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I've been trying to get into linux for over a year now, i've tried Ubuntu, Arch, Void, Mint and debian, and every single fucking time i either cannot even get past installation thanks to a nonstop cluster of errors and bugs, but even if i do get past installation theres another million steps to take, either its not picking up my wifi card and i have to go through the pain of tracking down the drivers only to find out that for some fucking reason i cannot even run the command to GET said driver.. Looking at you Debian.

I'm to my neck with Linux, it has been a pain just to even install it, so it seems hardly worth using if i can't even muster the patience to set it up, because everyone i know that uses Linus has commented on how things break constantly and how they need to fix spend hours just to fix it. ( Mind you they are dual booting though. )

So go on, /g/. Try to convince me to take the time to set up a Linux distro for my laptop, since i'm absolutely sticking with Windows for my desktop.

convince me to use linux

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do it, faggot

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telling me why i should waste my time doing so would be a good start.

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>cannot even get past installation
stoped reading there

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if you can't set aside 2 or 3 hours to install a system and pick a DE then maybe your time isn't as valuable as you like to think.

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sounds like pebkac

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2 - 3 hours is a lot of time for installing something that could take me only 1 hour.

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>and every single fucking time i either cannot even get past installation
You're either memeing or just absolutely retarded. Either way fuck off.

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Literally never had this. Also, if you don't need it, don't use it.

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in the western world, privacy is everything.

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Yeah, a ubuntu install with my internet takes me around 20-30 minutes. That's minus downloading and flashing the iso. I'm talking about Ubuntu 16.04 with unity. Gnome can suck my ass honestly. Now running it with i3wm and its blazing fast.

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So far all i've collected is that the Linux community is worse than the Apple community, a fat slob of circle jerking fags.

you seem to be missing the point that i WANT to be using Linux, but i get impatient because there are so many steps, all this talk about it being a better environment for programming and having all the freedom and privacy i could want isn't going to help if i can't even get the motivation to even settle for something i will have to learn from scratch.

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well why do you want it? you need to figure that out first

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I've never had a problem with Ubutnu, it installs flawlessly and installs all my drivers, but it's UI hurts my eyes, i don't want what looks like a mobile UI for my desktop.

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true, sadly. before there's a go-to linux which doesn't EVER require you to google some console commands to get a system up and running it will never be the year of the linux desktop.

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I've never had any issues installing Ubuntu or anything, seems like your hardware must be kinda niche for it to not just werk
That being said there's really no point if Windows isn't causing you any troubles. For the occasional thing you need Linux for you can just grab a VM or enable WSL (Google it).

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>Installing Ubuntu
There's literally nothing to do except choosing timezones and names.
>Installing Debian
You can have problems with drivers, but it's for a reasonably good cause, since the OS is 100% FOSS. It takes like 30 seconds to install them on synaptic after the install is complete anyway. Wifi card drivers are the only ones that give problems during the installation because you need internet access, but you can just plug in an ethernet cable and the problems disappear.

Linux has many problems but installation (for non-autism distros) isn't one.

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> wah wah linux sucks
> convince me to use linux plese

What much of entitledd narcisistic brat can you be?
If you think Windows is better, just use Windows.

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>he's too fucking stupid to install iwlwifi and tried to install arch and void
kek just stick with windows. All you had to do was put --non-free-contrib or whatever into the sources file and then install it Also none of those things are true for Ubuntu or mint so I doubt that you even tried Ubuntu or mint. Nothing breaks unless you're a retard.
It's called Ubuntu and Debian idiot.

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Why wouldn't you?


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Some computer configs just won't fucking run Linux no matter what.
I have a laptop that shits itself when I use a KDE + SDDM + Kernel version > 4.14 combo. Ubuntu setup won't even fucking start, while Xubuntu runs absolutely fine. Now I'm on Debian, even though I had the image with full firmware, the firmware didn't install so I just got the debs for the wireless card and GPU from their site because ethernet was still working. Boom wireless and graphics working. Also I had to replace CD/DVD apt sources with internet apt sources because there was no internet during installation.

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well I WANT to have money but can't be bothered to go get a job. too much effort, I'd rather use my time complaining about not having one rather than seeking out the steps to get a job.

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>So far all i've collected is that the Linux community is worse than the Apple community, a fat slob of circle jerking fags.

Really sticking to it, huh.

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The best way to do something is to give yourself more purpose (motivation). It sounds like you just want linux because the concept sounds cool, but here are some more legitimate reasons to use linux:

-Linux can bring life to old computers that are otherwise bricked. My windows laptop (not very high spec, it used a celeron and was from 2013), was freezing up and could barely open chrome on windows, however after installing ubuntu I was able to play games like garrysmod, portal, TF2, and unturned. Also I was surprised to see my Minecraft Redstone computer map jump from 15fps to 65fps. Switching the desktop environment to XFCE (the xubuntu theme) was simply done with ("apt-get install xubuntu-desktop") and that made the computer run even smoother.
-Probably the most important use for linux is that it is exceedingly easy to start programming in. Just about every language comes preinstalled or is installed with one command. It is also easier to use linux to interface with embedded hardware. Granted you can do most things on linux in windows too, but it is often a PITA. Kali linux is also a lot of fun to play with, it is just Debian with a bunch of "hacking" tools installed, I used it for packet sniffing and poisoning to force my teacher's computer to only go to one website in high school. I showed my friend how to use it and the dumbass dos'ed the school network during computerized testing, so be careful with this knowledge.
-Customizability. This point is kind of stupid from a productivity standpoint and isn't a primary reason to choose an operating system, but the ability to make your own desktop is very fun and easy to do.
-Servers, hosting servers is very easy on linux, even as a layman you may find fun in turning your laptop into a portable server. For a while I hosted an apache website where I put dumb memes up (back when I was in highschool) and all of my friends used to go on it, later I started to use it to put up downloadable files for classmates.

