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>Having to pay more money on RAM than on the CPU to get it to work properly

The absolute state of ryzen

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and even then it will still be 500 bucks cheaper than any 9900k system and it will shit upon it

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i5 8400+literally any ram that an boot > this shit

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prove it

oh wait this holds as much truth as intel 10nm is on track

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games matter now?
if yes

who would have knew

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>2933mhz cl14

lmao , expensive ram again. Run it with 2400 cl 15, actually budget ram

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I thought that intel did layoffs.
I guess they kicked out only the engineers, the shills are still employed.

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>RAM is overpriced
more news at 11

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>run a six core system with absolute shit tier memory so that intel uncore speed can shit upon ryzen

the post

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the only shit tier thing here is ur argument, the intel can do it, the ryzen cant. Budget cpus go in budget builds

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so wait let me get this straight
you made a system with a 2600 cpu
then you decided to slap an aftermarket cooler while the stock is perfectly capable to manage the temps even at 4.2ghz
then you slapped a full atx motherboard with the b450 chipset why the fuck someone will buy a full atx motherboard and have the b450 chipset on it? you either go for matx asrock or a full atx 470 asrock motherboard..
and then not only that you decided to slap gskill on it while its known for a fact that patriot viper 4 is by far the better choice

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the cooler/cpu doesnt matter i was just throwing a list together. Though theres arguments to be made for silent cooling and expandability of atx

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its pretty well known that ryzen gets literally a free overclocks with faster memory without even having to actually overclock it..
meanwhile intel bclk needs to be manually overclocked in order to benefit from the faster memory
good luck with that

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when you make a post about the price and you just slap together things that should not be together yes ofc it matters

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anon, the post is about cpu and ram stop strawmanning

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and i just proved you wrong literally halving the price of your system by 120 bucks

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>Having to pay more money on RAM than on the CPU to get it to work properly

There you go kid, i know its hard to think without the pictures

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cas 15 and literally 40 bucks cheaper and faster

i know its hard for you to understand but you should try to read a bit

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the whole point of this is cl14 kid. You should read into it

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>8400 costs $100 more than 2600

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oh yes like 0.7ns will totally give you insane perfomance
oh wait you probably didnt knew eh
please continue shilling while we provide evidence to btfo you

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i only spent more money on ram than cpu because i have 128gb of the stuff

fuck off corelet

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diversity is their strength, after all

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>my cpu isn't expensive enough
maximum overshill

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WTF I hate samsung now

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Unless you have a graphic card, It doesn't look like that Ryzen 5 has Vega graphics included.

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This might be what you're looking for, unless you have a graphics card lined up.

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well they went downhill in 2015

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how did that happen? didn't brian donate to trump or something?

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Locked i5 absolutely worthless

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>Cpu has great value and can be considered cheap
>Ram prices are inflated, even higher than two years ago

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this thread is retarded , theres currently a intel shortage , there at leased 10% above MSRP right now.

the 8600k is almost double the price of a 2600 ryzen 5.

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>intel shortage

well in my country we call this


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the 8600K is a pointless cpu in this market , if your buying a GPU powerfull enough where you get more fps with intel than you would with ryzen , at that point by the I7.

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>2x8 instead of 4x4
Gay and bluepilled

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no point in getting the i7 for games

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>it's an Incel COPE thread

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How the hell is it 200usd for 16gb ram?
You can get a single stick of 8gb for 60usd here

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>i5 8400
seriously nigga?

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And yet it's still cheaper than Intel for the same performance.

Plus, you don't need such expensive RAM.

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>not using 8 sticks of 2GB modules

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>buying RAM in 2018
Stop paying (((them)))

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Got BTFO in /pcbg/ again so you have to make your safe space thread?
Pro tip: you are nowhere safe.

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Can anyone tell me if there is any difference between 2.4GHz CL17 and 3.2GHz Cl 14 *outside of gaming*? Will Windows feel faster, shall Word open files more quickly, will Firefox be faster and everything more responsive etc etc?
I am currently building a machine for mainly office work, browsing, video encoding (from time to time only when I encounter some file format that my TV cannot deal with), some hobby coding including webdev (some times requires a VM) and generally want it to be freeze-free and fast on these tasks. I am looking at R7-1700 currently as it s got good core count and clock and is good priced atm where I live, but wondering if I should really bother with RAM speed or if it can create troubles only while gaming

It feels like RAM speed is memed hard and people pulling $300 worse of memory is insane. Or Ryzen is so memory-dependent that it'll be a pile of shit because of 0.8GHz difference? I really don't know.

