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post your specs

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Superior machine running superior OS incoming.

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Still going stronk

- need to upgrade to 8gb ram
- need to replace few caps on mbo
- gpu can't handle [email protected] youtube

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holy fuck that old

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I see you have a Speccy thread. You do not have a System Specification thread. Because of that, my picture of a speccy is on-topic.

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heres my machine that needs an upgrade


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Older hardware, but I still haven't found any reason to upgrade.

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Just got my Vega 56 installed. Might flash the bios to a Vega 64 later today to see if I get any more performance.

>seagate backup
Might as well delete those files yourself.

Overclock your ram and get an SSD.

>ryzen on single channel
Why did you do this to yourself? Is this 2 4gb dimms?


>Housefire chipset

That's a bit hot. Are you rendering or compling?

Best path is just a platform update to ryzen or intel (6th, 7th, or 8th gen).

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>he trusts speccy temps

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>Overclock your ram and get an SSD
SSD is overrated and I'm not sure if add more latency would worth the few ram clock.

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>GTX 1080
>4095 MB


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I do a lot of gaming and emulation (ps3, gamecube, xbox) I upgraded from that to Ryzen and the IPC gain was noticeable immediately. Not needed but it was decent bump. 16 threads doesn't hurt either.

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Any SSD would be a significant performance increase over a traditional hard drive. Especially for your OS drive. I cannot emphasize this enough.

With Ryzen, it is very sensitive to ram clock speed (frequency) regarding improving IPC;
TLDR it'll make your RX 580 go faster.

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Only gaming I really do lately is csgo which I stay between 180-340 fps and some ps2 emulation.
The main thing keeping me on FX for now is that the 8320 handles video rendering really well and from the benchmarks I've seen, for all core performance an OCd FX still holds up fairly well against some of the lower end modern chips.

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At least get SSD for system drive, like 60Gb will be enough. It makes huge difference even on shittiest system.

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>single channel

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AMD Master race reporting in.

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literally fucking why give me one (1) reason for why this isn't pointless loser shit like what's going through your minds?

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One day I'll reach 4.8

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I want a reliable drive so SSD is out of question. Few seconds faster doesn't worth the risk.

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Based Yandere Touko killing all the other windows tans one by one.

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Sorry for burning cpu..

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Bought cheapest chink SSD before they even became a thing. Only intel/samsung back then and it's still going strong, 35k hours, 18tb host writes.

Also have even older toshiba ssd back from 2010 with less hours since in laptop but that one also works great.

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Is that an X series ryzen? They have, like, a 20c offset.

True Junction Temp & tCTL Offset
AMD Ryzen™ 7 1800X 38°C 20°C
AMD Ryzen™ 7 1700X 38°C 20°C
AMD Ryzen™ 7 1700 38°C 0°C

Also, update speccy.

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Joke's on you. Most SSDs on the market are enterprise grade.
Almost all of them are underselling their reliability because they are basically enterprise parts.

Watch a few excerpts from PCPER's Allyn Malventano; most on the market are rock solid. The only issue I've seen with SSDs in general was when Samsung had some voltage drift on the 840 and 840 evo that just made them really slow. Both of those were patched with no data loss (for me anyways for my 840 , samsung's redheaded stepchild SSD, still running strong).

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Mines the 2700x

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Speccy still think's it's Summit Ridge; you're on Pinnacle Ridge. Not sure if those had an offset. I'd check hwinfo32 and update speccy to be on the safe side. Speccy isn't perfect but it's helped me a few times spot out power/mining viruses or give me notice when a fan has shitted itself.

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Man those are some serious hours, I'm shocked that SSDs are even around for that long, seems like yesterday for me.

I'm getting really old :-(

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Says 10C offset for that cpu.

OPs is still running very hot.

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HWinfo seems to be aight

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>all these street shitters

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Ryzen master says 31C

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?? >>67948461

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>bought ssd 2 days ago
>health is already at 99%
fuck off nigger i fell for the ssd meme

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crystal disk info pic?

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Sorry. I meant hwmonitor. Haven't used it in a while.

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You might be able to overclock that BenQ to about 75hz.

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Didn't know but I just tried. Seems to be running fine so far. Thanks for letting me know.

