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>You need a core-i7 to design a website

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You need an i5-i7 to download photographs?. Fuq is this ?

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since when does social networking require any kind of processor power?

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saw this on leddit earlier today

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heh. that's actually a good, harmless, funny practical joke.

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This one physically hurts

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>No indicator stick

BMW knows its audience.

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I do all of that on a Core2 Duo. The fuck is that?

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>not using Wandows 10


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Enjoy your permanent tinnitus and hearing loss

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holy shit im sitting on a gold mine of FX cpu's

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Now THIS is good clean fun

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I lol'd not inconsiderably

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why are you shouting, I'm not blind

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why is my dick smelley

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I don't get it, never bought intel

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metal gear rising recommends a core i7 when the game runs fine at 60fps on a pentium dual core

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I was thinking the same thing. I designed a website on a C2D thinkpad just fine.

By the way, the 'i' is referring to the 'eye' in the processors, or the manageability engine (Odin's eye)

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very nice

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is vodka technology?

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Russki Euclidean theroy = drink until it looks like a processor?

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>he doesn't start window niggermadly

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>By the way, the 'i' is referring to the 'eye' in the processors, or the manageability engine (Odin's eye)
That's strange, the first generation Core-i series can have their ME engine completely nuked. It only became a booting requirement since Sandy Bridge. Even then 99% of ME can be neutered.

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>not able to design websites on an i5/i3
Does it just delete .html files from your drive?

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You gotta pay to play when it comes to getting a fine wine CPU.

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I wonder how the speeds are like. And why does a ps/2 to vga adapter exist??

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Don't give (((them))) any ideas

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I wouldn't put it above those kikes at intel do literally prevent you via microcode to edit video without a HEDT platform.

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I learn something new every day.

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Taking the 'co' out of 'codec'

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The compression sickness bit really sets this one apart.

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Need at least an i5 to go on facebook, brah.

t. IT "specialist"

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This made me cringe hard.

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Fucking women and their selfies. Holy shit.

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>ps/2 to vga
Is this bait, /g/-chan?

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No step on snek

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is this supposed to be current date? cause otherwise I don't get it?

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I think this is the linux guy.

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see, this is why iphones don't come pre-installed with edge

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we are all the linux guy

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>the linux guy

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One Molotov cocktail could've solved several problems at once...

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Muricans and their paper walls. Start building real buildings - they can survive even your huricanes.

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Nice to see yuros are retarded as ever.

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That wallpaper is pretty good, but holy hell what did they do to the rest of it.

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Is a scripting language, what about it?

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Lmao I laughed so hard at this I don't know why

Seeing the smaller jew in the bottom right made it even better

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tfw, I remember designing websites on my 486
tfw, I've always designed websites using nothing but a text editor.
tfw, I could design a website on a 286 and still not care

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someone paid 5 bucks to make this shitty meme

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>mfw i do everything listed there with an i3 and more

My foreskin is intact.

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Wait a minute...

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else you brek your nek

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>tfw no foreskin so I use non intel processors without ME to spite the jew

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Oh those crazy germans

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The stuff incels say about women, is true, all of it

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>tfw your foreskin is so intact, you do all of that with a budget AMD processor from 2008

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>metal gear rising recommends a core i7 when the game runs fine at 60fps on a pentium dual core

This is why people buy consoles.
What does all this shit even mean? pentium dual core? core i7? Dude i just want to play games. When you go to a restaurant to order a meal, do you ask the chef how many carbohydrates your meal has?

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>When you go to a restaurant to order a meal, do you ask the chef how many carbohydrates your meal has?

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well, if you're too retarded to spend ten to fifteen minutes looking things up then consoles are definitely something for you
>When you go to a restaurant to order a meal, do you ask the chef how many carbohydrates your meal has?
no, it's the equivalent of going to a car dealer and asking about the engine - regular stuff

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My guess is that it's a non-conductive liquid with a building point higher than room temp, but lower than what makes the components degrade. So when they heat up they boil away the liquid.

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That setup would last about 2 weeks

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New gen Nokia?

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*tips servers*

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Ladies and gentlemen, the Lord Major of Brainletville.

