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>8 "cores"

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>4 cores
>performs less than a dual core
>8 cores
>performs less than a quad core
>IPC worse than Phenom

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>AMD was so dogshit that AMD fanboys were forced to buy Sandy Bridge only to start shilling for AMD when Ryzen came out

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literally aging like fine wine

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now those 2500k upgrade threads make sense

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I am making a 32 core system with these bad boys. I am expecting a warm winter.

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There's not a single CPU on the market right now that performs worst than a 8xxx. And 4790k still rapes the fuck out FXs.

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Sounds cozy.

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Why would someone do this?

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>worst than
Go back to India.

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It actually does

Everyone who owned the 2500k/2600k eventually upgraded to Haswell, Devil's Canyon and Skylake

The ones who stayed at Sandy Bridge are most likely AMDrones who can't walk the walk with Faildozer and Faildriver

You are seeing the same thing right now with Nvidia, only the most hardcore of AMD fanboys are buying Vega

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It will perform better than a modern 8 core 16 thread CPU on multithreaded tasks. Obviously it will output more heat but I won't be compiling 24/7.

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>2500k/2600k eventually upgraded to Haswell, Devil's Canyon and Skylake
literally why would you upgrade a quad core CPU with high clocks and decent IPC to another quad core CPU with high clocks and decent IPC. 8th gen is the first generation worth switching to.

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why have two heaters in the winter? because it gets fucking cold dipshit

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Now that the market has matured to my cozy FX-8320e it feels fit for purpose.
Intlel shills on suicide watch after their master's incompetence to deliver 10nm, outsource desktop chips and exposed their hardware security breaches vulnerabilities as the sauce for their "muh 10% IPC gainz are superior"

PS Faggot OP is a colossal faggot

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I bought one of those in 2012 to replace my core2duo system from 2007. I RMA'd in a couple of days it when I discovered that my overclocked core2duo system was faster than it for single thread tasks and tasks that only used a couple of threads (which is like 99% of the work that I do)

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nice try, pajeet.

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>buying stuff before researching
Or more likely:
>lying on the internet to make a point about obsolete processors

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Not him but a overclocked Wolfdale can achieve Bulldozer tier single core performance.

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I'm willing to admit my fx 8350 is the shittiest thing since a loaf of bread sliced length wise or circumcision but it's serviced me well up until more recently. I'm planning to retire the old thing here soon in favor of a zen2 cpu when those come out.

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idk man, my FX6300 is very comfy

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I buy AMD because I hate Intel and Nvidia. If another company had a better alternative I'd ditch AMD in a heartbeat.

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AMD dropped the ball hard on that generation.
Their phenoms were awesome before.
I made a nehalem build back then while my friend made a bulldozer, we both still own the same pcs but the difference in performance is retarded, the worst part is that he hates AMD with all his guts since the reason he went with teh FX8350 was because he thought saving 120 bucks was a good deal at the end of the day which only made him regret his decisions even more.
He wanted to make a new build and I told him the ryzen was nice overall nice but he said he's never giving them money again, he became bitter as fuck at that company lol.

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I stayed at SB because I don't need more.
It's now been sitting at 4 GHz with the lowest stepping level (800MHz I think) disabled with a CM whatever evo+ cooler for over three years. No issues.

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it's not, stop lying to yourself

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based nazi

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Bruh I still use my 2500k today because I need nothing better. Clocked at 4.6ghz, it doesn't bottleneck my GTX 1060 that's also overclocked. Plus DDR3 RAM is dirt cheap. I got 32GB of 1600mhz RAM for only $90, meanwhile 32GB of DDR4 would cost me $270

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vishera master race

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im just saying ryzen is more housefire than coffelake if you compare the both overclocked and idle

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I know that. That is why I wondered why did he buy a CPU before checking benchmarks and reviews from overclockers? Which led me to doubt he actually bought a Bulldozer CPU and he is just making shit up.

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Sure, so is my 3ghz Pentium D.

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2x more cores and similar temps, I wouldn't call that a housefire.

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I got into PC building for the first time around Skylake, bought the 6600K thinking how powerful and future proof it is, only for Ryzen to drop some six months later and Coffee Lake shortly afterwards. Fuck me.

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Richlands is Piledriver-derived, but my A10-6600 is still fine. Can't justify throwing out my CPU, mamaboard and RAM for Ryzen yet.

