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What approach did you to take to learn programming?

I find myself going really really slow through concepts until I understand them very well, but I have a dumb habit of watching a 30 minute video and then forgetting all the concepts, if I don't write everything manually down and then go through it again.

Is this just something a beginner should do or is it also normal later as your knowladge grows?

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Why you dont read documentation? I watch courses myself, but programmers here tell me, that if i dont learn from documentation and doing something with trial and error - i will never be programmer and i should kill myself

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Anon is not about remembering concepts but rather understanding their logic. If you are beginner I would suggest to draw a flow chart for your programs. Also >>67784989.

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But yes, you have to practice. You're not going to just master or memorize logic immediately. Everyone has to refer to the documentation unless they've been making the same shit for years. I remember having to take an intro Python course in college and even the final was open book.

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Reminds me of a tool lyric:

>Staring down the hole again.
Hands are on my back again.
Surviving is my only friend.
Terrified of what may come.

>Just remember I will always love you,
As I claw your fucking throat away.
It will end no other way.
It will end no other way.

Anyway you gotta push past suicidal feelings and remind yourself to keep going. Because even if you don't kill yourself, feeding the desire to do so pulls you into a black hole of unending despair that eats you from the inside out. It turns into a thing you love do that can only hurt you.

tl;dr hang in there you fucking pussy

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Think of something you want to make and figure out the pieces as you go along. Your first programs will be shit, but you'll get better in time.

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Here you go baby
Suck on those tits

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thats nice motivational piece, you should get payed for that

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sad to say but most of my skills were gather in my mid teens when doing tutorials.

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Money's worthless to me. Anyway good luck anon, grind hard toward a better future but don't forget the things that matter to you. No use making 6 figures when you have nothing to live or die for.

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can't say, im only retaining the information because i need it for a grade. maybe an online course with deadlines would help?

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This is what I've been doing, just going through the docs while I work on my project, though some concepts aren't really explained in depth in the docs, and so I use google and /g/

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My pattern seems to be
>try to make something slightly out of my league
>can't figure it out
>give up for a month
>try again
>somehow everything magically makes sense this time
Don't ask me to explain how it works.

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>make a roadmap of all the things I want to learn long term
>knock them off 1 by 1
>figure out what I want to learn in the next few months (eg. algorithms, a language)
>learn it online with udemy or some other kind of course/intro
>read docs, google stuff.
>if it's something I know i'll want in the future I play around with it and write down some stuff in notes
>every time I learn something new, write it down in notes in plain english
>repeat for like a month or two of "learning" time, often making things while learning because most things make you build things anyway.
>try to build something alone with what I've learned, that is more advanced than what I currently know
>end up getting stuck for a while, but my projects usually take like 2-3 weeks
>learn a lot just by making things and putting what i've learned into practice
>learn new things while encountering how to get around a problem I discover randomly
>repeat, taking in knowledge like a whale eating thousands of little fish

Pro tips:
Don't fall for too many memes, sure haskell/clojure/elixir is 'cool' but is that a realistic option for you right now? Probably not. And there sure as shit aren't many jobs for those niche things.

Ignore anyone who says things like "python sucks" "javascript is bad" etc, these kinds of people are toxic retards that often LARP their way through life acting high and mighty despite not having a fucking clue what they are talking about.

Make friends and talk with people who are senior devs, try to find people NOT in programming discords, but people who program that are in other discords/communities whatever, they'll be much more likely to talk to you there because it's more relaxed and you can make friends with them on a common interest, not just "hey i'm a fucking retard please teach me" kind of relationship. You don't have to be buddy-buddy with them or anything, but if you @them and ask a question and they answer, you can learn a lot super fast.

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thats because you learn programming by solving problem

not by making responsive web pages from youtube videos

just stop wasting your time and get a job as a construction worker

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>want to learn how to implement X
>find tutorial on how to implement X
>finish tutorial, make sure example code works
>re-implement X myself from scratch while reading documentation for APIs used in example code

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I often solve problems when I step away from the computer and do something outside.

Like, I'm not thinking about the problem as code anymore. I'm more aware of the big picture.

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