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How do I convince my apple shill of a professor that apple devices aren't secure/private?
We are discussing about the san bernardino case and I told him that even though Apple acted as pro privacy it was just a marketing ploy, there's a lot of chance it gave the government access anyway. This way they both profit.
He won't believe me though. He said something about "apple values and innovation", how a company like apple wouldn't just give in to the request of the government and that if I believe that I believe the whole world is a lie or something cringey like that.
What a god damn shill.

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>Apple dodged tax and flouts laws as far as they can at every turn
>hurrdurr they LOVE the government
It doesn’t benefit apple in any way to hand over that info.

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t. npc

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apple devices ARE secure
apple devices ARE NOT private

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you can't argue with brainwashed people

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apple cares about hardware security, not personal freedom or privacy. (((innovation))) yeah they give a shit about, but don't act like a subpoena or gag order wouldnt have them in shackles because of Their Morals. your professor is massively misinformed

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Start with this OP and realize this:
>you can't argue with brainwashed people

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There is literally no reason to believe they gave them the info and said they didn't.

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Show him these sources:

They collect BSSIDs and GPS data for their network location service.

They neglected fixing a security vulnerability for three years so law enforcement could use it as a backdoor. Who says they don't the same with iOS?

They also have a backdoor to remotely wipe phones.

Apple proposed integrating the fingerprint scanner into the screen so you can't use the phone without giving away your fingerprint.

Apple collects all your call history.

We had the fappening happen because it uploads all your images to iCloud. It even sends the files to the cloud without asking for permission.

Most iCloud data and some data from passcode-locked devices can be provided.






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Good job OP, you regurgitated some weak pajeet /g/ anti Apple talking points and now you're scrambling for anything to back it up.
Turns out cherry picked forbes articles sourcing @AppleSupport and reddit threads dont fly outside the anonymous 3rd worlder infested image board, maybe try scat posting him IRL so he leaves you alone.

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They are more secure and care more about your privacy than the alternatives. There's no such thing as 100% secure.

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>They are more secure
You're not even trying.
>and care more about your privacy than the alternatives
Last time I checked Apple was a part of the NSA's PRISM project. Last time I checked, you couldn't jailbreak in iPhone past iOS9 and at no point could you run an open source operating system without Apple software. All possible on Android.

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Thanks anon. Saved for later use.

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Apple devices barring the historical exploits are cryptographically secure. You data that gets sent up to the cloud is not.

The government can't access to your physical device via Apple subpoena.

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Last time you checked you got the retard syndrome.
Google has been part of PRISM before Apple. Their revenue comes majorly from ads. They constantly track your phone and give that info to anyone who wants to pay for it. They recently found a possible exploit in webkit that would allow jailbreakme like processes to run up and till iOS 12.1. Jailbreaking makes your phone less secure. The android that runs on your phone is not 100% open source. Everything google related is closed source and you cannot get rid of that unless you find some shitty ROM some guy you can't trust made one for you and you blindly install it, in the hope it's not compromised. Coming back to Apple, according to GDPR they have to show you all the data they have on you and I can personally attest that it only gathers whatever you give them, and not a single thing more. If they lied about this they would have gotten, or will get a very huge financial hit.

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see >>68480250

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You ACTUALLY trust apple even after everything >>68480250 posted? Are you physically and mentally retarded? Apple has KNOWINGLY been selling your user data for a very long time now.

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Yes I do. Your pic only shows how shit the Mac AppStore was that noone but normies used.
>BSSIDs and GPS locations
Google does this more aggressively, they even rode a car next to your house to do this. Both companies make it anonymized.
>thinking that online services are the same as your local device that you own
Don't be retarded, of course they have to comply with the government with the infrastructure that they own. Every company has to. This has nothing to do with the security of your Mac, iPod, iPhone or any other Apple device.
>again the copypasta about the fingerprint sensor
Literally has nothing to do with collecting information. Almost every phone in the last five years has had a fingerprint sensor. There's even phones now on the market with the under display sensor. It's to unlock your phone, retard. Not to collect everyone's fingerprint to give it to the FBI. Even if it was, again, Android devices would be doing the same.
>call history
Is used for FaceTime audio to sync history with your other devices, one the times of when you called and who you called to are logged, you can disable this feature.
>iCloud data
Again, everything on their servers can be asked for by the gorvernment, by law. Google would do this too.

