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Is there any better option?

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Sent from my iPhone

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iOS is an android distribution?

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RR is much better sweatie :)

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micro g lineage

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will the newesy lineage run on my moto x 2013

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cyanogen is better

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CM is dead, LineageOS is fork of CM

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rooted stock is consistently better on my devices
lineage always fucks something up

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The days of alternative OSes are over. Just root your stock rom and install xposed. Wow 99% of the functionality of Lineage without basic shit like the ability to make phone calls breaking.

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WTF are you talking about man. Now that treble is out support for custom ROMs is going to get exponentially better.
LineageOS hasn't had problems anywhere close to what you describe since forever (as long it is officially maintained and not some pajeet from XDA doing it).
The worst that can happen nowadays is slightly worse battery life, which is rare nowadays and will be non-existent soon.
With stock you can't really get rid of Google Play Framework, and you miss a good chunk of the privacy features in LineageOS. I don't understand why bother with stock if Lineage is available for your device officially.

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>Nobody mentions the best lineage fork

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I'd like to get rid of GApps except maps. Is it possible ?

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>lineageos riced by pajeets™ for pajeets™

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>useless googleshit bloat
kill yourself

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>wow look at me, I removed so much functionality from my phone that it's effectively a $700 flip phone I'm so good at technology.

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>paying more than $200 for a phone when all of them do the same shit
double lmao
stupid nigger

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download maps app from fdroid.

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>adware and spyware apps constantly drying your battery and steals data
back to >>>/lgbt/ you fuckin cuck

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>have Ipv6 connectivity
>share your internets via hotspot
>wireless clients don't get IPv6 connectivity
Funny how it works with all the phones and stock ROMs but not with Lineage.

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I want to install lineageos but also need the functionality to play my old games from play store like potion maker. What do I need to install?

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Sadly, Gmaps is better than OSM

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gapps (Google Apps)

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> IPv6
lol fag

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If you have saved games through Google play you need gapps, otherwise YALP will suffice

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>actually believing this
>not knowing how to disable it anyway

holy fuck have you learned nothing from this or any other board

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He's right though. It's stupid to use an Android smartphone without Google services. You uninstall apps you don't use, you disable components/services/permissions for the rest. So, you make use of the features the botnet provides and control what data you share.

> tl.dr: minimal and controlled but useful botnet > dumb smartphone

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>You uninstall apps you don't use
Exactly, which for me happens to be everything Google.

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i really want to use it coz i jumped on the "Freedom" train fully, but they are not making the port for my Mi A2 Lite yet since it came out in June this year.
Also, TWRP currently doesnt support sdcard i read, which is a bummer

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>implying that your autistic needs are the best and the most relevant use case for smartphones

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LineageOS supported devices list is too small, most of the devices from that lists are costs same or more than iPhone, most of cheap devices does not have even ability to unlock bootloader, premium devices works well with Google updates => LineageOS is useless.

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Nope. Almost all other roms are forks on Lineage with unstable bloat added

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nigga they ripped the need for speed logo

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>supported devices list is too small
2643 device models supported by LineageOS and/or a fork of it
>devices from that lists are costs same or more than iPhone
there are devices on that list that cost 100 bucks ore less
>cheap devices does not have even ability to unlock bootloader
source: your ass
(pic related is you btw)

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>2643 device models
From 2010? Fucking retard

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>Gets called a brainlet
>Responds with retard
Stop buying rubbish phones lad
[email protected] choosing a phone pajeet won't even bother with and lmao even harder that you won't lift a finger to do it yourself when a million pajeets can do it in their sleep

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Moreover, even Nexus 5 is NOT supported device by latest Lineage

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Show me the phone for 100 bucks with Lineage OS 15.1 or stfu

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Yes it is
Do you own homework and learn how to google

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>Funny how it works with all the phones and stock ROMs but not with Lineage.
Android doesn't support DHCPv6 and Google marked the issue WONTFIX.
Even Windows Phone supports DHCPv6.
iOS too.

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No, it's not - https://www.cmxlog.com/15.1/

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>>It's stupid to use an Android smartphone without Google services
Fun fact, GS has all permissions enabled on your phone by default (location, camera, microphone, etc.) and turning any of them off breaks the app (for example, I turned off just the camera permission and I wasn't able to use find my android). It's essentially a botnet my dude. There are plenty of alternatives to gapps as well:
G Maps -> OSMAnd
G Drive -> OwnCloud or NextCloud
G Keep -> Omni Notes
G Mail -> K-9 Mail

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I like my third-party launchers and cool background and all that. Like, a lot. Will all this still work with Lineage OS?