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Still using my 8350
Haven't played a game that struggled, emulation also runs well.
Where exactly do you have problems with a 8350?

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how much is your electricity bill?

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>6600K performs worse than a i3 8350K
AMD surely put Intel in check

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So does a mate of mine. He threw a massive overkill Vega 56 at it, though.

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Lies, unless you are playing on medium and does not have a current gen GPU.

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Muh nigger. Whack it up to 4.7 niggahurts, pack in a 290(X), say "to hell with the power bill", and gaymen are still silky smooth.

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>Haven't played a game that struggled
Most games won't struggle if you aren't running on high/ultra or something like that, but FPS will surely be lower than on current CPUs.
>emulation also runs well
Bullshit, emulation requires good IPC and is pretty shit on general on FXs. Unless you are not aiming for accuracy and is just emulating stuff from gen 5 and before.

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Why are you so antisemitism? What did Jews ever do to you

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feels good man

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Ah I don't knock dozer I have a shiity a6 apu desktop for me mum and another one in a shit dell 1366x768 meme top absolutely unkillable but terrible performance even when they came out

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it's not so much that a 8350 struggles, more like it underperforms for what you pay for and the energy it requires. it'll be harder to achieve a locked 60fps with a 8350 than say a i7 2600k

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>that Deus Ex
shit is stuttering like there's no tomorrow

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i don't recall the fuckboy wars being this bad around SB launch
>own 2500k
>buy haswell
>being such a goodest goy
face it, even a /v/ tard does not need more than a 2500k right now.
I dumped mine to a family member, playing only the shittiest blizzard games out there on >60fps no problem.
high ddr4 prices make it even more unattractive to upgrade now, might aswell wait for poozen 2

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I have a FX-6300 which is perfectly adequate for my needs, and was cheap.
I have no reason to hate it.

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nice meme bro, can I save it?

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Jew out and steal it anyway.

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> AMDrones who can't walk the walk with Faildozer and Faildriver
Interesting, I did "upgrade" from FX-8320 to i5 only to upgrade to i7-2600K, because the cheapest i5 couldn't make it. I wanted to boot from NVMe, which was impossible (or so I thought) with BIOS.

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I still have an 8150......

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I actually put together a desktop PC for mine, currently ex, girlfriend's brother with a fucking bulldozer
Didn't knew back then, my athlon was great back in the day, thought AMD is still best for gaymes.

He asked me what to upgrade on his PC, because he can't play triple A gaymes at MAX settings. Just before I broke up with my GF.
Oh, well, hopefully she'll find another tech illiterate like me, to fuck up her brother's PC. xDD

God. I wish I was dead.

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It's easier to say which one isn't a Jew.

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Stop, it already hurts enough being stuck with 4c/4t and unable to justify an upgrade.

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>Most games won't struggle if you aren't running on high/ultra or something like that
That's the OPPOSITE of how it works. CPU load stays pretty much constant regardless of what settings you run the game at. Most games will run pretty much identically on ultra settings as long as you have a relatively modern 4c/8t or better CPU unless you also have a 1070 or better, because GPU will be the bottleneck.

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>he don't talk good muh favorite company therefore he jew!

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I'm perfectly happy with my 8350 to be quite honest. It overclocked like a beast and now that more and more software is getting "real" multi-core support it is pulling its own weight even better. Even in video games, I have an oculus rift connected to this system and it works just fine.

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The moment when you get fucked by amd Radeon
I really like your friend
I hate amd to bone

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Sure, because shit like "view distance", "character density", general physics related options and some other post processing doesn't exist, right? What you said is only true for resolutions since they are totally dependent on GPU power, but ultra presets will 100% impact weaker CPUs. And I'm not even mentioning frame times.

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>Sure, because shit like "view distance", "character density", general physics related options and some other post processing doesn't exist, right?
They do, but the impact is miniscule compared to the performance hit the GPU takes.

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I use it at stock speed
I haven't played a single game that lagged on me. But I'm not aiming for 60 fps so there's that.
Regarding emulation, every single core in retroarch works fine. Cemu works good with the games I play, so does citra.
Only RPCS3 has some issues, but even high end CPUs struggle with it

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>I use it at stock speed
Impressive. My mate has his 8370 (I think?) at something like 4.4.

