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90% of the faggots on here are using sandy bridge desktops and laptops, with maybe a couple of FX users.
Why are the intel/amd shill larping threads? None of you are going to buy anything

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"Oh wow your so smart Anon here it's on the house"
>Coffee house cheers as the first man to claim a free coffee walks out

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he cute

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I stopped reading at the second line. Why is one variable color coded white while the other is green?

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probably used emacs to write it, the font-lock system is a piece of shit

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wtf is this supposed to do? The function requires an argument, doesn't it?

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Because it's initialized with a function?

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Use Gentoo

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>your_drink is not defined

this is kode with klossy levels of coding

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Why would that matter though. We can already see that from the assignment side.

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Hmm, not an expert but isn't reverse() a method of string class? If so you could call it on a string like that.

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Probably to be consistent with how the name would be syntax highlighted in
function reverse(s) {

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yeah, I was confused by the fact that it was defined as a function a line before it

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I've been looking at this code for a solid 2 minutes and I'm so confused.
>why is the barista the one doing the request
>why is a variable being assigned a function signature with a body
>what does s.split("").reverse().join("") mean

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"undefinedSecret word:encryption"

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>maybe a couple of FX users
There's probably a shitload of us on here, but many aren't proud enough to say they were on a budget and got it, I'm definitely getting a T420 to accompany this motherfucker.

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>a function that does nothing but call another function


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>from FX user
>to Intel

it feels so good bros, everything loads so much faster now, it's like I upgraded my Internet connection instead of my CPU

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>M5A99X guy
Congrats on the upgrade, my dude

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Thanks anon, went with a good mobo this time around too

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>barista empties cash register into a bag and hands it to you

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1. good question
2. functions are first class objects in javascript
3. split string into array, reverse array, rejoin the array

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Took me a minute to know what it is. I guess I should have started reading from the bottom up, could've gotten to the answer faster. Wish I could get a free coffee for solving this right now

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"Abort, retry, fail?"

Cafe is in MS HQ.

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>large black encryption
Sounds like a sex move

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i don't know how to code but i found the word in 30 seconds. reverse str 2 + str 3 + str 1 = encryption
don't thank me though, enjoy your free coffee.

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fuck off poorfag

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would not go in there
no way

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if you are such a good coder - why are you working in a coffee shop?

fuck off

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>Poorfag because you won't buy 5% incremental ipc improvements every year when 32nm crap is still pretty relevant

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I did the same. I went from
To Intel/nvidia.
Changed my whole world view.

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>maybe a couple of FX users
it's almost winter lads, rev up those BOINC projects and turn that FX into a space heater

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FX is pretty cool at stock or a mild OC but the temps jump dramatically past 1.44375v, my thicc heatsink can't even cool it without throttling.

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7970 was god tier gpu
today its performance is on par with 1050ti which is enough for [email protected] gayming

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I'm trying to get a cheap used 7970 for my FX-8350 rig, so I can have the ultimate 2012 AMD machine, it's still a better than console gaming experience.

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ey, I have the same heatsink and things do start to volcano at 1.44v. I used to OC but I keep mine stock because I prefer a quiet machine. My CPU is the underpowered 95w TDP version too. Still gets the job done, don't need to upgrade yet but I've been eyeing the AM4 cpus.

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I'm not arguing that the 7970 wasn't god tier for it's time, but I used to buy nothing but and hardware. Switching to Intel/nvidia was a fucking eye opener.
I currently don't have the same issues that I used to, and I don't have problems with software that I used to.
Even trying to make an HTPC, or running vms was a pain in the ass when I only used amd.

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I'm in the same spot, the ipc of RYZEN is so ridiculously good, but my AMD FX rig still does fine and it's a beautiful machine.

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A6-5400k here, what a shitty APU on linux I'll tell you what.

100fps in low-graphic mode of counter strike 1.6

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your_drink was never defined

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Had an FX8350/R9 290x

Went to a 3770k/1080

Amd is utter dog shit

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WTF is this bullshit, delid this

FX-8350 is amazing and I would buy an new build with one RIGHT NOW if I could get a decent motherboard new.

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dafuq? your build looks so much like mine.

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>brown motherboard

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Smaller GPU=no sag
Also T4 is best am3+ cooler because you just latch it on without any backplates, screws, or other bullshit.

It's the copper showing through because it's not matte like the 990 boards but I still think it looks good.

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>went to a 6 year old processor and a 2 year old graphics card

Sure thing, champ.

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It's black but flash makes it look weird. Besides, baaack then there was only green, red, or brown mobos and brown was OG AF

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oh for some reason i thought they made them brown, kek

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absolutely atrocious single thread performance
throttles at the drop of a hat

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so what, games perform about the same. They last a long time, I don't notice a difference. Mine is 6 years old and still ticking. Probably go to 10-12 before it's ridiculous.

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"NULLSecret Word:encryption"

What did they mean by this?

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>Games perform about the same
Only if you automatically avoid all the good games that don't perform the same.

