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>2009, Windows XP
>1.7ghz single core processor
>1gb of ram
>play 12 tabs of youtubes simultaneously without issue, while streaming a game

>2018, Windows 10
>3.2ghz quad core
>4gb of ram
>can only play 4 youtubes simultaneously
>forget playing a game or streaming

dude i fucking love technology!
Thank you CIA niggers!
If only everyone else had the bravery to live by the mantra of 0 steps forward, 1 step back!

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I'd love to see that mythical 2009 machine.

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it isn't the cia niggers, it's javascript
cia niggers were in XP too, but at a lower tier.

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>4gb of ram
found your problem

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Everything used to work just fine in the old days when nothing above 4GB was supported. Oh but now that its virtually unlimited, fuck everyone on earth here's 3GB of an internet browser and 1GB of an OS GUI.

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>Windows 10

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I don't know what happened man. Windows XP was fucking based. Does anyone have the pic of it using 64mb of ram? kek
>implying modern linux distros are any better
Windows XP was 10 times better than any current junk.
>inb4 upgrade your hardware
I already have, but everything is cucked to hell and back and not only in speed.

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Windows 7 is supported until 2026 and runs superbly on modern hardware.

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Browsers have just been turned into JS engines for fuckhuge JS libraries that do whatever bloaty garbage that the pajeets smash together from stackoverflow. If only there was a way, instead of downloading 5MB of JS from a site when you visit it, to preload a browser with a set of instructions. This way you could standardise the library and have a more efficient way of rendering!

Oh wait


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Man I don't know how Microsoft are so out of tuch to think that 10 is in any way better than 7
Just fucking boggles the mind

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Bloated shit.
And also everything has gone to shit not just the OS.

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>only 4 cores
how poor are you, exactly?

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>I'm mad that advancing technology requires higher specs for higher performance

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>advancing technology
Software has gotten worse.

>higher performance
Software now is lower performance. Just over the last week Google added a obfuscated JS player on YouTube. The new Gmail client is incredibly slow and uses 100% CPU.

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fuck off, frogposter

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>Windows 7 is supported until 2026
Have fun getting updates after 2021 (and that's only if the Embedded hack actually works again, which doesn't seem to be the case so far).

Oh, and have fun only buying used hardware after 2020 too.

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That's mostly youtube's fault.

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>advancing technology
>literally taking more resources to do the same shit
that's not advancement, that's what happens when you have lazy and incompetent software devs. sadly, the entire tech field is saturated with them

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The changes to g ail are fucking abhorrent. Git a message it was changing again in a couple weeks too

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I'm not looking to upgrade any time soon: >>67671689
My next PC will probably be dual Broadwell-based Xeons anyway.
Enterprise is supported until 2023 and Embedded (which is a modular Ultimate/Enterprise) until 2026. Updates are interchangeable.

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>128GB RAM
I knew women were stupid but holy shit femanon

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>Enterprise is supported until 2023 and Embedded (which is a modular Ultimate/Enterprise) until 2026. Updates are interchangeable.
Do you not understand that you will not be able to GET those updates?
They will be distributed to a closed list of companies. The general public might have access to the occasional leak at the very most - which is useless because it would cover only the updates up to that point at best (by which time they'd likely be outdated anyways).
XP and POS 2009 was a fluke that Microsoft has figured out how not to repeat.

And by the way, I have no idea what you're talking about with that 2026 date. The longest PAID support Microsoft has announced is until 2023. There are no versions of 7 with support later than that that I can find, feel free to share links if you think I'm wrong though.

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Are you Xenolithic from Freenode?

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2026 for WES. You will be able to get them, just like on XP.

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That's not Skylake, that's Broadwrll-E.

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No, never heard of.

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>still frogposting
oh nononono, look at this dude

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WES 7 support ends in 2020. And XP's updates are public, 7's updates will be PRIVATE.

tl;dr: you have no idea what you're talking about.

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WES and WEC are supported until 2026.

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Maximum is 2023, for Windows 8 bases only.

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