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*prevails over the bigots*

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pls someone ship him to saudi arabia

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Neck yourself.

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chill man

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low iq post!

remove this or I will report you to the moderator on duty

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why niggas think he doesnt pass when half the 40 year old women in seattle look just like him

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``code witch lol''

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Yeah, great. Thank you. Keep this on:

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ummm sweety, i can smell your sweaty swastika flags from here

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Their not swastikas, they're manji/卍!
they denote buddhist temples.
Stop being so intolerant of East Asian religions!

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The Alt-Right Incels And The Trannies That Killed Them

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I hate /pol/mutts as well, but this lady belongs on /g/ as long as she interferes with technology. Just like we talk about GPL and other licenses, and just like we talk about corporate politics, this one definitely is as relevant to /g/. I would agree this specific thread is a shitpost though.

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your brainwashed

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Good for her, I don't agree with SJWs but I think they're really a necessary evil, considering the other extremist side is comprised of subhumans incapable of empathy and unhealthily obsessed with race, fascism and other retardation.

If /pol/ and /g/ are butthurt simultaneously. It's a good thing.

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>puss and hair filled neo-vagina

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>I don't agree with SJWs
>the other extremist side is comprised of subhumans incapable of empathy and unhealthily obsessed with race, fascism and other retardation

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SJWs are literally sociopaths who use #diversity as a means to victimize a group of a certain race, orientation, and gender.

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>i'm not a furry but...

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Lmao, that's a grown man wearing lipstick.

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>If /pol/ and /g/ are butthurt simultaneously. It's a good thing.
Actual commie here. I hate these neo-leftist fudge packers just as much as /pol/ and /g/. You can join them in the gulag, fag lover.

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>Actual commie
Day of the rope awaits race traitors like you.

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I agree with liberal values, but i don't care for SJWs and their methodology. Then again i just blindly accept the status quo as being fine and don't see all the hate and intolerance that the SJWs seem to.

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Can't we kill Satan already?

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>agree with liberal values
You're the same.

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Fuck off you dumb bitch, leftism destroys all what was valuable to this community and you think it's bad to question what they're planning

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I mean given his mental disorder this guy can't be too far from suicide anyways, couple people bullying him ought to do the trick. Problem solved.

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Don't you see you are guilty of the exact same "with us or against us" bullshit the SJWs pull. all it serves is to create alienation.

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"De-Transitioning has been the best decision of my life"
Start tweeting this at him

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How tough and edgy you are. How can I learn your ways?

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>subhumans incapable of empathy and unhealthily obsessed with race
maybe stop inviting so many niggers if you hate race supremacists with no empathy

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at least corey has seriously shitty opsec

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not spooky at all....


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But it *is* the bigot. Also literally mentally ill.

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Then show your gratitude anon by sucking the man's dick.

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I think hate and intolerance from part of the SJWs is real to a given degree, but it's quite overblown by the memesters by a large amount.

I'd rather live with mostly liberal-ish people and some SJW fringetards who are quirky, instead of the mouthbreathers who want to invade other countries because the people over there are brown, or because muh god emperor demands it.

There is really no comparison, one side is just a bunch of asshurt white chimps looking to get into a brawl, and the other is just quirky people with a few extremists.

No reasonable person wants to live among niggers, even if said niggers are white.

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I'd rather not have quirky SJW fringetards be in control via defamation.

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The virgin Alt-Right vs the chad tranny

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>instead of the mouthbreathers who want to invade other countries because the people over there are brown

The middle eastern wars were started by Obama and Bush, who love open borders and social justice just like you.

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>instead of the mouthbreathers who want to invade other countries because the people over there are brown
Nationalists want to live in peace in their own country, not start foreign wars. It is the anti-nationalists, like John McCain, who said we should stay in Afghanistan "for 100 years" and want to fight more wars for Israel.

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>the dudes who simultaneously say, 'whites first!!', 'might is right', and 'shitskins are inferior' are actually the peaceful guys
Yeah, I don't think you understand the people you're supporting, fascism and Nazism facilitate the abuse of other groups/countries by those means I outlined above.

You can justify anything if you do the following
1) believe you are superior for being white
2) shill that other people are flawed
3) it's ok to take things from people who are flawed, they don't deserve them anyway

For the nazi/fascist nigger, it's 'conquest' when a white man steals something from a non-white, if a non-white takes something from him, it's plundering and savagery.

