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Is the i5 8600K the new i5 2500K?

t. 2500K user since 2011

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Your recommendation?

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Levi, easy on this goy.

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Fine processors, I'm sure, but they're way too expensive. Remember, the 2500K was only something like $200.

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8600k is shit value

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Why not the ryzen 2700? It costs ~$100 less, consumes less power, outputs less heat, comes with free stock cooler so good it can handle a little overclock. The only negative is it comes with a lower stock frequency of 4.1 vs 4.9 GHz but aren't most games starting to use multiple threads more efficiently for that to matter?

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Name some other better-value processors, I'd like to know.

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9600k is out for the same price

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ryzen 1600/2600

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8350k prob is … wait until 9350k or some new lowest core cpu in mid 2019.

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Ah, that's good to know. I don't think it's exactly the same, however.


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Based and redpilled

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Why not? The FPS difference is like 5 in most games now. Is 150 fps really that much better than 145 fps?

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I'm on a i7 920 and I'm upgrading this year...until all stores in my country stopped taking preorders for 9th gen Intels because they cannot guarantee stock.

They say those who still want 9th gens should wait for preorders to open sometime in November because they were told stocks will be normal before Christmas.

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Many reasons. One of them is that I like to mess around with Hackintoshing sometimes, which rules out AMD.

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Do you really need a new processor? Intel has mostly just been rebranding their old shit for the past 7 years. Do you really need those two extra cores?

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Why spend more money for less fps?

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But why would this be a problem on ryzen? You can already run high sierra and things like facetime support is being added continuously.

Also 99% of people wouldn't care about this.

Right? Not only is the intel cpu more expensive but you need an AIO north of $100 to maintain stability.

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I'm never buying AMD again, so you can stop shilling. I can tell that you're not trying to advise me, as I'm clearly not 99% of people. You're trying to defend a brand, not give me advice.

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Haven't been in the scene for a while - is there no patches for AMD processors like in the past?

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Well said.
Don't let AMDrones corrupt you.

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The 8400 doesn't need AIO. Meanwhile ryzen shits itself on their 'good' stock cooler then tell thier shills to cry about it>>67994976

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Do we really have to keep bringing up the intel paid result fiasco in every thread?

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>Ryzen is cheaper cuz you need no cooler
>Proceed to post benchmark where it need super expensive RAM and cooler to stay close to intel

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Anon I see what you're trying to do for OP but anon is correct.
>You're trying to defend a brand, not give me advice.

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amd is better

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Yes it does, if to want maintain system stability you do. Everyone with an 8400 threw away their stock coolers. Meanwhile you can OC a 2700 to at least 4.3 GHz with only the stock cooler.

t. got mine at 1.35V and mac temp under prime95 is 79C

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t. i7 2600K since 2011

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I don't give a shit what this faggot wants, just answering OPs question.

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Amd btfo

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You've not helped me in the slightest. Stop talking about AMD, it's not an option.

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>2700X literally just a bit faster than 5th gen Intel
>its a 6-core, not even the 8-core 5960X

No wonder they are out in full force lately, even without the fake benchmarks the 9th gen Intels would assrape these 2nd gen Ryzens.

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i5 8600K owner here, overclocks fine at 4.9ghz with a noctua nh-d15 at 30c room temp.
single core performance is amazing and hypthertrading is a meme.

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No, it's not soldered.

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What's the point?
Intel is still ahead even without rigging the benchmarks

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wow are you guys still this bootyblasted intel can only win in fake benchmarks? A lot of those benchmarks are there aren't using 3200MHz RAM with tweaked timings. When accounting for that 2700X is only like 2% slower than a fucking 8700K.

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>no amd
Then no 2500k successor for you.

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holy moly

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There is no scenario where Intel can be advised, other than the "You are a fucking retard and you want to throw away your money pointlessly". So enjoy making the bad choice.

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>an 8-core Ryzen can only barely match a 6-core Intel if its chucked in with very expensive RAM sticks

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No the 2700 is the new 2500K.

Because it's good for the price and will serve you well another 5 years.

