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Can anyone tell me why people love ryzen?
Why everyone is waiting for zen2 to do some magic when even 2700x has so bad single core performance that it competes with 5 year old 4770k.
Streaming babies need not reply.

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Ryzen to me its like a good value i7 5820k-5960X cpu lineup, but you know without the OC, but yeah, its good for cheapo production PC's but thats it, if you want max compatibility and get the most out of any high end GPU you still go Intel and even post patch still wins over Ryzen, now Zen2 might change that, but i doubt it.

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Because they need more than a single core performance.

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You should check the newer intel offerings against your 4770k.
You will be disappointment as fuck.

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It is still better improving every year even if it is marginally but ryzen is straight up 5 year old performance with more cores.
Yes good for editing and streaming but for playing it is still today's bulldozer.

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>implying ryzen doesn't shit all over every single core i-shit pootel CPU on the market that isn't an unholy GluedTogether(tm) dumpsterfire

intards on suicide watch confirmed lmao

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That's the thing, your "5 year old performance" is literally 5%-10% slower.
And mommy su promised a 30% jump in IPC on the next zen, so if intel keeps this pace (they won't), it would take intel 15 years to reach the zen2.

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Ryzen does SMT without utterly crippling processor security, unlike Intel.

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what improvement
what frames
what anything
spectre kills intel cpus left and right in terms of performance and you're memeing about improvements

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and it scales better as well, how based

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29% bump would be in handpicked artificial benchmarking compared to first ryzen series. Companies lie about their performances all the time to hype their fans
Zen+ already improved over its predecessor in IPC so gap would be modestly 10%

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But 10% is still more than enough to blow the current intel offerings out of the water until they just stop lazing around and actually go do some real improvements.

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>has so bad single core performance that it competes with 5 year old 4770k
no we can't because you just won't listen.

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It's just affordable man. If I had the money I would go Intel in a heart beat. You buy AMD because it's cheap, not because it's the best.

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>all these buzzwords
>every reputable benchmark ever proves him wrong

lmao seething

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Because it´s cheap and fulfills alot more. You can get an all-rounder cpu if you pick ryzen.

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2700x has same ipc as 8700k u fuckin moron it's just mhz difference that makes it looks faster if u put them at same mhz they give same scores. FUCKİN MORON U DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT İS IPC

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>2700x has so bad single core performance that it competes with 5 year old 4770k

Tick tock, Incel shills. Judgement day is coming.

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Two... one... Half shekel has been deposited on your account. Good goy.

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let me put me it this way. in 2016 the "best" mainstream cpu one could get was the 6950x, 3ghz, 140w tdp, 10 core for the low price of 1,723.00 dollars.
And it wasn't that good, hot, lower freq and most people would really be better off with an mainstream i7 for daily purposes.
Now, in 2018 we can get a 32 core cpu for about that same price point https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819113541, or 12/16/24 cores to best suit your most pertinent tasks, starting at 649.. a gaming oriented machine with a 16C/32T at 3.5ghz base 4.4ghz boost + xfr should satisfy anyone's epeen with room to spare.

Or for most folks 8c/16t for the mainstream for 250 bucks https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819113498

there you have it.
no need for benchamarks or technical analysis, lowering price points and driving innovation in the cpu market cpu are reasons that should satisfy anyone who isn't a die hard intel fanboy retard to love ryzen. Because. let's face, even if the next ryzen 3700x comes up with 100% IPC over the 2xxx's at 65w, 5ghz base clock, 6ghz xfr, all of this for 250 bucks, intel retards will still bitch and talk shit about muh games, forgetting that that favorable is dependant on many factors and do not come stock or cheap.

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2016 intel 10C/20T 3ghz for 1.7k usd
2018 amd 32C/64T 3ghz/4.4ghz boost for 1.7k usd

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>synthetic test
Now show these results in real world application.

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>if you want max compatibility and get the most out of any high end GPU
is that a prepared line that you use for when you're talking tech in a non tech oriented environment? because, boy o boy, that drivel won't stick here no matter how hard you try.
I feel bad for the anons you've been swindling, that line looks and sounds practiced.

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who cares, look for benchmarks yourself.
get that feel good rush of seeing atop the graphs.
But stick to games anon or yopu have joyful ride. It'll be very shitty honestly if start looking elsewhere... also, some games may also disappoint your expectations, so be warned. Well, you really shouldn't search for benchmarks, actually, just cover your eyes and keep telling yourself that intel won and dream of i7's and i9's peaking every chart out there. You'll be better off.

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>Can anyone tell me why people love ryzen?

Because their multi-core performance is un-rivaled.

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compare this table with

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with this.
and take a deep breath.

>6cores for 434 bucks
>amd sells 6 cores for literally less than half that price naw.

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the point of that SS was to compare the hedt platforms between competitors, and the impact only 2 years of ryzen had: inb4 someone bitches about posting outdated stuff, if you didn't catch that perspective, do no reproduce, please.
But this one looks better, the entire line, since price points and specs also overlap.

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>when even 8700 has so bad single core performance that it competes with 5 year old 4770k.

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Remember when people used to buy 4 core cpus for 350 bucks, experiencing no buyers remorse because it was widely recommend everywhere... for gaming?

That really sounds preposterous nowadays.

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Halt your autism before it enters orbit.

Intel i7 vs poozen 7

Intel i5 vs poozen 5

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To measure IPC, you need a synthetic test.

Ryzen is past haswell at this point, even in muh "real world benchmarks" where the code is still heavily optomized for Intel.

T. A 4770k owner.

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I find it funny that Intel never wanted to stray away from 4C8T until AMD came out doubling that.

Anyone who bought Kaby Lake got fucked.

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>AMD bad
>single-core in 2000 and 18 matters the most
>the more you pay, the more you save

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>tfw intel said full mitigation was not available to the goyim

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>Halt your autism before it enters orbit
Well, it's too late for that one. but anyway, I'm better off being smack in the middle of the spectrum than being a retard who can't take an argument like a man and shift goal posts like it's nothing. Oh, sorry, for mentioning spectrum, it may have triggered your specter pstd by proxy, that was on purpose btw.

just disable more cores, intel has a proven track record of prefering low core, low thread count. What's 30% perf increase good for anyways?

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>Ryzen is betturrrrr
>Fact about Ryzen not being better

The only correct thing you said was about it being to late to halt your autism.

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Because without Ryzen we would still be paying $300 for a Quad-Core CPU with 6% performance increase from the last generation.

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You know Incel shills are hyper-damage control when they out of all people say that synthetic benches dont matter

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>with 6% clock-increase from the last generation.
no real ipc gain since skylel for Intelaviv

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>see muh faxtshh
>gaymur attention grabbing screenshots

here have one that used to reside comfily in intels' court.

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threadlets don't @ me

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>0FPS image
Post something instead of taking screenshots of something that doesn't move or show performance in games.

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Only idiots have brand loyalty. You get whatever meets your needs and switch when necessary.

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Fucking lol. Intel is truly getting obliterated.

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You're retarded, we already knew that, but at least keep your retardation to yourself.

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>dont't expose my employeer goyim

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No man you got it wrong, Ryzen is a good value CPU, R5 2600 is literally a 5820k for half the price, which is awesome, Intel is shitting the bed hard becuase of Ryzen, the thing i am saying that hardly anyone likes to accept is that Intel is still king for gaming and has better compatibility for most programs because their architectures are hardly different they are mostly the same, Ryzen is a new architecture with a way more scalable fabrication and SMT implementation, so it will take some time to run all software no problems, i myself have an i7 6700k and i am interested in buying more products from Intel, but there is hardly an upgrade going to any Ryzen IN GAMES the main use i give to my hardware, if Zen2 gives me the performance of my current CPU with double the threads i am sold. Turn down your autism down a little my man.

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Seriously, how much do they pay you? Since I refuse to consider you shill and defend Intlel for free.

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It is what it is.

