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Alright guys i REALLY need help rn.
I just built my first pc 2 days ago and it went relatively smooth.
Specs are:
Fx-8350 4.0ghz with stock cooler
gigabyte 78lmt-usb3 r2 motherboard
gigabyte rx 560 4gb (the newer version)
2×4gb ddr3 patriot viper 1600mhz ram
wd blue 1tb
corsair vs450 80plus
deepcool tesseract sw case

all of this brand NEW.
as monitor i have an Acer v173 720p 60hz with vga cable and vga to hdmi adaptor for the gpu

im using windows 10 home.
problem is everytime i use the pc more than 10min it starts flickering about 5 secs apart continuosly but the pc itself works , just the screen getting pitch black then coming back over and over .so i ordered a new asus monitor for 100$ and im hoping this problem will be solved, ill only use a hdmi cable directly to the gpu.is it gonna be okay ?im new to this also my english is not the best sorry

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nvm figured it out

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op ur a fag

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op here, that wasnt me.i need help ffs

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First of all - OP what the fuck? An fx8350 in 2018? Dont get me wrong I have one and i have no complaints, but the model was outdated already when it launched for fucks sake.
Secondly - you should probably have tried something else first before ordering a new monitor. Check the logs and see if something shows up, check that all hardware is recognized correctly and has the right drivers installed, check the temps of your components, check the power draw and that your psu can keep up, etc. I doubt its the monitor if it works sometimes but not others. What ive found with AMD cards is that sometimes the Gpu fan doesnt spin if you dont configure it correctly and that results in the card overheating.

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i know i know ,but i just didnt have the budget for anything newer...also how do i check the power draw/gpu fans controls?i installed and update all drivers and stuff ..also tried other vga cables but same result...im totally new sorry
also ive used speedfan app for temps and all stay below 50C after 30 min of using it for youtube and some older games,i downloaded heaven gpu benchmark and im gonna do a benchmark soon

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>He didn't build an 8350 in 2017 after ryzen came out with no regrets

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I almost did this but then I had the cash by the time the zen+ series came out. Just about had an fx-8350 in my hands

OP it sounds like ur plugs are getting hot after overuse, especially if you are using a VGA to HDMI converter. Clean it out with an eraser and make sure it's plugged in all tight, and no dust is around it. Sounds like shit but that stuff really matters with old plugs like VGA

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Based waitfag, I only got the 8350 because I bought my board before anything else and was saving and getting parts

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it honestly holds up and is worth the price from everything I've read. You could even upgrade to a 1060 or RX 500 series and keep going. Hecc after that I would wait until next season for whatever comes after the 1080 series and the new i9

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op here , by plugs u mean each connector right?

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>tfw people will never be excited over an desktop OS release like that ever again

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imagine being this poor and retarded

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lmao, even a 2400g performs better than this piece of shit in multithreaded workloads, hell even the 2200g manages to outperform this piece of shit in basically everything

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Whoa, is that Terry?

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I blame the HDMI to VGA adapter btw

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>tfw 2400g actually is better in every way

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I always keep this pic around to scare FX fags away

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>what I saw
641 isn't a bad fuckin score for a 2012 chip that only cost $220 at the highest price, you're demolishing the 3570k at rendering

FX chips are cut down server chips, that's why the gaming performance is so similar to those old ass 8 core xeon server gaming rigs people put together.

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