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go back to /v/

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But if it's non-conductive, then wouldn't it be corrosive?
Water is non-conductive.

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water is not non-conductive, just not very conductive. But not very conductive is plenty to short an IC. An if my chemistry doesn't fail me completely, corrosion is gonna be rust (redox) or some acid/base reaction. So if it doesn't contain oxygen free for reaction it's not gonna rust stuff and if it's not containing acids or bases it's not gonna dissolve most stuff.

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If you can get 16gb of ram in there and a 1090t, it has the potential of being better than bulldozer.

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No, water is an outright insulator. Its extreme polarity makes it nigh impossible to carry a current.
It's this polarity that makes it so corrosive, though. The oxygen likes to strip away metal ions, which do carry a current.
Pure water is not conductive at all.
The water you deal with on a daily basis is not pure, and as such is highly conductive.

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>water is non-conductive

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Even pure water undergoes autoprotolysis, making it both conductive and creating acid/base molecules in the process.
Even pure water is conductive.

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when the day finally comes when we can finally gas degenerates, audiophiles will be first in line.

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It's oil

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The internet didn't exist until the technology gods gave John McCain an i7 computah.
Learn your history

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are you fucking retarded?

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These are mineral oil pcs.

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Obviously you are. Faggot.

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Based and chadpilled.

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it's not puget, it's Allied Control.

Notice where on the page they say the liquid can be used as a fire extenguisher?
Now think back to your claim that it is oil.

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Yeah. But outside of a chemistry lab it's pretty much always a conductor.

Essentially, oxygen is what we call "electronegative" (meaning it likes electrons) while hydrogen is only "fairly" electronegative. Oxygen is so electronegative, however, that when it's bonded with hydrogen, it pulls the shared electrons closer to itself, leaving the hydrogen as almost a pure proton hovering nearby.
What this means is that a water molecule is polarized like a bar magnet, with the oxygen side holding a partial negative charge that repels electricity.
However, this same partial negative loves metal ions, as it allows the oxygen's electrons to diffuse toward the ions and hold them in place. This is why water is so corrosive, and since the ions have a true positive charge, (not just "de-facto" charges like the hydrogen and oxygen in water) they carry electricity, turning water into a powerful conductor in their presence.

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I'm >>68497141
Seems to me like you're far more educated on this than I am.
Anyone who is reading this - disregard my post.

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It's a serial port dumbass

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mineral oil most likely


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It's. Not. Mineral. Oil.

Loot at the fucking sticker on the box the parts are in. See how it says "ALLIED CONTROL" and not "pugetfagot"

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>tfw K10 is better than Bulldozer in almost every way

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>snaaaaaaake, its a snaaaaake, ooohhhhhh its a snaaaaaaaaake

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>tfw even when bulldozer is running one of it's cores with all the resources free, it is still 5% worse than a phenom core at the same speed

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Audiophiles, then traitors, then enemies.

>> No.68497608


Ah, you're the mong from:

>> No.68497691

>When you go to a restaurant to order a meal, do you ask the chef how many carbohydrates your meal has?

You should, you clueless fatty.

>> No.68497694

I build websites on my phone while taking shits.

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Pure water, yes. You won't get pure water from your tap, however.

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Seems relevant

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Am i missing something

>> No.68497909

Hey, who knows what's in my tech junkyard closet. I found a broken PS Vita in there one day. I'm pretty sure I've never even SEEN a PS Vita before that.

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That 2% consists of people who are pic related

>> No.68497920

He stretchin mate

>> No.68497934

That's fair I guess. I was looking for an old Intel ssd the other day but couldn't find it in any rig and it ended up being in some external enclosure I didn't even know I had.

>> No.68497943

A functioning brain

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>50-60 Hz DC

>> No.68498102

>paper walls
>survive hurricanes
How do you think a building structure works?