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and go cry somewhere else where we can't hear you.

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>Games aren't technology.
Well...ill end myself.

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>playing video games is technology

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>I'll change the goal-post until I have the high ground
>repeat ad-infinitum

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>2700x has so bad single core performance that it competes with 5 year old 4770k
>ryzen is straight up 5 year old performance
Will Incel shills ever tire of lying?

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Source: My ass

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intel for gaming:
do you have premium cooling to reach stable 5ghz 24/7? And I mean premium, top recs for AIO's or Noctua's big heatsinks ballpark coupled with good case airflow, all that stuff or bust.
do you have a nice premium psu, even better if overspec'ed, to make that OC a tad more reliable?
are you driving a ti variant card? 10 or 20 series, doesn't matter; ti's or above or it'l all irrelevant anyway for you. 1080's/Vega's and below need not apply.
do you have high refresh rate display? I mean, not even 120hz 1440p, because we're talking about 244hz 1080p here. If that's not your set up than that gaming advantage isn't really making much of a difference for you.

and inteltards think that total price costs for ryzen are bad because they should be more careful with their memory picks.

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Choosing Goytel in 2018 is only reasonable for modern hardcore emulation (PS3/Switch/WiiU/3DS) and absolutely 'constant' high fps for high refresh rate monitors (+144hz). Anyone not meeting these two needs and buying from Intelaviv is just wasting money for nothing.

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Looks like the one intel shill itt gave up, packed up and left.

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amd fanboy here, but he isn't wrong.
AMD themselves unhyped that 29% remark by officially stating it was for one very specialized financial microbenchmark and that outside that result we shouldn't expect a ~30% overall IPC increase over zen+

they learned hard lessons with mostly gpu's overhype. It was good practice to read the asterisks outloud for once.

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>why people love ryzen
spotted the autist who doesn't understand multicore processes and the definition of "value for money"

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>caring about single-core


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Oh look, he changed tactics! Kys

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synthetic test is what intel is good at.

>> No.68595560

because the IPC is at Haswell levels while having twice as many cores on a process with worse characteristics, by AMD's own admission, than Intel's 14nm. Now that they'll be on TSMC's improved 7nm they will have a new design with higher IPC.

>5 year old performance
It's basically the clock speed differences. SKX is maybe 5-10% better IPC than znver1 at the same clock rate.

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Going by synthetics

4770K @ 3.9 GHz = 2253
9900K @ 3.9 GHz = 2267

very good work intel but at least they're getting higher clock speeds without massive power draw increase

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>SKX is maybe 5-10% better IPC than znver1
see>>68594685 &>>68593741

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no ever touches 16 pci lanes for the mainstream intel cpu's.
people looking into nvme raid arrays should notice that fact.

>> No.68596298

by boycotting intel you are not complicit in the nsa built in backdoor compromisation of tech.
you also do not support anti consumer practices like socket changes
you also support innovation, since they are choosing to keep 14nm and high power draw.

people that buy intel do not consider the implications of giving money to such a company.

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Because Ryzen offers good performance at reasonable prices. I am *very* happy with my overclocked 1700 (3.8Ghz) that I had bought a year ago.

>> No.68596373

Every intel chip since the 4000 series has had the same performance per clock prove me wrong.

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>having 6 threads

Sure is 100% CPU Load in here

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File: 1.83 MB, 1298x927, 9600kvs2600XACO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>tfw intel's top boy competes with the 2600k from a decade ago

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what a fucking joke. and the kicker is that the 2600k is on ddr3.

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>cpu benchmark
>ultra settings

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>Multi-core doesn't matter!
>Productivity doesn't matter!
>Price/performance doesn't matter!
>Performance per watt doesn't matter!
>Power usage doesn't matter!
>Temperatures don't matter!
>Soldered dies don't matter!
>Stutters don't matter!
>Streaming doesn't matter!
>Data centers don't matter!
>Locked CPUs don't matter!
>OEMs don't matter!
>Hyperscalers don't matter!
>Upgradeability doesn't matter!
>Anti-competitive business practices don't matter!
>Locked platform features don't matter!
>Synthetic loads don't matter!
>PCI-e lanes don't matter!
>Burnt pins don't matter!
>Heat doesn't matter!
>1771w cooler doesn't matter!
>Server space doesn't matter!
>ECC support doesn't matter!
>Free RAID doesn't matter!
>NVMe RAID doesn't matter!
>StoreMI doesn't matter!
>IPC doesn't matter!
>7nm doesn't matter!
>StoreMI doesn't matter!
>HEDT doesn't matter!
>Stock coolers don't matter!
>Security doesn't matter!
>Games don't always matter!
>Enterprise doesn't matter!
>Hyperthreading doesn't matter!
>VMware doesn't matter!
>MySQL doesn't matter!
>Unix doesn't matter!
>Linux doesn't matter!
>Waffer yields don't matter!
>Benchmarks after full patches don't matter!
>Asian markets don't matter!
>Own fabrics don't matter!
>Chipset lithography doesn't matter!
>Cray doesn't matter!
>Cisco doesn't matter!
>HPE doesn't matter!
>AZURE doesn't matter!
>5nm doesn't matter!
>TDP doens't matter!
>10nm doesn't always matter!
>Cache doesn't matter!
>Integrated graphics doesn't matter!
>PCI-Express 4.0 doesn't matter!

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yes because being able to render csgo at 900fps @1024x768 is relevant to nothing

>> No.68596625

Dear sirs please buy intel

>> No.68596643

>posting your opinion 10 years ago: here is my opinion and here is a picture of my emotions
>posting your opinion now: Here is your emotions and here is a picture of you

>> No.68596693

>implying there is a single intel cpu that has a better single core performance after all security patches applied
op is a dum-dum

>> No.68596752

Security doesn't matter.

>> No.68596965

Because we finally have competition which is good for everybody.

>> No.68597364

I wasn't suggesting he was wrong about the 29% being in a very specialized workload, I was pointing out that he pulled 10% entirely out of his ass based on his feels.

Right now we don't really have enough publicly available evidence to do anything more than make pure guesses as to where ether average IPC improvements will end up between
29% and some non-zero percentage.

>> No.68597382

>has so bad single core performance that it competes with 5 year old 4770k
Not with the security patches it doesn't :^)

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My ffmpeg average fps begs to differ.
And yes, I do actually spend shitloads of clock cycles on rendering and encoding video. Intel is literally just for gayman babies. Even so the difference is marginal.

>> No.68597675

got a single fact to back that up, fuckboi?

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>b-b-but it's.... SYNTHETIC!!11!!!111!!!

>> No.68597713

post it

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considering the 5% boost in ipc and clocks in the last 5 years by intel, ryzen seems good and zen 2 like the next holocaust for intel.

>> No.68597731

>intel releases 8c/16t for almost $600 as "response"

>> No.68597734

>ingle core performance that it competes with 5 year old 4770k
Because Intel didn't patch their chip-level vulns in those CPUs.

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intel security flaws made me change over, sold my shittel at a tiny loss and bought ryzen.

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I have a ryzen setup and planning on upgrading to ryzen 3000 when it comes out but if it doesn't reach 4.7ghz stable stock on 4 cores at least im going to sell my mobo and go intel.

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what does intel offer at this price range that better?

>> No.68597774

clock speed is, unironically, one thing that doesn't matter (if the IPC is higher)

>> No.68597786


>> No.68597789

at most you'll be getting 4.3Ghz on Air. After that you need watercooling and a good binned chip.

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>> No.68597810

>he says this while 2950X goes up to 4.4GHz
What did he mean by this?

>> No.68597819

Oh no, my i9 is ruined!

>> No.68597867

I know but I don't expect much higher in that department. always big expectations but looking at the GPUs it doesn't translate to actual products

>> No.68597872

Not talking about Zen+ but zen 2 7nm. Clock speed increases seem to be +-20% so he should get to his 4.7ghz goal if it goes well. pretty disappointing still even if it's first gen 7nm.