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DDR4 doesn't exist as 2GB modules
>Inb4: not using DDR3L is cringe and bluepilled LMAO

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the faster the memory the faster the infinity fabric
free boost for ryzen basicly

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Barely any better, Better/faster ssd will do better for that stuff

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there's 3200 ram for $50 cheaper than that you absolute shit. also you don't need an aftermarket cooler for ryzen, as it has one of the best stock coolers ever.

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cl14 hasn't mattered since the initial release of ryzen you absolute cretin. 3200mhz ram is cheap as fuck.

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This is stupid. More ram > faster ram. If you want a faster processor buy a faster processor, don't spend more money on meme-ram.

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based and redpilled

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Did you forget to take into account the water chiller for your Intel CPU or the raised home insurance premiums?

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cas doesn't matter anymore, to an extent. however i would recommend high frequency, especially with ryzen. luckily it isn't expensive anymore. 2400 to 3200 is a $30 difference which is very much worth it.

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This entire argument wouldn't even be possible if AMD CPUs were as expensive as Intel CPUs. As such, it boils down to "AMD CPUs are just too damn affordable."

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When will RAM prices drop?

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The absolute only reason to buy AMD is that it's less expensive.

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by this time next year it'll be down 20-25% according to dramexchange

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Buy a Core2 Duo or old Athlon, it is even less expensive.

After DDR5 is out

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yeah bulldozer and piledriver was considerably cheaper than intel yet no one bought them

i guess amd used black magic on ryzen

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>that entire assembly is still only $50 more than the i5 and it doesn't even come with a cooler

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And because Intel is shit

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you are welcome!

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Why are you buying Flare X? Ryzen 2 takes almost all 3200 ram models.

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>$30 difference

Biggest asspull ever. It's more like 40% price increase from 2400 to 3200,

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Nah, i5 8400 has sad performance even when run out of tdp spec with mce

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Lmao. E for effort son.

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What the fuck is that picture supposed to prove?
The B-die RAM has 8-9ns true latency.

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>GPU bottleneck

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The shittiest intel has better single core performance than the most expensive Ryzen.

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How do AMDrones feel knowing that despite their 24/7 shilling, absolutely no one buys their shit?

>> No.68202990

imagine being too retarded to oc cheap shit ddr4 2400 to 3000+

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Imagine getting BSODs every hour because you didn't want to spend the extra 100 dollars on an intel.

>> No.68203156

I'm not even gonna post the screencap from Amazon, this bait is so low energy

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so you are too retarded?

>> No.68203234

Imagine I spend money less on CPU and get a better GPU while performance is the same with overpriced incel.

>> No.68203316

You can compensate for a bad GPU by lowering the graphics.

You can't compensate for a bad CPU.

>> No.68203331

> *NEW* Memory timings don't matter

>> No.68203341

>same performance

>> No.68203349

No matter how many GPU bottlenecked charts you post, AMD will never be close to Intel.

>> No.68203362

>no yaab for arma 3
>GPU bound games all over the place
The state of cpu benchmarks.

>> No.68203393

Yes, because AMD is already far better than incel.

>> No.68203422

>m-muh gpu bottlenecks
The last wails of that dying breed on Intlel shill, he makes the claim as if the vast majority of games arent GPU bottlenecked nowadays.

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Nobody plays aots, and it's benchmarks are always included, but a game that many people play is excluded.

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who even cares about it since its always randomly placing props?

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Your argument is flawed because that would imply that any Intel=enough and any AMD=not enough. You're also implying that every single video/graphics option setting will only affect GPU performance. This is not the case. So yes, you can compensate for a bad CPU. Overclocking is another way. You can easily use up the remaining GPU power you might have by upping the resolution, for example.
Zen is already within a few % IPC of Intel CPUs, and Zen's will continue to grow, unlike Intel it seems. This feat in itself is incredible, considering how everything is optimized for Intel CPUs by developers, or sabotaged by Intel themselves. Beating them at their own game is a big blow, and they've been sweating for a year now. I see you're sweating, too.