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8350, and other Piledriver 8000s were/are comfy as fuck.
Was it the best performing processor? No. But you didn't buy it for that.
I bought the 8350 because I knew it would provide ENOUGH performance for 5+ years without breaking the bank.
Today, you can still run the 8350 and get adequate gaming performance AND application performance where equivalently priced Intel processors, which were superior then, but practically unusable now.
AMD saw that the future was multithreading and increased core counts. They made a CPU to match it. Sure, it had compromises, they weren't "full" cores, but they were able to create an amazing price-to-longevity ratio.
And people who bought the 8350 for that price-to-longevity have had their investment pay off.
Sure, it's probably bottle necking medium-tier GPUs now, but it's fine and dandy if you're doing 1080p.

I ended up selling my old 8350 PC for the price I paid for it (thanks GPU prices! Thanks Fortnite!) last year to pay rent in between jobs. It still had hella life in it.

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Watch the video I posted and see by yourself then, the FX is in average 30fps behind and stuttering like hell. GPU isn't everything.

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What games do you play in Citra? Because Zelda BotW runs like shit even with Cemu hooker. And Citra can run on a Haswell i3 just fine, it's not demanding, just broken.

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they are shit

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>where equivalently priced Intel processors, which were superior then, but practically unusable now.
lol no. Sandy Bridge and Haswell still outperforms Bullshit to this date no matter what shills told you. 2500k is still decent for gaming and 4790k is still a beast at basically anything.

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>I haven't played a single game that lagged on me. But I'm not aiming for 60 fps so there's that.
So it's actually a piece of shit? lmao

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Going to build a media center around FX-4300
How retarded am I?

>> No.68300250

Depends how much you pay for the 4300, it's certainly capable enough of being a media center.

>> No.68300274

45 bucks

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Good news, you're only general populace tier retarded.

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Very, even worse if you are going to transcode in real time. Just get a Athlon 200GE or a 2200G instead.

>> No.68300552

>200ge is about the same in quadcore int as fx 4300
I didn't actually expect that.

>> No.68300581

It's better afaik. Even the worse Pentium is better than this piece of shit.

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I'm still using the 8350 and still searching for any reason to upgrade

>> No.68300644

I'm still using the Sempron and still searching for any reason to upgrade

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These are two completely different tiered CPUs. I was talking per price.
> Sandy Bridge and Haswell still outperforms Bullshit to this date no matter what shills told you
For single core. 8350 wins out multicore.
> 2500k is still decent for gaming
And pucker your butthole and hope no background tasks interfere. It was nice not having to close all other apps to play a game.
Also, FX 8350 shows its superiority when you use DX12 or Vulcan.
FX8350 and 2500K are about equal gaming wise using DX11.
Especially look at shit like BF1, where with DX12, the 6300 competes with the 2500k (where the 6300 was nearly half the price of the 2500k).
I admit -- BF1 is an extreme example, as it is particularly good at utilizing cores. But it demonstrates that the 8350 is taking the cake in modern games and will continue to do so.

I figure you have two more years to hold onto the 8350 unless you buy a >60hz or >1080p monitor.

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>Intel needed the 4770k to beat it on kernel compile-time, one year after, for 50% more price

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Zackly. I can game whilst running a days long data crunching task for work, and running VMs. My 8350 handles it fine. I reckon I've got a few years more before I'll need a Ryzen, or Threadripper.

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8350 was $20 cheaper than 2500k. Sure, $20 might not sound a lot, but get $20 cheaper RAM, $20 cheaper PSU, $20 cheaper GPU, $20 cheaper mobo with it, and your PC costs $100 less.
That easily makes the difference between "in my budget" and not.
So when I was deliberating, the 8350 was one of several compromises between price and performance I made.
So it was 2500k with superior single core performance, or 8350 with superior multicore performance.
So when the 8350 went on sale (and the Intel didn't), I snagged it. $50 cheaper than the 2500k at the end of the day.
And seeing as I'm still getting [email protected] on high-to-ultra settings in all but the most recent of games after one GPU upgrade, I feel pretty good about my purchase.

>> No.68302104

>Get 2200G
Good but it is more costly. Off course it is better to get higher end CPU but I don't wanna pay a gaming rig price for an HTPC, eh?

>> No.68302510

They are cheap enough for me mate. This is basically a 70s car being bought for vanity.
Also dirt cheap DDR3 RAM, tons of it.

