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Overpriced keyboards edition
topres are glorified membrane keyboards subedition

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I really like this layout but I could do without a right shift or right alt as well
is there a name for the layout?

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65% is the most used term.

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>He doesn't use both shifts while typing

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4th for deep dish.

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There is literally no reason to not use a split keyboard fags.

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>he has a number row

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It's too bad that recently the 40% meme coincides with split boards. Something wireless sounds nice but 46 keys total is ridiculous.

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There is a clear one.

I dont suffer from high-level autism

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There's the Quefrency from keeb.io which is basically a diy split 60% kit. Dunno how wireless it can get though.

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Still row staggered though, so that's a dealbreaker for me to be honest.

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>being *that* person on a loud clacking keyboard

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>being the retarded child on a toy computer

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>being *that* person on a loud clacking keyboard

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>It's another "hurr mechanical boards are loud" episode

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Deep dish is objectively the best for home keys.

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Good thing the homing keys have an even deeper dish.

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Arrow keys on 60% boards are for babies who just want one because they 'look cool' and completely miss the point of having such a layout in the first place.

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friend, is this poker 3?

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2 editions? tf r u playin at op, you mong.

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This would look incredible on the dark gray/black hhkb or fc660c.
I wish I weren't so poor.
Even better, take a black plum niz 75, replace with BKE, apply lube, apply these.
Being a NEET is rough some days.

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>touch typing on zilents
no one actually types like this

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Tfw typing on box reds

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I prefer black weighting for linears but IMO the box red or black are the best value linears. Theres plenty of better stuff like opticals, hall effect, hybrids, etc but some lube(not even needed) and box red/black in a plain 60 or maybe a gmmk is a good value.

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Tfw typing on halo clears

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I've been on a decent notebook for a few years. Now I've built a pc and someone gave me a keyboard. For my surprise, I can't press too many keys at once. I'm used to sprinting and jumping on fps and now I'm having issues pressing shift and space at the same time and it's annoying.

What's a good keyboard that allows me to do so, mechanical or not?

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well, what's your budget and what kind of features do you want?

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There are quite a lot of NKRO keyboards, in different price ranges too. For instance this Masterkeys Pro S I use cost me 100 euromonies and does have n-key rollover. You can of course go cheaper with chinese keyboards, but on those the your mileage may vary with NKRO.

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I didn't know there was a term for it, this will help me finding one, thank you.

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These are my shitty boards I hate all of them except the fc660c and some times the hhkb.
I really want a set of these.
Big keycaps have a certain effect on the sound of the keyboard but I've yet to buy a maxkey set because of how many people say that SA isn't actually nice to type on.
Seems that MT3 has that same sound but is good to type on.
Take good care of that set, I imagine it being the kind of thing that will be nearly impossible to get in 10 years.

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Why do you hate them? And why did you buy them?

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SA takes a while to adjust to, but I wouldn't say it's unpleasant to type on, could always just pick up a GMK set. Relatively thick ABS.

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I've been using an SA set for years before getting the dev/tty set, and MT3 profile is much better imo. It makes SA caps feel flat in comparison. Maybe if I had a decent mic I'd record how these sound with box navies.

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I like mx clears and box orange but the I cannot really feel much tactility with my ape hands, should I try box royals or go for a linear switch like box yellow?, I like heavy switches and I'm not sure if the royals tactility will justify them being lighter.

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Get box royals & put a heavier spring in them. I would have suggested novelias but those are sold out now. Could also look into hako royal trues.

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Endgame build is gonna have lubed vintage blacks with 68g springs, any suggestions on other mods I should make to them or will just lubing be enough.

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If you want to go full autism you could put switch films in to get rid of the wobble between the top & bottom parts of the housing.

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I'm looking for a good 65%, could anyone give me any suggestions? My budget is around 150 amieribucks (although I'm in Canada). I do a lot of programming in my spare time, so would blues be the best kind of switch for me? I have a cherry mx brown at home that I use for general purpose stuff, but I want a more specific keyboard than that for typing for long periods

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Tada68 with one of the mx clear clones (MOD-M, memeios, etc).

