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Are SSDs a scam? They cost 10 times what HDDs cost.

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No they don't

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Its not the capacity you're buying, its the speed.

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It's definitely the capacity too, you goddamn fucking fool. A modern game is at 50GB. Photoshop is usually at 20GB. The average size of software is usually at 10-15GB and it's going up and up after each year.

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And most mid range SSDs are about big enough to fit your OS, some software and like one AAA game.

Anything less frequently used can just be stored or moved to a dirt cheap HDD.

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It's actually size of assets...

You need to employ good cache strategies and you can go with SSD and HDD together.

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>he average size of software is usually at 10-15GB
What the fuck are you smoking my dear sir

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>you goddamn fucking fool.

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10 times? it is not 2012 anymore you faggot.

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you're autistic but ok

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10x the price for about 10x the speed, it okei as long as you don't need huge amounts of data. In that case it's stupid.
Of course 10 years from now HDDs won't even exist so whatever

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Don't project yourself unto me.

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>10x the price for about 10x the speed

15x the price for about 3x the speed*

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500GB HDD: 40 bucks. Reads at 80 MB/s in a good day
500GB SSD: 100 bucks. Reads at 500 MB/s in good day

you guys do the math because I was born acoustic

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2.5x the money for 6.25x the speed

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>dies quicker due to being fragile pieces of shits
>makes noise
>makes heat
>slow as shit
>eats more power
>only available in two sizes for regular consumer use
>one of which is massive and heavy as fuck
>"b-but they're cheaper!"

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You use it for fast boot and your OS and the games you play most often, even the RGB bullshit ones are cheap

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Prices seem to have stalled. Was hoping for 4tb ssd's at around 300 by now.

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I can smell your reddit spacing from here.

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what's the future for SSDs? will there be any major upgrades to its capacity? I'm debating waiting a little bit and then switching to an all SSD system once terabyte SSDs become cheap.

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I say!
I say, poor """people""" makes me disgorge

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SSDs are a scam indeed. And the secure erase file issue still remains unresolved.

Also, SSDs die quite fast. They are too unreliable for use in a professional environment.

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don't forget random access, 100x easily

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>Photoshop is 20GB
How about no
I have 256gb on my laptop and 110 of them are used, I have all the creative software you can imagine, all the creative cloud suite, 5/6 video mixers, literally dozens of utilities. I just don't have gaymes

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What is the best value mSATA drive for an X230? Thinking of 250GB Samsung evo 650

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best thing about ssds is no more fucking noise and having to ramp up your fans just to keep 7200 rpm memes cool

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you can buy a hard drive then. if you want more speed you buy an SSD for more price per GB, obviously, as it's faster.

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>1TB HDD is 45€
>500GB SSD is 80€

>1TB HDD goes at 120MB/s at its very best
>SSD goes 350/450MB/s in normal conditions
>Also no random reading slowdowns
You did the math didn't you?

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hdds are worth buying beyond the 3TB size mark imo

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i can smell your newfaggotry from here

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>1TB HDD goes at 120MB/s at its very best
it's actually 170-230 MB/s

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i just bought a 1tb m.2 for $150. Prices are coming down you fucking mooks.

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anyone who thinks otherwise uses windows 10, which is designed to run slower on hdds to scam people into buying ssds.
SSDs and HDDs have almost no performance difference on other operating systems

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i can buy 8TB for $150

ur point?

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I got the SSD in OP's pic 480gb for 99 Canuck bucks. Whoa so much money. What a poorfag.

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>creative cloud suite

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Enjoy your slow af HDD.

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>200 MB/s
pick one

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>200 MB/s
> ~60 IOPS
> Fast
Sure kid...

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SSD's are like under 20c per gig now, there's really no reason not to get one

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there's a reason nobody (in the desktop world, as opposed to servers) cared about IOPS until SSDs came along. All of a sudden random-access speed was tremendously important, I'm sure the fact that a more expensive, higher margin product coming along that happened to have a lot more IOPS had nothing at all to do with this.

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Fast random-access is a good thing for lazy and incompetent programmers.

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SSDs for laptops because no moving parts, and desktops for OS/important programs for fast loading

HDDs for mass storage


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New technology spensive

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spensive technology less spensive over time

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Depends on the application. For installing the OS and some key programs on, it’s great because booting is quick. Otherwise, HDD is better for mass storage.

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QLC SSD's are on the horizon, which should be cheaper than current SSD's.
Using an all SSD system isn't really necessary though. One day it'll make sense probably, but not now.
Where did you get an HDD that goes over 80MB/s? Mine tops out at that speed.

confirmed for never used an SSD
Or just pulling our legs.

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>Where did you get an HDD that goes over 80MB/s? Mine tops out at that speed.
Most newer HDDs will do 100MB/s or better.

