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What is the appeal of mechanical keyboards?

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Product marketing thread?

Product marketing thread.

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Use your brain and decide for yourself if you need one.

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>reddit spacing

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because they're expensive and some people think they feel better than rubber dome keyboards but it's kind of turned into an obsessive reddit tier circlejerk.
Sent using my Cherry MX Blue keyboard

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they feel better when you type a lot

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you try typing on hours for end on one vs rubber domes

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ignoring the part about key rollover there is almost no advantage. though mechanical keyboards usually have higher key rollover amounts. but unless youre playing something like stepmania, theres basically no advantage to use anything more than 2 key rollover.

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I like pressing buttons and the buttons on certain types of mechanical keyboards are more pleasant to press than rubber domes.

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was it autism?

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>theres basically no advantage to use anything more than 2 key rollover
That's ridiculous, you wouldn't even be able to hold 2 direction keys while pressing any other button. It would be ridiculously restrictive for a lot of games.

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great for typists and programmers and people who don't want their keys wearing out when they game, especially when speed matters like in RTS or FPS

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I've always been told they have faster response time, did I fall for the meme?

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I find make less typos because the keys are harder to press. I have to use a memebrane keyboard at work and I’m always making typos. My cherry mx brown keyboard at home is loud but i feel more in control

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most 2kro keyboards dont count any of the modifier keys in the rollover limit.

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Well for me personally, coming from an absolute shit wireless membrane logitech keyboard that had unnecessarily heavy keys with a shift button that would constantly get stuck, and moving to a Masterkeys Pro L, the difference is night and day. Typing is actually not shit and actually comfortable with with mx browns, which still has the bump im used to on my old keyboard but nowhere near as hard to get over. And the rgb lights let me color coordinate with the lights behind my monitor.

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basedboys who can't afford a good keyboard with domes like topre go for mechanical switches instead because they're 'too good' for those non-gamer standard keyboards

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A true master can beat you with anything you give him.

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Ain't nothing like pressing comfy buttons making an old-timey noise

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is there even a noticable difference between a long push distance cheap rubber dome keyboard and a topre keyboard

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last for a long time and easy to repair if there's a spill or something

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Klickety klackety sounds nice

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They feel good. That's it. They won't make you type faster, and you can rice them, but the real reason to buy one is comfort.

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I think it's a meme, been using mx cherry blue for 2.5 years. Yes I love the sound of it but I'm getting tired of it because I realized that I am more comfortable using a chiclet (but quality one) keyboard. I like my XPS's keyboard, I will probably buy microsoft modern keyboard for my desktop. I am open for suggestions.

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Yes. Topre is a capacitive switch which means it has part way actuation, and it sounds and feels way better than a normal rubber dome keyboard.

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>doesn't understand what reddit spacing is
reddit spacing only applies to greentexts/text after greentexts

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feels good to type on one
hate mushy boards, chiclets are the worst
even that $20 one on amazon feels better than the most expensive mushcap board

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The brain likes nice tactile feedback.

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then apart from the activation distance is there any significant difference

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it's the same thing as the arch meme. a bunch of no job neckbeards got them because some marketing shill tricked them

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I agree it's reddit tier but mech keyboards are generally well made (if you buy the right ones) and I don't care about admitting it the clicky clack is nice

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Pacman's not gonna break a fucking keyboard though.

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Most nice keyboards are mechanical. They feel good, but there are also features like detachable cables, swappable keycaps, standard key size/layout, programmability, etc. that you get with mechs. It's a bit like how conversation-style SMS really got big with smartphones, and more standard chargers were adopted.

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>What is the appeal of mechanical keyboards?
Sometimes the bad dragon just doesn't hit the right spot.

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tfw spilled soda on my keyboard worth at least 120$ and it doesnt work anymore

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When would you ever actually need those features though?

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cables break
keycaps to match your dvorak layout better
programmability to not have to type out something you're typing out a lot

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>cables break
This literally never happens
>keycaps to match your dvorak layout better
Get a dvorak keyboard
>programmability to not have to type out something you're typing out a lot

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They feel better to type on and last longer. You can also customize them way more. That's it.

You can spend less than $100 on a mechanical keyboard and still get all these benefits, but naturally enthusiasts of anything will spend more money for more features with increasingly fewer practical benefits as the price goes up.

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The rubber Topre uses seems to last longer than the chinko brand domes used in most random rubber dome boards, unless you buy one of the rare and old good rubber dome boards from a thrift store.

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this is why i didn't get a topre

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The only people I know irl who buy mechanical keyboards are gayming autists who also buy gaming chairs and other gaming peripherals.

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>you can do something another way so don't buy something that does those things more conveniently
>things don't break
You fucking dumbass.

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>unless you buy one of the rare and old good rubber dome boards from a thrift store.
oh i see. i bought a 10 pack of some ps/2 rubber domes for like 25$ and these are actually pretty good.

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I spilled a weak acid on mine and the switches were fine, but the ABS keycaps didn't like that. A few broke.

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Modern Mechanical keyboards are shit (longevity wise not quality wise).

Older mechanical keyboards last forever.

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