4.6 or better.

>> No.68761868
File: 201 KB, 1201x756, ryzen vs sandy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao ryzen still can't keep up with sandy bridge

>> No.68762478

Stop bullying the NPCs, anon.

>> No.68762584

Could you please link to the right ram model as I'm probably going to build a 1700x or something soon?

>> No.68762614
File: 33 KB, 691x750, 1539796017419.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>CPU Mark
top kek, is this 2006?

>> No.68762615
File: 52 KB, 682x908, untitled-12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Will Intel shills ever tire of lying?

>> No.68762743

>4.4Ghz on a Ryzen 2700X

yfw the 8700K score isnt even OC'd yfw 4.4Ghz on a Ryzen 2700X is pushing 1.5V

>> No.68762749

It's a year and a half old of course it's still good retard.

No. 2500k was "good" since it was a decent value at the time and no real upgrades came after it, so you could just keep it for years.
The 2600 is excellent value but will have much more powerful successors. It's not like the 2500k, which is a good thing. It means we have steady technological progress ahead of us.

>> No.68762889

>Claims Ryzen has slower single threaded performance than Sandy Bridge
>Gets proven a liar
>Immediately tries to move the goalposts to an unrelated topic

>> No.68763351

>still cant accept that you're not even up to 2018 standards of clock and single threaded perf

>> No.68763736

Try doing x264 encodes on your 4/4 i5 meme

>> No.68763944
File: 28 KB, 700x438, 5344646654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw amd kindly locked new athlon's cores just to give intel's low end a chance

>> No.68764107

This runs perfectly for me with a 1700 and B350 Mortar board

>> No.68765694

Even AMD GPU official benchmark details uses intel as test bench.

>> No.68766819

>Sandy Bridge

>> No.68766839

I have a 2600x and no regrets

>> No.68766886

What RAM? 2600X with good RAM curb stomps a stock i7-8700K with 2666 MHz RAM. See >>68752746

>> No.68767006

>using 4 dimms

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