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what went wrong

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Doesn't have a proper sandbox
Webext inferior to Xul
NoScript and uMatrix can no longer block JavaScript
4gb of ram with 3 tabs open

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the fuck are you smoking?

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partnership with (((google)))

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4gb of ram is a slight exaggeration but everything is a fact. Firefox 52 ESR was the last good release.

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catering to chinks

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This whole post is bullshit.

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No, you're retarded. uMatrix blocks js, Webext can be argued that its more stable (doesnt break on every minor update) and more secure. Firefox also has sandboxing.

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Firefox Quantum doesn't allow JS to be disabled by add-ons. NoScript and uMatrix only block it.

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>NoScript and uMatrix can no longer block JavaScript
By the way it's the same fucking thing, troll.

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Except it's not, do some research sweetie.

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Higher dubs of truth

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Linux is next

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agencies not happy with Eich because of this:


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im actually liking the current startpage now that you can customise links on it. as soon as they let you hide that "top sites" button and the pin icon, as well as change the background it will be perfect.

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>hide that "top sites" button
You mean by unchecking the box?

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probably can do that with userchrome.css

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Yeah I'm actually fairly content with it like this too. Mine's the same, just without the search bar since I found it redundant.

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I'm guessing he needs the top sites function to pin sites but just don't want the "top sites" title to show.

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I'd say it's a bit high with 3 tabs but nothing as close to chrome.

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>NoScript and uMatrix can no longer block JavaScript
Got any github link for this issue?

>4gb of ram with 3 tabs open
I usually have more than 3 tabs open and ram usage is less than 1gb

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no, the button that says "top sites" not the top sites themselves

im pretty sure you cant use custom css for the mainpage without a plugin. that plugin also breaks the titlebar

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just use waterfox desu

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Firefox literally runs on my 1gb ram x41 and used around 600mb with 3-4 tabs

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memory leaks out the ass, i overall prefer FF as a browser but i had to switch to Chromium because holy shit, even with 5 tabs this fucker would eventually eat up ALL of my memory for no reason whatsoever.

also, horrid hardware acceleration that is very inconsistent across platforms.

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That's funny, I have north of a hundred tabs open and it consumes around 1.2G.
Also javascript is blocked just fine.
It's almost as if you're full of shit, anon.

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the issue is that FF is very inconsistent across different PCs, there are numerous reports of bad memory leaks and have been since Quantum was released. whatever the issue is, Mozilla has yet to fix it. if you don't have the problem that's great, i envy you, because i prefer FF, but it's unfortunately unusable to me now

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letting trannies and femoids onto the team

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It is the Next version of Netscape made after Netscape failed and they were bought by AOL.

The AOL Netscape browser was doomed from the start.

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It would have been nice if they had even made an attempt at making webext somewhat comparable in functionality to XUL.

Instead, most of the addons that were huge draws to Firefox are fucking dead because Mozilla are fucking braindead morons that can't focus on the big addons like DTA and TMP and spend most of their time working on fucking theming.

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Isn't firefox pretty good at handling tons of tabs being open, nowadays? I wouldn't know though, I've been using google cuck for years

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Yeah, it's a lot more stable now, too.

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I had several hundred tabs open and it used to take 6+ minutes for firefox to become useable after executing. despite this, it only loaded the tabs from memory I clicked on. a few days ago I fixed middle click on my mouse and deleted them all, now it loads fine with <10 tabs.

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The CIA took it over a long ass time ago under the guise of a leftist culture change.

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it went a bit better with the speed and worse with the lack of addons so it's basically the same

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I don't know, but after more than enough segfaults for unknown reasons, and they dropping support for ALSA I don't give a shit anymore.
Chromium for code artisan related stuff, qutebrowser for everything else.

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Nothing. It's great. There are a bunch of anti Firefox shills on /g/ tho.

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No money, yet being a commercial entity.

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> dropping support for freetard shit
Based Mozilla.

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They fired the guy that wrote Mozilla and Javascript and then they started posting videos of a guy recording a tranny clothes shopping with his phone to demonstrate that they were privacy oriented.

When that didn't fly so well they took it down and put up some shit with a macbook and a cat.

Nobody liked that either so they stopped putting videos on the new tab page.

Then they started posting rainbow comfy socks and pony shit but nobody liked that either.