>> No.68598037

wtf is this image about lmao

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File: 2.99 MB, 355x201, a47.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy shit, the denial is strong with this one.

>> No.68598077

the non hyperthreaded upcoming coffee lakes are though.
oh,you're going to say that i7's suddenly don't matter now, won't you? Like historically their best selling line x700k

>> No.68598184

As expected, you go into shitposting when asked to provide a single source to back up your claims.
As expected amd fanatics.

>> No.68598190

why would anyone part with 500 bucks, for pci lane-let cpu when you could have effortless and free nvme raid (there's that, those pesky keys), crossfire/sli on a true enthusiast platform which has 60 PCIe 3.0 lanes (x48 lanes for multiple GPUs, x12 for I/O), quad channel mem vs dual for the k series i9 and with motherboards generally cheaper to boot?

that's mental retardation, you should at least wait for 9900x and fork out the 989 bucks it's supposed to launch at or go real mainstream... oh, wait, their mainstream i7's are HT-let nao. I see....

>> No.68598201
File: 50 KB, 750x445, k123yre0vwdmlnwf1csh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

damn son, I'm legitimately impressed with your powers of denial.

>> No.68598293

9900x still pci lane-let agaist threadrippers.
https://en.wikichip.org/wiki/intel/core_i9/i9-9900x will have 44, quad channel though.
but 10 cores vs 12 at the minumum for threarippers, starting at 650 (?)
well, 412 for the first gen 12c and 649 for the equivalent 2nd gen 12c

>> No.68598343

it really is ruined.
500 bucks for 16 pci lanes
dual channel mem

all you have going for that one is muh 5ghz. And not a single thing more. That i9 9900k is probably one of the worst cpu's one could buy this year.

>> No.68598384

absolutely nothing.

>> No.68598423

29% performance increase actually
that would be IPC + Higher clock frequency
check the slides for EBYN2 again

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File: 431 KB, 1824x1026, 1534326485713.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck are you doing intel...

>> No.68598489
File: 141 KB, 1280x493, 002aacb868.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that piece of shit looks bad against a ryzen, let alone his big bros.



mama Lisa is just bullying intel by this point.

>> No.68598532

asks for meltdown/specter sauces.
almost 2 years of info out there, anywhere and easily reachable. That's just weak bait.

>> No.68598551

and yet, not a single benchmark or a link to show it. Hmmmmm

>> No.68598577

honestly I kind of doubt if intel can even afford to price them lower, they're monolithic yields are trash and they're fabs are running 24/7 just trying to get usable Xenons with .000000000000000001% yields

>> No.68598584

Because an i5 8400 costed 300 euros.

Because a R5 2600 with the motherboard costed 290 euros.

Because I can OC the shit and get more performance.

Because most games, even shit like WoW, are making multicore optimizations.

Because I will upgrade to Zen 2 next year on the SAME MOTHERBOARD.

Because I'm not a schlomo.

And most importantly, because I'm not a cuck.

>> No.68598590

ask aws, cray, azure, hp, dell, baidu and other server dealers/cloud/webservices providers about that.
you'll find multiple blillions of facts from them. ;)

>> No.68598595

I can understand brand loyalty, market leadership and just overall tech ignorance that can drive average joes into buying Intel's recent offerings.
But anyone with any basic knowledge still cucking himself by getting anything from Intel in the last couple years is just beyond salvation.

>> No.68598601

post. a. single. one.

>> No.68598618

It's even faster than the i5-8400 if you can OC it past 4Ghz too. See >>68598424

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Here, loser https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=linux-420-stibp&num=1
>inb4 not games
>inb4 linux

>> No.68598625
File: 87 KB, 612x783, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how many charts you want senpai

>> No.68598636

like him?

i'm starting he's the 8400 guy who got promoted to a 9900k. It would've been funnier if he got tasked shilling for the 9700k, seeing how both his freelance jobs would focus on non hyperthreaded procs. They missed the opportunitty for some sweet irony there.

>> No.68598644

I hope you're just trolling for fun. It would be sad otherwise.

>> No.68598656

>this is linux's fault for being secure

>> No.68598713

>not games
Oh okay, so when people are discussing >>68597382
>has so bad single core performance that it competes with 5 year old 4770k
>Not with the security patches it doesn't :^)
Clearly they are talking about single core serve use? And clearly not videogames that use single core performance the most?
Hmmm, okay, wow got it.

>> No.68598748

its ok you don't need security for games

>> No.68598767

>show my that being a problem
>well in server use....
>yeah but who the fuck needs single core performance for servers?
>yeah b-but you need sercurity for games as well

>> No.68598784

I too am happy with my i9 and my 15 fps more than AMD. I do not know how they can play at 145 fps when the clearly superior Intel get 160 fps. Buy Intel dear sirs superior videogames

>> No.68598797
File: 18 KB, 597x353, 16718646.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw planned to get an i5-8xxx for black friday

>> No.68598801

>all games are equally demanding
It's almost as if you don't play videogames and you only talk about them in a vague "I kinda need to know about this for my job" kind of way.

>> No.68598812

find me a single core game that matters in 2018

>> No.68598815
File: 1.74 MB, 2620x3416, In case of AMD shill 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is some pretty important info missing there.

Watch it.
>ASus crosshair 7 hero
>4.2 overclock using aggressively turned G.skill sniper X 3400Mhz with tightened sub-timings
>and the cooler has been upgrade to the Corsair H115i Pro

THAT is what was used to get the performance benchmarks you keep posting each time without context. Not only are yo downplaying the components used, but also their price.

Again if all of this escaped you, here is the man who made the benchmark, saying it CLEAR as cryztal

>Given that the intel CPU was over all faster this makes it better value choice for gamers.
>At the very least the OC Ryzen build will require an upgraded cooler, but for the results shown here you will need a high quality motherboard and some premium Samsung B-die.

>> No.68598822

Show me the relevant games that justify the painfully more expensive price tag between Ryzen's best and Intel's best.

>> No.68598830

>better in nearly every category than intel

>> No.68598837

this is a copypasta by the way, prices have changed and you should obviously look at what they currently are. Such as 8400 being more expensive now.
Still, it the picture serves to highlight shill tactics used by AMD fags on /g/. And you should look at the benchmark that only says [OC]

>> No.68598838
File: 134 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>stock cooler for i5-8400

>> No.68598847

That is what was used for the 8400 in that benchmark. Check the video, check what the guy says if you don't believe me, there is literally timestamps.

>> No.68598848
File: 31 KB, 858x405, epic-games-core-usage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

asked for a single fact. got many besides the point it was only weak bait to start with.
still in denial.
hot damn.

>> No.68598854

I hate using the fine wine meme, but it's quite possible that games in the future will run better on AMD CPUs just because now it does worth optimizing games for 8+ CPUs.
This and vulkan allowing you to use more than one thread to control the GPU.

>> No.68598856

here you go sub 80 IQ NPC. Literally in included in the video of the post you replyed to.

>> No.68598877
File: 290 KB, 512x502, 2f93a3d3cfca529b233c9a297d2868d8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, all the programs tested there are irrelevant because they aren't games, even though synthetics are fine benchmarks? And benches must be done on windows (are the mitigations even available there?)? I bet you'd pull something else out of your ass if one found such benches.

>> No.68598879
File: 4 KB, 480x172, PCM10ess-app-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for games, something with heavy i/o usage, like heavily modded games , cities skylines or skyrim come to mind, could experience some perceptible decrease in perf. But yes, you're aiming for that it won't matter for most users angle, it's all too clear how you've been setting that trap.

>> No.68598880

>and then finally cooling the 8400 is the intel box cooler
No no no no no no no no!!!! HOW can we get away with this! This ruins our plans of shilling AMD! OH NO literal time stamped source to the video from where the benchmark was made!
How will we lie now AMD bros!

