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Why do intel processors consume so much power compared to AMD ones despite having fewer cores? I was somewhat impressed by the i7-8700K FPS in games but then noticed it consumes ~50% more power than an 8-core 2700X AMD. Why is that so?

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Ryzen is simply more efficient at lower clock speeds. Intel hits high clock speeds to get those FPS, but due to the log nature of power consumption to clock speed, it ends up being a power hog. On the other hand it's difficult, if not impossible to hit those clocks on Ryzen.

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>Another avx bench to show power consumption when amd doesnt even support avx512

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power consumption doesn't matter.

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because those workloads belong on a gpu.

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Because intel implementation of AVX2 using 256 bit blocks is much more efficient than Ryzen's. Despite drawing 50% more power, it performs calculations more than 50% faster.

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Then stop posting them

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The 8700K doesn't support AVX-512 either, you stupid piece of shit.

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But why isn't that balanced out by having less cores. This is very worrying especially since intel's 2 core i3s consume more than AMD's older 8-core zens. That's batfuck insane.

3.7 GHz 8c16t R7 1700: ~85W
3.9 GHz 2c4t i3 7100: ~91W

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its because they do more shit at the same time.

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>But why isn't that balanced out by having less cores

>Because intel implementation of AVX2 using 256 bit blocks is much more efficient than Ryzen's. Despite drawing 50% more power, it performs calculations more than 50% faster.

TLDR 1 Intel core performs the work of 2 Ryzen cores when AVX2 workloads are concerned for 150% of power of 1 Ryzen core.

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That's fucking crazy man, I was expecting intel's dual-cores to be like 35W max at 4 GHz by now.

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You can make a 8700k consume 35w tops by undervolting and underclocking.

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That still honestly doesn't explain how 2 intel cores consume more power than 8 fucking AMD ones at similar clocks. What the fuck is a dual-core i3 doing with 91W of power?

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What matters is performance by watt. If it's better, then what's bothering you?

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22nm vs 7nm

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You measure performance per watt. Not watts per core. Idiots

Prime95 causes higher power consumption on intel but it also calculates the numbers faster

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Well it just doesn't add up is all. AMD has done some black magic grade shit to use less power than intel's i3s while giving you moar coars.

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>35w tops by undervolting and underclocking
yeah just underclock it to 2ghz, amd btfo

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It's quad core @ 4.0Ghz, dude

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Around 3 ghz rather. Does AMD have 6 core CPUs that can clock as high whilst remaining under 35w? Thought so. At least they're cheap.

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specsheat says otherwise, 2 physical cores with 4 logical threads


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Agner Fog already explained Zen core is aggressive at saving power due to its architectural design

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Under 100% load? Did AMD discover free energy?

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proof of 8700k doing that?

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Intel architecture is fucking garbage, there's your answer. Intelfags are in denial.

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No, Zen core is smaller than Intel core, but the core has a bigger cache compared to Intel's.

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But neither do current i7s, what's your point?

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Anon this has always been the case. More, simpler cores on the same die space as fewer, more complex cores tends to use less power and dissipate less heat.

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Moar coars but less pearformenz

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The Ryzen is saving power quite aggressively. Unused units are clock gated, and the clock frequency is varying quite dramatically with the workload and the temperature. In my tests, I often saw a clock frequency as low as 8% of the nominal frequency in cases where disk access was the limiting factor, while the clock frequency could be as high as 114% of the nominal frequency after a very long sequence of CPU-intensive code.

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1. Power doesn't scale linearly. Intel pushes their CPUs to the limits since kaby lake, they are basically shipping overclocked and operate well beyond specified TDP. AMD operates closer to optimal perf/power point.
2. Spare cores don't consume much power if they are not used (and games don't usually scale past 2-4 threads).

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lmao you just played yourself because that graph shows an avx-512©®™ chip and it's drawing 230 FUCKING WATTS.

10c20t @ 4.5 GHz i7-7900X: 230W
16c32t @ 4 GHz TR 1950X: just 180W

Jesus christ intel, what the FUCK are you doing?

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lmao you wish, at 2.4GHz Intel already consumes 35W

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Really? Because even in gaming it seems to curb stomp 90% of intel chips out there.

>inb4 720p benchmarks

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>intel's avx2 implementation is more efficient because it is a bigger number than AMD.
You absolute mongoloid. How many times do I have to point out that zen combines two avx instr for single cycle 256 while being more efficient than intel due to better utulisation

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You might ask why, then, are GPUs so power hungry but GPUs have Xbox hueg processors.

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Knowing intel that 35W TDP means at least 45W real world power consumption.

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Ryzen 2700u consumes roughly 15W at 2.2GHz

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Only the 7900x and 7800x variant has AVX512.

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Meanwhile incel is putting avx-512 housefires on their coffinlake CPUs. Dis gon be gud!

>"Cannon Lake CPUs are the first mainstream CPUs to include theAVX-512instruction set."


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Yeah, its going to be epyc :^)

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Yeah why doesn't AMD support housefire MEME-512?

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BASED 2200g

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>Cannon Lake
actual dual-core abortions

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>originally got i3's with like 30W TDP
>even the i7 3770 is 77W
>Intel regressed SO HARD an i3 is now >90W
God damnit. No wonder they're shilling improved wifi or instruction sets nobody uses. Can't wait until new laptops are delayed because the chipsets don't support USB 3.1 or SATA III or some shit

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will cannon lake be 22nm
idgaf as im swiching to amd

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Isn't that the reason why i9s use 300-500W of juice?

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Another autistic intelshitter thinking the 8700k has avx512

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>R7 2700X OC 4.2 GHz losing against a tiny i3 at 4.0GHz.

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Try harder.

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How insane is 64 core Rome going to be?

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40k+ easy.

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