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Garbage. Throw this shit in the dumpster, I am glad I returned my Ryzen system.

2 1080TIs for 400$ each
X299 Dark for 265$
9800X for 580$
How can AMD shitters cope by shit posting on 4chan to feel good about their inferior your budget system. Half of you need to get a great job so you can afford good hardware.

AMD is only good for consoles I will give credit where due and maybe 4K 60Fps systems. Found this post online and reminded me how poo tier AMD is

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Yeah, what a deal breaker. Having to twist the cooler off of the IHS is just completely impossible and totally negates the years of use you get out of the processor.
By the way, do you know the cheapest place to buy the derbauer delidding tool? I ran out of money paying for my K processor and Z motherboard.

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>Found this post online
>Sent this post by my good friends at Intel marketing

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9800X doesn’t need a delid you uneducated AMDrone

Mad cuz you know my system shits your poorzen poozen

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When did I say I bought a 9800X? Learn to read you dumb goy.

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You know what's better than spending lots of money on a cpu? Spending less money on something that does just as well and not giving it to the pieces of shit at intelaviv.

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Why are you so concerned with another man's processor? Use yours and keep your hole shut.

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I can boil water with a lot less money

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sorry laddie, brand loyalism is retarded and so are you, OP

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>poo tier
Daily reminder this is the poojeet's choice.

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OP you're just reposting shit from Reddit
Was posted just 45 minutes ago according to Google
Fuck off with your shitty gas lighting CPU war thread.

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Thanks for the post rajesh shekelberg. This i7 will be the last intel I'll ever own. Keep crying.

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Op is a savage and tilted and the AMD owners haha my fucking sides. That’s actually a good deal. I paid 500$ for my Vega 64, Ryzen 8 core and motherboard was the same price... not going to lie I paid more for less, but the response in this thread is great. So many butt hurt people. Next month I’m going to sell this system and maybe go x299

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>Tfw I paid 480$ for one Vega 56 and it performs worse than OP 1080 TIs!
AMD cheated me once again

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This doesnt happen that often but it is kinda scary. The one that really scared me was stripping the plastic off a usb 3 header on a $1000 board

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The cope has started
>pic related AMD owners are fat and mad

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>Comparing last gen intel to current gen amd
sounds about right for an amd shill.

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the joke is intel has been the same for 3+ generations

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>apple poster complaining about amd CPUs

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Every time i try buy AMD they drop the ball. I was going to buy a bulldozer and before i got it intel released the sandy bridge cpus, i canceled my order and waited, lo and behold, intel bulldozed the bulldozer. i still use my 2500k to this day, god bless.

I was going to update to ryzen since they mentioned they were going with a shit load of pci-e lanes like intel but nope nothing of the sort lmao just sticking with my 2500k. Not that i really need PCI-E lanes since SLI is fucked nowdays anyway and not even worth ur time now that gpus are 2k+ rather then back in the days the flagship was like $700-800

I like to buy in the ~$500 region for CPU, so around the i79700k vs X2700 and the AMD simply can't compete, unless you go comparing regular cpus to hedt i guess.

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If you're going to samefag, at least change your fucking filenames you retard.

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>It's ok when Intel does it

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Intel just needs some competition imho. Like fucking nvidia. That said i'm not going to buy something i don't want for the sake of "competition", lol.

I want nothing more then for amd to push intel into a corner and offer competitive prices, pushing prices down for both vendors. Same for the GPU market, desu.

i never said it was, i never made that argument.

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2500k is slow as dogshit.
I know because I upgraded my 4.7Ghz 2500k to a 2700X, and it's great.

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Wait, what? Is the CPU just secured by the cooler?

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No, he used way too much thermal paste and pulled too hard on it instead of twisting it off.

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Some thermal paste can set like cement over time as it dries out.
If you aren't careful you can pull the CPU clean from the socket when trying to remove the cooler. This is more of a problem for AMD than it is for Intel because the Intel socket retention clamps on the IHS as well as around the substrate on the Intel CPUs when you install the CPU but it's not a major problem as long as you aren't a neanderthal.

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Yeah, it gets the job done nowdays, but it could do with a do-over.
Pretty good chip for its time, though gotta admit.

If i were to buy AMD it would have to be better then the 9700k without being more then a little expensive and not have the classic intel HEDT retardedion such as expensive as fuck mobos and shit.

When are intel/AMD releasing their next shit, anyway?

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> i7 9700k vs 2700X
>Pay $80 more for +5% fps in games and worse performance in real tasks
>Pay $80 more for security flaws only fixable by disabling hyperthreading


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So it's just the tension on the pins then? Whoever thought putting a billion pins on the most or second most expensive part of a computer was a good idea anyway.