>> No.68598899

>So, all the programs tested there are irrelevant because they aren't games,
Nope, if it's not gaming then the shit does impact performance. If it's videogames it doesn't. That was the original argument.

>> No.68598911

funny like all this always hammer the same nails.
reminder from this very bred.

>> No.68598947

>tfw 8400 is over $200
Top kek. I though their line was retarded but Intel is hitting new lows.

>> No.68598951

I believe we broke down another intel shill.
Is that how a nervous breakdown looks like?
He's going full schizo thinking he's making perfect sense while speaking gibberish.

>> No.68598995
File: 151 KB, 650x975, 1525991657392.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn, dodget a bullet there, gonna buy ryzen 2600, intel is just bad at pretty much everything.

>> No.68599024
File: 41 KB, 515x515, 1368267756370.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68599033

That's vindication from canard'sPC early ryzen+ reviews made on a320 mobos and 2133mhz mem.
get cucked kid. Are you really trying to say that picking the most suitable components for your system is a bad now? I've never once saw anyone bitching about intel's 4000mhz + ram, heavy OC reviews vs amd cpu's on 300mhz or below like it' wa ssomething, should we add that new netry to this list >>68596563
now that the agesa is allowing for better mem freq and timings on am4 platforms?

>> No.68599062

>That's vindication from canard'sPC early ryzen+ reviews made on a320 mobos and 2133mhz mem.
So you are trolling at this point, got it. Lol it feels nice when you know you have beaten somebody on all logical facts so they just throwing shit at you in hopes to not admit they lost.

>> No.68599082


>> No.68599091
File: 282 KB, 1362x800, 1527717046737.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not amdfag but now I'm curious about several things:

1.) Does the i5-8400's bad performance at least partly stem from frame stuttering? I heard this is a problem specific to intel stock coolers. I myself have an i3-7300 being cooled with a hyper 212 evo and the stock cooler sitting on a shelf.

2.) Does the higher end RAM play a role in AMD's better results? I understand only high end ~$200 intel motherboards support RAM above 2666Mhz.

3.) I understand the 2600 was OC'd with water cooling but was it actually necessary to achieve the 4.2Ghz OC? Would have a hyper 212 evo sufficed just as well?

>> No.68599118
File: 248 KB, 1200x551, cpu-aftermarket-212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Adding to this: the stock cooler is as bad as they say, there's a literal 20C temp drop on load when going from stock to hyper 212 evo.

>> No.68599131


>Intel shills
>Understanding what tick tock means

>> No.68599151
File: 573 KB, 1106x1012, 1457761537694.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>You can buy a 32 core Treadripper for the same price as a 10 core i7

>> No.68599162
File: 843 KB, 1689x2213, Elaborate 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Does the higher end RAM play a role in AMD's better results?
Absolutely, better RAM helps both intel and AMD cpus, but AMD cpus much more.
Picture related.

> I understand the 2600 was OC'd with water cooling but was it actually necessary to achieve the 4.2Ghz OC?
Shills will tell you that 4.2 on stock cooler is easy.
But the reality the better the cooling the lower voltages you need to use to get the same OC because less heat loss due to, well heat.
Secondly 4.2Ghz is very good for a 2600, we are talking practically golden sample. Much like anybody telling you that 8700k 5.3GHZ is easy is bullshitting you.

>> No.68599177


A benchmark that is 99% GPU also means nothing to comparing CPUs

>> No.68599181
File: 702 KB, 3196x970, compare.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Would have a hyper 212 evo sufficed just as well?
It largely depends on how luck you get with your chip. Some need very little voltage, some can't even reach 4.0GHZ no matter the cooler or motherboard. here https://youtu.be/LgRXB-aj-F8?t=209
and here is a picture of hyperX 212 cooler, five 140mm case fans and premium thermal paste for the CPU at stock voltages, stock settings in everything.

>> No.68599201

why should I ever believe a benchmark when they only sampled one processor?

>> No.68599213

>threadripper motherboard is $500
>i7 motherboard is $100

>> No.68599271

can easily find am4 brackets for your 212? not even sure if those are a thing for such a budget heatsink, pretty sure you should get a new revised version if you want to slap it there, other anons may double check this.
amd's stock coolers are matched or slightly better than the hyper 212 and no,i'm pretty sure it's kinda above it's paygrade to go for a stable 4.2ghz all cores ryzen OC, not to mention you'd be better off doing pstate OC for ryzen 2 series or just let xfr do it's thing stock.
yes, intel stock coolers are shit I didn't even they dug them back from the cesspit they had buried before, I was positive that even i3's and i5's weren't coming with them anymore, first time I heard they actually had the nerve to bring them back. and unrevised atop it all. That was retarded. I remember when they released that tower stock for skulltrail, that shit is early 2000's son and they had the nerve to bring it back without a single touch up. That's impressive.

>> No.68599276

>threadripper air cooler costs $50
>intel chiller costs $1800

>> No.68599300
File: 58 KB, 765x343, jews-did-9900k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68599302

>can easily find am4 brackets for your 212?
you can buy them for like 1$

>amd's stock coolers are matched or slightly better than the hyper 212
ONLY the 2700X cooler and 1800 cooler have a cooler that is ALMOST as good as evo 212, where evo wins by 1 degree.
Anything worse than the BEST amd coolers will get blown the fuck out by even a hyper evo.

>,i'm pretty sure it's kinda above it's paygrade to go for a stable 4.2ghz all cores ryzen OC
Bull fucking shit.

>> No.68599314

>Can anyone tell me why people love ryzen?

This board mostly consists of unemployed children and SSI leeches, which is the demographic AMD caters to by selling CPUs that are 30% slower for $50 less.

>> No.68599322


>> No.68599329
File: 536 KB, 640x360, pretty_gud.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I see. So then that means worst case scenario you end up with a 4GHz OC at a high voltage (~1.4v), would a hyper 212 evo still be able to sufficiently cool that?

I'm asking because I'm seriously considering switching over AMD btw, planning on sticking with a 2600 and then switching over to a zen 2 cpu when it comes out. This is possible on a B450 motherboard, right? Or is will I have to get a new fucking motherboard when it comes out? Already got the 212 cooler and can order the am4 brackets for it too.

>> No.68599336

I need a new motherboard to get off ddr3 ram at shit speed anon, is the ryzen 2700x worth the upgrade from a 4690k oc?

>> No.68599340
File: 288 KB, 1401x655, 546b54a8d5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know how to play this. you go to newegg or amazon and sort sTR4 mobos by lowest price and take a pic.

>> No.68599342


4690k -> 2700x is a downgrade. Wait for icelake and zen 2.

>> No.68599343

Wait for zen 2?

>> No.68599358
File: 284 KB, 1394x714, 1e5272d59a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and them you go to the intel's side and sort by highest price now. take a pic and beat anon at his own shilling.

>> No.68599460
File: 953 KB, 1564x2148, 2600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I see. So then that means worst case scenario you end up with a 4GHz OC at a high voltage (~1.4v), would a hyper 212 evo still be able to sufficiently cool that?
Define "sufficient" I mean are we talking maximum RPM on your hyper 212? Are we asking what the max temps will be?

>So then that means worst case scenario you end up with a 4GHz OC at a high voltage (~1.4v)
Thats an average, the worst case is that you can't get 4.0GHZ working at all. But again you are guaranteed 3.9, probably will get 4.0 maybe 4.1 and if you are really lucky then 4.2.
Pic related is just one 2600 chip.

>. This is possible on a B450 motherboard, right?
> Or is will I have to get a new fucking motherboard when it comes out?
No, all current AMD motherboards will support AMD CPUs up to 2020, after that, new boards and new RAM is likely to hit.