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Thanks anon, just ordered a set.

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Using different keyboards will teach you to type differently.
Initially I had used a mx red board on which I slammed each key into the chassis so hard you could hear it three rooms away.
I went through a bunch of switches, even clears, I bottomed out the clears the same way.
After using topre for about a month I started not bottoming anything out because my fingers had been so trained from the topre tacility.
You can definitely change the way you type for the better. MX clears are pretty enjoyable to use when you don't bottom them out but IMO they really need lighter springs and lube to be worth a shit.

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>for a dirty ass board with white alps
This nigga is havin' a laff.

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Hey if it was a gold badge 102 it would be worth that price since they're even rarer then the IBM SSK which sell for more

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>no function keys
into the trash

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Are you guys into older boards like that? I've been curious about what models to keep an eye out for on ebay to get a good deal on a good alps switch that I can use on my computer.
Every model I've ever checked out was grossly over priced and not even the very best alps.

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The days of getting old boards with blue, or some other lauded, alps switch for real cheap are pretty much gone. The prices for these boards has shot up recently due to what I can only guess is increased exposure from youtube reviews & whatnot. Hell chyros even says that after making the vid about getting a cheap gaming board by getting an at101w, the prices for it shot up dramatically.

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Hello guys, my first post here, so let's hope this goes well. The Logitech K120 is the best keyboard I have ever tried. It only cost me 8£ brand new. Why is it good you ask? I shall tell you.

Well, first of all: this keyboard is from Logitech, which is undoubtedly the best keyboard manufacturer today. It is a rather common keyboard, yes; but because it is a Logitech, somehow it doesn't feel cheap. It's like the brand itself makes a crappy keyboard turn into a great one. I don't know, Logitech has always made me feel comfortable with cheaper products. The keys are superbly well distributed, and your fingers won't touch the surrounding keys like some other ones I've tried. The keys are also not very soft, nor very hard to press down on. You know, this keyboard makes it just right, so that you can actually take advantage of the impulse that the rebounding keys give you.

This keyboard makes you feel like gravity is actually working WITH you, rather that against you.

Another thing I absolutely love about it, is the space bar. It is just the right size, and not too small or too big like on some other crappy keyboards from other manufacturers. The space bar is the most balanced key in the whole keyboard, it sits right at the center, and you can actually use it without looking at the keyboard. I mean, that's just brilliant design. It's an USB keyboard. This makes it perfect for use with modern computers, and even laptops and netbooks. No more using that old crappy PS/2 port. We're in 2018, people. I could be here all day, but in the end, I just wanted to share with you my experience with this marvelous piece of peripheral engineering. I recommend this keyboard to anyone.

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People actually use this retarded shit?

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Yes, and if you learn how to use one you can make between $35,070 and $69,000 a year

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I'd say the same thing about row staggered boards. At least boards like the ergodox, dactyl, etc. try to follow the actual shape of your hands.

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yes, less reachy with fewer keys and better comfort. I don't expect you to ever understand with your primitive brain so best not to get worked up about it anon

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The standard qwerty keyboard layout and row staggering is designed for a typewriter. Still using that in current year is retarded.

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I want to get an xbox hueg keyboard
what recommend?

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holy shit this looks glorious
all those buttons

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Half of those keys aren't even in the USB HID spec. Still looks glorious though.

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ok it looks like this is a custom made board that you can't buy anywhere
any other cool boards with way too many buttons -- that I could buy somewhere?

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You could just wait until the next run of PCBs for it. As for something not-custom, just get an IBM F122.

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Unicomp 122-key

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Matias is finally selling their retooled switches. Thinking about picking up a matias mini quiet pro(new one is version 5) with tactile switches.
Has anyone tried the retooled versions? I figure an improved alps clone would be a bit of a big deal.

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>not using the number row as dedicated F keys

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