>> No.68302537

I used to have a 6100 can i join the party
I ran it for like 4 years at 4.2GHz on the stock cooler

>> No.68302571

>all the fucking bulldozelets in here

Get on my level bitches, ride the 9590 piledriver.

>> No.68302599

epic waste of money.
I plan on buying one someday just for the kicks.

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>mfw bought vishera
if i only knew how it will be

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phenom II x4 965 BE here

all FX chips are dogshit. i got a fx-6100 FOR FREE and it performs worse than my 4 core so i kept this one. amd was so fucking pathetic but the intel shit wasnt worth upgrading to either.
probaly gonna go ryzen at 3700x.

>> No.68302718

Didn't some guy sue AMD for falsely advertising 8 cores when there were really only 4? What happened to that lawsuit?

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File: 240 KB, 1500x844, BulldozerHotChips_August24_8pmET_NDA-6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that a retard from /g/ named Tony Dickey bought not one, but TWO FX 9590 then tried to sue AMD for false advertising, claiming that the module did not contain real cores.
Reminder that this case was dismissed.
Reminder that a NEET from /g/ got laughed out of court
Reminder that Tony Dickey is the retard who made all the treads about Bulldozer not having real cores
Reminder that defacto the module design does in fact contain two integer cores, even if they suck, they're still cores
Reminder that NEETs get blown the fuck out when they try to bring internet shitposting into real life

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based vishera poster

>> No.68302735

๐“‚ธ ๐“‚ธ ๐“‚ธ ๐“‚ธ ๐“‚ธ sage

>> No.68302764

Overclocked FX-8350 keeps my room warm during the winter, with my window airconditioner still installed but not running.

>> No.68302832

This to be honest

>> No.68302890

My FX6300 served me well for maybe 4 years, then I sold it for 60% of what I paid for it. Bulldozer was based

>> No.68304373

I'm still using my FX 6350 @ 4.7ghz. Will retire it for my bedroom pc once I upgrade to ryzen

>> No.68304406

No, you can't join the Vishera Master Race because the FX-6100 is a Zambezi chip.

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There's two integer cores, but just one FPU per cluster/module, so each core is just a integer + a shared FPU, that's why it had a poor IPC and decent multicore performance. In the end of the day it was just a "smart" way AMD found to save costs, instead of making "full sized" cores, they just shoved two integers in a module. It didn't end well for them.

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>Soldered spreader even after intel came out with X79 and starting jewing with TIM to gimp Z series chips post sandy (No Sandy-e at the time so they soldered it)
>Unlocked across all chips
>shits all over the i5s at the time in rendering and cost less
It wasn't the worst CPU ever.

I'm about that multi threading life but the ipc is terrible.

>> No.68304656

ayy my last cpu was a phenom II X4 955. it still works today, Ihad to discard it because the motherboard and cpu was too old (mobo did not support sata 3 and cpu did not support certain instruction sets for applications)

>> No.68304726

I could still run 8 VMs on an 8 core FX 8350 right?

>> No.68304797

how is the AMD Athlon X4 845 excavator based cpu for gayming i see it has decent single thread passmark

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>mfw still riding my 3930k at 4.3 GHz from launch
>mfw I realize it will last a few more years easily

>> No.68304809

X79 was like having ryzen before it was cool, based quad channel 1600.

>> No.68304820

I'm aware. I followed the whole BD family pretty closely, going back to either 2008 or 2009 when AMD first teased it, and it was a very different beast then.
It makes sense for die area and transistor count. Their concept was solid, but execution was flawed for a few different reasons. Global Foundries running IBM's 32nm PD-SOI node took forever to ramp up, leakage was higher than anticipated, and it took them years to tame it. If they had electrostatics like the FX 8370e at launch then it wouldn't have been so terrible. If it was a 3ALU wide int core instead of a 2 wide IPC could have been substantially higher from the get go. It was only cut down due to power and thermals on 32nm.

Yes. Only the FPU's FMACs are shared between the int cores so they have limited throughput, but for all intents and purposes each module has two dedicated hardware threads with consistent and predictable throughput.

>> No.68304872

Yes, but it would perform like shit because the shared FPU and L2. Interesting enough, some BIOS had an option that made a 8 core FX become a 4 core with one FPU each (one core per CU), which increased the IPC.

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File: 369 KB, 1600x1200, best mobo ever made.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's cool about FX also is if you have a board that can do one core per module, and clock those bitches up to 4.5 which is easy, and the tdp won't be that high, it performs faster than a 2.8GHz lynnfield i7 with only 4 threads and a lower tdp than that CPU.