>> No.68599514

extremetech or tpu had one article dedicated to amd's stock coolers vs budget heatsinks, I'm going by memory but I'm pretty certain that their conclusion was for slightly above (I don't own one, I got the 1700x, which didn't come with them, I think the 1800x also didn't). it was a good reminder that they come in different varieties though, I completely forgot about that, either way, more recent reviews may have brought the hyper 212 back above them since I'm positive it had a new anniversary revision recently. I think.

If the hyper can manage a 4.2ghz stable OC with decent temps, even better. I never tested one with the ryzen 2, I was going by common sense. I still don't think temps would be what I call tolerable, but if you say so. Btw, I have one retired hyper 212 and I loved it, but I've never put it under a heavy OC, just some light OC. it got replaced for a nh-d15

>> No.68599526

I should add, that voltage settings and so on, also depend on your motherboard bios options, the VRM chips and how many true phases you have to cleanly deliver power, how good the heatsinks are to keep things cool and so on.
Some motherboards are better for overclocking using Precision boost overdrive, some are better for static overclock, some have shit VRMs or shit VRM cooling, some have shit bios or shit memory support.
In the current example, the VRM was a true 6 phase with high quality IR3555 mosfets and a switching frequency of 1000MHz which will send most VRMS into toasty territory but it provides very clean and responsive energy input for the CPU, so you can't blame the results on motherboard being shit, since the mother board can power a 2700x overclocked with no problem.

>> No.68599530

>300 euros for an 8400
fucking wut? i got mine for 189

>> No.68599544

don't know why that link ended up there. I was checking if the 9900x would get a new socket or not. They won't.

>> No.68599552
File: 69 KB, 775x837, 1478201807359.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No, all current AMD motherboards will support AMD CPUs up to 2020, after that, new boards and new RAM is likely to hit.
All I needed to hear senpai, thanks a gorillion. I'm hopping off this inhell train, they can't even punk out a 12 threaded processor for $200 and you HAVE to delid their i7s or use some expensive exotic cooling to keep the frame stuttering to a minimum.

>> No.68599558

First reply is a well worded Intel shill argument. Intel shills must get paid well to sit here all day waiting for that one AMD post.

>> No.68599579
File: 163 KB, 1069x1274, xda4pmf92pw11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

since you brought it up. have a nice pic to along your post.

>> No.68599598

Dully noted, thanks anons.

>> No.68599612

I love this argument. 10+ years of Intel optimized games, applications *cough* Adobe *cough*. 10+ years of Intel compilers with inbuilt cheats to slow down AMD CPU's. 10+ years of Intel bribing (Dell) and cheating in the market.
Sure AMD are no saints and they cannot be forgiven for being shit for those 10+ years. But they are fucking angels in comparison to Intel.

Next year all you will have is your poo in loo memes. Because every other argument will be meaningless.
Now post that 'X doesn't matter' list so we can all laugh at you.

>> No.68599622

99% of people don't need more than a dual core pentium

>> No.68599625

Because Ryzen 1xxx already had higher single core performance clock-for-clock in everything except AVX256
Ryzen 2xxx increased that lead (but did nothing for AVX256) and increased core clocks to bring them closer to Intel at stock clocks vs. stock clocks
Zen2/Ryzen 3000 will fix the AVX256 issues by doubling the width of each AVX unit. It's also going to be 14 to 7nm shrink, so clockspeeds will increase too.
Lastly, they cost like half the price on Intel's CPUs.

>> No.68599658

I'm eargerly waiting for the psycholgical threshold of 5ghz to be broken. For no other reason than petty comeuppance, I don't even care if arch improvements could make a very modest expectations for a 4.5ghz base clock zen3 beat intel IPC by that point, I just need to see them at or above 5ghz.

>> No.68599660

>If the hyper can manage a 4.2ghz stable OC with decent temps, even better.
Man, I told you, it's not just about the cooler, the motherboard and the chip itself has to be good.
Here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgRXB-aj-F8&feature=youtu.be&t=209
This guy can't get even 4.0 regardless of voltage or cooler. Stop plastering 4.2GHZ as if it's a super easy stock overclock to achieve.

> I still don't think temps would be what I call tolerable, but if you say so
Depends on the definition of tolerable. Some people want cooler or quieter. It certainly is a great entry aftermarket cooler that is an improvement over anything stock.

Sure glad to help, if all the things I mentioned aren't a concern for you and the price is real good then go for it.

>cooling to keep the frame stuttering to a minimum.
That's not exactly how it works, but isn't entirely wrong either. The 8400 on a intel stock cooler gave the benchmarked results, I imagine with a hyper 212 it would not run into thermal throttling issues.

I haven't double checked every single thing, but over all it seems accurate and reasonable.
For one, I notice you mention that VRMS with double the components but no doubler have "worse" voltage regulation than VRMS with doublers.
The reality is that they are exactly as good VRMS without doublers, they just run cooler because the load is split up more across the multiple components. But as far as voltage delivery goes, no doubler, means no doubling of phases, means no benefit to voltage delivery.

>> No.68599667

AMD said at the Rome event that SP3/TR4/AM4 will also be getting Zen3 and Zen4.
They didn't really go into much detail but considering what the whole day was about, it was pretty obvious - the core/ccx chiplets don't have memory controllers or PCI-e, that's all on the IO chiplet - so the new socket platforms in 2020/2021 will need a new IO chiplet, but otherwise both platforms can use the same core chiplets.

>> No.68599672

Wrong, most people don't need anything beside a high end android smartphone. Hardware acceleration and 256GB storage + msd storage options have practically turned them into computers at this point. In the end they just need to access facebook or play angry birds anyway, they can chrome cast that shit to their "smert" tvs if they want a bigger screen.

You sure you're not talking about AVX512 m8? Afaik zen and zen+ have 2 128 fmacs that can be combined to do 1 256-bit OP. Isn't that better than intel's 256 fmacs since they can do 2 128-bit ops on a single clock cycle?

>> No.68599685

It's not about AMD, it's about when DDR5 hits the market, I think.

>> No.68599689

just pay real close attention to the strix'es if you decide on them. The last letter coding make a world of difference for them.

>> No.68599742

>That's not exactly how it works
Well I certainly did not enjoy seeing my 7300 flux between 3.7 GHz and 4GHz like a sowing needle during some gaymen. I could actually feel the stuttering and it kinda made me a bit seasick so i had to lock the multi to 3.6GHz to get rid of that and temps still crawled to near 80C during some gaymen. 212 fixed all that and I could no longer feel the previous stuttering at 4GHz and I never saw temps go above 75C even during prime95 avx.

>> No.68599763

Sure, I'm not saying thermal throttling isn't a thing, just saying it's not the only be all end all thing.

>> No.68599775

This shitty pasta again? Keep posting it faggot. We know the truth and your image has been debunked several times.

>> No.68599776
File: 32 KB, 181x266, g.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68599786

post the "debunking" then.

>> No.68599799

It does affect your experience, though maybe some anons with older monitors wouldn't be able to tell anyway. I could definitely feel those 3.7GHz dips on my 1ms benq and they were annoying at best.

>> No.68599826
File: 81 KB, 967x237, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy balls, intel must be sweating bullets right now.

>> No.68599829

>bad single core performance
>almost on par with intel costing less
What the fuck are you talking about, also, Zen 2 is node shrink, something Intel doesn't do in ages.

>> No.68599834

We don't need to convince Intel faggots of anything. The proof is out there in the benchmarks. The pricing, The security patches. The lack of 10nm. The Intel housefires. You are arguing with Pajeets in an Intel shill center. Intel are literally the real poo in loo's.

>> No.68599835

Works great for me. None of my games go below 60fps and compile / render times are fast. You people love to complain.

>> No.68599839

I would love to see some real world benchmarks with Ryzen to see if there is any actual difference from other processes in everyday computing.

>> No.68599855

>One annecdotal case means everyone else is having a shitty experience.
the post

>> No.68599882

I don't save pasta to reply to pasta but feel free to continue posting it like a retard.

