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What does /g/ think of the 8 bit boomer?

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His voice is strange but makes nice videos.

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THE boomer

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he's alright, he's the archetypal geek which is becoming a rare breed

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he's a balding gen-xer
someone post the webm

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>"okay so..."
can't stand it anymore.

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What do you think he would do if we started posting 8 Bit Boomer in his channel comments?

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Some of the things he collects are kind of cringe

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Not a bad idea anon

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OP here. I only do it here as a joke. It'd be extremely rude to do that to him.

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Techmoan needs to stop sending him trash

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>OP here. I only do it here as a joke. It'd be extremely rude to do that to him.
>posts this thread on 4channel
>not rude

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I enjoy the restoration videos

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It's been a while since I actually laughed at a YTP.

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his videos are nice, the restoration ones are my favorite

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I love his great content. I mean, sometimes its just restorations, which are okay but when he does research... Awesome guy.

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His restoration series is pretty comfy to watch. He also looks like the type of guy when I imagine a 40 years old /g/ autist, which is nice.

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Please post the webm where he shorts his hardware.

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I like a lot of his videos. he's a chill guy.

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is this a The Prisoner reference?

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He's alright I guess.

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As people have said before, his restoration videos are some comfy shit to watch

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there it is

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Is getting boring, all he does lately is restoration and open gifts.

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he fully fulfills the concept of "B YOURSELF"

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Holy shit lmao

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I keep a pic of him over my bed...if ya know what I mean.

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I was so close to peeing myself.

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probably feel sad

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Too old to be a boomer.

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Should we do it /b/ros?

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cool guy with a nice channel

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He's fine but he should study how old games work a bit more.
His lack of knowledge at tile clusters for example limited his C64 game quite a lot.

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I don't.

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Nobody here can name a better tech-youtuber than this comfy man.

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First time seeing his videos, seems alright.

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Techmoan has s weird puppet fetish and 8-Bit Guy has a very grating voice. Their content is nice but I can’t get myself to really enjoy them.

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>be me
watched most of his content, a lot of it helped me grasp early home computing and the DIY ethic of the era.
He's like an autistic twice-removed uncle /g/entooman but doesn't want to touch my feet uWu. Texas blood is strong with him.
One of his stronger videos about beep/chip music https://youtube.com/watch?v=q_3d1x2VPxk

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LGR is the better boomer imo

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Old "geeks" are becoming a rare breed in general.
New "nerds" are you retarded neo nazi sociopaths and pink haired sjws everywhere else on the internet.

When the day of the rope finally happens and you both wipe each other off the flace of the planet perhaps these normal geeks can come back and take the hobby back from your shit stained hands.

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His videos are comfy as fuck. Love the restoration stuff.

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The videos where he makes his games in assembly are pretty cool.

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>jurassic park

Ah... this webm is perfect.

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Don't bully 8-bit bro.

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He looks old.

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He's a bro.

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wicked fucking aspie but his videos are good

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i like him because he's literally the nerd/geek you think of when you hear the words nerd/geek

good meaning, almost autistic obsession with this stuff etc i really like him desu, even though not much about old computers interest me i like watching his videos

LGR's food videos arent bad, and the look back at companies that fucked up were nice but thats about it

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His video about AI was fucking hilarious. Got so much backlash he deleted it. He claimed something along the lines of "AI is basically just a bunch of if statements, I think I could make one in a few years if I put my mind to it".

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8 bit goy's restoration videos are kino

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it is ok

(I clicked four fire hydrants for this post btw)

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LGR is more boomer, but based 8bit man actually creates content instead of consuming content

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He has all the signs of autism

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LGR isn't even a boomer. He just larping as one

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Chill autistic boomer, I'm a sucker for old tech so I like it.

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Except both sides will carry out the normie genocide so you won't survive yourself, anon

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> implying he would even know the reference
Imagine being this delusional about how important you are.

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Which video is the edit from where he's alluding to people sending him shit that he throws out?

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Pathetic overgrown manchild who needs to grow the fuck up.