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You play older titles on a 60hz monitor

Shut the fuck up

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And if you avoid those games you might as well just buy a console.

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>None of you are going to buy anything
Cose AMD FX still perfect

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is .split .reverse .join part of the language or i had to interpret what those things do?

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>naming a custom function after an integrated function which just calls the integrated function

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Do I get a free coffee now?

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The reverse function is on the array prototype. Smarter thing would be to create a reverse function on the string prototype and call that.

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>tfw phenom II has almost 10% better ipc than FX

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no it's part of the array object
this is js by the way

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who da fuck uses var anymore. let and const only you noobs.

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ya that, plus I unlocked mine to a X6 1605T

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Haha, I'm still rolling with my trusty 955 right now. Unless your gaming with newer games really why the fuck would you even upgrade anyway? Toss 32GB of ram + a SSD at it and be done with it. I did (back when DDR3 was cheap as dirt). Rolling along fine and dandy

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I don't know how to code at all in any language but I can still figure out this coffee shop sign well enough to say the word "encryption" to the barista and expect some kind of free coffee

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more like Conroe

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>being a consumerist whore

Kill yourself

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I have a SB laptop that I've added memory and a boot SSD on. My desktop (which I'm typing this on) is a Ryzen 7/X370/GTX 1080 system. I also have a Haswell based system which I use for a home server.

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>using var

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Oh, and I have an FX-8350 in an old gaymen rig I turned into a NAS, it's mostly used as a backup destination for all the other shit on the network, as well as archiving for all my shit.

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>1 ton of coal a year is dedicated to powering a NAS

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You say that like I give even a single fuck. It's not drawing full TDP anyway, so that's not even true.

And I'm not going to go and buy a purpose built NAS or hack together an ODROID setup or something when I have the hardware laying around. Take your bullshit and GTFO.

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>take your bullshit
>>switching from a FX 8350 to an R5 2600X saves me 12$ a month in power

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The fuck are you talking about? Are you saying I could save money? Power is fucking cheap here, and $12 a month is next to nothing.

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Do JS strings really not have a bulit-in reverse function?

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>undefinedSecret Word:encryption
>code has no side effects

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there's no string class in js? well, i guess javascript is not the same as java.

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They do. He even uses it inside the user defined reverse() function.

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Because real world performance gains have been minimal if you had a server cpu or HEDT from even seven years ago.

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>using new processor in 2018

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Hardware is almost a hobby for me.

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Your post ID has low entropy

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Ssme bro went from a 8350/7870 to a 4770 / 970. They are worlds apart in performance and temps are not even close.

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faggot op encryption

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They should define it with an argv so the customer gets to pick their drink.

>> No.67949276

Also checkd

>> No.67949348

Javascript code looks so disgusting

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>Let in global scope

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Why is this? explanation?

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Woah that perfectly describes me actually. I have a Sandy Bridge laptop that I will probably use for the next couple of years at least, and a dead FX desktop that I really want to fix up but not enough to actually go to newegg and buy a new heatsink, GPU and case.

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>this thread
turns out hipster faggots are better at programming than /g/

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>good sir I cannot request my fucking drink cause 'your_drink' is undefined and I cannot input shit from that code. Declare a main function which passes 'preference' to barista.request() or you'll have a bar full of angry people claiming drinks.
>also assuming your_drink = "coffee" why the hell would you return me 'coffeeSecret word:encryption' for any drink request I make? I just want a coffee god damn it!

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Fuck you, I'm using arrandale faggot.

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>you could probably use
I hate the way Americans talk.

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Clean up your fucking cables, Jesus.

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>Not having every cable available just in case

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So this is in what JS devs work

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>meanwhile, in a non-shit programming language

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>stackoverflow: how to reverse a string in python
Jesus. Embarrassing.

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entropy is a measure of a distribution

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I'm using a shitty laptop with an APU from 2012. Literally all I need a computer for is writing C++, writing/compiling LaTeX, and basic internet browsing. I do everything computationally difficult through the massive computers provided by the university. Why the fuck would I buy anything?

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>using let
you are the faggots

>> No.67957002

I've been running a 2500k since launch. Trying to hold out for Zen2

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You wish. I've literally been rocking a thuban 1100t BE hexacore for ~7 years up until this month and swapped it, ironically, for another six-core, coffee lake this time. How far we've come brehs...

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>watching video of Thuban 4.2GHz getting 7.60 on cinebench R11.5
>tfw FX-8350 at 4.4 gets the same score
I still like this chip because multithreading and it does that score with a low vcore, but that ipc is crazy bad when all the modules have two cores fully loaded.

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Obviously they intended for it to return "undefinedSecret Word: encryption"

>> No.67957547

They're passing an underfined variable into the method.

>> No.67957736

set ion rcne ypt
printf '%s%s%s\n' $(printf $2 | rev) $3 $1

>> No.67957873

wish i still had the cpu-z screenshot from muh five-core unlocked 960T

might well have been the only one to get it working

>> No.67957929

I just used a mitm and gave the same password to the barista.

