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I want to like firefox but this shit is annoying. I think it happens after installing 4chan-x. Page removes all CSS and is white with the HTML elements for a second before loading everything. Problem never happens with Chrome.

what do?

>> No.68630697

that's an ancient bug

>> No.68630879

What >>68630697 said. What 4chan x does is pull json-formatted information from the site via 4chan's API and essentially reconstruct the page. This allows it to request only the information that's needed. In the case of thread updating, for example, it uses the API to request thread information in a simple string. Without this, 4chan X would have to request the entire page, load everything behind the scenes, check to see how the new page differs from the old one, pull those changes onto the existing page, then finally discard everything else from the requested page. That is several magnitudes slower than querying the site API. The reason the white shows up in firefox and not chrome is that chrome can load information onto the page faster.

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