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If those are the only games that you play than you should just have gotten a console.

>> No.68203512

More people play (still play) that game than ashes of the singularity, so including that benchmark makes more sense then aots.
YAAB also gives people a better understanding on how the game will perform on their system.

>> No.68203556

Overclocking doesn't do shit.

>> No.68203562

Post CPU bound benchmarks.

>> No.68203571

yaab is unrealistic piece of shit and nothing more
no one will ever play on any scenario this mod puts the pc

>> No.68203601

1950x arma low distance settings.
You're a lying piece of shit, and yaab isn't a mod btw.

>> No.68203637

Top kek, Arma is a spaghetti code piece of shit. You also posted only 1 (one) game.

Nice try Intlel shill.

>> No.68203700

200$, what the fuck?

>> No.68203747

is a mod and a fucking TERRIBLE mod because not only its inherently random but its not even based on the newest code that they applied on the game that let it be multithreaded

>> No.68203794

>Top kek, Arma is a spaghetti code piece of shit. You also posted only 1 (one) game.
Typical response.
Did you notice how the yaab poster even lowered the settings so low that you aren't able to see the plane flying?
So sorry that the fun games aren't beautifully coded masterpieces like ashes of the singularity with beautifully coded stability issues to go with all that non enjoyment.

>> No.68203863

YAAB is a scripted scenario that doesn't use mods. You could apply mods while using it, but it will still only play out the scenario.
>newest code that they applied on the game that let it be multithreaded
Again it's a scripted scenario, and it just plays out the scenario, so updating the game should improve "multithreading" as long as multithreading is genuinely improved.

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This amd shill is pulling out all the tricks.

>> No.68203908

btw guys, how do I find out wich memory type are my ram sticks? I have a Crucial pair and the package says they are Micron, but I also have a Patriot pair and it doesn't give any info about the memory type

>> No.68203916

I've been PC gaming exclusively for over a decade and I've never once played an ARMA title or even heard of yaab.

>> No.68203931

Search its code that is specific to the model. You usually get the manufacturers site as the first result, with a PDF with detailed specs more often than not.

>> No.68203934


$140 for 16GB Ram Bro

>> No.68203935

thats because no one cares about yaab only few shintelaviv users

>> No.68203972

You're full of shit.

>> No.68203990

kys intlel shill, you still have only come up with one single title that is CPU bottlenecked, and even that seems to be exaggerated for your employers benefit

>> No.68203999

There's people who dedicate their builds around arms games, and ryzen benchmarks are rare even when requested. There are two amd shill that post fake benches though. One poo went as far as posting a 4790k benchmark claiming that it was ryzen.

>> No.68204016

Found the data sheet by the memory code yet it says nothing about the memory type, anyways by looking for it most people in forums say my sticks are Samsung, now I wonder if my Micron pair will work good with the Samsung pair, I have 4x4GB.

>> No.68204039

>If you play arma you're an Intel shill
Shit what if I bring up flight sims, and mech warrior. Would that make me a double Intel shill?
I probably should not mention nip made games for nip island then.

>> No.68204056

Let's see the benchmarks for your meme games, my man

>> No.68204070

>When entire gaming communities become Intel shills.
The current township of amd.

>> No.68204109

You'll have a hard time finding them with ryzen systems. It probably goes against NDA for most YouTubers, and vidya journalists.
80 player a day peak (benchmarkers) for aots is a kosher game to benchmark though, ain't it.

>> No.68204112

>when everyone who is not a jew becomes and AMDrone
the absolute state of intlel corelet kikes

>> No.68204127

arma series is not so popular to actually built a system for it not even if you zeus the shit out of it and throw a gazzilion of units
the game lost all of its playerbase because of how shitty it scales
and its not a suprise dayz its their child also and its utter garbage

>> No.68204148

>When amdkikes accuse anyone of being Yiddish

>> No.68204150

The cost difference between a 16gb kit of 3200 and 2133 is insignificant.

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>trust me goy! AMD is jewish, MAGA!

>> No.68204162

fuck you, you piece of shit

>> No.68204165

As long as they have the same specs (speed, latency and voltage), they're on the QVL and you aren't overclocking, you're fine. You will have to hope he worse pair OCs, or can run undervolted otherwise, or simply run the better pair overvolted/slower.