>> No.68599902

One case sample is better than vague grandiose statements of how things "really are".

also lol
>you are only allowed to post nice things about AMD

amd fanboy on damage control.
Is it your job to find any post that doesn't praise amd and make replys?

>> No.68599909

Like most users of personal computers in the current year, I do not play enough games to justify buying a specific PC just because of its gaming performance. Gaming is the only realm where pure single-core performance still makes a measurable difference, but multi-core performance has a huge impact on virtually all modern software.

>> No.68599941

For home use, games and to larger extent entertainment related software drive use of personal computers. Which isn't a surprise since its been like that since day 1.

>> No.68599944

I think this is the most difficult thing to guage desu, a lot of things can efficiently use 4 threads or more and then some can't even use more than 1 or 2. Not everyone does 3D editing/video encoding and not everyone gaymes or runs single threaded things.

In the end it's really up to you how much you really care about 1-2 thread loads and if so whether 5-10% higher performance in that is really worth the additional cost of an intel processor + high end cooling.

8700K + NH-D15: $430

2700 + hyper 212: $280 (~10% lower 1T performance)

>> No.68599951
File: 559 KB, 1276x719, RyzenSkylakeIPCGame.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>intels bing rus wont scale at all past 8 cores
>intel switches to mesh interconnect
>AMD BTFO of every intel chip in every test against the mesh based chips
>ring bus is their only hope
>9900k is the last intel CPU they can produce that will compete with amd

Honestly intel is kill unless they switch it to gallium or some other wizardary

>> No.68599969
File: 349 KB, 1276x713, RyzenSkylakeIPC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The thing is newer shit is using more threads now.
Single core performance is nearly useless at this point. Even emulators are multi threaded.

>> No.68600000
File: 257 KB, 959x920, uh-oh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why has nobody yet mentioned how the 2700X with fast low latency RAM brought the i7-8700K within an inch of its life?

>> No.68600003
File: 591 KB, 1297x901, 2600TunedTimings.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Them digits confirm intel is kill

>> No.68600004

multi threaded means nothing. the workload actually has to be parallelized so 2 or more threads of actual importance are running simultaneously. You can't have 2 threads working from the same memory at the same exact time so the class of algorithms is substantially and fundamentally smaller.

>> No.68600021

>*NEW* multithreading doesn't matter

>> No.68600026

>Why everyone is waiting for zen2 to do some magic when even 2700x has so bad single core performance that it competes with 5 year old 4770k.

You just answered your own question you fucking mong.

Zen2 will have pretty big IPC and clock speed gains, it will easily compete with Intels very best on single threaded performance, while utterly destroying them at multithreading, core counts, and price. This is why people are waiting.

>> No.68600030

because actually getting a mobo and ram kit working is easier said then done with high frequency and low latency. mobo's get shipped all the time were shit is just broken when it claims its supported.

>> No.68600042

Checked based and redpilled

>> No.68600043

in and of itself it means nothing. its a programming abstract that has no meaningful impact on computational performance on its own.

>> No.68600045

Holy shit, this damage control.

>> No.68600052
File: 203 KB, 439x371, Y50P0vt.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sweet jesus, mary, and joseph

>> No.68600064

jesus christ you make this sound like it's a problem. Go learn about vectored I/O then come back.

>> No.68600065

How much are they paying you, you sound like you memorized that intel manual. Someone post it lmao

>> No.68600071

I love Ryzen!

>> No.68600075

there doesn't even exist end user software for monitoring thread by thread relative performance from a process but people claim to know that such and such application performs in such a way given x amounts of cores. ok boss.

>> No.68600096

gee I guess I really wasted money on my CS degree then. It's not like there is tons of literature on how much of an issue it is or anything.

>> No.68600097

Yes there is you fucking goomba. You can monitor userspace and kernel threads TRIVIALLY with htop on Linux. CPU, memory, I/O wait, everything.

>> No.68600120

I don't know enough about Linux. I have never seen such functionality presented for Windows.

>> No.68600123
File: 122 KB, 1024x1024, 1491938962546.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

me too!

>> No.68600134

Well then you're completely unqualified to be posting in this thread. Lurk the fuck more.

>> No.68600140
File: 75 KB, 1280x720, lel33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>incel outed himself as wintoddler

>> No.68600144

who's been doing damage control, now?

>> No.68600167

god the absolute state of incelbabies
how hard is it to not speak on topics you don't know about?

>> No.68600169


why ? I have never seen such statistics from Linux benches either. Should be able to tell me which threads took the most process time. How much time was spent simultaneous on 2,3,4 cores, etc. Only time I have ever seen anything close to this profiling tools as a developer. Never seen end user performance monitored like this.

>> No.68600179

because i have asked *experts* how to do this and people just look at me like I have two heads.

>> No.68600182

I am not seeing anything being reported on about AMD 2600 problems.Meanwhile at Nvidia and Intel...
Everyone has bad luck and has to go through a returns or RMA process on at least one thing in their lives. Yours just happened to be the 2600. Enjoy!

>> No.68600203

Don't forget a lot of apps run on the Intel compiler so will look better on Intel uArch. Change does not happen overnight or even in a Fortnite ;)

>> No.68600214

2600 at 4.2 overclocked, with better cooler and motherboard still slightly worse than 8400 on trash components
>just throw in premium B-die RAM to finally beat a 8400
>all intel cpus don't have good RAM

>> No.68600216

It's why they rushed the 8700K to market in the first place. It only juist beats it on IPC and everything else is clock speeds. 14nm is VERY mature and is reaching the end of how much more they can squeeze out of it.

>> No.68600236

>How can Intel compete

>> No.68600263

>Newer part than the 2600 specifically made to compete with the 2600 is slightly faster in games because games generally run better on Intel. Hmm.
It's still more expensive than the 2600 right now. In b4 that shitty pasta and image that had been debunked several times already.

>> No.68600272

There is no such thing as a pure end user on a desktop Linux system, you ignoramus. Everyone has full access to all the developer tools, and even shit like Gtk themes can be distributed to end users as a git repo. You can in fact use htop to see which threads are using the most CPU time, which cores are active, and everything else you want to watch.

>> No.68600309

if this is so basic then why has no one ever done it ? I have never seen a Linux gaming benchmark detailed like this ever.

>> No.68600311

>intel jew
>amd cute anime girl
AMD wins once again.

>> No.68600346

Christ you're an idiot. I will not spoonfeed you further.

>> No.68600351

>Can anyone tell me why people love ryzen?
Better multithreaded performance per dollar

> Why everyone is waiting for zen2 to do some magic when even 2700x has so bad single core performance that it competes with 5 year old 4770k
The 2700X definitely doesn't compete with the 4770K since it has DOUBLE the cores and threads. Also, I doubt the 4770K beats the 2700X in single core with all the security patches applied.
Intel has nothing that comes near to the 2700X multicore performance at that price range ($300), that's why everyone loves it.

> Streaming babies need not reply.
who the fuck streams on /g/?

>> No.68600375

or maybe because it doesn't exist ? taking a glance over htop it looks very similar to process monitor on windows. and you can't do any statistical analysis on threads just see a window into what is currently going on.

>> No.68600379

>2600 with a liquid cooler, better motherboard, B-die ram
>cheaper than 8400 with a stock cooler and shit ram and motherboard

>> No.68600398

Here's your (You). You don't deserve it though.

>> No.68600723
File: 1 KB, 114x87, Optionsfield.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68601596

>Can anyone tell me why people love ryzen?
Good, cheap CPUs without Intel's "A socket a year keeps the goyim in fear" kikery.
>Why everyone is waiting for zen2 to do some magic when even 2700x has so bad single core performance that it competes with 5 year old 4770k.
2700x has IPC parity with the most current intel generation, they just clock lower. Instead they offer more cores and better SMT.

Really, the question should be why anyone would be idiotic enough to pay double for ~10% more performance in certain games. Only a moron would buy intel at the moment.