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Who the fuck goes jogging wearing jeans pants?

What the fuck is wrong with these people?

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that woman did a u-turn when she saw him

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Less charming than LGR, but I've enjoyed several of his videos.

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>4chan invented the term boomer
Just lol

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I like his restoration videos.

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I got this recommended as well
Boomermoan and 8bit boomer are goat
>no sjw modern day agenda shit just straight comfy kino
>comfy classic tech/science educational channel programs from the 70s-90s very simple

Technology connections CD VHS and laser disc series is goat even if he has a very faggy gay voice (he isn't) just a simple nerd
and f2f tech has a great documentary series on old gpus and CPUs the 2900xtx vid was genuinely great as I skipped ati from 2005-2010

Adored TV's voice is so fookin annhoin but does great /g/ tier rants about how shit Intel is as well as nvidia

Gamers nexus is good as well Steve tech jesus is basically the new tom's hardware anandtech/hard ocp in video form

Shame Linus jumped off the deep end his older vids where OK but now it's just pimp my pc levels of retarded but his main channel can churn out some decent stuff occasionally

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>Technology connections CD VHS and laser disc series is goat even if he has a very faggy gay voice (he isn't) just a simple nerd

wait he isn't gay?
aww he's real boyfriend material uwu

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i had me until you mentioned Gamers Nexus. lol. that "feud" with jayztwocents was pathetic.

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*you had

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Yeh he mentioned his wife in some amberlamps episode I think.
Also alot more variety in his content

Shame there isn't many genuine nerds on YouTube anymore the oldfags that persisted went waaay too commercial or end up paid ad shills
Hardware unboxed is a mixed bag but usually ok

Can't think of any other tech tubers I like apart from digital foundries retro series their main gaming and tech vids are terrible now and come off like long winded ads they also tread very lightly on pointing out flaws in the reviews but still bring up problems

Shame simple channels with no gimmicks are basically dead on YouTube now it's all bland stuff

Lgr ain't bad but has a fellow 28 year old larping as a retired boomer neet I find most of his stuff kinda fake
>paying attention to eceleb crap drama
Jayz2cents is a sell out I forget what that shit was even about

Glad the real tech community shit all over Intel for the i9 and crap Lake CPU vrm motherboard aib bs and nvidias dogshit rtx tho it aint all bad and infighting much less then retarded morons like h3h3 and pewds who haven't been funny in 5+years
What was it even about again?
I don't remember or keep up with fake drama keemstar tier shit
Only jre episodes I watched was James damore Alex jones and Elon munsk
Aj and munsk episodes are great despite joey and rogan being insufferable

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He looks and acts retarded but his content is great

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What the absolute fuck kek

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First funny YTP I've seen in at least 5 years

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Are youtube poops making a comeback or something? Haven't seen one in years until this one.

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I like him. I worry that trying to keep up with YouTubes algorithm is harming him tho (as no one can really keep up anymore). His recent videos haven't been so watchable.

I'm subscribed to his channel and would prefer quality over quantity. Or just short, easy videos like reviews of old programming books for the C64.

Also, his planet X1 game isn't my cup of tea. Then again, hopefully he made it for his own enjoyment and not to sell loads of copies.

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His recent content seems to be content for content's sake. I don't know if he's literally run out of old systems to talk about, I mean there's only so many right, but it's been pretty lame for a bunch of months now. Still better than LGR who should stick to games reviews because he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about with old tech

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LGR is comfy too. I won't compare them though. Plus I know its subjective, like I also think Joel Vargskelethor & AVGN are comfy.

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>He claimed something along the lines of "AI is basically just a bunch of if statements, I think I could make one in a few years if I put my mind to it".

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He's escaping from Techmoan who keeps sending him junk.

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Like his more recent videos a lot, but man were his old ibook guy videos cringe sometimes. I still remember his home networking video being ostracized a lot on /g/ back in ~2013.

>> No.68652971

>being dumn enough to not know it's a meme and doesn't mean literal baby boomers

>> No.68652980

>Implying you couldn't implement convolutions with super long if statements

>> No.68653155

yeah, try to prove it. Because making such a claim out of thin air is pretty fucked up.

