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What is the typical failure rate for tapes drives? I recently purchased a LTO-1 drive and the thing died just after writing to just one tape. It got 20% through the the second one and then became unresponsive. I thought it was a bad tape but I've tried several and it will not read/write to any of them and the tape error LED now blinks. Annoyingly it's out of the warranty period but it was a cheap eBay buy so I most likely just got screwed with some heavily used drive they knew was going to fail soon. I would have expected it to last more than one tape given that these drives can do thousands of tapes from what I've read online before any kind of failure. I'm thinking about getting another and spending a bit more rather than chancing it with a cheap one but it's left a sour taste in my mouth.

Also, are their any diagnostic tools available for Linux? The drive is a HP Ultrium 232 and for Windows there are proprietary tools available that give information about the drive.

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You're better off searching the IRC and data recovering forums for information instead of /g/ for this though.

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>/g/ is not meant for technology anymore.
He's right.

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What the fuck is tape drive?

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wtf thats so old
I dont even think its price efficient anymore
Why wouldnt you go LTO-4 at least
iirc its not too expensive

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What does this have to do with my iPhone?

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Tapes are a meme
Unless you are a Ā¢orporation the cost/benefit of tapes comes up short.
Just backup to disk.

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Because I already have loads of LTO-1 and LTO-2 tapes sitting around, most of them new, so I may as well use them. Besides, I only need to archive/backup about 1-2TB at most from my NAS so it's enough for now.

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I've written and read dozens of tapes using an LTO-5 device, never had any problems. Your drive may have shat itself due to age. Have you tried cleaning it using a cleaning casette?

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A tape cassette itself has a failure rate of ~50%. The only benefit of LTO is that the tape is cheap and doesn't decay in cold storage as fast as other media.
Also, the drives are very sensitive to dust, and the half-size drives are far slower and more error prone than the full sized ones.

Where in the world are you? I might have some full-size HP LTO-2 drives lying around.

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No, I don't actually have one yet. It has a "Clean" LED but it was the Tape read error LED that blinks. It crapped itself half way through writing to a tape. It was an old drive and most likely heavily used but the internals were clean and dust free when I opened it.


I didn't know what the difference was between the half-height and full-height ones, I assumed they'd performed mostly the same. I'll keep that in mind next time.

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lol you seriously believed the meme?

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