>> No.68601671

>neckbeards siding with companies and defending them as if they were family
Neither Intel nor AMD give a shit about you, they want to empty your pockets like any other company. Why would you give a shit if some faggots buys AMD instead of Intel or vice versa

>> No.68601758

>Good, cheap CPUs without Intel's "A socket a year keeps the goyim in fear" kikery.

What moron upgrades every year?

>2700x has IPC parity with the most current intel generation, they just clock lower. Instead they offer more cores and better SMT.

This is objectively false. Coffee lake is at least 15% faster than zen+ clock for clock.

>Really, the question should be why anyone would be idiotic enough to pay double for ~10% more performance in certain games. Only a moron would buy intel at the moment.

Who would be idiotic enough to pay $20 for 30% less performance? Are you a child or just a welfare/disability leech?

>> No.68601759

why is every amd shill like this? you're posting an overclocked cpu against a stock cpu retard.

the stock speed of a 4770k is 3.4ghz. nice man, you managed to barely beat a 5 year old intel cpu with 4.4ghz to 3.4ghz by only 20 points.

now here's when i ask you to post a graph when they're at the same speed and you make excuses. oh nevermind simple google searches show it's between 162-164. wow OP was right, ayymd literally can't match a 5 year old almost 6 year old intel cpu. fucking pathetic.

>> No.68601768

AMD might not be angels and fuck me in the ass
but intel fucks me in the ass TWICE as hard so you bet I am going to cheery for AMD as if they were my family you have to be a kike not to understand that!

>> No.68601851


this is just virtue signalling, if you really cared about the 'morality' of your favorite billion dollar business you wouldn't bother buying a new CPU or you would just upgrade by buying used.

>> No.68601869

>What moron upgrades every year?
Not an argument. AMD offers a solid socket for at least until 2021. Intel does not.
>This is objectively false. Coffee lake is at least 15% faster than zen+ clock for clock.
That is a lie. They are on par in IPC, coffee lake is just 15% higher clocked. Clock for clock they are the same, but Zen+ uses less energy, has less waste heat and is cheaper. Also no Spectre and Meltdown
>Who would be idiotic enough to pay $20 for 30% less performance?
Where are you getting these numbers? Oh right, from your ass. Just go to any large online retailer and check prices for yourself. Intel is terrible in terms of perf/dollar across the board.
>Are you a child or just a welfare/disability leech?
Are you? Only a braindead moron would go for the higher priced product because of the brand name. When intel was the best in terms of performance/price, I bought Intel. Now they suck, so I buy AMD. The next time I will consider all the alternatives again, like us grown-ups do. You on the other hand will cry yourself to death once intel is driven out of the market.

>> No.68601909

>yes daddy intel fuck me harder

>> No.68601914

>Stuck on single core performance

>> No.68601925

>They are on par in IPC, coffee lake is just 15% higher clocked.

Nope. Coffee lake is 15% faster *clock for clock*. The clock advantage gives intel another 15% perf edge in all real world benchmarks. The only benchmarks AMD closes the gap in are synthetic benchmarks that fit entirely in L2 cache like cinebench.

> but Zen+ uses less energy,

Tech illiterate who doesn't understand voltage/clock curve. Intel has vastly superior perf/w, which is why they have retained 90%+ market share in servers, where perf/w is the entirety of what sells CPUs.

>Where are you getting these numbers? Oh right, from your ass. Just go to any large online retailer and check prices for yourself. Intel is terrible in terms of perf/dollar across the board.

I was actually being generous when I said $20 less. 8700k and 9700k are actually cheaper than the 2700 and 2700x for 30% more performance.

>Are you? Only a braindead moron would go for the higher priced product because of the brand name.

$20 is 1 1/2 hours at a McJob. It's 10 minutes at a real job. Are you saying you can't work like the rest of us, leech?

>> No.68602118

I see a lot of hardcore defending from all sides but I have my own experience with the chip.


This was my build from last year, when crypto was insane and prices were a lot higher. I bought this initially to have a streaming CPU and the famous reviewers at the time were saying how great of a value the 1700 was when overclocked, and that even at stock it was decent. I had to pick this vs the 7700k which was a no brainer for me.

When I first built my system I had it stock and realized that my friends were getting a lot better performance than I was and I went over benchmarking and realized that I basically HAD to OC my CPU to get the performance that I expected from all these reviewers.
Transitioning into 2018 I realized that overclocking takes a lot more than it seems and my rig was never stable. The other kick in the balls was that memory overclocking was almost impossible at the time. Buying the chip felt like a pay in beta test and even the "suggested" memory QVL which I had bought did not run XMP and I had to learn how to adjust timings manually.

For my own personal needs I felt like I got misled by a lot of the "tech community" and it has left me jaded. A lot of people were telling me to just slot a 2700x into my x370 but even then I am apprehensive to do so because I don't want to bother with the tedious nature of overclocking and generally am so tired from real life that I would rather just plug and play.

The only god damned problem is that intel is also shit choice because of the prices. I either cuck myself and get an i5 and basically play games but nothing else or pay my left nut and kidney for an i7 and z390/z370 board plus the jewtax on nvidia cards.

I don't really hate Ryzen and I understand that AMD has basically dug itself out of being buried alive, but I felt like I got baited in the beginning and it has left me very jaded.

>> No.68602613


If you cared about gaming more than streaming, then you misjudged and brought the wrong CPU and motherboard for your needs. You can't really blame the tech community and /g/ for something like that when there was a lot of material for you to do research about the fact that there were a good amount of games that were sensitive to the memory latency that Ryzen had with its CCX design and Infinity Fabric plus it being a completely new product. AMD didn't try to hide that and it had that hexagon diagram detailing its strength and weaknesses. It's still not a bad purchase by any means, but yes, it is unfortunate you got less mileage out of it. Hopefully you will consider getting a Zen 2 3000 series CPU with your compatible AM4 motherboard and how it is turning out over Zen 1 with increased IPC and clockspeed rumors, which may put it on par or past Intel on speed.

>> No.68602637

Just get a 3700 when it comes out, the speed bump should put it at or above Intel performance

>> No.68602669

i do a lot of photo & video editing and ryzen helped me render videos while editing panels for it at the same time at a much lower cost.

>> No.68602761
File: 207 KB, 312x322, 07b21b8f0f86ba579d37fcce6a00a8a68ab06a241c482d430ade8e42588e833e.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Great performance for a great price and you won't have the bitter, acidic Intel aftertaste afterwards.

>> No.68602776

My problem was building my computer at the wrong time where my options were pretty shit. Now I know better not to get goyed by the shills this time of year, and just wait for better products. Zen 2 performance is all speculation but I am curious to see how this competition will drive both companies for the consumer base.

>> No.68602815

I bought a 1700x after my 5820k build died in a flood and before the 8700k was out. Fairly happy with it overall, even though mine only really clocks to 3.9ghz it matches or beats my old 5820k at 4.3 in every one of my use-cases.

The 9700k is undoubtedly a better gaming chip than the 2700x but it's $100-200 more depending on cooler and only relevant when paired with a 1080ti/2080 at 144 fps. For me I'll wait until the R7-3700 is cheap on sale and pick one up then and drop it straight into my X370 board. The 1700x is already down to $125 on thanksgiving sales.

>> No.68602970

Ryzen feels like a complete ripoff, I'm barely able to run Firefox with a r5 2600, a gpu and 16gb ram... 500gb ssd.. Thing runs like shit and loads pages like ages (Optical ethernet)

Pinnacle of technology I guess

>> No.68603016

It's basically dirt cheap

It has the cheapo shield which protects it from any valid criticism

AMD basically priced themselves too low where Intel will never compete

Remember when people said competition is good? Competition only forced Intel to up its prices in order to differentiate themselves from AMD and Nvidia upped their prices in the absence of competition

>> No.68603077

We're nearing 2020, Indiatel is going to be a superpower by then

>> No.68603085

Both the stock and overclocked 2700X are on there, right next to and within three points of each other. Learn to read, you fucking retard.

