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Hi Technolo-/g/

Family laptop died and my mum wants to get the files off it (mainly family photos that are really important to us)

She said it made a clicking sound. I opened it up and couldn't see anything wrong with it - can I put it into another reader to double check?

Pic of the disk - its a silver mini one.

whatever help you can give is aappreciated.

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Put the platter on a record player, it'll get your data back

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Dissasemble the platters and put them in your dvd drive.

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plug it into the sata of our desktop then check it out in linux livecd

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Please be bait or I'll actually feel so sorry for you

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If not bait, then your stupidity is amazing...

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And use a magnet to take away the dirt

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Whats a platter?
My pc doesn't have one, shall I buy one? any sort of specific type?

>feel sorry for me
I'm not really very good with computers - but I'm learning. Not everyone is good at everything.

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>doesn't know anything about hdd data recovery
>umm yeaah, lemme just open this shit

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>Whats a platter?
i don't know, whats a platter with you?

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>Whats a platter?
It's the silver disc inside, looks like a small CD.

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It's likely that bits of metal dust, sometimes microscopic, have formed around the edges of the disk.

You need to use a magnet to get them out. Find a magnet somewhere and run it along the edge of the disk and then try putting it into the reader again. This should work like 90% of the time.

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That silver disk is the issue, you need to remove it and use magnet on it.

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Oh dear...ok anon.

You may have or almost certainly have fucked it already by opening it up like that. Dust particles are now all over the platters (the disk parts) which means the next time the arm goes over to read it at very high speeds, the dust will cause catastrophic damage to all parts of the disk. In short, DO NOT put it back in by this point.
Your only hope now is to screw the lid back on and send it to a professional repair service, explaining both that you heard clicking and you opened it at home. If they can do anything to save it, it'll cost several hundred dollars. Up to you if that cost is worth it or not.

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If your computer doesn't have one, leave the disc is the fridge overnight to pop the data out and write it down using a pencil

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lmao, thats bullshit

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Lick it.

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You're fucked up.

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The second that drive was opened its contents were lost. That is, unless you somehow opened it in a lab environment with rigorous dust filters.

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any progress OP ?

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Obviously that's a nickel-vanadium one, you should educate yourself first.

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As entertaining as this is, and assuming this isn't a bait thread, take this as a lesson to research before you blindly disassemble something. If the drive wasn't fucked before it is most certainly fucked now. Visible dust, particulate, anything, on the disk, and it's game over man. Why do you think they're in a sealed container? It's exceptionally sensitive.

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Is there a video of that happening? I remember seeing a video of a drive killing itself like that, but then I also remember one of a drive actually working without the cover.
Also what could be done to recover the data after opening it up? Cleaning the platter somehow maybe?

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I'm getting opposite messages - somep eople here say it's broken, others are saying magnets - I took the screws out of the middle to find out if the disk model number is written on the back - but ther's nothing there.

My friend said to to make sure it goes in the right way when I put it together again. - so I marked the bottom with a sharpie for future reference.

Is there a reader that can check if the files are ok?

I dont watn to corrupt the folders or relabel all the photos or something. Theres literally thousands of megabytes of pictures and my college work.

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Drive was fucked when you opened it

You'd have to carefully take it to a professional data recovery than and even then it probably wouldn't matter

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You ruined a possibly fun thread retard. Learn 2 b8

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You need specialized equipment and isolated work environment to safely open an HDD. Otherwise contaminants (dust, etc.) will get inside and ruin the drive the next time it spins up.

The only solution at this point is screwing the drive back together, taking it to a data recovery specialist, and telling them what you did. Then pray, because they might not be able to help you at this point.

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I know that is true in theory. Was just asking if there was a video of it, and what could the data recovery company do after the fact.

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Absolute garbage bait right there. This further proves the theory that OP is indeed a faggot.

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I mean a video of a drive destroying itself when spinning up in the presence of dust

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> i r8
> your gr8
> b8
> 8/88
> m8

Gees I haven't done one of those in years. Not since my days on Candid.

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This made me laugh so hard for some reason. Fuck you.

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Well see it from this persepctive op, you will absolutely fail your college now and make the world a better place without your retarded gender studies class

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>magnets erase platters
how come the hulking blackhole-strength ones in the comb assembly don't

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Probably because they're in the comb assembly and not touching the platter?

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Bloody magnets.
How do they function?

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Special relativity I think

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Why aren't you good at everything like I am?
Just get this and plug it in USB

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This will fix it:

sudo rm -rf / --no preserve root

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>Not even a dd command
>Not a base64 encoded command

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it's in the name retard

mag = magic
net = nets

it's magic nets

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i accept it

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Nigga it's time to stop take it to a professional data recovery service and hope to god you haven't done anything beyond removing that cover.

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u gota... DogResidus!!!

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