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>>confirmed for never used an SSD
the machine I'm typing this on boots from one and really I might as well have not spent the money.

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>SSDs and HDDs have almost no performance difference on other operating systems
GIMP opens instantly on an SSD but takes upwards of a minute on HDD
Switching to SSD has greatly improved my quality of life re: making quick edits for shitposting

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>Using GIMP

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so you're trolling

I have a 2TB doohicky from this year and in normal operation I dunno if I've ever seen it break 80MB/s. Strange how the benchmark is twice as fast. Who knows.
Not that it really matters compared to the sequential and especially random access speeds of a SSD. Whoever thinks a HDD is comparable in experience to an SSD is drastically mistaken.

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nah I just don't use bloated-ass applications like >>67917013

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Yea, but only because of the companies associated with manufacturing them.

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The future (and past) is actually RAMDISKS

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Every application installs/loads/updates faster, and every process goes quicker. It's only a matter of degree depending on the size of the program. so you're not really presenting a compelling argument. If you really can't notice it, that means your CPU is so slow that it bottlenecks your HDD. Which is embarrassing.

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any application that isn't bloated is plenty snappy on an HDD. especially since the kernel has a page cache for a reason, if you're not swapping yourself to death most of your accesses will be from RAM anyway. Package installation and upgrade speed isn't worth spending money on. Ooh, a hundred bucks for apt to finish a few seconds faster once a week, wow.

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Let me make this perfectly clear, as a professional builder:

It's 2018. If you're still asking if SSD's are a meme, you are a fucking ignorant plebian that doesn't belong on the Internet let alone /g/

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If you're using a minimalist system with tiny little programs, then sure your very specialized use case will feel a lesser improvement. But it's still there whether you'll admit it or not. The idea that $40 is too much for faster booting, loading, and updating times is a bit daft, especially for the 99.9% of people who don't use their machine like you do

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Why not just use both. I am veery happy with mine 240gb ssd + 2tb hdd config. The only people that have to choose between both are laptop fags

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My dude, quit buying all the games every time Steam has a sale or you see a humble bundle being shilled on Basedmodo

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Or for parallelism you fucking idiot.

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>professional builder
holy fucking kekkorido

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Why everyone compared the 2 like there's only one option? 128/256gb SSD for the system (which now cost nothing) and as many TB as you need with a reliable HDD. Thinking you need an SSD for archive is stupid and thinking you are good with an HDD for system is masochistic

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Yeah I should use GIMP and make no money at all

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>Photoshop is usually at 20GB
What did he mean by this

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My 2TB 970 Evo is about 10-15x faster than a fast hard drive. It's also 7x more expensive (approx).

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>>SSD goes 350/450MB/s in normal conditions
you mean:
>cheap SSDs go 350/450MB/s for about 30 seconds and drop down to 90mb/s
Thank you TLC/QLC.

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>putting games on an ssd
please fuck off back to >>>/v/ you manchild

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Hdds for media and storage
Ssds for software and os
Tape for archival
Its not that hard autists

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>Tape for archival
don't fall for tape, it's actually a terrible option for archival, on the same level as fucking crystal storage

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A lot of them do benefit from being on an SSD. Like Conan Exiles takes a long time to load in from a HDD, but is so much quicker to load from an SSD. any decently priced 500-1000GB SSD is more than good enough for tools and some games.

When I had my first PC in the 90s, a couple of games could completely fill up the entire HDD, You had to be a lot more careful then. Current day is a lot easier and you can fit way more games than you'll play in a year on a 1TB SSD, maybe even on a 500GB SSD.

SSDs are also really nice to have for virtual machines. The IO requirements absolutely kill virtual machines that run from HDDs. In my experience, something that takes hours in virtual machines running from a HDD, takes minutes instead from an SSD. Here at home I mostly just use HDDs for long term storage and for stuff that is fine streamed over a 1 or 2 Gbps network.

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Its cost effective. Tell me a better solution for storing terabytes of data

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If a game has 10s of GBs of textures, it will have a huge impact on the loading time. Plus not all software let's you decide where it should be installed.

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It's only cost effective after somewhere around the 100 TB mark.
Are you archiving over 100 TB of data, anon?

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So which ssd is the best price/performance wise? I heard nvme is the fastest, but only in sequential read/write. Thus it's better to buy the cheaper M.2/sata instead. Is this true?

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It's good

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SSDs ARE for gaming first

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>but only in sequential read/write
You heard wrong, NVMe is faster than SATA in every measurable way.
But the best value in terms of price/performance probably still lies in a good SATA SSD, like Samsung 850 EVO.

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Petabytes my /=am

>> No.67920635

Oh okay fair.

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>Have a 500GB SSD as my only drive
>Not even close to full

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Oh hey it's the 2011 thread.
I was thinking of getting a i7 950, but I'm gonna hold of until sandybridge.