Out of an argument where which phone is more secure you have not given me a single informed (that means non ignorant) reason why iPhones would be less secure/less privacy focused than Android devices. Start actually doing research and use your brain before you go spout fanboy shit you copy pasted from some neckbeard on /g/.

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WOW, you're either a very good troll or the stupidest person on earth. I seriously can't tell.

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Thank you. And you're a braindead shill.

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Noones talking about google, sweatie
We are talking about apple and the case they had with the FBI

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The case went like:
>fbi asks information on the terrorists
>apple gives the only information they had, from icloud
>fbi asks if they can unlock the iphone for them
>apple says they can't
>fbi asks to make a modified ios that ignores the attempt count, so that they can bruteforce
>apple refuses
>apple tries to make the users and the government aware how dangerous such a thing is, see it as pr if you want
>fbi gives up on apple
>fbi brings the iphone to a middle eastern firm that has a device that could bruteforce the device
>fbi got through the lock
>fbi didn't gain any valuable information
>apple fixed the vulnerability used to bruteforce an iphone
And this is where we are now.

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>no u
About as good of a comeback one can expect from an Apple user.

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>apple fixed the vulnerability used to bruteforce an iphone
How exactly can you even pretend to be able to know this, forget verify? It's a proprietary operating system after all and those tools/software aren't exactly something everyone and their mother knows about. Either way, here is a brand new exploit and a straightforward demo:

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The vulnerability used was fixed. I did not say anything about other potential vulnerabilities. Fuck off.

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What he is saying is how do you know that?

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>The vulnerability used was fixed
Oh, really? So, you're from the FBI or the nameless group of people who brute forced the device?

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>iOS 11
>brand new
Stop lying.
That one was fixed as well. They changed the way the OS interfaces over USB in iOS 12.

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Your safety is far more important than your privacy.

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That timeline is public knowledge. Are you asking 'how do you know apple and the FBI didn't just give us this line?'

If that's the question then I guess the answer is he doesn't know.

It seems obvious to me though that Android will leak more of your data than iOS and that a user finding an android device is more likely to be able to somehow pull data then off they found a iOS device.

Android user here.

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You could buy the machine used in that situation for a couple of hundred dollars. Security firms have confirmed it was patched. Why do you fucks need to be spoonfed every single thing that doesn't 100% line up with the fake reality you guys made up in your mind?

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So use neither of them.
t. terrorist here

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It was a trivial exploit pre iOS 12 you fucking brainlets, if you sent passcodes consecutively the phone didn't timeout or increase the erase data counter so you could bruteforce it, you could do it with 10 lines of python. Its fixed now, try not been such gigantic faggots when you have no idea what you're talking about.

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It wasn't fixed. Family of mine took her iPhone 8 plus to a chink and he unlocked it in a day. I triple checked and she has iOS 12.1. Only a 0-day like that would have been able to bypass her 6 digit lock code that fast.

Best case scenario it has been fixed in the 12.1.1 second beta release but it's still full of glitches so nobody wants to upgrade right now.

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Thanks for the tip. The point i am making is I'm well aware of the shortcomings but still ok using it. We dont hear big cases about Google, Samsung, etc going to court to not unlock devices. If i had to guess i would guess its because either they will do it or thr FBI can themselves get in to those devices and not because all terrorists use iOS.

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Ever wonder why we never hear about cases of unlocking Android phones?

Makes you think.

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>conveniently have an anecdote without any evidence that happened within the past two weeks which disproves whatever facts that are present

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>posts on /g/
>doesnt immediately start a thread when someone bypasses decent iOS screen lock

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Because it's so trivial to do that anyone who can Google can do it. It's not news. Also might be because everyone who uses an Android doesn't have any private information worth the device unlocking, especially since all the information on the device is readily available to Google themselves.

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>In the first 10 months of 2017, the Manhattan district attorney's office said it had recovered and obtained warrants or consent to search 702 locked smartphones, two-thirds of which were iPhones.
>Smartphones running Google's Android software have been generally easier to access, partly because many older devices lack encryption.
oh no no no no

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one day you'll understand that everything modern life is aesthetics. arguing is not worth it because no one wants t be told they're wrong.