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except they don't survive hurricanes

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>pony toy
C-Can I get one girls happy meal pls

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<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/KIJrmPcT8-g" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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The system is still on, just try again

>> No.68498136

>have to move to a different state when there's a slight breeze in the next neighbourhood

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>> No.68498155

>recognising such an obscured rainbow dash
Brony leave

>> No.68498170

good, go back now

>> No.68498175

Enjoy your non air conditioned castle from 1438 retarded euro trash
Here in the US we enjoy comfort, something you Others don't really understand

>> No.68498181

This reminds me of when an "it" guy told my mom to upgrade her ram. Pc has 32gb for office use

>> No.68498188

Not him.
Australia is better, double brick insulated walls, air con and solar. Easy going

>> No.68498205

>breaks wall

>> No.68498217

Or, you know you can have a high end voltage regulator&UPS combo. I mean how clean can the street electricity be?

Audiophiles truly are dumbfucks

>> No.68498219
File: 79 KB, 794x446, httpsscontent-lax3-1_xx_fbcdn_netvt1_0-9frcp0e15q6542526391_10205213111683101_2094133840581754880_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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even our soviet skycrapers are more structurally stable than your premium $5mil cardbox houses

>> No.68498222

I once tripped down the stars in a condominium I used to rent and broke the wall with my head, I wasn't even injured.

>> No.68498224

Drywall is just basically decorative, you wouldn't fall through the gypsum board probably and definitely not through the exterior brick wall (also decorative to an extent)

>> No.68498232

OK and what are your comfort standards? I guarantee the average American is comfier than kings in other nations

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t. someone who hasn't even left the town he was born in

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>> No.68498250

Why do you think we don't have air conditioners, you dumb mutt?

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nice dpi scaling

>> No.68498276

Because you're too retarded to even put ice in your drinks to make them comfier, and your old ass 1456 castle homes weren't designed with air conditioning in mind.
Face it, Europe would be a downgrade in life quality for almost all Americans

>> No.68498284

I wonder is there's a condenser up top.
Otherwise the pressure would just build up and everything would go to shit pretty quickly.

Another way to make this work could be having a big copper heatsink at the top. Transfering heat to the outside.

>> No.68498290

t.56% mutt

>> No.68498297

>too retarded to even put ice in your drinks
why are you making shit up?
you clearly know nothing about the rest of the world
time to stop posting, you've made enough fool of yourself

>> No.68498303

this would be great to do on my job
Every time in someone birthday we celebrate. A part of the office get horns and a bunch of noisy toys, we go to the people desk and congratulate. One day it was the birthday of one of the deaf coworkers, everyone making noise and he not giving a fuck.

>> No.68498307

>hes never lived in a hermetically sealed, climate controlled, technologically advanced smart fortress apartment in the rape capital of europe
i pity you anon

>> No.68498314

Windows 10 needs an i7 to run the latest version of notepad nowadays.

>> No.68498316


>> No.68498317

Post a restaurant local to you which has ice

>> No.68498322

I'm having PTSD of when I was working in a computer store
> I need a good computer ! I want to use Microsoft Office and surf the web. My nephew told me to not take anything below i7 so don't try to fool me !

>> No.68498323

Is that from the guy who made burrito galaxy?

>> No.68498331


>> No.68498342

Are you clinically retarded or just pretending? I can't even tell at this point.

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>> No.68498357

litetally every restaurant in my country offers ice

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I guess our American influence is finally enlightening the poor souls of Europe then

>> No.68498387

>all euros are brits
Americans and their geography deficiency.

>> No.68498401

There's no reason to separate you you're all just second or third world to us.
Sorry if you didn't know

>> No.68498403

refer to

>> No.68498418

and there's no reason to separate you from mexicans, you all shoot each other anyway

>> No.68498437

I mean nowadays probably.

>> No.68498467
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go back to your little wood house and eat more butter

>> No.68498503

Lol fuck working in computer stores. All the retarded business people who scream at me about random shit, the methheads buying glass tubing and pretty much every customer can go to hell. And fuck my spineless managers, the lot of them

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>> No.68498553

This dude is just a comedian persona.

>> No.68498603

>at the same speed
why would you get an FX and not overclock it tho
I'd take 5% lower IPC with 50% higher clocks any day of the week

>> No.68498619

I like my FX and how it gets insane clocks, that's how it gets around the bad ipc thing and becomes an really good chip.