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I'm enjoying my 2700x. It's such a great chip for multitasking, production, compute, everything. Intel still wins by a tiny amount in certain games. I threw a D15 on it with an undervolt and my single core boost is almost 4.4ghz. Wonderful chip. Rendering stuff is nice and fast, too.

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Honestly 8400 is best value right now

If you want to overclock to the moon then 9600k will give you about the same fps as a 9700k/9900k for less money.

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>he thinks an 8 core incel heaptrash will do better because game devs are definitely optimizing for more than 2-4 threads

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Intel = the new Bulldozer
AMD = the new Sandy bridge

Intel will be neck deep in shit until they develpo a whole new architecture with Jim Keller, until then AMD is the king

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With current state of un-progress Id guess most topline CPU bought now will probably last a decade.

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>Intel = the new Bulldozer
In your dreams AMDrone.

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I already had issues with my 4 core skylake a year ago. How the fuck would it make the cut now or in the next year? When you can but an 8 core for the same price.

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Zen 3 will deliver 5GHZ and probably 12 cores.
Then we're going to get DDR5
Then we're going to get 20+ cores midrange CPUs

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True, bulldozer could be salvaged into piledriver which was a viable choice in a few tasks on a strict budget, meanwhile kaby lake x was violently aborted by its creator and skylake x died in its own piss.

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Confirming that /v/g/ is alive and well, people only build computers to gaym...

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Because more cores doesnt mean more fps

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its 6 core and no game dev would optimize more than 6 threads for the next decade unless there's a major overhaul of game engines. The drones who tell you about their more coar equal smoother experience are just experiencing snake oil.

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dejeet this

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Why do people buy from amd ? Amd is litterally just brown skinned indians

Amd Intel is white people

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In what? I have very low "fps" in my browser while multitasking with that shitty skylake. Oh you mean video games. You know there's a separate board for those, right?

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>system stability

Didnt ryzen just crash and freeze if you dont tweak RAM timing and frequency?

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Thats correct, 4c/8t and single thread performance. That's gonna stay that way because it's optimal

The additional 2 cores on this gen are meant for the OS/background

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That's what intel managers think. When new tech gets popular, devs start to write for it. You could see examples of games using more than 4 cores in 2016, soon it will be at least 8 cores. And still not an argument when you can buy a dirt cheap 8 core from amd with no competition.

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>try to have a reasonable discussion on gee
>amd fanbois come in "ironically" posting antiAMD


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/g/ is literally r/amd

They always claim Intel shills are on /g/ but if you look at the catalog there are anti-Intel threads everyday.

Even the PC building general is infested with AMD shills.

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reminder that ryzen is buggy trash, am4 mobos are shit, require special ram

On AMD Ryzen processors (family 17h), the non-optimized version of libstd which is compiled at the start of the tests contains two opcodes which are not implemented on this CPU family. These will be logged in the system log and will be followed a few minutes later by segmentation faults.

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Games that optimize 4 cores properly are still quite rare and the tech is almost 10 years old. Optimizing 8 core for games requires a while another level of genius and revolution of game engine.

Single core performance is still king for most games and regular software.

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It's because of Intels business practices and pricing. A Ryzen 2600X is almost 1/3 of the price of 9900K right now, and at that price/performance ratio it's hard to recommend Intel.

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>special ram
>the 3000mhz baseline shit when ddr5 is around the corner and most intel benches use 3800+ ones

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only gaymers build their own custom pc you fucking projecting virgin, professionals just get a macbook pro

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Irrelevant, Intel has a clock speed advantage while amd has a core count advantage. What matters is the price point.

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The 2600X and 9900k are on different playing fields, the fuck are you smoking about?

You mean the 2600X and whatever i5 Intel has now is a much more fair comparison. AMD also priced themselves low to gain market share and Intel will never lower their prices.

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Says you. Everyone else says otherwise. Also go back to /v/ if your sole argument is muh gaymes. Most of the time I use my pc on at least two other tasks while a game is running so tell me how a shitty 4 core piss lake would do it. I tell you from experience. It doesn't.

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You render 4K video while running several simulation on VM simultaneously? No you beleive in muh smoothness snakeoil.

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What does 4k have to do with anything? You think there's no other resolutions in this year? Yes, I watch videos, browse threads on this site, manage files, etc. And my i5 6500 can't keep up with it. So I'll buy amd next time.