Then they posted donation begging shit and nobody liked that either.

Now they have a a page full of pocket ads like buzzfeed and twillo shit.

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Didn’t he leave on his own?

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Ever increasing bloat. Also the competion is equal levels of shit so there is literally no good alternatives.

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No, he was forced out, hostile takeover by SJW.

Almost immediately after he left they went full retard and were posting videos with trannys and changed the main mozilla page to be super "diverse".

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>SFW boogieman
Go ahead, make yourself look like a retard to reasonable people.

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how would you describe what happened?

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>they started posting videos of a guy recording a tranny clothes shopping with his phone to demonstrate that they were privacy oriented.


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>look like a retard to reasonable people.
You mean libtard tranny apologists.

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Right after Eich left and all the shitty news outlets like buzzfeed and verge were proclaiming victory for LGBTQ Mozilla started a campaign about privacy, starring a tranny shopping in a store, a CIS white guy goes up to one of the stores glass windows and starts filming the tranny with his cellphone, ostensibly harassing him (her) or some shit. They pan back to the tranny who notices he (she) is being filmed and starts making an angry disgusted face.

Literally couldn't make this shit up, they had the video full page on the browser welcome window on install for at least a day maybe two.

Then they took it down and replaced it with some weird macbook video with a cat.

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I didn't save the video or some of the really gross shit but I do have a few from around that time.

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I do and not sure if it's Waterfox related but I have like 15 tabs open and it leaks memory like crazy. It got up to 8gigs in half a day, I constantly have to restart the browser because it becomes unusable after a period of time.
Guess I'll have to bite the bullet and go back to Firefox, or maybe this is an issue with my old bloated profile, I only have like 3 addons though.

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At this point, I'm wondering why nobody has stepped up to replace Firefox as the de-facto "I like privacy and open source" browser that's still capable of functioning in 2018

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Mozilla and Google mostly.

Don't they realize people stayed with them, because they didn't want all that Google bullshit in Chrome/ium?
Watch out, next they will also drop www,m,mobile,http:// and https://.
>LIterally killing the web.

The webextension-only move was a major fuck-up, but even worse is shit like Pocket.
15 years ago I would have blindly trusted the default configuration of Firebird.
These days you need to go through long check-lists to make sure you have forgotten about nothing, including hidden settings, and even then the next update may ruin all your efforts in a blink. Fuck Mozilla.

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it's the normies that went wrong

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The modern web is completely incompatible with privacy. You either support the web and ruin your privacy, or you break most websites.

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>tfw I'm still using version 56 because the update sucked balls
How's the browser nowadays? Am I missing anything?

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it isn't

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It's a browser you literally cannot set a custom local page with css as your newtab
And they refuse to fix it because then they will no longer be able to collect data from about:newtab
Oh yeah and addons can't block ads or js from about:pages

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This, pretty much. In 21 century Internet is everything but free. However people that were born to it just never learned to question what is underneath it. They just rush into it like a toddler to a heavy traffic, being hit without even suspecting it.
Complete privacy is not really achievable, but a moderation can keep you harmless.
tldr It's not about browser, but your personal browsing habbits.

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Firefox would be in the position to force a positive change, but they aren't doing it. They embrace the fundamental brokenness of the web and try to profit from it.

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Quads of thruth

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maybe someone will need this.
works in waterfox and esr

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forced telemetry

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>shows tabs
>they're not meme tabs
why live?

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>NoScript and uMatrix can no longer block JavaScript
The fuck?

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That explains the sudden change of branding.

>> No.67738310

>no dark theme
Honestly that's the only thing that prevents me from using it.

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Waterfox is indeed not that great with managing memory.
You don't need to restart the browser. You need to open about:memory and click memory minimization. You can have your task manager open to monitor the amount of RAM it uses at any given time.
You may also install the addon Free Memory 2.0 which allows you to minimize memory without having to open the page.

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go back to your containment board

>> No.67738389

Because retards don't take forks seriously.
IceCat and Waterfox are what you need for the time being. Not perfect, but every other "solution" is objectively worse if you're used to old Firefox at its greatest extent.

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>All download links currently also point to AMO, an independent repository is under way.
So it's useless right now.
I hope they realize they have less than 2 weeks to make this work.