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I enjoy his vids.

>> No.68653244

>I-I-I could totally do it guys I swear
>I just won't because I'm smart enough to know I shouldn't!
>look at me, I'm smart AND socially conscious!

>> No.68653270

I'm a survivor, we're a dying breed.

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just look at him. I can see him being on the catch a predator show.

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LGR ftw

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I couldn't. He doesn't even have a mustache or pedoglasses

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Anybody got pics of his daughter? I wanna see how ugly she is.

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Yeah, I was just thinking that. He looks like such a cute cuddlebug~

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Does anyone have the webm of him destroying an old computer by hocking up a separate power supply to it?

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Pretty good looking considering the genes she had to work with

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Oh god I still love this format

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Now this is youtube kino, love this fat faggot

>> No.68654362

Danooct1 is comfier (and probably less autistic)
He mostly does old malware stuff though

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LGR is just a manchild

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why does his head look like a turtle?

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File: 2.58 MB, 852x478, 8bitcuck.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Wow. What an asshole.

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So who was the guy who told him that this would work? Because he did mention before it blew that someone online said it would work.

>> No.68656308

LGR is just trying to get in to pushing up roses pants. So he has to nod and smile when she go's on twitter libtard rants.

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Technology Connections

Okay tier:

Dishonest shit tier:

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he's not even a boomer. he's a late millennial.

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boomer on 4chan is anyone older than a zoomer so 24+ *sips*

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You did. The idiotic redefining of "boomer" is a 4chan invention. Much like "botnet" and whatever else the kiddos are parroting this year. It's cute that you're trying to retreat back to the actual meaning of the word now.

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What's 4chan?

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This man gets it.

>> No.68656466

he should shave his head already and grow a beard

>> No.68656509

IIRC the PC wouldn't boot and it was a bad cap that was causing a non-complete circuit. The solution was to blow the cap by overvolting it, which he did, and it worked.

>> No.68656538

Why No Love for explainng computer in this thread? The most autistic man on YouTube, ge even got that school shooter haircut

>> No.68656668

Yea i like him as well. He reminds me of the school education videos they had back in the 90s.
His haircut is from then as well.

>> No.68656673

That's a pic of his daughter's friend.

>> No.68656745

Didn't PUR lose like a fuck ton of weight? I vaguely remember seeing a vid where she's showing off her scars from some skin removal surgery from her former bingo-wing arms.

>> No.68656776

She will put it all back on once she realizes she is about to become a cat lady.

>> No.68656784

found the pedophile

>> No.68656864

He looks like a character from Oblivion.

>> No.68656870

Or just as she continues the same lifestyle that led to her being a fat fuck to begin with

>> No.68656883

>Technology Connections
The dude went on a 25 minute video rant about car tail lights because in his mind the fact that the USA has red rear turn signal lights is "ambiguous" as to whether someone is turning or not. That was fucking retarded.

>> No.68656932

He's very handy for single board computing reviews, no one else really does those.

>> No.68657165

I can stand LGR. 8 Bit Guy is often too insufferable to watch. Techmoan is weird.

>> No.68657216

He wasn't wrong, faggot.

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>big clive
>okay tier

>> No.68657661

>not choosing the autistic rant about why telephones sound wrong in movies.
Some of his vids are pretty good. The compact disc series go to show how full of shit many audiophiles are when it comes to LP and tape memes.

>> No.68657682

Is that Josh from Drake and Josh?

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dude got spinal problems

>> No.68657948

bigclive only ok?

You retarded arn't you?

>> No.68657971

my thoughts exactly. he even speaks directly into the camera like an oblivion NPC. time sort of stops around him and you're focused on his wood elf face.

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Belongs in the trash, all the way at the bottom below the hooker vomit

>> No.68658632

im not gay but I'd have sex with technologyconnection man

he's so quaint

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AvE is a true canuckistanian spreading our beloved lumberjack culture to the global masses.

