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>mfw no desktop thread
Post your desktop /g/

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My favorite wallpaper. Unfortunately can't find higher res so only good for laptop.

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>calls windows users faggots
>replicates windows gui
thats like saying black people are niggers while sagging your pants

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Nigga I live in this wallpaper, I don't know why you find it beautiful

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fuck u

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cool guy commin thru

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> No winfags allowed edition
Or what? Gonna cry to your mommy?

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Jeez turn it off

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>check image resolutions
>windows - usually 1440p+
>poo+loonix - 1366 x 768

like pottery

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Beacuse Linux users have jobs and you can't bring your desktop to work

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I work on a 13" laptop, but it's always connected to a 27" screen and a keyboard when I'm behind my desk.

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What proof do you need? I live in Russia, most of our housing looks like this.

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I thought you meant literally - A picture would have been nice

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lotta upstairs new york too, amiritttttttttee '^_^

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that shit's basic, that's not addy

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It's beautiful in melancholic way.

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can you post the wallpaper please

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can you post the wallpaper

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I put this picture as my bg as a placeholder day 1 and just never changed it

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>>No winfags allowed edition
do linuxfags care about what their desktop looks like because they spend 90% of their time looking at it since they never get anything productive done?

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winfag coming through

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I can't be arsed with ricing.

I like it.

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feel free to r8 :)

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how much spyware can man successfully install and use is beyond my comprehension.

also pro points for using a browser that Is more malicious than your entire operating system

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yikes from me

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I think this is the original, non waifu2x file

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can't wait until you retards get them banned again

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I need moar UwU in my rice.

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I've kind of ground to a halt with my customisation, I don't feel I need to change anything.

Where is deerposter?

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died in an hunting accident

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Looks like ass compared to every other desktop here, but it's comfy.

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riced Solus Gnome. Wallpaper from Konachan and is by Misaki Kurehito.

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Wallpaper exists in 1920x1080?

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I swear everytime you ask for no winfags they get so butthurt and post their shitty desktops. Shouldn't mods do something?

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There is already one >>68698169

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Working on a new feature for OneeChan

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the other OP fucked up the title and I hope she killed herself

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solid black color
only good background

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plese giv

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based saekano poster.

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Pretty much every day is like this now

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Fuck you.

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calou filho da puta

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Obriga-me aí crl, fodo-te esse cuzinho todo.

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Lol, deves ser de Lixoboa.

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Põe-te nas putas, MS aqui.
Deves ser galego ou uma paneleirice assim

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any chance we could get your ios setup as well?

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nah. sou de Coimbra.
o teu computador é o tipico "GAMERS RISE UP"

>edgy music



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Margem Sul. Gosto de jogar de vez em quando, censura-me. Ao contrario de ti tenho amigos que usam o Discord. Não aceito criticas à minha musica de plebeus que ouvem dama ou merdas parecidas. Volta lá para o ptchan faxabor

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ok. vejo-te no reddit mais tarde.

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sulista da mais é cu, seus viados

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calou, arrombado de merda

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vai da o cu

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thanks kind anon :o)

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Finally did the switch from Windows 7 to GNU+Linux last night, I have a lot to learn about ricing...

What size do you suggest for the mascot?

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Welcome to the fun!

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Good to see you rocking that latest official Slackware kernel, anon. Great wallpaper too.

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Thank you. Here's the wallpaper in case you want it.

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Well, this is where I live.

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I see you Pan

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my wife

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>brave is spyware
proof? It's been my browser of choice on mobile for a while now.

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Have I riced enough yet to be cool?

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imagine thinking like this

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>no windows allowed


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rok n roll babby

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why do you guys think youre cool for using linux? i mean this has to be the epitome of hipster, typing commands into the kernel to do the most simple of shit. seriously, convince me how linux is better than windows for anything except being a l33t h4x0r.

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What are you reading, desktops?javascript:;

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What are you reading, desktops?

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I typically just use the downscale.

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reading is for fags id rather smoke weed

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Why not both?

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>No winfags allowed edition
Jokes on you, I don't care.

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Ricing i3 as I type.
Should I better use the default i3bar or am I getting more desktop thread cred by using polybar, or lemonbar or something?

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You're gay, Tyler.

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>126.42Gb of anime
Weak sauce

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What skin is this

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U rite

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R8 me, I've been working on this for a couple hours now.

actually kind of comfy in it's own right

might as well just post the wallpaper, at least get a screenfetch up or some album art.

hello fellow master race, your taste are absolutely superb. I'm saving this, and I've only saved around 3 in all my years.

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I don't think many of us think we're particularly cool for using it, but I do think we tend to look down on users of Mac/Windows.. So I guess it comes full circle in a sense and maybe we do. But I can only directly speak for myself.

>except being a l33t h4x0r
Is programming included here? Because obviously it's an extraordinarily beneficial environment for a programmer or CS student to be in.

Most of the reasons I use it (and I imagine many others) are mostly founded on principles. Namely an appreciation for understanding a tool and wielding it skillfully, a curiosity that goes hand in hand with seeking an understanding, and probably the most prominent and fundamental prerequisite to the aforementioned traits is a requirement that the source code be available to my eyes for inspecting. All in all it's a sort of cultivated independence that is the anti thesis to what Window's/Apple's walled gardens try to yield, and that level of autonomy should be celebrated in itself.

>most simple of shit
Yes, a lot of it is simple, like launching firefox. A lot of it also not simple, and linux and the gnu toolchain/userland make these more difficult jobs much simpler and more manageable. There is a reason it's so possible in industry, while Microsoft only dominates the "casuals" that populate the desktop market.

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May you share the wallpaper? I like the colors.

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Nvm found it.

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actual original here

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I regret clicking on this board.

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based t420 manjaro bro

fix ur status bar and ur lookin good

small & comfy desktop i enjoy it

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Anon can you post the wallpaper only?

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finally, no weeb shit

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What a cute Kanna.
Thanks, it feels really good to be free of the botnet.
In my experience they get really small when I do that, oh well.

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>move taskbar to the right
>the absolute state of windows ricing

>> No.68722203

Yes. I use Windows because using Linux would be a productive drain because I make games and play them. Also, I don't like fixing simple things that break.

>> No.68722237

Using Windows XP in 2018? Wtf is wrong with you

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>Linux users have jobs
fucking roared at this.

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Degenerates have an infinite cash stack, it's a fact

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that looks awful

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