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Its on sale

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Also lets not forget tape lasts longer. Disk drives may be cheap but they also break where as tape requires no power no read head for small platters < 1 tb
There is a reason why the industry uses tape. Its cost effective, reliable and lasts a long time. Perfect archival media desu

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>you goddamn fucking tool

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>using photoshop
$73 per month, less functionality, can't read GIMP files
>using GIMP
free forever, pisses all over photoshop, opens any file
get rid of your crapple pie and get some decent FOSS

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>10 times
How do you fail kindergarten level math?
>Caviar Black 1TB - 73$
>Samsung 860EVO 1TB - 167$
So it's just over double the price for what? 4-5 times the extra speed and response time?
Shit's really affordable nowadays.

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970 Evo is okay.

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>only games are in this range. Stop talking BS
And how much software do you need for your computer, most people need 2-4 pieces of software to use which can max range up to 50GB together

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Or you could just buy one good HDD from the start and stop being a moron.
>but muh gaymes load very ultra fast on my 20 GB solid shit drive
Kill yourself

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500 gib ssd is now 80-90$.

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My brother installed his OS onto an SSD, and installs all his vidya onto it as well. Then he stores all his music/movies, all his other programs onto an HDD.

Thing boots up in like 10 seconds, and his vidya loads so fast you somtimes dont even have time to read text on loading screens. Been considering doing the same thing.

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>kids who still believe in the insane speed increase lie
It's faster, yes, but not nearly that much faster. Your HDD is either old and shit, was shit to begin with, full of Windows cruft, or any or all of the above if you think SSDs are that much faster just because you bought one new and did a fresh OS install on it.

Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb.

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I have ton of games on SSD, the only 50gb are modern AAA games like AC:O, which are deleted after completion.
Photoshop is 2 Gb
God, The whole Embarcadero Studio is only 10 Gb

>> No.67920988

For some reason I have 3 SDD, all of them were almost free. 128 for OS, software, work and chrome downloads, 2* 256 for games. I never even think about lack of space for software or games.

>> No.67920990

>Photoshop is 2 Gb
Holy living fuck, why.

Fuck optimization and sanity apparently.

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Hard drives are fast enough to saturate most people's LAN, and also responsive enough for network shares. But there is still a massive difference between a HDD and SSD for locally atached storage. My old Samsung 840 Pro is still in very good shape, very responsive, and much faster than any of my more recent HDDs. I've never did a reformat or reinstall of the OS, I even ran the OS without TRIM support for several years. It isn't as fast as it once were, but is faster in anything that just requires raw transfer speeds, and way faster in anything that is more sensitive to seek speeds.

The difference is very noticeable when you do something as mundane as a software update in a Windows 7/8/2012 VM. That kind of tasks takes forever when the machine is stored on a HDD, but very snappy on an old SSD like my 840 Pro, or even a cheap shitty newer one.

>> No.67921014

Hi res brushes and patterns mostly

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I wasn't talking about networking.

Load up any goddamn thing on a decent HDD and on an SSD. The SSD will barely be any faster for any goddamn thing you load.

I've seen this shit. SSDs are a fucking scam.

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One question. Do you have any real work? Or you are just some 16-20 years old guy who "free code and do computers and stuff" guy?
Try to load 10 big ass CSV on hdd and sdd and see the difference.
SDD is good for games if you have some money and for work. If you ask for everyday use of neet, then why bother?

>> No.67921088

I just gave you an example of where an SSD shines and HDDs just fall flat. Virtual machines. I mentioned home networking since that's where you don't notice too much of the slowness of a HDD.

For raw linear reads, HDDs are fine, for small operations and random reads, SSDs shine. You really do notice when you work on a HDD and move to an SSD when your workload is IO starved. I have for a long time used an SSD for Windows and some software, and an HDD for everything else, but recently I've just started buying a higher capacity SSD instead, since VM storage benefits so much from it. For games it is more situational. Matters a bit for something like GTA5, but not so much that I care about getting an SSD for it, but for Conan Exiles, one should definitely use an SSD (the difference is like night and day).

>> No.67921104

>makes heat
i would say SSD is way worse at that, specially M.2 key drives

>> No.67921123

I am a professional that's worked with computers (for money) for longer than you've been alive in every capacity from repair to support to programming to sysadmin to DBA.

SSDs are garbage.

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Acoustic FTW

>> No.67921187

You have a PI in your closet and charge someone a dollar to have their IRC client idle on it?

I too have several years experience working professionally with computer systems, and SSDs makes a huge difference. If your workload is sensitive to IO, get an SSD, if it isn't get a HDD. Some tasks do require the raw speed for an SSD too, but I think they're less common.