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8bit like commodore 64, no like fortnite

>> No.68658767

Right down to the shilling for open borders and mass immigration. Like a perfect encapsulation of a Canadian.

>> No.68658784

When did he talk about that?

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>> No.68658923

> the 8-bit killer
He literally open carries an AR-15 and constantly talks about hunting niggers for sport
Guy is fucking insane

>> No.68658956

Thank you for the source. I had my doubts at first.

>> No.68658963

I thought I had found a good channel until I had the misfortune to watch that video, fuck that guy.

>> No.68659057

I suspected this guy was one of these types. His "quirky" style of speech was a major red flag.

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Love his videos. I hope does an Amiga history series

>> No.68659269

For the record, in industry, 8bit cpus are still in use and new circuits as still made with them, for example, the Freescale 68HC11.
>everything must be 16bits or above

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LGR is like the Boomer for Fortnite playing Zoomers

>> No.68659634

How can you stand LGR? He's so disingenuous. He doesn't know anything about retro computing that isn't obviously 30 minutes of research on wikipedia and archive.org

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>> No.68659963

This old tony has a similar channel with better content honestly

>> No.68660006

No open borders cuck shit?

>> No.68660825

I don't get it.

>> No.68660904

I'm not surprised someone from heavy industries is pro global capitalism. Anti-globalists are worthless NEETS.

>> No.68660959

> he should shave his head already and grow a beard

The soi solution to balding

Better to just accept it if you're balding, shaving your head is almost as bad as taking minoxidil

>> No.68660999

>the bald virgin vs the chad toupée

>> No.68661071

La monsturo

>> No.68661418

This is fucking great

>> No.68661516

He does machining though

>> No.68661671

he is charming and his videos are so comfy, although he seems to be going through a crisis

>> No.68662003

>here's this retro computer someone spent a lot of money sending me
>the Wikipedia page says it was very advanced for its time and was very good for enterprise-level programs but I'm going to ignore all that and go straight to installing games because I have no idea how to do anything else
>well as you can see this computer struggles to run Duke Nukem so it must be pretty bad, I'm not going to show off any other features of the computer though
Pretty much every episode of LGR

>> No.68662371

he's literally called Lazy GAME Reviews, so what did you expect?

>> No.68662444


What feud? Enlighten me pls.

>> No.68662495

A decent honest review, the same way the8bitguy reviews 16bit computers

>> No.68662524

so unfunny it hurts

>> No.68662567

pretty sure he got popular off game reviews in the first place, not really sure why he decided to focus so hard on hardware. his sims 3 reviews got him popular iirc

he's still probably the best reviewer for those games, since all the other youtubers who cover those games are annoying girls with shrill voices who worship their EA overlords

>> No.68662576



should be shot for being Australian:

>> No.68662682

>actually believing real boomers are 30 years old

>> No.68662855

ok that was epic

>> No.68662943

We should troll him epic style

>> No.68662992

Thank you Kanye, very cool

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>> No.68663195

yug tit guy

>> No.68663322

How is LGR disingenuous? He clearly has a fondness for retro computers, he simply has gaymur levels of knowledge, which there's nothing inherently wrong with since he's not trying to pass himself off as an uber-knowledgeable OG expert. He makes videos about something he has a dorky fascination with, and that's fine.
I think people like you are mad because he's the most popular and well known of that particular genre, which makes sense since his videos are much better presented than most others and he's been doing it since the late 2000s.

>> No.68663352

He put some real work into his VIC-20 restoration project. Nice to see that it's possible to save even the most abused hardware and nice to see others doing they're part to keep these machines alive.

Otherwise, friendly personality and good content. Keep it up Dave!

>> No.68663412

He's alright. Better than most of the idiots making YouTube videos.

>> No.68663434


>> No.68663870

I'd listen to him ramble on about his christmas lights and CFL bulbs after which I'd make him coffee and kiss his stupid little face >~<


>> No.68663877

He's a jew

>> No.68663891

He really is unlikable with soi face and he's fucking annoying most of the time. It's obvious he doesn't know Jack shit about any of it even remotely I watch his videos sometimes but never sub. Oh and not to mention his need to gush over talking to some female YouTubers who are trying to jump onto his youtube channel for more subs

>> No.68663893


No he's not. He doesn't even look Jewish.