Morons can't even code it so it resists repetition attacks.

>> No.67958215

I don't understand the need for the fan on the ground. Are you making it an intake or output fan? Intake just causes turbulence of the front/rear fans.

>> No.67958272

360 and walk away

>> No.67958400

But rotating 360 would put u in the same direction

>> No.67958437

At this point I can't tell if this is bait or newfag. Not knowing this meme is now a meme.

>> No.67958886

I have never wrote a single bit of code in my life and I figured that out no problem

>> No.67959277

this is the problem with out this shit community functions. its all a secret club everyone's a part of. 4chan isnt a personality, kid.

>> No.67959735

It's only a "secret club" to newfag brainlets who start posting the moment they feel like they have something to say.

>> No.67960137

but strings are arrays. of characters. javascript is such a shittily designed language

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>Dat cable management

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>None of you are going to buy anything
Didn't pay for this laptop, am not paying for coffee.

>> No.67960510

Because the stupid drones are going to repeat the same shit they see here. Just like the CoC drama or any meme, they gonna post on reddit or make a shitty youtube rant.

>> No.67960652

Let's see; blow several hundred dollars on building a new pc or keep what I got now which does all I need and is still working fine. All choices should be this hard... Damn fools, instead of blowing your money why don't you save it instead? When you retire from whatever job you got that extra money will come in real handy. Or in case you know, "Shit Happens" you can cover it.

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File: 682 KB, 1680x1050, 2018-10-07-224059_1680x1050_scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's an example that's more in line with OP's example. OOP is so unnecessary and stupid for this. The barista who wrote the sign probably thought they were clever too

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File: 3.62 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_20181002_161848.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My board doesn't even support FX. Recently got a x6 1055t

>> No.67961738

It's almost as if 90% of the faggots here are due for an upgrade

>> No.67961747

phenom IIx4 here>>67944438

>> No.67961759

fucking hilarious response

>> No.67961768

>>also assuming your_drink = "coffee" why the hell would you return me 'coffeeSecret word:encryption' for any drink request I make? I just want a coffee god damn it!
This actually makes me angry.

>> No.67961790

I thought gentoo was stallman approved?

>> No.67961829


>> No.67961849

What is then

>> No.67961865

Gentoo isn't FSF approved because they don't have FSF rhetoric in their mission statement or something simple

>> No.67962882

Strings are immutable in some memelangs
not sure if js strings have a reverse method though since i'm not a faggot

>> No.67964514

yes mistress, please, with extra cream

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I can see myself using this machine for the next five years.

>> No.67964903

I can't even program, but I saw "secret word" and three sets of three letters also couched in quotations, so to me 8 figured it was an anagram or something. Is programming really that easy or is this some barista's suicide note?

>> No.67964942

programming is incredibly easy

>> No.67964973

x5650 @ 4.0 Ghz here (gen before Sandy bridge but 32nm process, 6 cores + HT)
Runs great with 1060 3gb, even modern games

The only drawback is sleep is fucked due to OC, consumes more power and MB doesn't support things like ddr4, m.2 or w/e, native Intel USB 3, SATA 3, etc.

1k Cinebench score, only around 25% less than a 6 core coffee lake made 8 years later, rofl

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DDR4 prices are still sky high and you can buy 16GB*4 DDR3 1866 ECC memory for cheaper than 16GB*2 DDR4 2666 no heatsink bargain value ram.

E5 2670/2680/2695 V2 10/10/12 core chips with HT and similar chips paired with cheap X79 Huanan motherboards that can take DDR3 or DDR3 ECC and you can stay toe to toe with everything on the market today up to the Ryzen 7 2700.

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File: 1.23 MB, 3840x2160, Screenshot from 2018-10-09 00-24-39.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sandy bridge desktops

>> No.67965300

>None of you are going to buy anything
Just recently build 2 PCs with AMD 2600/2400g for my dad's workplace.

>> No.67965410

>8gb ram
Full pleb ramlet I see.

>> No.67965433

6 GB is just enough, 8GB is a bonus. Anything past 8GB is either mental illness or being underage.

>> No.67965564

That means you don't even need the 1700x for the shit you're doing.
I'm sitting at 12.7/64GB with my 1700x @ 9% utilization and regularly hit 24~3X gigs running photoshop or encoding video.

>> No.67965605

>running photoshop or encoding video.
I don't do liberal arts. I need multicore performance for occasional VM testing and quicker compilation.

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99% of the shit that /g/ posers do all day can be done on this computer.

Prove me wrong(protip: you can't)

>> No.67967493

It's a global, probably initialized elsewhere (which makes me want to kill someone, but still)

>> No.67967499

Yeah maybe because upgrading to anything new means you have to use windows 10 or spend a few hours making windows 7 works right. Also the fact that new intel processors are only 5% faster than haswell.

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