>> No.68498660

I'm not an Euro, but when I traveled to the US, and occasionally when I went to the local McDonalds or Burger King, it baffled me that cups were fucking 50% ice. When your drinks are more ice cubes than actual liquid, it's time to stop.

>> No.68498677

What the fuck caused this, an earthquake?

>> No.68498832

It's probably mineral oil

>> No.68498958

>good chip
Name one good FX chip.

>> No.68498971

>tfw you have to sacrifice a GPU every year to your dog
Shit fucking sucks, especially because you can't use shitty old ones for that

>> No.68498975

>It's. Not. Mineral. Oil.
Spotted the basedboy redditor.

>> No.68498983

that's a big taskbar

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This only because it clocks so much higher than the FX-8150 with he same power draw, 3.6GHz with such poor ipc is no good.

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If you need more beetus refills are free you damn ape

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>> No.68499199

what's wrong with that?

>> No.68499208


>> No.68499307

One of us

>> No.68499357
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>> No.68499368

Hi India or Brazil or whatever 3rd world brown people country you come from.

>> No.68499379
File: 107 KB, 634x572, article-2003733-0C8DC51400000578-284_634x572.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.68499388


>> No.68499393
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>> No.68499396

>Interactive Social Networking
They probably meant Second Life or something like that.

>> No.68499407
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>> No.68499411

this is so retarded. when I first saw that shit I was like "ok, maybe they somehow think the cable sleeves help eliminate interference". Wrongly so, but I could see why some people think that.

then I looked it up and the first thing I found was a thread on some audiophile forum about why you need to do this, and only with the best parts, to "prevent natural vibrations in the room from distorting the signal in the cable". have no idea what that site was but I hope it no longer exists

>> No.68499412

Yeah man, PS3, PS4? Fuck it's so hard figuring out the difference. Just put that shit on iphone so us normal people can play it.

>> No.68499419
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>knobs are scary

>> No.68499427

better airflow
based datacenter engineer

>> No.68499433



Exactly two hydrogen atoms bonded to a single oxygen atom

>> No.68499468
File: 3.59 MB, 240x426, catberg.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.68499496
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>> No.68499507

its last months mcdonalds promotion

>> No.68499548

instead the 60 buttons are accessed via a stupid tablet, what a great UX

>> No.68499629

Hi Tyrone, please return that poor white boi's backpack.

>> No.68499664

haha science

>> No.68499670

US military training program, explaining to soldiers who the enemy is using a metaphor they can understand.

>> No.68499816

>Color Temperature: White

>> No.68499929

For all of the idiots that think the servers crooked. You are fucking tards. Those are cable management arms that attach to the backs of the servers to run cables through. They fold out for access.

>> No.68499951

no i'm not the person you're replying to. but i did post that serial/usb cord

>> No.68499959

did this to my grandpa's computer when I was like 12 it's how I knew I was born to be a hacker

>> No.68499987

Probably oil not water. Some mineral oils are not conductive and this would work. Probably not all that well but it would.

>> No.68499989

What will happen, if Tesla designers will design cockpits for planes? Virtual yoke?

>> No.68500193


>> No.68500255

Except that's objectively false.

>> No.68500516

>a fucking screenshot
>making shit up

>> No.68500535

That's a pole you dumb fuck.

>> No.68500603

>Food analogy

>> No.68500762

Not as cringy as a car analogy

>> No.68500997

>americans care more about free refills than healthcare or higher education

>> No.68501133

reddit as fuck

>> No.68501158

>fry's electronics

>> No.68501664

>muh higher gender studies
Come back when you only fund STEM courses.

>> No.68502106
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>> No.68502213

Man those 2006 to 2008 mbps were so poorly built but the 17 inch was fucking sexy.

>> No.68502766

I am Q

>> No.68503021

DC does not alternate. DC is 0 Hz.

>> No.68503063

If you order it WITHOUT spilling spaghetti everywhere and get it to go, everyone will assume you're ordering it for a daughter or little sister and think nothing of it.

