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Fuck GPT

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>TWO installations of windows on the same drive
but why?

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>be on windows 7, "upgrade" to 8
>be dipshit and fall for wankers 10 meme, get it for "free"
>graphics driver hangs half the time, random freezes, ect
>try to install windows 7 again and get pic related
I don't want to wipe the drive since I have over 100GB of media on it

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just fix your windows 10 installation, retard

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Aren't you following? He is trying to fix it by upgrading back to 7

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its the same botnet as windows 10
if you're going to surrender your freedoms to a corporation in exchange for garbage software you might as well use the newest bullshit

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Jesus Christ. I knew there are retards on /g/, but wtf. Can't even install drivers, can't install windows properly, can't move media to other drives. It's fucking Windows!!! This is toddler level easy. M8 kys.

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unplug all other hdd/ssd on your pc.

Then install it.

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Already tried updating on a weekly basis, installing old AND new graphics drivers after using DDU, cortana won't fucking leave me alone, and there's always high disk usage going on 90% of the time. I just wanna go back to when things were simple and didn't want to make me blow my head off.

At this point it essentially is.

I don't even care about the botnet desu, I just want a working functional computer again.

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SHIFT F10 to open command prompt and use diskpart do convert disk, or boot via uefi

shit head.

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I only gots 1, it's a laptop

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>SHIFT F10 to open command prompt and use diskpart do convert disk
this will make your disk unreadable btw

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I was thinking of doing that but doesn't this nuke the drive?

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I knew it, I even felt my balls shrink when I thought of doing this.

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you need to make a windows7 usb drive that boot from uefi or you need to fix your windows10

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I don't know I have never got myself backed into a corner like that before.

just boot the windows 7 disk via uefi and it will install fine.

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delete windows 10 without nuking my media. Already made bootable 7 usb with rufus.

No can do compadre, only got 1 HDD onboard the laptop.

I should have listened /g/, there was literally NOTHING wrong with the windows 7 I had.

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you are an idiot my friend
we are telling you to make a UEFI (this is important) windows 7 usb stick

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There is nothing wrong with GPT. You need to boot the install disc in UEFI mode. Disable legacy MBR booting in the motherboard settings and try again faggot. If your board is still MBR, then you are a retard for wanting to boot GPT disks.

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I think I did tho...

wut do then?

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99.999% chance you didn't because the standard .iso doesn't contain EFI

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make sure the USB stick is formatted GPT
make sure you selected UEFI when putting the Windows installer on it
make sure your motherboard is UEFI and not BIOS
make sure MBR booting is disabled in your motherboard settings

Not rocket science.

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>not creating the boot drive with Rufus

it has option for both uefi and bios

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gonna try

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>Windows 7 in 2019
Time to upgrade grandpa

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see >>68630308

You can keep your dumb zoomer piece of shit OS to yourself, I just want my computer to work again.

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you can install windows 7 on gpt drives though

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apparently I fucked that up I think, rufus might have thought chosen MBR partition scheme for max compatibility. I never checked desu.

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just read the rest of the thread and saw that, good luck anon

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>having any data on the C drive



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Just F8 or F10 into the boot menu and you will have an obvious option to boot the disk UEFI, if you have some bullshit pirate auto activating iso with updates slip streamed in then they probably didn't make the disk bootable via UEFI.

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i have never ever had a issue with windows ever.
vista 7 and win 10 ltsb have never given me issues
what am i doing wrong? why do so many people have issues and i dont

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Ah man, I figured it out /g/oys: windows 7 install iso is 32-bit and UEFI is 64-bit. FML

Probably hardware, compatibility will never be 100% good everywhere no matter what.

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Thank you to everyone for trying to help though, there's a 32-bit efi sitting on my iso but all my os "upgrades" made my computer gay.

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Its been 6 fucking years and you still dont understand fucking GPT? Holy shit you're retarded

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>Its been 6 fucking years

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Since windows 8 launched and gpt windows install was the default option on every new prebuilt.

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Nah I totally get it m8, rufus didn't enable it by default and with very good reason: I no have 64-butt efi :(

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>I no have 64-butt efi :(
Then who was Windows partition install? You're using an HDD from another computer?
Because you can uefi install 7 you know.

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Flash drive and windows 7 iso is 32-bit with ntfs system. UEFI tells me to fuck off immediately if I try 32-bit.

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Well, just format to fat32 and get the 64bit iso, move the required files for uefi install, BAM, you got your frash drive working.

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Yeah I guess so. Wish I wasn't such a mong, life is so excruciatingly difficult when you're as dumb as me.

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macs were using GPT well before windows, GPT is much older than 2012, or even 2006 when apple started using it, GPT was part of EFI, which was deprecated in 2005

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Did you missed the part about "gpt windows"?
No one care about mac implementation neither is relevant to the thread.

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the GPT used in windows and macos is the same thing
and you said "gpt windows" /after/ saying "6 years"

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> Fuck Windows

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loonix wine left a bad taste in my mouth and I'm too dumb to use the terminal for everyday tasks normally done on a gooey.

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Yes, and? We talking about windows here, what's so hard to understand autismo?

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>"Fuck GPT"
>"we're talking specifically about windows!"

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>"Fuck GPT"
Who are you quoting? That's not a thing of what I've replied here, is your reading comprehension so low anon?

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OP is a moron and he realized that halfway through the thread. He was just missing the 64-bit efi thingie.

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He actually might be dumber than OP lmao.

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>Who are you quoting?

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OP here: I'm actually starting to feel better about myself now. It's somewhat reassuring to know that I'm not the village idiot.

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Bitch I don't care about your experience in loonix, I'm just pointing out that windows sucks in partitioning drive

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welcome to /g/ - doing it's part to make anybody feel like a computer expert

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Nah, it's all GPT now but it would have been nice if 64-bit UEFI had backwards compatibility with 32-bit OSs. I could be wrong tho.

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>friend streamed himself building a PC
>he put the CPU on the cooler first then tried to put the whole thing on the socket
>the lever was down so there was no way the CPU was going in
>by the time he realized his mistake, it was too late (pic)
And then he sent it back to amazon and they actually gave him a refund.

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You mean since W7 launched in 2007.

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>He doesn't understand greentext
>calls others autistic and stupid

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What a fucking idiot. He shouldn't try too many times. They watch for that shit.

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