>> No.67921194

So you are from geek squad?
Also, if you "worked with computer long before my time" then your first machine should be DATAMASTER

>> No.67921270

I use a 250gb ssd for my OS and for a few programs that are shit at loading and opening either due to being crap or due to the size and amount of stuff they need to load.
Everything else goes on the 3tb HDD

>> No.67921309

>geek squad
Really, kid? Jesus.

And unless you're like fucking mid-20s or older which I seriously doubt, we did use fucking PCs in the 90s.

>> No.67921344

Fuck off boomer
Iv been on computers since before turing

>> No.67921371

Get off this board, Ada

>> No.67921380

>I'm so much more mature and adult-like than you!
In my experience, the ones that really care about age are typically kids. Sometimes adults that run out of arguments fall back on age too.

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enoy your unsecure secure VPN

>> No.67921468

Niggers like you are killing computers.

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My 6tb SAS drive doesn't even go that fast and it's a entire technology tier above your sata hard drive.

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>2tb enterprise hdd is 110-150 bucks
>2tb ssd is 300 bucks
>boot time on hdd is 2-4 minutes depending on how old the install is and how many processes start at launch
>ssd is always under 30 seconds
>1tb 400 dollar nvme drive's boot time is reliably under 9 seconds

I don't usually pick on people that I step over, but you sound really fucking poor.

>> No.67921560

Seagate Ironwolf 6TB
Timing cached reads: 9704 MB in 1.99 seconds = 4865.36 MB/sec
Timing buffered disk reads: 678 MB in 3.01 seconds = 225.48 MB/sec

WD Red 4TB
Timing cached reads: 13866 MB in 2.00 seconds = 6937.43 MB/sec
Timing buffered disk reads: 440 MB in 3.01 seconds = 145.99 MB/sec

>> No.67921605

The slowest part of the boot time in my SSD systems in the pre-bootloader stuff. I make that stuff intentionally slower so I have time to hit F2/Del when I want to edit something in the UEFI settings.

>> No.67921613

>he doesn't start mashing the buttons the moment he hits the power button

>> No.67921614

HDD for bulk data and backups, SDD for everything else. There, I fixed your dilemma.

>> No.67921629

That's the weirdest part about the x86 platform. Before anything you have to hammer instead of holding down.

>> No.67921647

A should have time to enjoy a sip of tea in the time between I hit my power button and when I casually hit the del key.

That's something I like about the firmware on Macs. Just hold some key combo.

>> No.67921653

>hdparm being a relevant speed test
yeah no

>> No.67921699

>500GB SATA HDD is £36
>500GB SATA SSD is £77
Yeah nah that's about 2 times the cost not 10 you gimp, are you one of these sour grapes poorfags desperate to claim SSD's aren't worth it?

>> No.67921709

For the speeds being discussed, sure. Quick and simple to run. Could use dd instead, but I'd just end up with the same kind of results and more effort. Could do some iops testing, but that too is effort and wasn't really relevant for this particular conversation.

>> No.67921745

1) They don't cost 10x of HDD price
2) SSD (and not RAM or even CPU) is the thing bringing biggest speed improvement So it is currently the best PC part in terms of value/price

Might agree with PCiE SSDs they're quite overpriced in compare to usual ones and the improvement isn't that noticeable.

>> No.67921988

Why not buy both?
I've got 2x SSDs and a TB HDD
Aside: I'm tempted to RAID0 my two SSD's, mostly just because I can

>> No.67922005

Fool. You gain too much power and can't stop.

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Bait: the post

>> No.67922030

You will divide by zero!

>> No.67922040

Five. (((They))) cost five times what HDDs cost. And (((THEY))) five times faster.

>> No.67922094

is it true that Spotify breaks SSD?

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>Photoshop is usually at 20G

>> No.67922131

Hey don't mock!
You won't be laughing when I can get win98 second edition booting up 0.3 seconds

>> No.67922160

I've seen people blame a video game for their broken HDD. People often blame something unrelated that happened to be around when something breaks. Same with temperatures (GPU/CPU died so it must've been temps!).

>> No.67922183


>> No.67922203

>SSD dies just after the warranty expires
It's a revolution!

>> No.67922223

Oh my fucking god, I love to know that my SSD has three arm processor cores in it, it's fucking incredible. I wish I could install gentoo onto it.

>> No.67922244

Bigger enterprises that are doing well are moving to pure SSD servers though. Tiered storage is also a thing. None of our end users have HDDs in their devices.

>> No.67922253

>install OS onto processor cores
the curry state of /gee/ - Consumerism

>> No.67922268

with that logic why don't we all switch to octane

>> No.67922269


>> No.67922336


anon is delusional or megabaiting

>> No.67922382

>this takes no space up on my harddrive
>creative CLOUD suite
fucking retard

>> No.67922408

comparing hhd/ssd and ssd/octane you easily see its not worth it yet, unlike SSDs

>> No.67922463


>> No.67922466

>There is a reason why the industry uses tape.
Yeah, it's cost effective when you need to archive very large amounts (>100TB) of data. There's a time and place to use tape and, well, that's it.

