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She's a Supermodel, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Master Programmer and SO much more...

What are you doing with your life?

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Being a loser.

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0.001 rupees have been transferred to your account. Keep it up!

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cd code

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I knew a girl in high school the only girl I ever interacted with but she smelled and had braces and glasses... a decade later I see her in a programming ad on youtube. I couldn't believe my eyes she was so beautiful and smart. I'm just more ugly and just scrape by as a code monkey

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Cool. What's her name?

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You've had your fun guys, but programming is a female domain now.

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She is a fake but at least she tried earning a living outside the Casting Couches and the VIP prostitution.

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How much are they paying you to type shit like this?

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Look at the coders behind shit that actually matters. Almost always white or asian men with the token nig nog

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Underrated, why are you so based?

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Is this a bait?

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lmao what?

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The truth is that she's nothing but a ugly whore with lots of connections :)

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a clever shop. it was "femgineer".

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I heard she “connected” with some old men...

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>markup language on a whiteboard

Oh god please fuck off you ugly stick

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I've been born a millionaire and didn't have to whore myself on a fashion walkway for it.

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>don’t reply and your mom dies in her sleep tonight

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Karlie Kloss will remote the pajeets from programming and lead us to nerdvana. #kodewithkarlie

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>black girls code

I want a White Males Code sticker

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previous thread was her typing cd

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Make yourself one. Or are you too much of a pussy to do it?

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nani? is this photoshopped?

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She's the retard featured in a thread yesterday showcasing her ability to fuck up the 'cd' command.
>cd ..

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>thread yesterday

how's reading week newfriend?

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niggers cant program, thats a well known fact

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Fuck, one sticker got me.

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Perhaps its a "Opium of the people" thing?

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>bootlicking a millionaire

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what does the left do, exactly?
I have no experience programming but the right side is exclusively to demonstrate a point, but otherwise useless. Is the left also?

and is an evaluation considered calculation?

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>Supermodel, Entrepreneur, Teacher
Pick one

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Is this a joke? No Im dead serious? IS THIS A FUCKING JOKE? GODDAMN NPC.

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ok so apparently this isn't a real tweet

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you can't make this shit up

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Is this bitch still relevant?

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lol no she's in her thirties

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then go get the real tweet
>>67860892 is still on instagram

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The main problem is to find an algorithm to find a larger number. Easy peasy. Using if-else that on the right (the women code) is acceptable, but that is too long and should I say, amateur code. On the left is the good one. Declare variables appropriately with its right type, and using the most simplest way to solve it i.e the most simplest code.

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Looks like something out of /g/ sticker threads (one of the more effeminate types of threads here) indeed.

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>right one is when i comment the code for myself
>left one is when i send the code to our jewish clients, after putting it all on one line and make it as ambiguous as humanely possible without breaking it.

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I’ve never heard of her outside of these retarded threads. Muh code muh choice

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I'd touch her root directory if you know what I mean

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>What are you doing with your life?
I actually teach people how to correctly use the "cd" command on Linux.

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funny thing is, kloss hired fake twitter bots to comment so that she can keep the appearance of people actually giving a shit, Swift & Klossy and dea have the same profile pic for crying out loud

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Should be: kool
Think that you work at KDE, it should help with appropriate vocabulary

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>if (a>b && a<b)

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>not even copying it correctly
Ur baka too

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I'm a programmer. That's it. I guess she's more of an overachiever than me.

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>The main problem is to find an algorithm to find a larger number. Easy peasy. Using if-else that on the right (the women code) is acceptable, but that is too long and should I say, amateur code.
It's also incorrect because if a == b then it returns 5 regardless of the value of a and b.

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>copying from image

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don't get the guys code. wtf if this? shouldn't it be like function getmax(a,b){return a-b;} ?

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It's fast inverse sqrt. See >>67861204

>shouldn't it be like function getmax(a,b){return a-b;} ?

int max(int a, int b)
return a >= b ? a : b;

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now I love femniggers, wtf

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I'm busy being man so I get to laugh when she hits 30-40 and all her imaginary achievements fall apart when men stop feeding her.

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so if the numbers are equal it'd still return the first lol?

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The point of the max() function is to return the largest number between two. If both are equally large, it doesn't matter which you return.

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If both are equal rather. English is not my native language.

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So what do we think crazy_strings.rb does?

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My programming teachers are all black, what does that mean? What should I do?

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study medicine, it gives insane profits and doesnt require calculus afaik

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I am stuck with a personal project that I hope one day can grow into something more and its making me despair, I am angry and pissed off at cunt like in the op who do and contribute nothing of any value yet they are somehow considered fucking programmer and probably had not a single worry or a setback that they themselves had to overcome in their fucking lives because everything is served on a gold plate by no less pathetic beta orbiters and taxpayer(=MY) dollars

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what the hell is that?

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a kidney with stones, that guy ate too much salt

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well then this is a pointless function :) how does one know if a > b or the both are just equal?)))
besides, all languages I know contain the max function which would tell if the numbers are equal.

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dude what the fuck are you doing, if you ever post an image that despicable I will find you irl and quarter you

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>how does one know if a > b or the both are just equal?
If you want to know that you don't need a god damn function dude.

if(a > b)
if(a < b)
if(a == b)

>besides, all languages I know contain the max function which would tell if the numbers are equal.

max() has always in ANY language always returned the larger of two values. It is not there to tell you IF a is larger than b, or if b is larger than a, or if they are equal. It is there to get the larger of two numbers and that's what it has always been.

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>god is dope
Could be redpilled

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>using operators directly
>not abstracting them out to functions
how the fuck else are you going to unit test them dipshit?