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Just recently upgraded from a GTX 660 to this RX 580.
The good part is that I get more performance and as far as I could see the CPU isn't bottlenecking the GPU despite it's age.
But my mobo is ancient so I get regular freezes using the my new 580. Unless I downclock it a little bit and tune profiles which is annoying.
The ram is supposed to be running at 1333 but for some reason it's not showing it.

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>The ram is supposed to be running at 1333 but for some reason it's not showing it.
>he doesn't know

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Yes I'm a brainlet.
What else is new.

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>what is DDR
Are all winblows 10 lusers this retarded?

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>Use the free update provided by MS
Why wouldn't I use that lmao
>not knowing DDR
Yes, I didn't know that MB shows DDR not actual RAM speed like literaly every other software.
I educated myself in the meantime. Glad you got a cheap kick out of it.

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If your case has fans, consider another case. That heat will cook your drives.

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Can confirm the +20 deg offset on my 1700x. Waiting to see what Zen 2 will bring to the table.

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my little shit box ;3

Pieced together with different workstations, and a retail 1050ti SFF card. Total cost was about $450cnd.($200 was for the 1050ti)

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Have you tried freesync with that display lately? I heard some nvidia users say it suddenly works with nvidia cards. Not sure if it's a nvidia driver thing or a windows 10 (%season% update) thing.

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I haven't tried yet because i never heard of such bug up until now. I did however consider buying a cheap AMD gpu to use in one of the more known bug that involves two gpus.

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oh look, it's amerifats with their overpriced GPUs again

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my shitbox that i've scraped together
it actually works really well

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>1700 usd
are Intel Avivs even trying

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Will I notice a big difference if I upgrade the CPU to a Ryzen 7? I only play games on this thing anyway

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>implying implications

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It maybe a little less jittery and smoother.
I'd suggest a platform upgrade for the more modern features like nvme, Moar coars, and additional pci-e lanes as the benefit.

Tldr better multitasking.

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Depends on the games, if it's something like CS:GO then no. If it's something like KC:D then yes.

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Bully me this is my first ever build. Next time I'll go all out top end.

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Shoulda gotten a 2600

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>That's a bit hot. Are you rendering or compling?
Threadripper has a 27C offset that speccy doesn't take into account. I also have the RPMs low until the CPU temp gets closer to 60C since I'm using the stock Corsair fans.

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Wasn't out at the time. I built this over a year ago.

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Allocate more to a motherboard next time, it'll be worth it for the QOL improvements (And extra USB ports). No more crappy BIOSes that regress performance and usability, no more issues booting, etc.

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Rate, share, subscribe

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>using speccy
Did we start embracing the botnet now?

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Piriform is ran by boomers who don't care their shit works as long as it looks like it does to some degree.

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VRAM issues has been on their fix list for atleast 2 years now i imagine! It is getting sort of silly!

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What's keeping them from just fucking using the name of the GPU to extrapolate how much vram it has if they can't fucking find it out through whatever the fuck they lucked out on in 2004.

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I imagine they got one guy coming in once every six months to update the code and he is there for one afternoon doing what he has time for.

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suck it windows cuck fags

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>ryzen on single channel
>2.4gb dimms
idk what that means...

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See no reason to switch to Linux.
Mah viyda gaems.

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Incrementing the version number and adjusting the way it looks a little.

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Guy that blurs his keys in edc threads.

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Seems about right. Maybe include some recent major updates like Ryzen and Turing. Making sure it actually shows the right numbers? Nah, to much of an bother!

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stop following me motherfucker, i am on to you

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i5 is 8500, ram is gskill rgb 2400

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Hows the 8500 in comparison to the 7500?
Thinking about upgrading.

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considering you HAVE to get a new motherboard, for the 10% more in single thread its probably not worth it. multi core is nice to have 2 more tho

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fuck that.

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I'm not clicking that shit!

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please do the needful sir

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mache alles

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I need more storage drives, might upgrade eventually.

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Idk why I kept this pos.

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or this one.

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I threw this together with spare parts, thoughts?

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Just got this. looks pretty snazzy right. wanna get vr so badlythough

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Be honest but don't be rude m8s!

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Looks fine, I would upgrade to a bigger ssd in the future.

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I come from 2004, things were simpler back then

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Reminder Goddess Touko always wins in the end.

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Considering getting rid of the hdd and picking up 1080ti, but meh sticking to what I have for now.

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>core 2
>windows server

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> using windows 8
Based and redpilled.

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