>> No.67922477

Anything that caches onto disk will use up your SSD's write cycles. Better stock up on hundreds of gigabytes of RAM to prevent your system from using SWAP and reducing the life if your SSD.

>> No.67922485

The "Cloud" part of Creative Cloud isn't actually referring to the desktop applications, anon. Rather, it's referring to Adobe's cloud services that accompany the desktop applications. Maybe you should look into it just a little before you talk about things you don't know about.

>> No.67922494

>people are unironically worrying about lifetime
What kind of cheap chinkware are you using if this is a problem for you?

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I bought a 60gb one for 20 bucks, it just has my OS and Photoshop on, still has 25gb of space but I use my HDD for that shit.

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>> No.67922575

Modern CPUs and OSes all allow you to use SSDs as a caching solution, so can benefit from any size that your budget allows and not even worry about data loss.

>> No.67922597

so i have a laptop with a sata and a "2280 PCIe NVMe M.2" to get an ssd for
which type would be better, if any?

>> No.67922663

NVMe is faster than SATA but not worth it on facebook machines. Unless you're doing some genuinely high IO tasks but this seems unlikely since you're using a laptop. Get a SATA drive with an M.2 form factor.

>> No.67922725

if i use the m.2 slot then i can keep the drive it came with for storage
>Get a SATA drive with an M.2 form factor.
what are those called?

>> No.67922751

They're called exactly what they are: SATA M.2 drives.

>> No.67923248

Now look at 4tb SSD and HDDs

>> No.67923298

*click* *click* *click*

>> No.67923326

Shit example. 4TB HDDs have been cheap for years, 4TB SSDs only started being a thing this year, comparing emerging technology to established tech with years of economies of scale is just nonsense.

Terrible advice, SATA M2 drives are like the same price as nvME, very brainlet thing to do.

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extremely low quality

>> No.67923426

1TB 3D NAND SATA SSD - 150$ in sale - 195$ regular
1TB SATA HDD - 45-75$ on sale according to speed/durability - 65-95$ regular

>> No.67923463

old tech cheap
new tech expensive
it's not rocket science anon

>> No.67923468
File: 45 KB, 857x530, speccy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get fucked, poorfag. All of my internal storage is SSD only.

>> No.67923474

Still not 10 times the price.

Platters and whatever tech higher capacity drives use (helium etc) are not as expensive as literally adding more NAND, which SSDs need to do. My previous comment about economies of scale and old tech vs new is still relevant here also.

>> No.67923533

>Idling(?) At 60

>> No.67923558

> does not understand exaggerations
Man how autistic are you?

>> No.67923582

My fans are near 0%. The PC is almost completely silent. It reached around 70° idle in summer, but I am too lazy to change the fan profile. I hope 60° C doesn't make it degrade.

>> No.67923621

Unless you boot your system or start big programs very often they don't change a thing.

>> No.67923641

>Be wrong entirely
>Get the concepts explained to you
>I-I was j-just exaggerating! You a-autist

>> No.67923713


>> No.67923775

Not him but I'm a winbaby, switched back to HDD because only difference was faster boot (I only sleep my computer) and faster startup of office/creative software (I don't use it often enough to care). I wager 90+% of users almost never use office and creative software. It's your case that is very specific. Only kinda mainstream use case is playing poorly optimised games, but as long as you are not a gayymer chances are you don't need SSD.

>> No.67923865

I bet you post on /pol/.

>> No.67923902

>switched back to HDD voluntarily
Literally never happened.

For being right about technology? Just admit you're talking out your arse and stop posting.

>> No.67923947

I'm poor and there's no difference for media machine if you keep browser opened (player loads fast in half a sec so you don't have to keep it open) and sleep instead of switching off, so I just returned it to save money.

>> No.67924012

>let me make is clear, as a professional redditor:
>It's 2018
jesus fucking christ i wish i could delete this post from my memory

>> No.67924024

>Adobe's CLOUD services
please dig your grave deeper, anon様

>> No.67924037
File: 5 KB, 666x33, feels good man.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.67924071

Is being poor really a valid excuse in 2018? You can get a 128GB for under £40 at this point. Are you telling me you can't save a tenner a month for a piece of hardware that vastly improves the performance of whatever you're using?

