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>work at billion $$ company
>development over years has shifted
>fire significant amount of american based medium tier developers
>replace them with lots of "offshore" indian developers
>offshore resource is about 25-30% of an american
>replace each medium tier developer with team of 3-4 offshore resources
>new teams pump out crazy amount of code
>code is all spaghetti, horrible in maintainability
>have entry level coders clean up offshore team messes so it will actually build
>push code through sonarqube, forify, and other automation scans for quality
>sr devs/directors sign off without checking code

in the past 3 years that ive been with this company, ive watched mbo's for % of offshore development go from 25%, to 40%, to 50% this past year. is this how it is in every company? i wouldnt mind it that much if we were an international company, but 95% of the revenue comes from US citizens, and a significant amount from the public sector

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Yup. Brownies are cheap labor, and quantity over quality applies. It really is the software development equivalent of fast food. Tastes like shit, but people keep going back for it because it's cheap, quick and easy.

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>billion $$ company
red hat ?
or ms?

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