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>Because it's so trivial to do that anyone who can Google can do it
Source? Here's something for you:
>Also might be because everyone who uses an Android doesn't have any private information worth the device unlocking, especially since all the information on the device is readily available to Google themselves.
And your information is readily available to both Apple, their partners and the NSA. The difference being that you can't actually do anything about this, unlike on Android.
Well, where's yours?
What more evidence can you possibly need, right? And you're claiming this for a device which was unlocked by God knows who and where. I can't operate with this level of cognitive dissonance.

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Can you provide me with proof that webm related has actually been fixed in 12.1? I get the feeling apple fucked something up if it still works.

It's common knowledge by now, seems redundant. iOS security has never been good if people have been making tons of money unlocking them.

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Anybody know how much I can get for a used iPhone 7? Fuck this, I'm switching to android. I don't give a shit about the lag as long as I have decent security.

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>I don't give a shit about the lag
And you won't, because there hardly is any past the 32bit CPUs.

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They completely nuked the lightning port. It doesn't work anymore.

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>Apple, their partners and the NSA
1. Google is part of PRISM too, hypocrite.
2. Google makes money from personalized ads, Apple does not.
>what evidence
I guess the hundreds of articles about this vulnerability being fixed were all lies because you apparently got one broken into the exact same way as the articles said that were supposedly fixed.

I'm not going to spoonfeed you guys anymore. You can find the articles on it with just one google search away.
>never been good
The sole fact that people can make money from unlocking them is because they are pretty though to find an exploit on.

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This is also why the iPhone XS stopped charging while asleep.

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Link to a good article that provides proof? Most just say, "it's fixed guis, trust me h-ha-ha".

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Apple has never given a single shit about privacy, and they're only using it as a marketing tactic because Google BTFO them and completely pushed them out of the market.

Apple used to BRAG about how accurately they spied on people.

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Thank you anon. Interesting stuff.

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talk about pot calling the kettle black

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>1. Google is part of PRISM too, hypocrite.
>2. Google makes money from personalized ads, Apple does not.
For the thousandth time - you are able to something about this. Call me when you're able to run open source and rooted iOS on your device without Apple software. I'll be hearing from you never. Also:

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>iTunes billing name
>iTunes billing address
>Apple has to know these to be allowed to do legal business with you
>Apple has to know which songs you own after you bought them
Oh no! They know which songs I bought so I can download them! And they know that I bought them!!!!!!! Someone stop them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So how many times are you going to ignore this again?

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idiot, see apple turning in silkroad bro's (((((private))))), (((((secure))))) data.

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Quote him John McAfee on the news talking about the case. Both sides were being retarded.
To break the apple protection isn't hard, in that if you have physical access to the device you can copy it's state then brute force the 4 digit code.

But as John said the FBI didn't want access to that phone they wanted a software backdoor to spy on everyone without having to go begging to the NSA for them to give up their hardware backdoors.

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Ignore what? I already fucking told you how ignorant that pasta is. Stop being a deliberate ignorant piece of shit to try to push your agenda.

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You're thinking of the kickass torrents guy. That was done by linking iTunes purchase e-mail addresses, which have to be handed over by the government because it's on Apple's servers, not on your device, stop being ignorant, and they linked it with a Facebook account that posted in the kat facebook group.

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riddle me this /g/
whats the difference between privacy and security

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So please tell me again how his data was ((((((((((private)))))))))) and ((((((((((secure))))))))))

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Security allows you to have privacy.

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>on the one hand you have a CEO going to court and fighting a case, the fbi shittalking the company and trying to paint them as traitors, and in the end resorting to paying a kike company millions to help them unlock the phone. Source: official court documents
>on the other hand you have a studeNPC claiming it’s all a conspiracy theory, everybody lied under oath and hid the truth. Source: Anon’s ass.

Geee I wonder why the professor disregarded whatever you say.

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Something tells me you're trying to meme. In order to purchase any song from iTunes, they need your email address, billing address and billing name. This is stored on Apple's servers. This is not some data that's on your phone to then be hijacked by the FBI through some obscure backdoor. This information is needed for Apple to do legally business with you when you try to buy a song from them. You got that? Now, the government can request certain information from US based companies, given the proper search warrants of course. Apple handed the information they legally had to give, which included of course, the email address, billing name, and billing address that the guy freely gave to Apple in order to buy that song to begin with. Again, this was not something on device, supposed to be secure, with no one knowing of it. It was a record in the purchases that Apple keeps on their servers in order to offer a service to their customers. If you do not understand the difference, you shouldn't be browsing /g/.