>> No.68204174

>arma series is not so popular to actually built a system for it not even if you zeus the shit out of it and throw a gazzilion of units
Guess again.
>the game lost all of its playerbase because of how shitty it scales
It's still ranked 27 most played game on steam. That's pretty impressive for such an old, and expensive game.

>> No.68204181

slapping an NDA to benchmark xplane or flight simulator x deluxe or dcs aka americanplanescangotoouterspace.exe simulator

oh wait i forgot dcs cannot be benchmarked because its not even a bit multithreaded

>> No.68204194

>Deflecting, because of arma
Nice try rabbi, but I am already aware of all your Jewish tricks.
Can you do a YAAB benchmark for all the guys though, or would that be like annaduh shoah?

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File: 40 KB, 600x600, 1468974476103.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



WOW $20

If you are willing to go with 3000 which is also fine the difference is $1.

Basically you are fucking retarded.

>> No.68204218

Then let's settle for an arma 3 YAAB benchmark with playable settings.
Oh wait. AMD completely fears yaab.

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forget the 3000 link https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820232417

>> No.68204231

>It's still ranked 27 most played game on steam. That's pretty impressive for such an old, and expensive game.

quite the achievement!
meanwhile please list the valve games that are made before 2010 and are still in top 10?

>> No.68204257

>amd completely fears yaab
yeah nothing to do with the fact that the game is an utter garbage
no its amd fearing YAAB!

intel shills are out in force today i guess the shareholders meeting isnt going so well about their 10nm

>> No.68204262

>intel shill claiming his poorly coded meme games not having benchmarks is a jewish-AMD conspiracy
how many level of shipost are we on right now

>> No.68204275

wait till he brings dcs as a relevant benchmark

because you know its literally a single thread game

>> No.68204312

It's all about winning. They've what they consider patrician hardware, and musn't be told they payed twice as much for maybe 10% more in games only.

>> No.68204619

The i5 8400 doesn't. And to make matters worse, it has multi core performance comparable to an i7 4790k. A 4 year old CPU.

If you bought a i5 8400 I feel sorry for you, but live and learn. Seriously expensive and horrendous performance. I mean fuck, I got my 6800K for less than you'd pay for a i5 8400.

>> No.68204644


>> No.68204729

you're just wrong dude. go on pcpartpicker and filter it yourself. 2400 is ~$115 and 3200 is ~$140.

>> No.68205378

>If you bought a i5 8400 I feel sorry for you,
If they bought it in july then they literally got the best value for gaming.

>> No.68205437

Maybe if you bought a discounted pre-built.

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>settings as high as possible
>12000 for distances/ 200 for shadow/ultra and very high for everything else/smaa, and whatever
>default for color settings
>default memory allocator?
>on ssd
Really don't know what settings to optimize for this game, but windows, and gpu are at highest performance. I only have a low end GPU, so my frame rates are not going to be the fastest.

>> No.68205568

>b-but muh gayming

>> No.68205927
File: 296 KB, 649x649, 1473725345373.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>low end

>> No.68206174

Take your stale meme and GTFO. You don't need b-die for any reason if you've updated your BIOS.

>> No.68206298

The game isn't for everybody. I heard about arma from a few guys at my shooting range (one of the guys claimed that he learned how to aim by playing the games). As far as games go it's one of the few that I can enjoy playing.

>> No.68206435

You have a gtx1060. Unless you've got a high res 100+hz monitor, your card will Max most things at 1080p. A 1060 isn't low range dude.

>> No.68206565

I spent $120 on 16GB of B-die 3000Mhz, look at me I can cherry pick too but at least I speak from experience

>> No.68206714

yes it is, you fucking brainlets. xx70 is mid tier, xx80 is top tier, anything with a word in it is meme tier (ex titan, founders edition, etc)

>> No.68207325

your view distance reduces cpu performance.
arma doesnt use multicore for everything, meaning ai is only one 1 core for example, while shadows etc are being done by another core.
since intel is currently 29% faster in single core(passmark), youre missing out on frames because of the games poor optimization.

>> No.68207500

Thanks for killing the thread.

>> No.68207577

Then what about xx50 and xx30?