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I still hate the fact that all of my bookmarks were gone from my firefox account. That happened after I fresh installed my firefox to quantum.
Fuck them.

>> No.67738672

Sitting back for nine fucking years without making any significant improvements and letting Jewgle to take over the browser market in the meanwhile.

>> No.67738761

These days my definition of privacy from "being away from privy eyes" to just preventing random people making out a profile of me agree googling my name.

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>it only loaded the tabs from memory I clicked on.
You can make it load all tabs at once with a setting in about:config

>> No.67738941

That's kinda pointless since they demonstrate that they can stealthily install whatever the fuck they want, even if they know it goes against your explicitly expressed wishes (you turn off telemetry and they send you telemetry anyway). Just because for this one particular payload there is a hidden option to disable it doesn't mean that there are no other payloads that no one knows about yet.

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Dev channel has dark theme

And chrome extension support

>> No.67738966

Horseshit: The Post.

>> No.67739000

Except all this stuff is documented retard.

>> No.67739034

If I document it and then shoot a bullet through your head would that be all right?

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What browser for Windows is good now?

>> No.67739830

unironically chrome

>> No.67739901

unironically firefox

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fuck off kike

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Are you really suggesting that everyone reads that obscure crap? There are hundreds of new entries daily on bugzilla, even if you go there on a daily basis there are small chances you'd stumble across that particular post. Sure, now after the fact everyone knows about it, but prior to that? With no warning? I kind of doubt.

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Literally nothing

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Chrome is fucking spying shit. Download Firefox, install uBlock Origin, https everywhere and disable Google.
Firefox is just fine. Everything is better than google Chrome. Fuck Google

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Opera with +70 tabs less than 1gb ram
Firefox with 25 tab 2gb ram
>what went wrong?
You know what went wrong

>> No.67743015

For what purpose would you even need more than max 10 tabs, you turboautist?

>> No.67743142

Games download pages
4chan pages
Music pages
Wallpapers pages
Random search pages
Importing shit from chrome to uninstall it
And many other things

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I'll go with dubs guy on this one.

>> No.67745098

I feel like in my bones this is actually what happened, but no one has presented a reasonable timeline of why and how this all occurred.

Mozilla was always good, and there's no specific reason they completely decided to slack off that I can find.

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>not loading everything into ram for super speed
Fucking techlet gtfo this board

>> No.67747153

>5gb cache
The fuck you deal with????

>> No.67747184

You know is the truth, bitch

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Try about 25 tabs for 4gb. Irritating as that is, by the time I've got that much open, it is time to fucking stop and rethink my research procedure.

>> No.67747634

Rethink your life choices XD

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i pretty much only avoided upgrading because of some addons i couldn't find suitable alternatives for, used esr until they fucked it to quantum also.
now checking out waterfox which seems pretty comfy, basically FF 56 with security updates it seems

>> No.67748342

Waterfox is Quantum ESR too.

>> No.67748363

Beyond any doubt the problem is the mozilla foundation itself.

>> No.67748419

Every time I read the word "broken" in relation to web privacy I know I can safely substitute "I'm too fucking stupid to selectively block requests".

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>> No.67748593

Fuck sjwfox. Use brave

>> No.67748646

Try 1000+ tabs...
Oh wait, only waterfox can hope to handle that :^)

>> No.67748691

that depends on a lot of factors.
for all web 2.0 pages---sure, maybe.

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>Firefox 52 ESR was the last good release.

Agreeing with you on that one.
Where are you now?

>> No.67750739

Show me a Quantum equivalent to this: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/dnssec-validator/

I mean, it's been around a year.

>> No.67751236

Not all the bugs or lack of addons?

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based, most vulnerabilities are coming from web-monkeys, so regularly update NoScript "classic"

>> No.67751547

What the fuck are you talking about? Also *truth.

>> No.67751582

seems like the best browser out there, I need to finally ditch chrome

>> No.67751727

>t. tranny kike

>> No.67751735

unironically checked

>> No.67751771

Equivalent? I can show you the exact same add-on as WebExtension:

If you like it so much porting is easy.
It just seems no one really cares.

>> No.67751800

>Opera with +70 tabs less than 1gb ram
screenshot or btfo

>> No.67751848

Fucking everything. They have literally had a negative marketshare every year since Eich "left", that was like 2014.
All they do now is waste money AND implement things that the community have openly been against, while simultaneously breaking other components.