>> No.68663903

Bullshit he has a whiny jew voice and has a hooked nose hunched back

>> No.68663921

Look, Cletus, if you're serious on hating da jooz you probably shouldn't learn to identify them from Borat.

>> No.68663985

How do I upvote this?

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he sounds like he's going to cry all the time and nobody sane should give a shit about gay ass 80s trash. he comes on when youtube toggles autoplay back on and I'd rather listen to professionals giving lectures than some nostalgiafag fuck about with literal garbage.

all the other tubers suck too:

>ben heck
hey kid: rip up the surface mount connectors on that $70 board you sourced, don't worry: my store has plenty more.

>linus tech tips
$700 *dabs* $150 *dabs* Intel *dabs* Drops network switch *dabs* runs benchmark for thousanth time *dabs* shills razer *dabs*

ignores carcinogens and toxic chemicals to resurrect 386 cancer machine and unironically recommends people run multiple machines at multiple clockspeeds instead of just getting dosbox and not filling their house with op-shop trash

keeps pretending his name is Marquestious LeBrownJames or some shit.

aside from the degenerate act of spending money on trash and being a genuine copy mong reminding people that old games and tech is shit is important and noble work

there's literally thousands of these people and they all make me feel sickened.

>> No.68664666
File: 2.50 MB, 540x960, 1541270590814.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>$700 *dabs* $150 *dabs* Intel *dabs* Drops network switch *dabs* runs benchmark for thousanth time *dabs* shills razer *dabs*

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Absolutely embarrassing zoomer post

>> No.68665113

>still rusty asf
>writes on it with a white out pen
>that's good enough for me

>> No.68665289

are you me? except i dont mind Alec's voice at all, i guess since im not a native english speaker i dont have the same point of references for faggy voice.

steve curck from gamers plexus in the other hand, he seems like a fucking hypocrite using other people to get efame with dead shitty gpu.

>> No.68665462

>It's obvious he doesn't know Jack shit about any of it even remotely
What level of expertise are you expecting when watching LGR? For the stuff that he does, his level of knowledge is perfectly acceptable. How much more in-depth knowledge do you require to watch a video about some weird tech novelty from the 90s?

>> No.68666814

The U.S has red turn signals? What the fuck, other than the American fear of roundabouts, that's as retarded as you can get.

>> No.68666897

it's just brake lights being used as turn signals on some cars. they're as obvious as normal amber turn signals when used

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>top comment is techmoan praising the video

>> No.68667073


Good stuff.

>> No.68667299

Ben Heck doesn't deserve to be on that lists

>hey kid: rip up the surface mount connectors on that $70 board you sourced, don't worry: my store has plenty more.
Gave me a chuckle though

>> No.68668469

>no mention of Lunduke
I enjoy listening to Lunduke in the background as I code.

>> No.68668643

there is strangeparts too, some of his iPhone mod videos are too kino

>> No.68668799

>most autistic man on YouTube

I think that award should go to Kugee. Or maybe BBISHOPPCM.

>> No.68668903
File: 88 KB, 1024x740, lin-1024x740.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>yep, this one's going in my cringe compilation

>> No.68669161

He has such a punchable face

>> No.68669526

I'm very sorry to go this route, i normally dont judge people bases on their looks,... BUT:

>plain shirt
>belt on casual clothing
>white socks (pulled high)
>autism shoes
>cant accept hes going bald

>> No.68669561

>plain shirt
You say that like it's a bad thing.

>belt on casual clothing
I wear one too, quite often in fact.

>white socks (pulled high)
That I'll grant you.

>autism shoes
Fuck off, comfortable shoes are the most important part of any getup.

>cant accept hes going bald
Eeeeeeeh. Not an issue in my mind. Who am I to judge, I only cut my hair when it starts getting in my eyes. I'll probably end up like him eventually.

