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The only people opposed to codes of conduct for programming projects are the people who know they're the reason the code of conduct is necessary in the first place

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You lost this discussion the moment you reported the SJW thread to the mods.

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except i never did that

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most of the edgelords being triggered by CoC additions are the sort of people who wouldn't be able to make any meaningful contribution in the first place

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Hi cosmos

You are right though, and if they think they can do better they can always fork the repo an make their own with their own CoC

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>from wikipedia

Codes of conduct in practice

A Code of Conduct can be an important step in establishing an inclusive culture, but it is not a comprehensive solution on its own. An ethical culture is created by the organization's leaders who manifest their ethics in their attitudes and behavior.[2] Studies of codes of conduct in the private sector show that their effective implementation must be part of a learning process that requires training, consistent enforcement, and continuous measurement/improvement.[3] Simply requiring members to read the code is not enough to ensure that they understand it and will remember its contents.[4]

The proof of effectiveness is when employees/members feel comfortable enough to voice concerns and believe that the organization will respond with appropriate action.[5]

sounds like SJW nightmarish newspeak to me

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The only people who need a CoC are parasites who produce jack shit in the first place

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But there is literally no reason for codes of conduct to exist in the first place.

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But why aren't trannies the ones forking the original projects instead of infecting them with their shitty CoCs? This is literally like someone invading your home and telling you
>hurr sweetie you can always buy a new house

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Yes, there have definitely been instances where the code-of-conduct has been abused by people to push one's own political narratives, and it's not a made-up bogeyman issue you guys are using to inspire moral panic, right?
Now name a single project from here where it has been an issue: https://www.contributor-covenant.org/adopters

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Aha, great. Stop spamming this bullshit already.

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Honestly you make a good point with this one and it's probably more because the CoC change wasn't really that extreme.
Like it or not programmers that yell at each other for fun have started to be the minority and major repositories are beginning to change to reflect that

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no i'ts more like someone telling a family member "hey can you stop shitting on my bed" and them responding "HOW DARE YOU TRY TO CONTROL ME YOU SJW"

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nothing to fear, nothing to hide goyim

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People might adopt that shitty CoC because they want quick easy solutions, maybe?

If you have the power of native English, maybe help author a not so insane CoC derived from Gentoo's:

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Holy shit trans faggots managed to invade /g/ too.

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Anti-communists are the reason why purges are necessary in the first place.

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im not trans tho, i'm just not dumb

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The whole point of the CoC is to infiltrate. That's the only tactic they have to infiltrate Linux. Faggots want to police the whole world. This is a known fact.

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they dont need a CoC to infiltrate, they just need to program. also, they were already there. compsci professions have one of the highest densities of lgbt people to begin with and have for a long time.

CoCs are about not being a fucking asshole to each other, something most of the modern world manages to do without being told. somehow though, a lot of the people in the tech sector never grew up.

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>you need to grow up and start accepting trannies
No thanks

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Nep nep a shit. SHIT!

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>The only people for codes of conduct for programming projects are the people who know they're the reason the code of conduct is necessary in the first place

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I don't care if you post that bait BUT DO NOT POST THAT GAY SHIT AGAIN USING A NEP PICTURE

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thanks for the heads up i'll make sure to use it next time too

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They're the target of the code of conduct, sure. That in no way makes it necessary, though.

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you know, nep could easily be a lesbian

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Codes of conduct are themselves political narratives, so it is an issue in any project that adopts one.

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