>> No.67924086

>Le SSD meme
>They'll sell affordable SSDs that last so long I'll replace it for more capacity before it dies
That was a nice lie when in reality they're rigged to fail, be it from self-destructing software or cheap controllers

>> No.67924194

>but I am too lazy

fucking niggers

>> No.67924310

>20 GB

>> No.67924354

>128gb vs 1000gb
>the latter is bigger so it must be better

>> No.67924414

You can get a decent 64gb SSD for under 20 bucks these days. It will outperform any mechanical hard disk you've ever owned. Get the money from your mom and find out for yourself. It's 2018 for fucks sake.

>> No.67924415
File: 40 KB, 455x389, 1536205175660.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

put me in the screencap :^)

>> No.67924443

But under 240GB you won't have a full speed SSD.

>> No.67924447

Yes, such as their cloud storage that integrates with their software to sync your work between devices.

>> No.67924477

Are you saying he won't notice a major difference at 64gb? You have to start somewhere.

>> No.67924887

As I just wrote, it has no impact on 'facebook machine'. Keep browser open, sleep the computer instead of powering off and no difference is discernible.

>> No.67926382

post link

>> No.67926609

Nonsense. The second you start maxing the HDD throughput you'll notice slowdowns, even compiling code is noticeably faster, node can read/write faster. I have 3 browsers open all of the time and put my laptop to sleep, boot time is like an average benefit to owning an SSD.

>> No.67926686

>compiling is faster
As I wrote, pointless for 90+% of people. Post just one disadvantage of HDD for a facebook machine that isn't alleviated by sleeping and keeping browser on.

>> No.67926705

>*Post just one disadvantage of HDD relevant to normalfaggots who aren't gamers

>> No.67926730

Waiting is a compromise not a solution. Why compromise when the solution is so cheap? The difference it makes to overall OS speed is so significant I have a hard time believing you couldn't tell the difference. Have you tried anything with an NVme yet? You can legitimately tell the difference between a SATA SSD and an M2 SSD just from general use.

>> No.67926775

A facebook machine don't need much more than 120-250GB. Cheap SSDs are more than enough for those, compared to similarly priced 1-2TB HDDs. Why dedicated facebook machines like phones and tablets ship without HDDs. Recently had to choose between getting an SSD and HDD for my mothers facebook laptop. Her C: was at 30GB used. The brand new HDDs that I could get for that were about the same price as the 250GB SSD I ended up getting her. This now has the benefit of software updates being much faster. No more waiting for 15-20 minutes while Windows 10 did its thing. Updates now take a couple of minutes.

>> No.67926782

There's no waiting involved for normal (adult, obviously one thing not mentioned yet is gayyming) people. Facebook machine that is put to sleep gets no benefit from SSD.

>> No.67926821

Absolutely nonsense. I've done a ton of upgrades for normies from hard drives to sata ssd's and even the most braindead chads notice a difference. You're either delusional or you bought the cheapest, shittest, oldest ssd ever.

>> No.67926827

Yeah price difference is negligible but it offers no benefit, updates should be off (or scheduled for night if you really need them).

>> No.67926858

They switch the computer off/close browser for no reason/placebo effect/part of those few % for whom it matters (creative software users, etc.)

>> No.67926883

Updates are always needed. Need a special kind of retard to turn off updates on your mothers laptop and let her run with horribly out of date software. There is no reason to go for storage at the expense of speed when the needs for storage is minimal.

>> No.67926899

>or scheduled for night if you really need them

>> No.67926913

I've already said boot time isn't the main benefit of using an SSD, the overall responsiveness of the system is, do you think the OS doesn't read or write to the disk at all or something?

I have been running an SSD since 2011 and I wouldn't have it any other way.

>> No.67926926

>There is no reason to go for storage at the expense of speed when the needs for storage is minimal.
Brainfart? Seems to have nothing to do with our discussion, I never argued for more storage.

>> No.67926940

storage is the only reason for HDD. For people with low needs for storage, they're better served with an SSD for speed. You're the brainfart here.

>> No.67926957

Facebook machine doesn't get bottlenecked by HDD during media consumption/web browsing. There's no need for you to get rid of your SSD, it may even be needed in your particular case, I'm just saying that for most people it offers no advantage.

>> No.67926999

Browser won't load pages faster with an SSD. For most people it's all that is ever needed. I'm not saying SSD is worse for them, just that it offers them no advantages if they sleep their PC and keep their browser open.

>> No.67927015

They get bottlenecked during updates, background activities by the OS,whenever the user launch a different application or decide to restart their computer. There is no need to get a HDD unless you need the storage. Few people need terabytes of storage for anime and music. When I worked in support, I rarely saw a normie facebook machine with their 120-250GB SSD filled to the brim. They were for the most part fine for their facebook and family photos.

>> No.67927032
File: 31 KB, 402x367, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67927040

A HDD offers no advantage to those people either. They're better served by an SSD.