>> No.68669856

>>belt on casual clothing
pull your pants up, nigger

>> No.68670057
File: 2.42 MB, 2560x1440, 8bitredpill.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

he is our guy

>> No.68670166

okay retard zoomer

>> No.68670892

Go back to taking your HRT and getting asshurt over trolling, this obviously isn't the board for you.

>> No.68671297

He'd look good if he lost some wait I'm pretty sure

>> No.68671620

what did he mean by this?

>> No.68671798

Go watch the ones from the 2016 election, funniest shit for a while.

>> No.68671882

best YTP i've seen in years

>> No.68672063
File: 660 KB, 270x234, 1307829260994.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ben heck
Oh man, I remember reading some article on his website about a portable playstation or N64 in 2002 or so. He became a youtube personality?
>mfw he lost all his hair

>> No.68672387
File: 33 KB, 405x540, fuxyes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68673038

This guy does his job pretty well. They are always informative.

>> No.68673220

Jeb is a MESS

>> No.68673283

well that was unexpected. I didn't know how much I missed good YTP until now

>> No.68674061

Most YTPs these days are over-edit shit that rely far too much on fancy AfterEffects fuckery, some gems still shine through though

>> No.68674316


>> No.68674548
File: 122 KB, 1105x738, 47238742987.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who hurt you?

>> No.68674660
File: 111 KB, 500x395, yikes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lurk more

>> No.68675656

>reddit spacing
You have to go back.

>> No.68677529
File: 56 KB, 284x529, 1531452363803.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they really take me back to that past where some shitty games that really sucked ass

>> No.68677605

post her dick please

>> No.68678448

Anyone knows what frustrated Pedro is Up to these days?

>> No.68678500

Boomer in its meme form already spread to twitter quite a while ago.

>> No.68678581
File: 114 KB, 1091x1113, 1535565866523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> keeps pretending his name is Marquestious LeBrownJames or some shit.
> Marquestious

>> No.68679232

That's a disgustingly clean kitchen

>> No.68679457

I enjoy watching his videos which remind me of my drunken youth spending time on BBS's and pirate clubs that would spend time opening boxes of software, copying then re-shrink-wrapping so that we could trade the best stuff. Then when I get bored, I go back to my PC which is 10,000 times better and boring.

>> No.68679774

I got redirected for some reason the first time I clicked the link a different video to where he only talks about "getting grease on your mothers hacienda" and was a little confused as to what you guys are talking about.
Don't know if 4channel or YouTube did the redirect, probably YouTube. I can't get it to do it again. This is the link in my browser history https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=913s&v=eKB-zDJghZ0

>> No.68679925

this. post the webm

>> No.68680415


>> No.68680796

i luv him

>> No.68681612

>not reading the url

>> No.68681942

>His voice is strange
Because he use his real voice, no the high pitched voices that most youtubers use for get more views.

>> No.68682059

It was the worst "solution" he could have used

>> No.68682773

Is there really something going on between LGR and PUR or is this some shitty, tumblr-level ship that /g/ created?

>> No.68683047

I like him. I liked his weird videos back when he was “The iBookGuy” better but the new ones are great too. He puts a lot of effort into the editing and is quite good at it. No clickbait and he will admit when he can't do something or go to others for help.

>> No.68683827
File: 15 KB, 225x225, green me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From the thumbnail I thought he had a green mohawk. With techie dad glasses.

That would have been way cooler.

>> No.68683915

>>plain shirt
is fine. But it's tucked in, that's the problem.

>>belt on casual clothing

Depends where you are. Fine and necessary for outdoors camping but not the beach.

>>white socks (pulled high)

Ugh, yhg.

>>autism shoes


>>cant accept hes going bald
Why? He's not wearing a toupee or doing combovers. What do you expect a man with classic MPB to do?

t. young fully-maned guy

>> No.68684264

overall based.He isn't like a linus tech tips or some other faggot.He actually is enthusiastic about technology, gives some good tips about retro computing and his videos are kinda decent

>> No.68684289

That would be kickass

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