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>dig up old agfa snapscan e40 scanner to scan some crap
>it has been a while, years. Whatever.
>hook that bitch up to my win7 box
>mfw no drivers found
>try to install drivers from original cdrom
>mfw installs fine, but doesn't work, no scanner found
Fucking bullshit, I swear. XP Compatibility bullshit my ass, fucking faggots.

>hook that bitch up to my debian box
>look up some ubuntu wiki howto for dummies
>sudo copy that bitch
>apt-gimme-gimme simple scan
>mfw it just werks
What the fuck is wrong with Microsoft? Should I install win10 now?

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>upgrading to a newer OS to support an older printer that win7 can't even support

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You think that might help?

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Fiver says that the CD contains a 32 bit driver, and OP is so fucking retarded he doesn't know his Windows is 64 bit. So KYS for wasting everyone's time, you fucking stupid piece of shit.

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