>actual thousands of dollars to replace the word "slave"
>UI redesign nobody wanted
>dropping xul
>UI redesign nobody wanted again
>what if we re-wrote it in Rust, our unfinished, non stable language
>spending more time designing logos and trying to reach out to minorities
>UI redesign nobody wanted again
There's no progress being made anywhere, while they activley break things, and piss all their money away on outreach and logos. What the actual fuck.

>> No.67751880

Where do you think we are?

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File: 1.45 MB, 3840x1080, 2018-09-23_13-03-22.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not even close faggot.

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I don't know about you, but if i go on a site with js, and umatrix enabled js does not work :P

>> No.67751947

Chromium completely fucked it over.

>> No.67752049

I almost don't give a damn about the fucking UI.
I simply don't want my browser to constantly stab me in the back.

>> No.67752275

I only care when it breaks something I use, which is everything, always.

I can't remember them now but there was several times I had to reinvent my workflow because some extension no longer worked properly and the dev didn't or couldn't update it.
The current extension for me is fucking tree style tabs. I cannot live without it and now it's fucking huge, hard to customize properly, and flatout hasn't even worked properly since webextensions were mandatory.

The entire point of using Firefox for me was to make it my own browser, however I want. And version after version they have chipped away at this and shoehorned me into the out of the box configuration, which is fucking unproductive dogshit. And there's no alternative to jump ship to unless you want to rely on third party forks that could vanish overnight because they can't keep up with patches of their own or backporting.

I'm so fucking frustrated with the entire state of browsers right now. I never would have imagined that in the age of the internet, with patches and shit being the norm, software would get worse, not better.

>> No.67752384

It's mandated by the mozilla leadership, not development methodology.

>> No.67752412

>he browses MAL

>> No.67752419

The strength of men failed

>> No.67752626

Chrome but only if you dgaf about being spied on

>> No.67752627

It's 2018, the golden age of internet (at least technology wise), and we don't have a single good browser. Just let that sink in for a moment. It's fucking infuriating.

>> No.67752656

unironically chrome

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File: 148 KB, 730x1011, 1345302534250.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is your opinion on Kagami "Kagamin" Hiiragi? Do you like what you see?

>> No.67752689

Considering that support for legacy extensions just stopped, and even the Waterfox wants to upgrade to Quantum eventually, should I just give up now and update from 56? Can anyone actually using Quantum right now tell me the pros and cons of it right now?

>> No.67752691

Unironically kill yourself. Chrome for Windows goes beyond botnet. It won't let you install your own extensions, it scans all files on your PC, and all the usual Google's spying of course. And Chromium for Windows doesn't have proprietary codecs. Chromium forks are the only option on for Windows.

>> No.67752698

And a more decentralized, p2p web is around the corner.
We're going to have the most resilient and fastest network yet. This is that fucking TV joke all over again.
>in the future they'll have a million TV channels but there'll be nothing to watch
>in the future they'll have a million web sites and services, but no web browser to use
I'm already mad, and continue to be mad.

What even the point of improving the network at this point.

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people started taking the purple haired retards seriously

>> No.67752722

fire competent devs for being inclusive

>> No.67752783

Catering to feminists mostly

>> No.67752831

but does it really matter anymore if you are already using w10 which is botnet too

>> No.67752837

secretly funded antifa and other lefty degeneration.

>> No.67752939


Holy fuck he's right

>> No.67754198

>using yet another telemetry/spy addon/service to see how many users have "disabled" telemetry
current mozilla is fucking pathetic
just die already

>> No.67754587
File: 35 KB, 617x602, 74893d5c0c1f12199b17dcff1276ca3b63109a32b26d82c9535c68e1a9d469f7_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same thing that happened to Linux recently. Until people take a stand against them, you can expect them to pretty much ruin everything on the internet.

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Go back to /pol/

>> No.67756103

>t. buzzfeed reader

>> No.67756210

>content settings
>>blocked on sites that tend to show intrusive ads (reccomended)
>turned off
>no sites added
What is this? Since when did Google introduce their own adblocker?

>> No.67756484

It's just a guise to only allow their own.

>> No.67756697

>8gb ram

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