>> No.67927071

>tfw bought 120gb for 27 bucks
ssds are really affordable these days

>> No.67927078

during night
>whenever the user launch a different application
Not a real use case on a faceberg machine
>decide to restart their computer
I addressed it before.
>background activities by the OS
werks for me
It was never about storage size, just the fact that SSD offers no benefit for a facebook machine.

>> No.67927092

new build is 2 wks old. got a 970evo 1tb. what are wait times? =]

>> No.67927099

You address it as if you want to reeducate the whole world. It wont happen. People restart whatever whenever, they turn off their PC before bed, the schedule doesn't work while the PC is sleeping, there is no reason for a facebook machine to have a HDD, they don't require storage, they're better served by an SSD whenever they do need the speed.

>> No.67927108

>A HDD offers no advantage to those people either.
Price, otherwise you are right. Pretty negligible but small HDDs are almost free and 120GB SSDs are 30USD.

>> No.67927134

>they're better served by an SSD whenever they do need the speed
Which is never for a facebook machine that is put to sleep. Not really sure if it's worth further argument though, people waste money all the time and 30USD is nothing.

>> No.67927144

Already said the cheap HDDs are not really cheaper than a decent enough and cheap SSD. When I replaced my mothers broken HDD, it just made sense to get an SSD instead. There was no reason to get something slow like a 2.5" HDD when an SSD for the same price would offer more than enough storage, and benefit her a lot more in terms of how fast it takes to update software and do whatever it is she does on her computer. Not heard a single complaint about how updates are so slow and annoying after getting her the SSD.

>> No.67927154
File: 39 KB, 1152x648, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

970 evo 1tb, test interrupted but you get the idea

>> No.67927177

>he schedule doesn't work while the PC is sleeping
>People restart whatever whenever, they turn off their PC before bed
Right. If you refer to the beginning
>there's no difference for media machine if you keep browser opened (player loads fast in half a sec so you don't have to keep it open) and sleep instead of switching off
I never wrote that there's no benefit if you switch your PC off often.

>> No.67927195

Cheap HDDs are a few bucks, it's less than 30USD that even old, used SSDs go for.

>> No.67927209

HHD make sense for server storage, RAID setups and offline backups. For desktop PCs and workstations SDDs are way better.

>> No.67927233
File: 650 KB, 2880x1800, speedlet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm saying that's completely wrong and you're delusional. It is an immediately noticeable upgrade and you denying this tells me you probably haven't worked with hardware much at all, I mean how could you if you're too poor to afford a £40 upgrade? "Most people" want things to be fast, cheap and don't care about numbers, and SSD's are just so massively fast in comparison and the prices have dropped so much that even low to mid end laptops have at least sata SSD drives in them, all smaller form factor things such as ultrabooks and convertibles all use m2 because regular hard drives are just too large for those form factors.

>> No.67927253

>Right. If you refer to the beginning
So do you
>I never wrote that there's no benefit if you switch your PC off often.
You're the one that insist people don't ever benefit from having an SSD. This whole thread is about how some sperg going on about SSDs being a waste of money. You'll never change your mind, and you'll never change the mind of the world.

Cheapest HDD I could find when I was shopping around was 500 kr + 50 kr shipping. Cheapest SSD I could find was local, and 450 kr (37.50kr bus fare or a 20 minute walk). These come with warranty. Who cares what someones used overpriced bullshit goes for.

>> No.67927330

literally unnoticeable from my ssd

>> No.67927356

depends on who you are itt. if you have an sata ssd, then you're lying

>> No.67927366

>575MB/s read 21.81 MB/s write
lmao what

>> No.67927377
File: 494 KB, 500x259, 1463091609176.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67927387

Any idea how disk benchmarks work? Nobody measures them by 4k read/write, they measure them by sequential.

>> No.67927401

Holy, fuck off back to >>>/v/ Batman.

>> No.67927411

>his vidya loads so fast you somtimes dont even have time to read text on loading screens
That actually sucks

>> No.67927456

>what's the future for SSDs?
more layers but at the cost of TotalBytesWritten
move towards form factors like m.2/pcie away from 2.5" since they use a comically small portion of that form factor

>> No.67927490

not until the chinks break some cartelgooks legs

>> No.67927507
File: 144 KB, 416x378, Samsung 500 GB 1x32 DiskMark64_2018-07-20_19-23-40.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is everybody getting buyer's remorse over the issue. I only have one SSD (in my fanless PC) but I couldn't perceive any advantage outside boot times and opening programs.

>> No.67927517

Lower temps and power consumption
I think

>> No.67927521

If you seriously think PC that is put to sleep can't turn on to update then you aren't worth arguing with.

>> No.67927538

How do you schedule your updates to wake your PC to install updates?

>> No.67927544

Fair point, though I would argue it's negligible (few pesos a year and few watts of energy make the PC insides hotter by a fraction of degree).

