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what went wrong

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Nothing. Firefox has been my main browser since 2007.

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it didn't
normies are too stupid to appreciate it

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doge was just a 1 week meme that normies rode into the ground like they do with everything

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There's no competition making Firefox de facto the best browser, which stagnates it's development.

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In 2014 they fired their CEO for having a negative opinion on gay marriage, confirming that it has been run by CIA leftist Jews ever since then.

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>they fired their CEO
He resigned because SJWs (not Mozilla) were going to boycott Mozilla. Basically, the autistic community is to blame and not the devs.

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They changed focus from engineering to marketing.

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Doge ia legit a better meme than Wojak and Pepe right now. Nothing approaches the level of cancer that are Wojak and Pepe right now.

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>CIA Jews

choose one

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Yeah, right

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Nothing major yet with the browser itself, just Mozilla slowly ruining it as time goes on. You'd most likely be using a spin right now otherwise but only a handful are proper or aren't put off by Quantum.

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people like you postin shit like that.

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Woman. Specifically woman who have little to no skill as it relates to a web browser and instead are hired for diversity quotas and put in charge.

Its like that episode of spongebob where mr krabs put pearl in charge of the krusty krab to attract hip new customers

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It's basically the new IE
slowly rotting away

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PC over programming, also females
just like everywhere in the west

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me: nothing
/g/: glowers

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It's ironic because every version gets dumper and dumper.

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SJW, diversity, Marxist bullshit...ya know the usual bullshit that ruins everything good.

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>CIA Jews
Choose both.

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your daddy one day decided to shoot his spunk into your mom and generate a little whiny faggot like you.
that's what went wrong

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>muh sjw
>muh diversity
>muh joos
>muh cultural marxism
you guys should really stick to pol
that's where you belong

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>muh pol
you should really stick to reddit
that's where you belong

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No Mime Download Manager

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>go back to /pol you haters

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I'd say these two are accurate. I still use firefox because I avoid Google and Microsoft when possible but I haven't really like many of their updates, especially the tab page with news articles/most visited sites and whatever "pocket" is. Other than that at one point it actually ran pretty slow but they seemed to have fixed that up a bit.

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