>> No.68503100
File: 1.94 MB, 3264x2448, YOUR PC RAN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68503109

I don't remember choosing to live in Reboot. Don't really mind or anything just seems like a strange choice.

>> No.68503172

That's a Wandows, you Dane. Everyone knows you Start Wandows in Safe Mode wath Fetwgrkifg. Why do you think it's a tech cringe image?

>> No.68503241

Wouldnt all the gas bubbles around the hot parts basically form a barrier to keep heat from conducting to the liquid, drastically increasing temperatures?

>> No.68503264

Average Debian user.

>> No.68503316

The gas bubbles are caused by the hot parts boiling the liquid, triggering the phase change takes energy so will remove heat.

>> No.68503379

To be fair, we crank the syrup to water ratio fucking high in our fountain drinks to make up for it.
T. Fountain jockey

>> No.68503398


>> No.68503400


>> No.68503417

You can also just buy the toy on its own.
Ask them what toys they have in rotation and you can buy the one you want right there for a couple bucks.

>> No.68503424

Fucking brainlet, you know how hot most oils have to be to boil? This is obviously an industrial coolant used there (and most likely under pressure).

>> No.68503426

Have you seen the state of the nhs you fucking loon? Give me privatization of health, I beg you.

>> No.68503512

>actually 10 to 20v DC
>at 60hz

Bless u china

>> No.68503519
File: 102 KB, 666x890, FalseIdols.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.68503541
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>> No.68503964

How far?

>> No.68504004

Far, far away

>> No.68504036

this, its the backside you mongs

>> No.68504049

god i want to punch that fuckin faggot right in his dumb fucking face holy shit
just look at that shit and tell me you don't

>> No.68504068

Fake advertising. Would definitely be illegal in the UK.

>> No.68504069

>interactive social networking needs an i5
Shows how bloated FB and others are

>> No.68504077

so its dangerous to use smartphone, but an installed tabled is secure?

fucking burgers

>> No.68504082

Thats some high level autism we got here

>> No.68504088

sweet baby jesus, close it

>> No.68504109

it's supposed to be a kelvin rating like 4200k(white)

>> No.68504118

Enjoy your debts retard

>> No.68504210


>> No.68504275

Be more respectful towards fat people. You disgusting racist.

>> No.68504298
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>> No.68504379

>Some mineral oils are not conductive

I've never heard of conductive mineral oil.

>> No.68504426


>> No.68504437

>the methheads buying glass tubing

>> No.68504440
File: 106 KB, 800x600, DjadpddW4AAw6L1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.68504470

t.granpa who lost all interest in current techno

>> No.68504478

Does it only run on Coffee Lake?

>> No.68504483
File: 397 KB, 1589x1191, cloud computing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.68504496
File: 187 KB, 915x762, 16-bits is enough for unicode.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.68504520
File: 99 KB, 649x383, bitcoin thread 2011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.68504550
File: 2.37 MB, 3840x2160, IMG_20180626_170911.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.68504553

>the linux guy
fuckin kek. the absolute state of /g/.

>> No.68504579

imagine being this young

>> No.68504599
File: 14 KB, 380x254, wowsers_in_4x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Boy howdy! So this is what it takes to run one of those Intel+Nvidia systems!

>> No.68504626
File: 9 KB, 640x480, windows-prod-pack.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68504631
File: 88 KB, 1024x576, menus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.68504653

Any of those processors can tick all those boxes. This article gets a yikes from me

>> No.68504658

I swear I saw this a couple months ago

>> No.68504674

Just gonna ignore half that reply, and say the transfer rate is like 12kb/s

>> No.68504694
File: 118 KB, 1028x772, qt-xp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.68504703

Is this diversity in computing?

>> No.68504744

No he's judeomason

>> No.68504750
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>> No.68504772

Pay for a driver? How much do they charge?

>> No.68504830


>> No.68504857
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>> No.68505123

>computers in the background running Windows 10 1507
It's almost like this is an over three year old picture.

>> No.68505138


>> No.68505170

If you catch the writing on the board the camera passes about two seconds in, you'll see it's Fluorinert - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fluorinert

>> No.68506419


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