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Lmao, OP got rekt

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Then buy the Threadripper.

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>So it's just the tension on the pins then
PGA sockets use a lever that locks or releases the CPU, but this guy was a major retard and managed to use enough force to pull it out despite being locked.
Yes, LGA sockets don't have this problem, but the easy solution is to have more brain cells than chromosomes.

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I don't want to go over 8 cores as it may actually not be as good for tasks that are not very good at multi-threading such as games and shit..

Also define "security flaws". I doubt i'm all that interesting that it would matter, anyway - besides the point, if it is better in games, is that not the idea, no?

The ryzen does seem 30% or so faster at that specific type of encryption, though. so i'll give it that. Infact, AMD in general have been better at highly multi-threaded tasks then intel in general. I don't suppose it's because they also develop GPU's, huh?

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>ooohh nooo I might mishandle removing the heat sink during my weekly reapplication of thermal grease!

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>So it's just the tension on the pins then?
>Whoever thought putting a billion pins on the most or second most expensive part of a computer was a good idea anyway.
It's perfectly fine. If it's pulled out it doesn't do damage to the pins anyway.

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Does this kind of thing happen or is OP actually retarded? Like, he didn't bother to turn on the PC and remove this shortly afterwards but instead waited a decade or something?

My last AMD processor was a Phenom II x4 955 and that never happened to me, so I'm wondering.

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It's not a fucking car.

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It's just one of the many mandatory daily bait threads. You better go along with the program, or you'll be called an autist and poor.

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This issue is easily avoided simply by twisting it off rather than pulling.

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Oh. I recall this happening about a decade ago to a guy I knew but he did use just a bit too much strength. I thought that this specific cooler was more painful to take out or anything like that. I use a haswell processor and sure enough that system seems pretty good, doesn't look easy to take it out but still the Cryorig H7 I have mounted on it is a monumental pain in the butthole to install. The ATX case I have doesn't seem to be so well designed for the motherboard I use and so I have to take out the motherboard to take out the cooler (which is also difficult because one of the corners is obnoxiously narrow thanks to how big this motherfucker is).

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Happened to me once with some really stuck on thermal paste. It's not a big deal though, I just used some rubbing alcohol and floss to get the cpu off the cooler and both the cpu and motherboard still worked.

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I used raw strength like a real man! And then I flung the CPU across the room.. spent 2 hours straightening pins with a credit card.

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>2 1080TIs for 400$ each

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It's another
OMG I just spent 5k on a 10ms increase in (((performance))) thread
**suckles s o y**

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Seething Incel buyers remorse LMAO

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SkylakeX and playing video games. Truly drinking the Intel marketing.

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>shitty thermal paste
>doesn't twist it to remove
>opens CPU socket
>blames AMD
based Incel fanboy

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gaymer detected

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>Full Intel
based and forcepilled Foxconn consumers

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China doesn't even have Amazon

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>Competition is good
>AMD forces Intel to reduce prices (It doesn't though)
Just so you can go buy Intel again anyhow. I hate you faggots.

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>Pay $80 more for security flaws only fixable by disabling hyperthreading
Well, 9700k doesn't have hyper-threading.

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I'll buy Intel's shit when Intel gets their shit together. I'm not some AAA-obsessed gamer who gives a shit about overclocking. If you want me to overpay for quality, you have to offer something that the competition doesn't.

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I feel sorry for you guys that don't overclock if I didn't overclock my 2500k would be useless right now.

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No it wouldn't. You just measure "use" against graphs and numbers rather than the actual utility. I'm guessing you never get anything done.

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We got jobs. Chose AMD.

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Most games want more than 4 cores I can alleviate that by running it pretty fast ie. 4.9ghz. I don't use graphs but I know it would run pretty bad I would also be beyond retarded not to overlcock an overclockable chip. Sorry youre too retarded to actually overlcock when it takes so little of your time.

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>Most games want more than 4 cores
Count 10 games.

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dude video games lol

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Battlefield 1, Tomclancy's Wild Lands, Rise of Tomb Rider, Deux Ex Mankind Divided, Far cry Primal, Forza, MHW, PUBG, Kingdom Come Deliverance, Witcher 3. Thats only a few The micro stutter on these games would be beyond unplayable had I not overclocked my cpu.

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Your pins arnt even bent, WTF are u crying about????

Also, if you want 4k 60fpa, don't spend $2k...just buy a damn Xbox X, you can even use your mouse and keyboard..it's almost Xmas, save your money and use it for gifts for your loved ones you selfish nigger.

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