>> No.68603109

>now here's when i ask you to post a graph when they're at the same speed and you make excuses
And the table on the right shows them at the same speed. It's absolutely fucking hilarious that you read as far down as the overclocked 2700X on the left and then immediately closed the tab in a rage and wrote out your little rant, when simply reading the data in front of you would have shown you just how fucking dumb you are.

>> No.68603114
File: 10 KB, 225x224, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He doesn't exclusively play csgo at 720p low settings

>> No.68603235
File: 499 KB, 944x720, 1497856013019.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AMD has always been and will always be a budget option. They employ poos and cater to 3rd world poorfags exclusively. When you buy AMD you literally bring yourself to the same level as a street shitting laotian imp.
Multi-core has been a meme since bulldozer. Nobody fell for the dumb marketing slogans from AMD because everyone in the industry knows single core performance is king and that's where Intel rules undisputedly.

The fancy "7nm" experiment will cost a fortune and will bankrupt AMD. Mark my words.

>> No.68603286

It just works.

>> No.68603598

based and redpilled

>> No.68603684

ECC support baked in, better price to performance, and its a new archatecture... intel has been optimizing their lakes for maximum lakage for years, not really any stunning ipc improvements per generation. AMD's ipc while still lower is improving MUCH faster.

>> No.68603805
File: 2.78 MB, 5312x2988, 20181110_190844.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Current cheapest price i can find is... 250 europoors in greece. Cheapest 2600 is around 170. I blew 2200 euros for my pc, i just wouldnt spend 1000 euros for the cpu, ram, mobo for a 9900k. 9900k=600 euros. Z390 with proper vrm = 250 and another 180 for 3200mhrz ram.

I used 550 for a ryzen 5 2600 setup and picked a rtx2080 instead of a 1070. Now tell me how much better my rig would be with a 9900k and a 1070 for games.

>> No.68603907

>dumb attention whoring anime pedo scum
>based and redpilled
pick one

>> No.68603928

Both of those processors are ~100 euro more expensive than 2700x. What did you mean by this post?

>> No.68603938
File: 22 KB, 477x318, 1480993258691.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no one gives a shit about your bideogaymes faggot

>> No.68603958

you sound like you write for the verge

>> No.68604028

its great value for now and in the future

>> No.68604100


It's good value and works well enough to be worth the price, whereas Intel's offerings aren't scaling as well right now. Heavily multithreaded tasks like renders and compute tasks are much better because a small increase in clockspeed doesn't matter when you have twice as many cores in your cpu.

But intel is still better for gaems right now, and unless you're running a server or you're on a public wifi with all your ports open the security fixes haven't decreased performance too much. But, the ones screaming "Intlel Intards on suicide watch!!!!!111 LAMAO!!!111!!1!" will be like this until intel's on top and they shitpost with much more veracity than Intel shills do.

>> No.68604120


He's talking about an overclocked 4770k, it's pretty obvious it was set to only run at stock speeds.

>> No.68604424

anti-semitism lawsuits

>> No.68604545

>Why everyone is waiting for zen2 to do some magic when even 2700x has so bad single core performance that it competes with 5 year old 4770k.

single threaded perfomance is so relevant that intel had to create an abomination like the 9900k at twice the price of a 2700x for barely 10% uptick in perfomance

>> No.68604768

just read their posts.. they're more delusional than trump

>> No.68604779

yea just because someone's beautiful doesn't make them not retarded.. fucking retard. Honestly, what the fuck is up with retards these days? Do they think they can't be 2 things at once?

>> No.68604882

Well, now you have an alternative unlike in the previous ten years.

>> No.68604921
File: 54 KB, 640x480, marth sword head.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you're posting an overclocked cpu against a stock cpu
Have you even opened the image you fucking retard?

>> No.68604962

real world application?
like when you have multiple applications running simultaneously?
which requires multiple cores to perform well?

>> No.68604968

>Can anyone tell me why people love ryzen?
Have you been living under a fucking rock?
It wipes the floor with the equivalent Intel offering.

Single-thread performance you ask?
The only shit where that is relevant is for gaming, and there you're always bottlenecked by your GPU so you get the exact same performance either side you choose.

Extra: Upgradeability and much less vulnerabilities.

>> No.68604979

lmao idiot, i bought a 1600 and got it running ddr4 3200 cl14 in 10m because I actually did my research and how fucking hard is to to read (OC) on a benchmark

>> No.68604993


>> No.68605001


Imagine if the Intel CPU has even the slightest shit running in the background instead of a sterile benchmarking environment.
Instant tanking FPS.

>> No.68605030

>Even emulators are multi threaded.
Thank god this trend is happening.

Previous impossible good emulation like the N64 is now possible thanks to Ryzen.
It would run like shit if I had bought a 7700K instead of a 1600X back then. And it will just get better after I swap in a 3700X when they arrive.

>> No.68605038

1700X is $150 rn.

I can assemble an 8-core 4 GHz MATLAB machine for $600. A comparably (multithreaded) powerful intel system would cost $600 for the CPU alone.

>> No.68605043
File: 64 KB, 1278x718, 1539990676421.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This is objectively false. Coffee lake is at least 15% faster than zen+ clock for clock.
>Nope. Coffee lake is 15% faster *clock for clock*.

Will Incel shills ever tire of lying?

>> No.68605047
File: 69 KB, 1339x957, Vray.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68605050
File: 57 KB, 1339x957, Blender.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68605053
File: 68 KB, 1339x957, Corona.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68605057
File: 67 KB, 1339x957, Excel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68605365

Stutters don't matter

>> No.68605378

The sad thing is that people will still buy intel because of gaming benchmarks and those 5-15 extra fps

>> No.68605380

Games don't always matter

MATLAB doesn't matter

IPC tests don't matter

V-ray doesn't matter

Blender doesn't matter

Corona doesn't matter

Excel doesn't matter

>> No.68605445

and pair it with a gtx 1060

>> No.68605468

What a god awful chart, don't post it again

>> No.68605528

Your opinion doesn't matter.

>> No.68605615

>2600 at 4.2 overclocked, with better cooler and motherboard still slightly worse than 8400 on trash components
[citation not needed]
we can still smell the stench from the original sauce, you're ass.

>> No.68605787
File: 158 KB, 712x1441, 1s9deomrlvs01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>intel better perf/watt
not even stock, let alone inb4 I find that TH's chart with them oc'ed at 5ghz

>> No.68605922
File: 34 KB, 360x178, 1541361338865.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68606588

When Zen 2 arrives all Intel shills will have is insults and nothing more. Feels comfy.

>> No.68606603

This is true. Shame Intel has nothing of value to offer.

>> No.68606621

The only reasonable CPU Intel has right now is the 8700K but only for gaming. But I would rather buy something slightly lower performance in gaming for less $ and less security holes.

>> No.68606654

I get 178-183 on my 4770K but it is at 4.5Ghz so...I will still buy Ryzen 3.

>> No.68606729

Intel inside was the best marketing campaign ever. It will carry over for years and normies will continue to buy it. Do I care? Not one iota. As long as AMD does not go bankrupt or fuck up severely with Zen I shall choose my components based on value for money. Intel plebs are like Apple babbies. Pay more for percieved quality when in reality they fall for marketing memes and friends shiny shiny envy (But I want my Messages to have blue bubbles!).

>> No.68606821

The best part is when Intel was doing their fuckery properly, Intel WAS the only thing Inside :^)

>> No.68607057

Apple do the same. Let the retards buy their marketing memes. I have no issues with normies wasting their money on memes. I want them all to take it up the ass hard. They deserve it. That way I can laugh at them when my setup performs just as well or not better for half the cost. Zen 2 is gonna be annnudah shoa.

>> No.68607073

In other words retarded. Back to /pol/ with you,

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