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Where is 4chin actually hosted? Who controlls this godforsaken place?

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No idea what it looks like now, but it used to just be a stack of Mac Minis in moot’s basement.

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>people still take troll posts seriously
nice lol

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>censys doesn't pinpoint the city
Shit i need to leave this place

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For me it show 58 alone in 'murica.

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>that cable management

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But we already know it's mostly hosted by QuadraNet, co-lo being in LA, and shitty OHV servers for images.

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> 4chan_servers2012_01.jpg

>Mac Mini Cluster at MoMo - 0210201018405
> Taken on February 10, 2010

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Cloudflare doesn't host anything. They're a caching service.

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How old are these pictures?

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just check the exif data brah

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/g/ is full of brainlets today

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No way someone who works there doesn't also occasionally lurk here.

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Way more important question: How do they manage this site?

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Cloudflare doesn't host mang.

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So WE were the russian hackers all along

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they use the hostgator babygator plan

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4chan was moved to an off-planet orbital server about 8 years ago.

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How much storage space do you estimate they need to run the whole site?

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>206.188 actiive users

yeah right

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To run this place, probably no more than a couple TB(if that) since there are limits on post length, number of accessible threads, and file sizes at all times. Archiving is a different story, but I would bet theres a couple of different agencies that handle that part pro bono.

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That's completely ridiculous, everyone knows that 4chan is hosted on "The Raft." An off-shore vessel piloted by an AI known as "The Captain." Occasionally people claim to report sightings of the raft, but know one really knows where it is, not even the admins. It isn't in anyone's best interest to know where the raft is.

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dataminer pls go !!!!!

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tell us more

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It's funny to think that. It's not that much after all. Why not raise the file limits globally then, just add a few more hard drives.

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And pay for more bandwidth

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It wasn't that long ago that hiro was complaining about bandwidth costs and even during the moot days he would complain how much it cost. Pic related is from 2015 and I imagine it has increased a lot since then, so I don't see it being increased any time soon.

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Yeah this. The only reason why moot gave 4chan away was that it made little to no profit anymore and desu i doubt that it ever made much profit at all. Why invest in an website that does not even have emotional value or some shit to anyone and makes you poor?

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moot was a faggot and did it for free

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>tfw you were in the threads where these were originally posted

jesus I need to stop visiting this site

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how much hardware do you think it takes to run this place?

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I doubt that. Even Wikipedia says that it has been SOLD. If he really did it for free he is as retarded as this site is.

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I’d guess they could still run 4chan on a couple shitty ebay-secondhand dell servers

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this or a bunch of chinkpads

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I once hosted a very liberal, honest and lightly commercialized Minecraft server that cost around $600 a month in server expenses(not counting dev time I put in myself, writing plugins) and netted in around $90. Then I """""sold""""" i for 200$. Was I doing it for free or did I sell it?

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Anyone knows what 4chan is worth in 2018?

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>comparing a minecraft server no one gives a shit about to fucking 4chan
Just the domain 4chan.org must be worth milions by now.

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>It wasn't that long ago that hiro was complaining about bandwidth costs
That's why you should always, always attach images to your posts, even the garbage white-noise ones that just add to the post count. That way you're contributing, in a very small but gradual way, to the financial ruin of the moron who runs the place.

(...and, as a bonus, maybe one or two of the worthless archivers that are always screeching about being low on funds because gotta carefully archive Cock Core Thread #353 on the trash board for future generations!!.)

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stop posting any time

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I Will Never Stop Posting

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Gorillions, anon. It's no longer the 90's. Buying toys.com will not get you a $500MM series A

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I wonder why any company would ever want to host something like 4chan.

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Probably not but money is money.

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Is there anything known about the software that powers 4chan? Front end or back end?

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kusaba x and ubuntu 11 KDE on a mac mini

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How would someone know?

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moot mentioned it how it was a mistake as he had much harder time finding support compared to Linux. I think it was in the comment section of his post about minor transfer optimizations like using 4cdn to save some bytes.

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They don't want to host something. They sell servers or rack space and bandwidth and nothing more.

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There is also a lot of PHP behind the site. Also you know that occasional image swap bug? It has been around for years and years now and still isn't fixed.

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Why does that happen? Have never seen it.

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Don't think it was ever fully explained but it is normally the thumbnail that gets swapped with another image. You can usually tell it has happend by the thumbnail being distorted and the resolution listed doesn't seem to match its aspect ratio along with replies shouting something like "MOOOOOT". Probably some sort of race condition or cache flushing problem since apparently it is only a one way thing.

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When the fuck is it not. I think your retarded for choosing to browse the internet with other retards. Remember if you ride the short bus people will look at you like you have autism.

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