>> No.68208045

for poor people with room temperature iq's

>> No.68208938


>> No.68210291

xx50 will do OK for esports and will run other games fine if you turn some settings down

xx30 is meme tier

>> No.68210304

maybe mobas, but cs needs 200-300+ fps

>> No.68210353

>having to pay more money on the cooler than the CPU to get it to work properly

the absolute state of intel

>> No.68210565

passmark is wrong

>> No.68212267

Reminder that 3200mhz ram adds 5-7 frames on all games over any lower speed

Literally adding an extra year of life to your build stop being a cheap bastard a computer is literally all I own

>> No.68212312

Yes DDR4, I buy Ram from China for cheap builds that cost that much. Currently using one of the 8gb sticks I got off taobao in my amd build

>> No.68212329

>3200mhz cas 18 ram will add 5-7 frames over 3000mhz cas 14 ram

>> No.68212331

>have to delid and modify (voiding warranty) your CPU to get it to work without killing you and your family
Absolute state of Intcels.

>> No.68212343

>playing arma 3
The state of incels.

>> No.68212485
File: 4 KB, 518x230, armaIIIfps.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you NEED faster RAM with Ryzen!!!!
no. faster RAM helps, but so does faster RAM help Intel CPUs. they scale pretty much the same. I can't be bothered to search for a larger comparison so here have vidya fps for different RAM frequencies.

>> No.68212671

shhh, amd shills pretend that timings don't exist.

>> No.68212678

>have to delid and modify (voiding warranty) your CPU to get it to work without killing you and your family
>Absolute state of Intcels.
mean while >>68212205

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Keep telling that yourself, Rasheesh.

>> No.68212838

shhh lets pretend that crucial doesnt know what they are talking about

oh wait armchair /g/ engineers know better

>> No.68212895

AMD has 80% market share?
How big was the sample size, because I find that hard to believe.

>> No.68212902

It's literally in the picture..

>> No.68212908

>115 degree of celsius on avarage workload
an absolute state of inlel

>> No.68213035

Why would you pay for RAM-speeds the CPU can't handle, Tyrone?


>> No.68213093
File: 1.21 MB, 5000x3509, penn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>compiled by reddit
>data source mindfactory DE

>> No.68213122

Not an argument, Rasheesh.

>> No.68213157

It is the only argument.

>> No.68213182

>speculative graph based on a small sample scale
Why do anons post this literal made up horseshit as proof?

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>> No.68213270

You don't understand speculation vs real life?

>> No.68213292

>numbers from sales

>> No.68213331


>> No.68213335

>truly thinks that it's an accurate depiction
Go to sleep anon, you're just too dumb to be here.

>> No.68213365

Well, there is a small compilation of the measurements that you can reach from wikipedia desu
cas latency becomes less important towards the eighth word, but it still does have an effect on overall speed.

>> No.68213440

>that link
What is your point?

>> No.68213476

It's midday here you retarded shitskin.

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>have intlel cpu
>room is 5-10 degrees hotter than rest of the apartment when gaming
>have to run AC to stay comfortable which makes everyone else I live with cold
>they try to sell me this next
Thank God for based ryzen, I'll never look back

>> No.68213750

>xx70 is mid tier, xx80 is top tier
That's not how Nvidia chip tier works, you fucking zoomer newfag.

>> No.68213862

opinion discarded

>> No.68213901

Pls delete. No people pleys.

>> No.68213916

>why is the competitor's price performance ratio so good that ram(of all things) is more expensive?
The absolute state of Intel jews

>> No.68213933

Is this why ryzen arma 3 benchmarks with yaab are rare?

>> No.68214210

The temperature is not the only factor. Your GPU runs at 100-120 degrees but you don't even notice it.

>> No.68214551

still cheaper and better than inlet

>> No.68214561


3200 cl16. $135.
protip: just overcock and lower the timings yourself.
my kingshit 2666 stock goes to 2866 cl16 at 1.2v.
goes to 3200 at 1.35v. didn't bother and kept it at 2866 1.2 because i don't gayman. only video encoding.

>> No.68214578

your fermi might but mine does not

>> No.68214579

>i5 8400 vs r5 2600
i would go with r5, especially with the current price. 8400 is $210.

>> No.68214617


>when 3000 cl16 is the cheapest
you're dumb.

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