>> No.68305539

Yes, 8 cores

>> No.68305728

That motherboard looks clean AF.

>> No.68305746

It should be fine if you're playing older games. Don't expect it to be amazing at newer AAA titles.

>> No.68306576

From your pic:
>when only one thread is active, it has full access to shared resources
Does this happen automatically, or do you have to manually ensure it like >>68304884 suggests?

>> No.68306608

Windows 7 with the 2012 scheduler hotfix will do it automatically, as well as windows 8 and newer, the one core per module thing is something I do to make sure I'm getting good single core performance with an OS that doesn't understand bulldozer.

>> No.68307554

>buying the better product is shilling, even if you switch companies
What's it like in special ed?

>> No.68307568

Zem toy cores with shit latency and infinity glue is the spiritual successor

>> No.68308387

Hey that's my motherboard

>> No.68308408

> phenom II x4 965 BE

Me too bro, still running decent. I too, am going to enjoy the Ryzen2 3xxx revolution.

>> No.68308429

I'm using a 8370 that's been on 4.7ghz for years, with two 1080's and two 290x.

All I play is heavily modded Skyrim (which with the hardware does excellent even with 60gb of mods, 5780x1080), when I play anything at all, and do video encoding here and there. It's fine for the price, will probably go Intel next full big, build though.

One thing I really liked the Sabertooth boards, and ram for it is super fucking cheap. I think it was like, $100 for the board, $75 for the CPU, $40~ for 32gb of low profile ram and it doesn't bottleneck my gpus, so good enough.

I wouldn't recommend it for a build at stock clocks, though. There's a big leap from stock to max air OC. (212+)

>> No.68308453

Only just replaced my 8350 today

Fine wine indeed

>> No.68308512

Nah, that's not it. The "shared" FPU is only shared for 256-byte FPs. For 128-byte ones it can do two at a time. Plus FP math is not that common so it's a reasonable compromise.
The real problem was the decode/dispatch unit which had to alternate between the integer units. This was fixed in steamroller and excavator, as you can see from your own picture. It's a real shame FX never moved past Piledriver, because the fixes that went into the arch caused double-digit performance improvements for their APUs.

>> No.68309408
File: 656 KB, 656x432, 1502274285753.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That thing was trash, one day you anons just have to accept it's bad and you made a bad purchase instead of denying the truth.
On the bright side most of you are more mature now, maybe you learned to check benchmarks and do some product research before wasting your money and even if you're all still stuck to blind brand loyalty at least AMD has good performers in this gen so you will all be fine if you're still retarded and can't read benchmark charts.

>> No.68309698

All these AMDrones posting cope to try and justify buying shitdozer. You guys do realize ZEN is out now? You don't have to keep pretending the last gen was actually good.

>> No.68309851

I know a guy who bought one unironically because "you need to support the underdog" and "who needs single threaded?"

>> No.68310149

I had q6600 for years and it was fine. 'Dozer had similar IPC and twice the core count, it would be fine. Not spectacular, but fine.

Its like Intel to day. Before ZEN Intel was the king and whatnot, now all they can do is to factory OC their stuff and keep the performance crown at the price of the power consumption.

I replaced the c2q with Haslel HEDT, btw.

>> No.68310488

>Haslel HEDT
I regret not building an X99 rig back in 14 cause it's still good as hell

>> No.68310512

The based dozer only has the ipc of a 65nm core 2 chip when one of the cores in each module is used, when both cores are sharing resources, the IPC is 20% worse.

I still like the FX8350 because scoring 700+ points on cinebench for less than an i5 is fucking cool.

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File: 1.28 MB, 1194x1359, 1487110763973.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw using x58 board with a x5675 overclocked to 4.5 niggahertz.
>6 core 12 thread
>Beats the shit out of the FX.
>Still runs shit alright even though it's literally POS from the dinossaur age.

How intel manage to be that good back then and fuck shit up in the last few years?

>> No.68310672

Phenom II X4 840 here, upgrade to Ryzen 5 1600 and I'm very happy with it.

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>> No.68311414

Hate threads of any kind are for underage faggots

>> No.68312446

Why wasn't excavator made in 2015 as a last update?