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>it's OK when we talk about kike supremacism and inferior gentiles teehee

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You didn't address his point. Instead, you projected what you think he believes onto him. We aren't interested in taking over the world. We're interested in having Norway for Norwegians, Switzerland for the Swiss, Germany for the Germans, Poland for the Poles, Hungary for the Hungarians, just the same as India is for the Indians, China is for the Chinese, and Japan is for the Japanese. Instead, it's cuckolds like you who hate us for wanting normal and productive lives. You open the flood gates for billions of low IQ savages, and deplatform us when we say no.

If you don't fuck off, it's gonna be Auschwitz Part 2: Shitlib Boogaloo. Go live in Somalia or Guatemala with your little brown pets, faggot.

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When a Caucasian and Mongoloid man steal something they build infrastructure and the civilized world.
When a nigger steals something they squander it.
When a transweenie steals something they squander it on a few hundred corrective surgeries and drugs to alleviate the pain and the newly developed addiction to the same drugs.
These are simple observable facts. I'm not sorry that reality is non-compliant to your butthurt delusions.

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I don't like Zionist/zealot Jews for that very same reason, it's no coincidence that the new far right is so closely aligned with Israel, they're basically violent, less succesful, discount jews.

They really did a great job brainwashing the retards on /pol/, now at least half of the board supports israel and zionists because 'muh mosleem butthurt'

>the dumpster fire in the middle east goes only 20 years back
Lmao, the US was influencing and destabilizing the region before these guys were born

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Trannies can't stop putting their CoC in everyone's faces.

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>Germany for the Germans, Poland for the Poles
and that is how WW2 started
where should the borders be, rightful clay etc
nationalists are unwilling to compromise, whence conflicts

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>Lmao, the US was influencing and destabilizing the region before these guys were born
It was done by the people who opened the borders of the USA in 1965 and kept them open.

If you are anti-war, you should be with nationalists. They want to live in peace in their own countries. The globalists want to bomb the world, and then take in the "refugees".

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Whoa, that guy's one of them transformers

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WW2 was started in part because you had Germans living in foreign countries (diversity!). If all Germans had been living in their homelands, you wouldn't have had the push for Lebensraum.

Everyone has a right to a homeland. Europeans have a right to a homeland just like Japan or Israel.

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You are in no position to determine what is squandering and what other people should be doing with their resources, once again you are using your tribal nigger mentality to justify theft very poorly.

Using your reasoning, a smarter or stronger man should be justified to steal your property because you're not utilizing it to the fullest.

But I suppose you don't encourage said behavior between your own people, right? It's only permissible on outer groups because they dared not to share your vision and values.

Thanks for proving my point, white nigger.

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- stop being a worthless dumbfuck
- make your own business/project/startup/fork
- deny all these SJW shits from contaminating your shit
- if there is a Twitter fallout of them seething over it, utilize that fallout as a marketing opportunity to appeal to those who are now aware and anti-SJW's to get them employed instead of SJWs because there is always an opposite side to a coin
- proceed to become profitable as SJW-infested competition loses profitability as they usually do because SJW-ism is all about appropriating and diverting project funding into social justice and political programs rather than the product/service itself

That's the only way you can combat this faggotry. By making your own safe-space which is accomplished and from the get-go defining your business culture as strictly apolitical.
The only remaining problem now is for you to grow a brain and stop being a lazy faggot to pull this off.

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>You are in no position to determine what is squandering
I am in the position as nigger neighborhoods and nigger nations in their states are typical reflection of squandering, while East Asian nations and the Eurasian and North American continents, and even good parts of South America, are reflection of plundered resources being put into good use to build up society.
Not only myself, but history and reality themselves are a position and they are not on your side.
You however are in no position to whine about theft because nature and reality themselves mandate theft as legitimate so long as the person doing it is strong and utilizes the stolen resources properly. It's as such in the animal kingdom, and it's as such in the Human kingdom. Your feelings about this are irrelevant, as are mine, because it's simply reality. Reality won't be changed and can't be changed by some butthurt insignificant sniveling worm like yourself.

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I didn't project anything, all those ideas I expressed are quite common among the far right, also I didn't assume he held the beliefs I outlined, I simply explained the process that takes place when some god emperor fag feels like expanding his territory or gaining some kind of advantage at the expense of others.

>white nigger makes threats while pretending to be peaceful because people don't like nazis or fascists
What a rare sight

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Nothing you've said approximates in any capacity to an argument, including your appeal to nature fallacy about muh stronk ooga booga in da animal kingdom.

If you abide by such rules, then you should have no problem having a pack of brown, white, or any variant of niggers coming into your house and taking your property, as long as they overpower you or outsmart you, it's fair game, they've earned it cuz it's nature.