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hello mr. jew

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Is OxygenOS less telementry harvesting than stock google android or should i opt in for LinageOS?

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So in other words (((((((((((((((((((((private)))))))))))))))))))) and ((((((((((((((((((((secure)))))))))))))))))))) data isn't possible at all with apple devices? Thanks for clarifying that up senpai.

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Thanks for clarifying you're a brainlet.

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You're a terrible shill, shouldn't you be spamming gookbench threads right now?

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>every post on /g/ that doesn't lie about Apple to shill Android is the Apple shill that copy pastes threads

>> No.68482094

>can't think of a new argument
>"y-you're a s-shill!"

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C'mon iPajeet, what are you doing here wasting talking with me when you could be flooding the board with pic related? Aren't you afraid of getting fired?

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t. andreet trying to make the thread go silent so that the facts die and so that he can begin copy and pasting his deliberately "ignorant" lies to make the competition look bad, he does it for free

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>"oh no I've been found out!!!"

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>OMG Google knows I went to the store and bought orange juice... then...then... you guys... a coupon for orange juice showed up in my email!!!!
>OMG Apple knows I downloaded Vallis Apls the other day! Then... and then... I got "recommendations" for similar music!!!!
>holy fuck!!! Big if true!!!

There is no privacy. Privacy hasn't existed for almost 2 decades now. It's the paradigm we know live in. The only people are get this worked up over "privacy" are paranoid conspiracy theorists and or people doing illegal shit like downloading CP or buying drugs online.

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Lineage OS always. Even better with microG.
>The only people are get this worked up over "privacy" are paranoid conspiracy theorists
In the same breath as:
>There is no privacy. Privacy hasn't existed for almost 2 decades now
I don't understand how you don't see the obvious contradiction. You yourself know better than to think it's just conspiracy theories.

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>I already fucking told you how ignorant that pasta is
All you've said boils down to - "I'm taking Apple's word for it and that's that".

>> No.68482470

How is that a contradiction? There is no privacy anymore, hasn't been for a very long time now. Every time you swipe your debit card at the grocery store, a list of what you bought is uploaded a database. Every time you go the doctor, the results of your visit are uploaded a database. Every time you check in at your gym, a time stamp of your entry is uploaded to a database. Cameras are on, practically, every corner now. The list goes on and on. Your cell phone is just another tool to acquire data.

Most people out there don't give a shit if Apple or Google knows they went to Planet Fitness on Saturday morning. People are always looking for ways to get around the system to do illegal shit. Like I said, doing illegal shit like trying to buy drugs online. WTF does that have to do with privacy having been gone for the last 20 years? Just because we have no more privacy doesn't mean pedos are going to stop trying to download CP.

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No. Half of it is ignorance and doesn't even make sense in terms of privacy and security. The other half is covered by GDPR law.

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>Google has been part of PRISM before Apple. Their revenue comes majorly from ads. They constantly track your phone and give that info to anyone who wants to pay for it
>The android that runs on your phone is not 100% open source. Everything google related is closed source
And custom ROMs which are always open source can't be trusted just because it's "some guy"? I don't... I... It's not like you can compile the ROM on your machine and look at the source code yourself, right? And who has ever heard of people distributing malware through open source custom ROMs on XDA of all places? There was one instance of anti piracy measures by the AICP team and the workaround was found in a matter of days.
>Coming back to Apple
Coming back to Apple - you are taking their and every proprietary software developer's word for it period. GDPR became enforceable this year, six years after the initial proposal. Apple has gotten enough data since and there wasn't anything to do in oder to stop them. Not then, not now.

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Oh so it was the FBI wanting to change the whole OS and put a backdoor... I thought it was just for that one phone of the culprit of the attack

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Apple gave its servers to NSA in full. They DID cooperate. Snowden leaks prove that, IIRC

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They wanted a special OS they only would have access to that they could install on any iPhone that they want to unlock. The point Apple was trying to make was that you cannot guarantee that that special OS would remain in the FBI's hands only. And that making such an OS equals to giving a master key to any iPhone in existence, something that shouldn't be done in the first place.

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