>> No.68312523

>only intel shills feel so insecure about core count that they attack last generation processors from AMD
Literally cannot make this up

>> No.68312691

PS2, Gamecube and down all run fine on my system and I have a Phenom 1090t.

>> No.68312739

I plan on buy a Forumla-Z 990fx motherboard and popping in an 8370, maybe even an 8370e and making it my main Linux machine. The FX chips didn't do very well when they launched but they seem to be aging very well, probably better than the Phenom IIs did.

>> No.68312993

I had a fx 6300 and it was dogshit. Going from a 6300 to an i5 8400 was a massive upgrade

>> No.68313239
File: 173 KB, 1000x757, 8420_big.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get the 990FXA-UD3 Revision 4, the VRM on that is almost as good as the Formula Z but it didn't cost 279 dollars like the Asus did, and the Medium LLC setting on it it amazing, 4.4GHz with 1.38v for me, it should to 4.7 stable at 1.5V

>> No.68313250

OC'd 6600K is fine at least with DDR4, or what are you doing with your system?

>> No.68313465

>overclocked to 4.5niggahertz.
Not even him, but are you retarded?

>> No.68313477

With a bunch of hacks enabled, you mean.

>> No.68313538
File: 93 KB, 519x843, 2c6535eb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.68313576

>bought a 4 core 4 thread CPU and thought it would be future proof
>got into PC building for the first time
Well, that explains it.

>> No.68313613
File: 272 KB, 453x436, 1540427441214.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>own 8350
>live in texas
>ac doesn't work well
>cpu idles at 60c

somebody please save me from this hell, i get constant frame drops from my cpu having to throttle itself to stay below 70c

>> No.68313646

Get a decent CPU cooler. I live in Europe and even in this year's heatwave my 8350 never went above 40C

>> No.68313686

>thinking you know anything about texas weather

nigger it was 100+ degrees for almost 2 months straight here. my cpu cooler is fine its a hyper 212 evo

>> No.68314080

Get a bigger one then.

>> No.68314199

Buy a decent CPU this time

>> No.68314282

am poorfag. i don't have money to eat most of the time

>> No.68314301
File: 1.59 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_0213.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get a Hyper T4 and some arctic thermal paste, if your pc is old as fuck it could help

>> No.68314345

Get a job?

>> No.68314526
File: 194 KB, 1024x1024, 1534065890164.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's sad that even /g/ has succumbed to this over-dramatic consumer schizo faggotry. Is this the same board who used to be pragmatic enough to admit that 99% of day-to-day average user scenarios don't require anything stronger than a Core Duo ?

>own silicone lottery loser FX-8350 clocked to 4.6 Ghz @1.4v - helped by "streetshitter" brown Noctua CPU Fan
>19C on Idle/25C on light use/40C on occasional gaymying (24C ambient room temp) - with silent fans in a soundproofed "full plate" NZXT case.
>1440p 60 FPS on high/very high easy with a GTX 1070 that sits at 99% use in most games (no bottleneck)
>maybe underperformed by 10-15 fps compared to current offerings - but as long as the fps matches the monitor's refresh rate who cares.
>enable Cool'n'quiet and power saving options so the CPU downclocks on Idle
>never felt sluggish or slower than the 6700k I use at work
>still the best performing non-PSP non-IME processor on the market

If you live in a sweltering shithole get decent cooling shitdicks otherwise I don't understand where theses memes are from. Bulldozer is fine. It was never amazing, who cares? Performance for performance's sake is retarded. For the price it's great.

"Enthusiast" is a nice way of saying "spend happy imbecile". If you have workstation-grade hardware but all you do is play vidya and shitpost you are a sad pathetic wretch, barely losing in the Moron Olympiad to the cable balancing, tube polishing, knob fondling Audiophools.

>> No.68314550

Don't bully my daughter, she did her best

>> No.68314572
File: 19 KB, 220x220, 365016300114.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is a Jewish board, we're all Jews here.

>> No.68314574
File: 54 KB, 777x818, ayymdeee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>still the best performing non-PSP non-IME processor on the market
This nigga gets it.

>> No.68314750

i'm in uni and work part-time. buying new pc parts is out of the question for me.

>> No.68315229

I think you really donโ€™t need to be a fanboy to buy a VEGA, if you get it for cheap, it is a good compute gpu.

>> No.68315698

It is also an excellent gaming GPU. FreeSync is something all those youtube shill charts never take into consideration.

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