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No one is arguing that amd is worse for work use. But for those exclusively gaming intel is the only choice.

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>Yes, I watch videos, browse threads on this site, manage files, etc. And my i5 6500 can't keep up with it
Buy more RAM and an SSD idiot. Thats not what multithreads are for.

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I have a 850 evo and 16g ram. Your move.

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The 8600 and 8600K are still more expensive and you need to buy a cooler.

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Ryzen, drop the intel shit

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Uninstall your life.

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>No AMD.
My nigga

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Tbh, no CPU will probably ever be as good of a deal as the 2500K. Going by price and longevity today, the 2600X seems to be the best choice, although it will be dethroned by some SKU from Zen 2 lineup.

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I was actually considering ryzen for my next build but the insufferable poojeets shilling for amd on this board 24/7 means I'm going with intel once again even if only out of spite

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Poozen shills BTFO

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need to buy a cooler for 8600K, not the 8600. Intel assumes that if you are buying the K, you're probably going to overclock and won't be using the stock cooling. They're not trying to rip you off, they're just trying to save waste

>still more expensive
by like $20...

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Either get a used one delidded or go Ryzen.
No fucking way I'd recommend buying any Intel crap new at the moment especially price hiked thermal jizz era garbage from last year

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>have a 6c/12t 8th gen processor
>new generation only has 6c/6t ones

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>AMD = the new Sandy bridge
accurate, they have identical single core performance

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Well, Intel has worse after applying the security patches.

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>I'm never buying AMD again,

A lot of people are.

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>german store
>they only bought amd when intel ran out of stock

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That is an old Ryzen first gen meme.

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>compiled by rebbit
amd truly is the bernie sanders of cpus

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>6 cores/6 threads


>> No.67998386

>New Intel launch
>Multiple people now shilling for Intel

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Meltdown and Spectre really did a number on intels thread count.

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There will never be a price/performance successor to the 2500k. You know what happened to it? They moved it up from i5 to i7 and increased the price. You can get the price or the performance, but the days of having both are gone. Not making a recommendation because I'm not a shill, just telling facts.

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No, it's a separate vulnerability which made them disable HT.

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Always amusing to see the Incel shills throwing a tantrum about /g/ being r/AMD in a thread featuring nothing but them circlejerking and shilling as hard as they can. A falseflag thread set up entirely for that purpose no less.

>> No.67998666 [DELETED] 

Quoting the video here from around 37 minutes.

>"This is my company, I'm one of the two people that founded it when people attack and say we're horrible human beings...

>We really do pride ourselves... We picked the name Principled Technologies, both of those names matter to us. I'm a geek, I'm a technology guy, I own multiple electric cars...

This guy is a privileged boomer completely out of his depth, and unable to defend malpractice.

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what about the 2600? I got mine for $160 at microcenter a week ago.

>> No.67998762

A 8600K costs 400 euros in Germany whereas a Ryzen 2600 is less than 200 euros. Of course people are going for AMD.

>> No.67998800

Not only that but a lot of the benchmarks were found to use shitty ram and timings. See >>67997056

With that accounted for 2600 at 3.9 is on par with 8600K at 4.3 GHz.

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Intel is (((white people)))

>> No.67998845

HT is shit and a security flaw. If Intel fags really believed that shit they spout about nothing ever using more than 4 cores they would put their threads where their mouth is and disable it.

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Because AMD has higher IPC, performance/watt, value, ect ect

Yes you can buy some overpriced 5GHz intel trasheap that required refrigent cooling for 5 more FPS if you're braindead, nobody is going to stop you.

>> No.67998852

>spending more money out of spite
You seem smart

>> No.67998864

IIRC ryzentosh is a thing now.

People are recommending AMD not to shill, but because there literally isn't a better price/perf right now.

The i5 8400 is great value, but that's about it from Intel.

>> No.67998881

Honestly this, that's all intel has. 2200G APU has been exploding in the OEM market for office and even "gaymen" pcs.

>> No.67998893

I didn't include it because OP wants to stick to Intel, but that is a very good recommendation and i personally think OP should listen, but that's not what he asked so that's not what I'll tell him.