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10 minutes of googling says it's from a guy who are too much calcium, specifically a certain type of tofu

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and yet she made more than any Google engineer last year just from here kode with klossy business :^)

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salt would be high blood pressure
kidney stones are from calcium, phosphates, oxalates.
something this bad is probably genetic or some freak change of metabolism

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being a fat looser

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What's her CoC?

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i actually went to the flatiron school before kloss was there

ask me anything

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Not cool

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Is she good at any of that stuff though?

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jerking off to her, and crying myself to sleep at night from terminal autism.
that, and hoovering up all of swifties cocaine is why taylor swift threw her ass to the curb. the wall hits em all.
I'll pay for the gas and the ammo. shit is repugnant as fuck.

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Who allows this to happen? She's straight up cheatig poor tech illitertech people. People that do not understand jack shit tend to think highly about themselves. If I cook half assed meal for myself does this mean I'm already a chief? Bet nobody wants to see photos of my fucked up burger on the the social media. Editing some text and writing baby tier scripts that require sub 2 digit iq and 5 minutes of learning somehow does make woman a programmer. Deamn now I'm fuckin triggered, I'd sue that fucin cheat if I would have lived in america.

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Christians were the real sjws, you loutish mongoloid.

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I'm earning my way through life through meritocracy. Something that women do not do.

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This kek

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You niggers gotta relax. She's just trying to destigmatize STEM stuff to her audience of little girls.

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What the hell is going on on this board?

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> What are you doing with your life?
managing not to get engaged to a kushner?

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What's the stigma? Writing code? Studying for long hours? Having a passion for your craft?

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kek, she's none of those things, she's just a woman.

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Shaawquanda thinls shes a programmer because she knows HTML and some CSS. Stupid monkey

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Staring at monitors, reading books and learning math alone to spend your working years alone staring at monitors 8+ hours a day.

>tl;dr it's not stigma, it's against (neurotypical) human nature

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mom saved

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trying to get in her pants

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>I'll pay for the gas
Relevant because she is a Jew.

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>ghc stickers
>HTML and some CSS

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Who is she?

Can't see it's for 2040? When you'll just speak the way interface looks like at the AI woman will be dominant coders and all they do is setting up stuff by boiler plates man left before they all went to mars because feminist movement claimed dominance on earth.

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If I had good looks I would literally be the smartest person on earth right now, people jst push me down cause im ugly and 10 year depression has made me retarded

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Maybe because you ware narcistic & ugly, that's different than just being ugly.

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>Master Programmer
No, she's just a programmer. A jack of all trades is a master of none.

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>if(a > b && b < a)

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I work in a wastewater treatment plant, the pay is good, theres plenty of job offers because people dont like it and is only stresfull in rainy season

I like clean water, clean water is my best friend

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I'm a Megamodel, Extrapreneur, Professor, Ultra Master Programmer and SO much more...

What are YOU(OP) doing with your life?

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Mother fuck

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Absolutely disgusting poser shit. Why do people even stick this crap on their laptops with every language they've ever written hello world on, making it look like a christmas tree?

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same happened to me INSERT_GENDER_HERE are just better at coding than white men

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You sure showed him, phoneposter.

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Not to mention resale value if they discolor the case

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She didn't program her site it's made in wix

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she's too smart to do anything

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good thing beauty is subjective then

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and yet hasnt created a single thing I use. so, how does she get paid? another dumb if you cant do, teach, cunt.

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Struggling with crippling mental illness that no one takes seriously.

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the future is goblina

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fapping to her pictures

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Klossy this is to hard, lets talk about wallpapers

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Has she programmed a single thing or does she just copy paste program tutorial guides from Youtube and passes them as her own?

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Oh is this a sticker thread? I'll raise you one.

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Fuck you

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Dots for bar?

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Based Karlie. None of you nerds will ever be as successful or hardworking as her. She is relentless.

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I thought when you get kidney stones, you only get like 2 or 3. Fuck.

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>black girls code

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I believe this culture is being pushed just to create cheaper programmers.

If women are working in a field that is dominated by men, then most probably it is the men that will be paid more.

But once women are paid less, they will demand for equal pay.

And the best way to provide equal pay for women is to diminish the men's payment.

Women in the workplace is just a plot to make labor cheaper. You can easily pay man less as long as they don't get paid less than a woman.

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you are a fucking idiot.

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Subtle. I like it

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Maybe. But I daresay I dare.

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Is he wrong though?

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>what are you doing with your life

Nothing important

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Who could be behind this post?

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It isnt even that bad anon

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Not a supermodel, at least in my eyes.

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Shitposting old copypastes and memes on 4chan.

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>Needing anything more than HTML+CSS
God, these fucking zoomers

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what human cut is this? asking for a friend.

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Imagine if you be went to the beach with her she just swallowed some seawater and it acted as a laxative and she had anal leakage. Haha. And she asked you to put sunscreen on her. And you put it on her butt and it mixed with the leakage. Haha. Imagine the smell. That would be crazy dude haha

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Why did I open it

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fuck you

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working class labor. doing what needs to be done. fated to die on the street due to inadequate health coervage. will likely be maimed on the job site. poor as fuck while i maintain the infrastructure which allows you to remain cozy as i struggle and burn. etc. etc.

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working class labor. doing what needs to be done. fated to die on the street due to inadequate health coervage. will likely be maimed on the job site. poor as fuck while i maintain the infrastructure which allows you to remain cozy as i struggle and burn. etc. etc.

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look, I dunno about this person but I have noticed there is this entire new class of people that will enter a field they knowing about, pick some unique-looking terminology from that field and just kind of throw it around until they can find an expert that is dumb enough to let them mooch off their ideas.. watch out!

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Realest post in the thread

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She's a product and nothing else.
I am not.

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Fuck u man

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