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we can't all be 140 iq linux users OP, it's just not for you

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Linux is actually becoming far more normie friendly as of late, with many steam titles supporting Linux (although there are some AAA games that use windows, however, most of my friends just play source games which are supported on Linux), Also you can usually host a game server by just copying the server file and running it with a single command, but to be fair it is like that for most operating systems.

Honestly the main reason to use linux is programming, you can come up with an idea and within a couple of minutes you can have the development environment set up (unless you are using some convoluted shit like ROS), and by the end of the afternoon have something to show for it.

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Thats why i want to set up my Laptop with a nice Linux distro, i'm getting into C++ ( yes i know meme the fuck out of it i dont care ) and i want something that is a better environment to do it in, along with pen testing which is something i've done before on linux using good old backtrack and Kali, but those where presets so i've never set up a system from scratch, although i do understand the basics.

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>can't install ubuntu

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remember when everyone was complaining about how Gnome was better, the tables have turned

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I CAN install ubuntu you faggot, it's i don't like using ubuntu.

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Lmao don't let 4shit convince you that sepples is a meme language where the object abstractions amount to shitty jumps and memory management.

C++ and C are both extremely powerful, once I learned how to use them I was no longer constrained to basic how-to python guides and I was able to use just about every library created since the beginning of UNIX. I feel like even my non-sepples code is more efficient now.

What do you plan to do with C/C++? OpenCV? Machine Learning? Games? I could probably get you some good resources, I tried just about everything back when I had free time in highschool.

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I just want to actually learn a language that i could realistically do anything with, making software in general is what i'd be doing the most.

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If your current setup works for you, don't switch.
It isn't hard you colossal faggot.

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You're looking for a programming language to make software with. What a novel idea.

Also you are looking for javascript

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>Linux is only good if you don't value your time
>Expecting people to give you actual advice
pick one
You can't be expecting actual helpful answers with such a meme statement. Also RTFM and stop being a baby you don't need to be spoonfed, you are better than this.

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Well not really, i just picked something out of the dark, truth is i don't know exactly what i want to make.

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The easiest starting project that I feel like has a good wow factor with little effort is an openCV project. OpenCV is an open source computer vision library that is fairly easy to use. If you are not very good with C++, follow the python tutorials first and then move on to C++, the C++ example code seems to be more convoluted with less explaining than the python code, even though you can do what you do with python openCV in the same number of lines of code as the python version.

Here are python tutorials:

Just look up C++ samples if you are doing it in C++.

You can also do 3D graphics, I would recommend starting out with openGL (and if you are committed to making your own game engine, you mine as well use Vulkan for the massive performance boost, but be warned, it takes a good ~1000 lines of code to draw the first triangle, although the concept is simple enough and easy to expand on).

Also you will probably need an IDE at some point. I used command line nano for a couple of years for small programs, but once you need something bigger I would recommend using JetBrain's IDE's like CLion, or just use a text editor with good color coding like atom and compile with the command line. I am entering some serious holy war territory by mentioning IDE's, I'll leave 4chan to explain to you why you should go back to your 70's roots and use ed as your IDE.

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>actual helpful answers
aka how to become a freedumbs cult member?

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>can't using Ubuntu properly

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hey guys quick linux question here
how do I get rid of the watermark asking me to verify my virginity?

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Linux is better than Windows for text editing and maybe basic html/php editing but that's it

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I've already gone into it, understand the basic syntax and i don't even find it hard to understand, python confuses me more than C/C++ does.

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>Being somewhat freedom aware is bad
>Everyone in the Linux community is FSF-level assblasted about freedom

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What even is this statement
You could've just said privacy is hard to come by or something but instead you went ahead and said something entirely nonsensical

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Imagine being such a brainlet you can't install ubuntu

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Have you ever written an interrupt routine you little faggot? No, you haven't, because you're a faggot. Come back here and give advice when you actually try programming.

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cringe incarnate

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*blocks your path*

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If you want Linux without all the hassle just use Mac

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thread recap: op is a retarded brainlet so he assumes anyone better than him is a neet (like him, btw).

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dumbest thing I've read all day

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Exactly. He probably tried installing a few distros and then gave up on each one after like 30 minutes. Stick to something OP.

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It took me a second to get that, RIP little drum set man.

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>i couldn't install ubuntu
i'm a retard--the post.
you should kill yourself. that's like not being able to operate a microwave.

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Works on my machine :^)

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With Linux distros you can have really bad luck compatibility wise. For example there's no way to install anything non-Windows on my desktop PC with a GTX 970. On my Laptop (Thinkpad X230), which is a very popular model among Loonix virgins, everything just werks.

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Why don't you change Ubuntu to function the way you want. You know you can do that right?

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You are not going to find a better ide than visual studio (the real one). Stick to windows.

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Once you get past the WiFi drivers step you're all good. I use debian personally. Just make sure you've enabled nonfree packages and download firmware-nonfree. That's it. It's just not enabled by default because of FSF autism

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You are clearly retarded, stick to Windows.

Meanwhile for people with an IQ above 80, Linux saves time since you can set it up to be perfectly tailored to your own workflow/preference, which will make you a lot more efficient. Also it's faster and safer than Windows.

If all you do on your computer is play games and watch youtube, you might as well stick to Windows though, I can't argue with that.

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This sounds disturbingly like a "you" problem. Not an "anyone else" problem. I'm not sure why you think anyone cares what OS you use.

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