>> No.67998935

i5-2500K was $200 back in 2012 and offered the best bang for the buck unlocked processor possible during the time. 8600K is $250+ and 8400 is locked.

How does the 2600 not fit the bang/buck bill?

>> No.67998954

Depends on where he lives. European prices right now


>> No.67998969

It definitely is a better value, but again, I didn't include it because OP isn't interested in an AMD chip.

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Holy shit, I thought it was just the i3s...

>> No.67998992

>he didn't mention x and thinks x is bad therefore we still shouldn't recommend x despite objective reasons why it's much better
infallible logic you got there

>> No.67999032

I think x is good. I think X is VERY good, but OP ignored all replies that recommended X so I told him to pick between expensive Y or crappy Y and the days of Y having a good middle ground, especially compared to X, were over.

You need better reading comprehension, Anon.

>> No.67999091

Honestly the 2600 is so cheap I don't even know what's the business in it. It's cheaper than the 1500x was in the same time after release.

>> No.67999118

AMD has insanely good yields compared to intel

>> No.67999156

This, they're practically printing money with 12nm glofo. Too bad they stopped 7nm production, hope TSMC doesn't fuck up 7nm.

>> No.67999172


AMD yields are literally fucking insane

>> No.67999193

Glofo was a fuckup though, tsmc is much better for fabs.

>> No.67999213

By every measure GloFo's 7nm was very promising. The problem with GloFo was that they'd bankrupt themselves trying to keep up in the node race.

>> No.67999217

>tfw I have a 0.1% yied rate on lottery tickets and even then it's usually $20 or less

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Now you know how intel feels. 10nm is probably gonna be worse than 14nm+++++++++.

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>> No.67999277

Wasn't glofo worse and they gave up because it would cost too much to unfuck the process?

>> No.67999290

I remember when I bought an fx 8120 in 2012 due to the AMD shilling on this board.

I've learned my lesson.

>> No.67999348

>there are idiots who think ryzen is anything like faildozer

>> No.67999365

>not doing your own research
You may blame /g/ all you want, but you're the retard.

>> No.67999368

In that it'll start being a stutterfest in a few years if not currently? Yes it is.

2600X is the new 2600k.

>> No.67999407

>amd truly is the bernie sanders of cpus
just bought an AMD CPU
MATCH ME and I'll buy another!!

>> No.67999412

I've seen this post enough times on this board to know it's just a troll.

>> No.67999422

Just got an 8600k from microcenter for $230. decent price for a decent processor

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>> No.67999463

If I wasnt already investing hundreds in 16gb of fucking dumb ass ram to get 10 fps boost in games I would care less about that 5-10 fps in games. If you didnt care about the fps boost then why get an 8600k or a ryzen 2700x. get a used 6700k or something and save the extra cost.

>> No.67999491

No, the problem with GloFo was that they needed to make a very large investment:

>It would have cost GF $2-4 billion to ramp up the 40-50,000 wafers/month capacity needed to have a chance of making a return on the node. “The financial investment didn’t make as much sense as doing something else,” said Tom Caulfield, the former general manager of Fab 8 named chief executive of GF in March.


>> No.67999536

Th best price:performance processor right now is the 2700X, its $250 during ebays 15% off sales every month. 8700K WAS better until its price hike now its second.

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>144 posts
>54 posters
>that one AyymDrone trying to push his piece of shit 2600x

>> No.67999566

based and redpilled

>> No.67999627

actually no

>> No.67999700

>Everyone with an 8400 threw away their stock coolers.
I'd like to point out that a stock cooler will handle 8400 just fine temperature wise. I can't comment on how noisy the thing is though which is a good reason to get better cooling in most cases.

>> No.67999710

>Meanwhile you can OC a 2700 to at least 4.3 GHz with only the stock cooler
All cores or single core?

>> No.67999718

Reminder that intel jewed out on the stock coolers and removed the copper core in the later generations. So it's either shit or too noisy.

>> No.67999735

Yup, that is 100% factual and true. Just pointing out that thermally a stock intel cooler handles 8400. But probably at max RPM and while being noisy.