>> No.67927570


>> No.67927621

You made the claim. You get to argue for it.

>> No.67928750

Then get an SSD for OS and programs you use the most and a big ass HDD for anything else.
btw, just checked, Photoshop CC 2015 is 1.4GB

>> No.67928917

>Are SSDs a scam? They cost 10 times what HDDs cost.
They are the most worthwhile PC upgrade of the whole decade.
In fact, I didn't buy any new PC parts since 2011, I just got a bunch of cheap SATA SSDs in 2013-2015, plugged them into my old PCs and laptops without changing anything else.
As a result they run swiftly like an upgraded new machine. Even the outdated 2 GB Atom netbook, which has been a complete slog, behaved like an older phone of the era since it got its 64 GB SSD (so it could be decommissioned in 2016 instead of 2012).
Anybody who spent big bugs on AMD, Intel and RAM instead, wasted his money.
Anybody who buys a new PC with HDD, is a stupid fuck.

>> No.67928952

Depends what you want to use it for. If someone likes games and bought a good graphics card instead of an SSD I can understand it. Longer loading times but games would run much smoother when the otherwise might run shit or not at all.

not a problem for me though, SSD GTX1080, i7 coffeelake etc.

>> No.67929043

>Want to buy a SSD
>But to lazy to reinstall windows and 2TB SSDs are too expensive to clone the install

>> No.67929065

Shrink and clone.

>> No.67929085

>If someone likes games and bought a good graphics card instead of an SSD
Only if you are some retard from a developing country. SSD is the main advantage PCs have over consoles.
It's like running games from floppy disks in 1993, because you can't afford a hard drive.

>> No.67929100

Why is there such a large price jump between 1TB and 2TB and up SSD's?

>> No.67929176

all I'm saying is if it were the choice between running a game with long loading times and not running the game at all because you only have the money for one upgrade part I understand why a gaymer would choose the graphics card

>> No.67929188

supply and demand, they can't produce them fast enough and people are willing to pay a lot for them

>> No.67929551

Heard that with 7nm SSDs will become even cheaper

>> No.67929730

>250GB 970 EVO for OS/programs
>two 500GB 850 EVOs for games
>one 1TB WD Blue I've had forever that I use for page file, Win 10 file history, and storing shit like music and pics
>NAS with 2TB total storage (HDDs) for weekly backup of OS drive and 1TB HDD

>> No.67929855

Holy fuck where are all these Western Digital shills coming from?

>> No.67930142

WD makes SSDs too you dumbfuck, maybe they're shitgate shills

>> No.67930620

nah, seagate is in the commercial SSD game now too.

>> No.67930631

krita is a quarter of a gig with all it's libs

>> No.67930834

Yes and No.

SSDs are superior to HDDs, they are indeed overpriced but who can we really blame when idiots keep buying? This is why the government needs to regulate the market.

>> No.67930838
File: 49 KB, 500x497, 1502925632154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.67930846

Do ssds die easily?

>> No.67930902

Demand and its harder to make bigger SSDs in comparison to small ones because yield rates.

>> No.67930911

Depends in who makes them.
What decides how fast a SSD dies is which controller they use.

Avoid all OCZ(Newer Toshiba drivers are ok so far) and Kingston V series SSDs for this reason.

>> No.67930971

Running zpool in raid10 is comfy

>> No.67931024

MHW is worth it

>> No.67931162

Everybody's making fun of this anon but there's some truth to his post, I have a machine with a 1TB 7200RPM drive and another with a 250GB 840 EVO both running Void and everything is about the same speed, program loading, booting up, etc.

>> No.67932343

As soon as ssd's are cost competitive I'm never running a fucking hard drive again.
I haven't bought a 10k/15k drive at work for 6 years. Arrays age out and we replace them with ssds. The single solitary second we can justify the cost of replacing the 7.2k arrays its fucking happening.
Fuck hard drives. Fucking darg age technology.
>oh no you mean your raid 10 is double degraded because it takes 30 years to rebuild "modern" hard drives that are a whopping 1tb
>I hope your veeam's in good enough shape to live restore your entire estore
Fuck hard drives. Fuck fuck fuck them. I've got 99 problems and hard drives are 90 of them.

>> No.67932390
File: 239 KB, 512x384, IRS-Burger-Screenshot-2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the real question here, is it worth it to upgrade from a sata ssd to an nvme one?

even though they're over 5x as fast the real world benchmarks aren't 5x faster

>> No.67932802

depends on what youre doing with it, if you throw games on it, fast gamer loads, I use mine for VMs and scripts.

>> No.67933412

Gen 1 Ryzen have 20deg offset depending on what software you're measuring with. Just google it.

>> No.67933573

You probably never use Adobe softwares, anon.

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