You either believe that theft is nigger behavior or you don't, anther it happens at a micro or macro scale is irrelevant, both actions are fueled by nigger impulses.

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>actively sabotage things that benefit everyone
raaa me a big man with my girl penus pee hiv aeverywhere raaaaugh arr bow before me and my shriveled nutsack of failed testosterone production

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>Nothing you've said approximates in any capacity to an argument
It's not meant as an argument but a reflection of reality - fact.
>appeal to nature fallacy
Nature doesn't give a fuck about your social constructs. Laws of Nature don't include nor depend on your butthurt ideals and philosophies. Laws of physics or biology won't change because of a dumbshit human philosophizing a change.

>If you abide by such rules, then you should have no problem having a pack of brown, white, or any variant of niggers coming into your house and taking your property, as long as they overpower you or outsmart you, it's fair game, they've earned it cuz it's nature.
Correct. I would have no problem.
Which brings us back to reality: It doesn't happen and won't happen because you are afraid of whites who still retain even a tiny bit of that ancestral potential of wrecking your shit like the ancestral whites did, and the same goes for Asians wrecking your nigger shit as they did in the West Coast on a particular event, as will any other race and group down to Muslim Semite groups who still wreck your shit today.

>You either believe that theft is nigger behavior or you don't
Theft is natural behavior. How the stolen resources are utilized however is the distinction between niggers and all other races.
A nigger steals a brick and he uses it to bash other niggers.
Any other race steals a brick and they decide to amass more to build a furnace and then tools and then infrastructure and then advanced weapons to wage war with while the nigger begs the Heavens and Hell that he won't be swept in the hurricane.
The only reason niggers are able to do anything is ironically because whites give them the assurance, leftists mainly. Without those assurances and protection the nigger would be quiet like a tiny lamb, because pic related ensues.

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It is a Microsoft Tranny! This is the extinguish phase. Microsoft got on the Linux Foundation they same way they got on the FreeBSD foundation. They are doing the same thing they did to FreeBSD.

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I don't trust people who just post pictures of themselves saying they're beautiful

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Why do I get therapy when I believe I'm a dog but get surgery when I believe I'm a man/woman?

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Now the next step, I think, is going to be a hoard of SJWs are going to write moronic patches and send them to the maintainers (and Linus) until one of them cracks so they have something to kick them out.

I predict that Linux (in its current form) isn't going to survive this. I'll give it a decade before it kicks the bucket.

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>not switching to urbit

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Far left and far right are equally bad.

Except far right is at least funny sometimes.

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I don't know anyone who wants to invade other countries because of 'brown people'. In fact all the more rightwing people I've met just want to keep to their own country, cut immigration down, and maybe send some foreign aid to some of the poorer areas, but not necessarily let them all in.

Mostly they just want to preserve their own borders and culture.

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FreeBSD was killed by leftists.
Mozilla was killed by leftists.
GNOME was killed by leftists.

You ignore this.

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>if you're not a SJW or a /pol/tard you're a centrist

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>implying I care
Seething /pol/cuck lmao

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Good. Let Linux die. Linux is a great but this kind of mortal wounding is a kind of creative destruction will drive new and better things. People will jump ship when all the "developers" talk in circles about the CoC and new exciting projects will come along.

We need shithead do-nothing parasites in the world to drain the husk of old things so that we can burn it all and start anew.

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>i don't care when open source software is taken over by big corporations

lmfao, seething SJW

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>you're apathetic about this issue and I'm furious about it but it's you who are seething
cope lmao

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*prevails over a stack of double quarter pounders*

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Shit like this is why we need another Iron Curtain.
Fucking CIAniggers, get out from my Eastern Block reeeeeee

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Choose one and only one, sweetie

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A load of b.s. freshly packaged. Immigration has a lot less to do with """"globalists""""" and far more with economic freedom. Most of the middle east connondrum is a result of maintining regio-political control for key multi-national sectors (namely oil) and, more on the u.s. side, unilaterally supporting Israel.

Not everything revolves around your snowflake identity politics bullshit. Realize you are not special, unique or superior little flower or stop pretending to have "political opinions" when all you are doing is tribalist shitflinging.

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literal "normal person" the post

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>just quirky
dude, this faggot is (by definition) psychotic. They work their way into the fringes of Tech (and then centerstage) as most other areas of endeavor would demand they be locked up for treatment, never mind offer encouragement.
idk what part of 'literally, mentally fucking ill' you are not grasping here, and the dangers in ignoring that blatantly obvious fact are manifest.

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>Immigration has a lot less to do with """"globalists""""" and far more with economic freedom
so the BBC is fake news?

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