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File: 191 KB, 840x792, 1k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67999834

>$40 on ebay
now this is what we call price/performance, amd BTFO, as always

>> No.67999876

It's possible on all but he probably got lucky. Might be 1.4v or more for most people to get 4.3 GHz.

>> No.67999947

That's why I was asking because 1.35v and 4.3GHz on all cores on a 2700 with a FUCKING stock cooler sounds very fucking good, I would almost say it sounds too good to be actually true based on the info I know thus far. But hey maybe he got real lucky with his chip or something.

>> No.68000022

Get the 9600K rumored to reach 5.2GHz and it's soldered

>> No.68000109

What's the point of comparing CPUs at 100% GPU usage

>> No.68000120

Yeah he did.

t. 1.475v for 4.1 GHz OC on 2600 and 82C with stock cooler

>> No.68000164

>the dream ryzen shills tell you
>the reality most people will end up with

>> No.68000205

Still great performance for a stock cooler desu. The GPU is always gonna be the most important investment in a pc anyways. Rather have a 4.1ghz ryzen with gtx 1080 than 5ghz housefire barely quenched by a water cooler and a gtx 1050ti.

>> No.68000232

Really depends on what you consider more important, eye candy or smoothness/fps, or resolution.

>> No.68000254

tfw have 8700k because I'm not poor

you guys should really get a job.

>> No.68000262

Right, which is why I went with AMD. How does pic related not make you wanna hurl?

t. ex i3-7100 owner

>> No.68000267

By that logic we should all get iPhones, macbooks, teslas, and negro shoes.

>> No.68000282

>Right, which is why I went with AMD
If it works for you, good for you.
>How does pic related not make you wanna hurl?

>> No.68000300
File: 90 KB, 711x445, aHR0cDovL21lZGlhLmJlc3RvZm1pY3JvLmNvbS9YL0wvNzc0OTIxL29yaWdpbmFsL0Zhci1DcnktUHJpbWFsLUZyYW1lVGltZW9CLTE5MjB4MTA4MC1EWDExLVVsdHJhLnBuZw==(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whoops, clover being gay again. here

>> No.68000319

>color is 1 pixel wide next to the name
I literally can't tell which line is which, help.

>> No.68000333

2700x blue, everything is else is stuttering intel mess

>> No.68000370

While being a frame time graph, which is one of the best performance indicators, one game does not make an objective conclusion. Post more with colors being more obvious if possible.

>> No.68000416

most cookers work on 220V, this one only at 1.4V
impressive, intel did it again.

>> No.68000430

>No AMD.

You're fucking stupid dude, AMD literally dominating intel at the moment.

>> No.68000461

Look man, not trying to shill AMD here (low clocks fucking blow somewhat) but intel has frame stuttering issues a lot of people with good eyes loathe. It won't cause lag in gamed per-se but it causes this weird nauseating discomfort while moving the mouse and pressing down keys that doesn't go away. It's less apparent in 5 or more ms response time monitors but I have a 1ms 1440p monitor and I can really tell it's there.

I'm hoping coffee lake will fix this issue but by then 7nm ryzen 2 will be out anyways. Intel fucked up something bad because despite 5-10 more fps in gaymes it doesn't compensate for the frame stuttering.

>> No.68000499

>Look man, not trying to shill AMD here
Posting one picture is more of a cherry pick shilling than posting 10, 20, 30 benchmarks showing frame time differences, though.

>> No.68000521


stop recommending non X amd cpus.

get the X cpus which are much higher silicon quality.

right now the best cpus are in this list:

8700k / 9700k for pure gaming.
2700x for a good allrounder which is like 9% slower than 8700k in games (best case scenario for intel)

2600x for absolute best value. hands down.

>> No.68000528

The 8700k isn't that expensive before the stock shortage.

Anyone complaining at that price point is literally poor.

>> No.68000536


see >>67997056

>> No.68000589

>2600x for absolute best value. hands down.
why over 2600

>> No.68001586

I went from a 2500k to a 2700X.
Decent chip. Best bang for buck IMO if you're using it for actual shit along with gaming. But if you're just playing gaymes, then go for an 8600k and enjoy the 100% cpu usage.

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