Why should I change if I've already personalized everything in my phone through launchers and third-party apps? I'm really asking.

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Easy. Bought this for my father and sincerely I'm impressed (and somehow envious) at how nice and well-rounded it is:

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That's only (official) builds
Did you google? I know you didn't, or don't know how to use Google.

XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM][UNOFFICIAL] Lineage OS 16.0 for Nexus 5 (hammerhead), ROM for the Google Nexus 5
There's probably other releases too, I don't buy garbage phones so I didn't dig deeper.

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Fun fact, you use the other approach:
>disable components/services

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Latest lineage is cutting edge and barely on any phones at the moment, Oreo is where it's still at right now

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Works for me?

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> able to unlock bootloader only if chink lord will approve that in 260 days
Go away, xiaomi shill

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Which is NOT garbage phone for reasonable price?

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MIUI is better than LOS anyway.

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15.1 is Oreo, device list is too little

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Someone answer this please...

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Get fucked retard, I've only had to wait three days. The bigger wait times are for the newer models.

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LineageOS is for whose retards who trying to escape "google proprietary services" using google phones(sic!). If you only need to customize launcher then you does not need LineageOS

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>for the newer models
So I need to buy used phone from 2015? Are you mad?

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Use Google/XDA forums
Get something 2nd hand poorfag
You can customise the same stuff, and a few things more, way more with RR or crdroid or whatever

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I have a Galaxy S7 right now and I'm waiting for a notchless phone without a camera out the front, etc., maybe S10 if it works out like that but if not I'm open to any other brand too. With Samsung, I still get a ton of Google apps and Samsung bloatware stuck in the phone though, which I use none of except the Email, search, Drive for work, and I've been trying out Samsung Pay. Is LineageOS just about getting rid of bloatware apps?

Alright so it's still about customization. I'll look into rooting and installing it on an old phone (my old Galaxy S5) and see how it goes.

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Are you referring "Unofficial builds" from XDA made by pajeet kids where "WIFI: not working, screen: not working, GSM: not working"? Nice try

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My main phone is the s5, I use crdroid Oreo, it's pretty nice

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What app is this

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You can remove bloatware with root rights even on samsung firmware, no need to install custom roms.

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my age old galaxy II is totally in love with lineageOS.

i bet that's related to some googly things. in that case ur doing it wrong. see
nothing to add.
maybe its PocketMaps over there. which is based on google-maps graphically.
just stop it. pulling apk's out of the web and letting run lucky patcher over it looks sufficient to me.

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>LineageOS 16 still not released after all these months

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Just use the onboard GPS . Might be a liitle inaccurate though. You can also try the microg package.

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Too all rooters, don't forget about xposed libraries like minminguard

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Yeah I hate official releases too, they're slow, rarely bug free and you usually get stuck on an old version leaving Indians to do all the work, including driver support which is somehow better than Linux for GPUs

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I neither root nor installed a custom rom but I've disabled all google components. Am I good to go. Will Google Play Services and Google apps still drain my battery? Is it still running in the background?

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Yeah I realized this. I want to root my S5 and mess around with is like >>68420026
did, maybe try LineageOS too for comparison but since I'm actually trying to use shit like Samsung Pay on my S7 I'm not going to root it yet until I get a better phone.

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I use the onboard GPS and it's as good as Google even if it had some latency. I don't need constant notifications so I don't need push. I really don't need the other google services.

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I don't use Google pay, but most lineage and other releases won't work with it, and plenty of banks reject non-stock OSs too, so yeah, you're right in not changing anything til you get a new phone.

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LineageOS doesn't support my phone or I'd try it out. Not even sure my wtf carrier would even work with it either.

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This but unironically.

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What do I need on top of lineageos in order to play all gayms (fgo, azur lane, etc)?

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Gapps, get the smallest one you can

>> No.68420990

>You uninstall apps you don't use
that's exactly the reason we remove google play services

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Why did you post a picture of Mark Levin?

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Need Lineage on my XZ1c
Hurry up

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Is that the first version? Shit, I would love that. Mine was on Verizon though, but I'd be willing to dig it out and try

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They can't even properly fix a fucking microphone recording volume on galaxy S5.

>> No.68421222

>he wants an OS that has even shittier support than manufacture version episode

>> No.68421268

Can i use it with an SD card like a linux partition? I wanna test it before doing anything.

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history of android basically

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I have an S8 and it doesn't come on that for some reason. Is there any way to still make it work?

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No. They're not fast enough.

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